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history. That is it for me. Now it is time


for Click. Right, all I have to do is connect this to this and then


pour that India and connect that to that. It's ready. I can change the


That will take a bit of cleaning up. In the meantime, this week, Click


looks to the future with the trip to Switzerland to see what


technology giant IBM has been picking up in research labs where


you can mix water with computer components without frying your


chips. The biggest names of the Year face-off in the battle for


gaining glory. And we learn how to pick up some good habits in West --


Webscape. Welcome to Click. I N Spencer Kelly. Technology companies


don't just have to be ahead of the game, they have to be ahead where


the game is going to be in five or ten years' time. Have you ever


wondered where all the ideas come from? We dispatched David Reed to a


top secret location in Switzerland. It is not bad secret, it is outside


Zurich. It is the IBM Research Laboratory. Technicians have been


showing off their latest breakthroughs. To learn these


secrets locked inside IBM's research lab, you would either need


to steal through the undergrowth in the dead of night or be invited on


a press trip. IBM was showing it all off. How to really hack of


hackers, future feels and wet computers. Let's start there. They


are pretty cool. Normally, computers and what to don't mix.


However, water is a great coolant and with 2% of energy in the US


Eton abided dissenters and 40 % of that wasted in air cooling, water


is finding a new role. Water is a more efficient coolant than a year


by some distance. This cooling system uses air, this, water. It is


designed so water runs through tiny channels or holes edged into wood.


It means of the air space that is currently the of for killing, you


do not need it. We had miniaturised the cooler so it fits into the chip.


You can stack as many chips as you want on top of each other. That


increases the density by more than one million fold. It also increases


the efficiency. That is the key, the driving factor. It means data


centres will become more efficient and much smaller. The technology


could trickle down so we could all have many high-performance


computers tucked under our desks. - - mini. Something else getting the


shrink treatment is the laboratory. There are times we're a quick blood


sample is imperative or a tiny sample is all that is available.


That is where this lap comes into its own. Touch a liquid to a narrow


tube and it will crawl up it. It is called capillary attraction. Here,


it is being used to send a sample of blood plasma on a winding


journey for a variety of tests. The result? A laboratory which fits


into a pen. Something that you can fit into your pocket. For example,


a possible application would be a blood test for pre-natal babies


where there is a sample available which is very small. The approach


will save time and cost. Reagents are chemicals which test for a


disease. Used with this in my school probe, the contest for


cancer on the smallest of tissue samples. Pushed from one tube and


sucked back up through another. It cuts costs, sure. More valuable


still, it cuts the time it takes doctors to diagnose illnesses.


From Lab on a chip to a stick to beat hackers with. Computers are


prone to get infected with malware. This trusted information channel by


patties your computer entirely so you can connect directly with banks


online servers. The device is in operation. But make sure your money


does not get directed into the wrong account. It is under the


control of the present. The device has its own built in cryptographic


capabilities which allow it to connect to the server itself. That


way, the bank can always tell the device what to show, can always


tell the engines but it is really a transaction that is wanted. If so,


you press the green button. But not, you contact support staff because


there might not be some software operating on your PC.


Electric cars don't normally go as fast or as far as petrol cars. The


planet is wheezing with polluting fumes and oil stocks are getting


scarcer. There is the Grand Challenge of solving the issue of


electric car mileage. -- grand challenge. This is the first time I


have driven an electric car. I am making a mess of it. To compete


with petrol, they must compete. -- they must improve. This battery can


over 500 miles. Electric cars use lithium batteries. IBM is trying to


make lithium last for ten times longer than the current charge.


Others are working on this. The electric car race is of imminent.


We started three years ago. We believe in this technology. We made


the first step forward. Additional competition is only a sign that


we're going the right way. This new type of battery is a completely


different chemistry to the previous one. We need to solve many


materials and problems to get the battery working in the right way.


Another future fuel IBM is looking at is this photovoltaic system


which concentrates the rays of the Sun, delivering three electrician -


- electricity with no emissions. Much of the tech that IBM is


showing is under development. They usually guard their secrets


jealously. They were happy to show out of. It makes you wonder what


they've got hidden in the basement. David Reed spilling the beans and


IBM's not so top-secret research facility. What do something else


that is public knowledge a -- public knowledge. This week's tech


news. Windows Live Messenger is due to close next year. Microsoft


announced that it plans to shelve its instant messaging servers in


20th March 13, 14 years after launch. Users will be expected to


shift to delayed his version escape, where messages can be imported.


That is if they are not already Messaging on Facebook, apse what


sup port and so on. Apple was ordered to Beith damages for


infringing another company's pagans. FaceTime infringed patents held by


VirnetX. Apple said the people did take makes Italy played a small


role. Instagram has extended its reach into the web. Until now, it


is used mobile apps. The design resembles pages from Facebook. It


bought the app with this year. It is hoped it will encourage us to


show more of our pictures. Privacy campaigners are concerned it might


make it easier to take other users photos. Barack Obama brought news


of his election victory on Twitter. It highlights how far the platform


has come since his first election in 2008, where it had barely into


the public, jitters. Others with a, his tweet and photo embracing his


wife became the most retweeted post of all time, breaking Justin


This is the time of year the video games industry goes into overdrive


and engages in a mad rush to release its latest blockbusters on


the gaming public. As the current generation of consols reach the end


of their life cycles, the question is - do they have any more to give?


Is it possible to innovate on platforms getting long in the


I'm really sorry to disappoint you, it is not actually meet you are


here to see. It is that person. The Master Chief, seven feet of Super


soldier and the star of the first three halo games. He is now


blasting his way back in Halo 4, vista of a new trilogy of science-


fiction shooters. The series of games that began on the original


XBox are back with the original hero referring -- returning to his


favourite pastime, destroying hordes of alien bad guys. Games


like halo have become entertainment powerhouses, spawning novels, comic


books and toys as well as a live action when series. -- internet


series. The video games sequel has a lot to prove. Fans of the series


will be familiar with the injured Curtly thought outer universe and


with the mechanics of the game. If the player must exterminate aliens


with extreme prejudice. A wide selection of weapons are available


and the host can commandeer a series of vehicles to help him get


from A to B or how can get to a new planet once run by the mysterious


four runners. Each iteration of the game has added new weapons to the


Arsenal and this version maintains that tradition, but this time


around, those weapons belong to a new adversary. The Master Chief


still does battle with his previous adversaries, a combination of


species called the Covenant, but now he is up against a far deadlier


for her, or Prometheans. This is a little bit boring. Their attack


patterns... The game experience is a story of two House. The first


seems lacklustre compared to previous parts of the series. Then


it becomes clear that this was all an elaborate set-up, if win the


second half of the game will ratcheting up the action. The must


achieve has a new team of public Masters claimed his strings. Bungie


have passed the mind will have to end in house Microsoft studio to


343 Industries. -- have passed the mantle. These hast not affected the


overall quality of the game. There is plenty of extra content in the


game, including the episodic Spartan Ops. Halo 4 competes in a


crowded market place, including Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Call


of Duty: Black Ops two. This is company in which this veteran


shooter can hold its head high. Time to another juggernaut, one


that favours magic wands over weapons. Wonder Book is a new


augmented reality peripheral for the PlayStation 3 that makes use of


an Eye camera, move Controller and the wonder Book itself. Open the


book to reveal that the pages are covered in these symbols. When you


place it in front of the camera, the PlayStation can figure out


exactly where the book is in three- dimensional space and if you hook


at the screen, it will add content to be put. In this case, we have an


interactive Harry Potter the title called book of spells. The new


controller at its as a magic wand of while the book itself comes to


life with instruction in the art of wizarding as well as stories that


literally still from the page. It takes a while to get used to


looking at the screen while waving the wander round but the technology


gently guides the player through an entirely different and interactive


form of storytelling. An interesting addition to the


Caribbean of augmented reality apps and, refreshingly, one that


actually works. -- pantheon. This in the week when a certain


gaming legend has announced the return of a much-loved 80s classic.


Can beat is getting a 21st century makeover. -- a Elite. This is a


game with a spaceship and a small amount of money. And you have to


make money by trading goods and the in a pirate. It is an open world,


and you can go where you like and do what you like. This was the


first true three-dimensional game using wire frame graphics. It had a


completely different look to its contemporaries at the time, lots of


a two-dimensional jumping around games. We didn't have a score, we


didn't have three lives, it changed everything. You could play it for


days and weeks on end. -- one end. The world has changed phenomenally.


One of the big changes his online. One thing this will add his online


play. You can play with your friends online or play on your own,


whichever is the choice. But that changes the game dynamic in an


important and exciting way. We have built a lot of technology, we have


been so testing on remote servers. In order to make a game, you need a


lot of technology behind it and we are in place for that now. We have


the facility to make the game as good as we can make it. What we


will do going forward is billed the game on top of that technology so


people can play. You can read more of that and see the rest of the


interview on our website. Time for something for someone --


for anyone who has ever picked up a bad habit, which is anyone.


We all know that we should be exercising more. Or drinking more


water. The kinder to our colleagues. When it comes to picking up good


habits, sometimes we need a lift, which is exactly what these aims to


do. It is a free iPhone app that helps to identify goals and then


tracks your performance. Tat to check-in when you complete a task.


The statistics will reveal how close you are out of forming a


habit. Scrolling through other people's good habits might give you


some ideas but you can search for the specifically. Type in what you


are looking for and if it does not exist, all you have to do is create


it and you will be the first person in that group. Make sure studio


producer brings a cup of tea at the end of every link. That really was


easy! Another free iPhone Apple designed to help you make better


choices is this one, where a business coach talks through the


basics of her simple plan for entrepreneur has to decide whether


a business idea is worth pursuing or not.


For the younger business people, fantasy stock exchange is an into


school educational Trading challenge, pitting the financial


wits of players against each other while they learn the basics of


share trading and fund manager -- managing. Anyone can sign up and


begin trading straight away. You get free funds in your account to


start, both in your trading account and in your bank account, and as


long as you are not too reckless, that should be fine. There is


always the option to and more funds for a small payment. Let's hope a


train to -- training ground like this will show the next generation


of City bankers how to turn a profit ethically.


If you are strapped for cash but need the help of a professional,


this is an interesting new social network that lets you invite people


to meet up for a coffee or a bite to eat in return for a little


advice. Using location data, the website will scour your LinkedIn


contacts and his own registered users looking for a suitable


excellent -- experts. If you see someone used for, for


example, an accountant if you have a question about tax, you can


invite them to lunch at a local venue. You can offer to pay for


lunch or split the bill. You can even suggest they pay for it. But


that might be cheeky if you want free advice. The website was a just


venues and their discount vouchers available. You are not tied to put


you through them. It has been going in the UK for a few months and this


week opened to international members. There will soon be some


smartphone apps. It could be a funny way to network with local


business people. The obvious one is about meeting strangers from the


internet apply. -- obvious warnings. Those links are available on our


website. And that his way you need to go for a host of other resources


as well. To get in touch with us, to get an archive of our previous


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