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As many copies of absolutely anything that you could ever want.


What could possibly go wrong? We ask, How close are we to having 3D


printers in our house? Waxing lyrical with the superstar.


storing it and growing it. create and dress out own beat Box


band. Around 200 years ago the Industrial Revolution changed the


way we create things. Today, almost everything we owned is mass-produce


in some factory somewhere in the world. That could all be about to


change. As consumer tech has turned many of us many of us ographers, DJs,


journalists, could it be about to remove the barriers to production


itself? We ask whether soon we may be able to produce what we want,


when we want at home. Last month, London hosted an event showcasing


what was reported as a new way to produce things. Printing them. On


show, a variety of objects from toys to intricately designed


fashion items and a live band playing three printed instruments.


-- 3D. The idea has been around about 30 years and it's being used


in many creative industries from crafting sculptures for the Swedish


Ice Hotel to the latest James Bond movie. The classic Aston Martin car


was replicated using one of them world's largest 3D printers and the


movie makers had a hand at what happened to it without the chance


of scratching and expensive original. 3D designs are brought to


life layer by layer, each layer is in and the finer the detail. With


basic home printers starting at about �900 and the prices falling


quickly, many think it may be something we may all get involved


with. The biggest and most exciting thing that has just happened is


this technology that was only available to the elite and it now


and the hands of anyone. Anybody can be an industrial designer and


anybody can be a mechanical engineer and anybody can be an


architect and make prototypes and models and products at home. Take


this Stowe's novel, if I wanted to replace this, I have to phone the


manufacturer to get them to send me one and that is presuming it was


still in production. In the future, with a 3D Printer at home, I can


simply download a blueprint and make my own. All I can design one


from scratch. To do that, we need to create a 3D model and the


printer needs to know what to do. One option is to scan what we want


to reproduce. With an elaborate set up like this one or with a portable


scanner that looks a bit like an Byron. More into print of checks


and it's not ideal. There's often areas of occlusion and the


Skandalis cannot see them directly or clearly and 3D software is


needed. One at feet and into make the process a bit more touchy-feely


is this company. It's device allows you to create designs using forced


feedback and more traditional Scott Harding techniques can be used. It


feels like a video game, really, and it has a feedback helping your


mind get into the 3D sense of what's going on and the feel much


more in control like you're malting something. However we make them,


most of us will need to have our grand designs finished off by a


professional 3D artist which represents a major barrier. A much


more likely future would be downloading a model from the web to


print at home. In fact, you can already buy or download many


designs. Some websites even turn our photos into a printable model.


It objects become so easily wreck level, this may raise more concerns.


Copying them may infringe the inventor's writes just like


pirating music or movies. You think of lots of Walt Disney characters


that people may want to produce as Tories and they have certain rights


and they have three deep trademarks as well existing. That also


protects the object such as the shape or the bottle or the brandy


bottle orate perfume bottle, things like that. They have a


characteristic shape and the machines may be able to search the


database which has those rights record. Then they allow people to


buy the licence to use the rights or to be able to produce that


object. There's other concerns also. In this news playpen of creativity,


how do you protect yourself from a fake designed? The ones you may


download that don't actually work when you print them. Or if you want


to create the toy for your son or daughter, how do you know that it


may be suitable for them to play with? This fire engine comes with a


warning that it should not be used by children under the age of three.


Disney is testing the future where we can create new toy is safely.


Even the screen on this is created in the Printer. There's no circuit


board and instead a unique optical design allows the lights to


illuminate the display in different ways. New designs that are


interlaced with many moving parts and can be printed it in one go and


some say your imagination is the limit. Unfortunately, it is not. We


will need to know a bit about the engineering also. There's a lot of


debate about what objects may be suitable for 3D printing where it's


at home or in the offer has but one constraint is the materials


available. You may have some part with multiple materials and you may


not have a printer that can print on those materials but there may be


won round the corner or an assembly required afterwards limiting the


types of people that make use them for a home manufacturing. For your


own designs with a secret shops given a new lease of life not only


providing occasional use of expensive printers, this one costs


over �50,000, but also the know how how to get the home designs to


actually work. Making a functional object depends on part in the


materials used, compressed power that is more brittle and it's OK


for some models but not for moving parts. A colour Scheldt less than


one millimetre thick provides the detail. Tougher reasons need to be


melted to flow through the printing nozzle. They may be flexible but


tend not to be able to look withstand Australian replacing a


moving part in the Carrefour example. Insuring high quality and


protecting the design rights may be the biggest challenge. Despite a


hype, the revolution of printing whatever we need in our own homes


remains unrealistic. Designing personalised small gifts or


downloading a treaty to sign we may print or take to the printing shop


has already materialised. A slightly more realistic view of 3D


printing. Next, we look at that take news. The new mobile operating


system will be launched in January. The BlackBerry 10 will be available


on two new handsets with a feature caused flow allowing multi-tasking


easier. In a bid to keep loyal uses it has upgraded the BlackBerry


messenger at with free voice calls over WiFi. That will be to other


uses using a stop that brings it closer to other phone using systems


that already used free calls. Weeks after the launch of Windows eight,


Stephenson of Ski has let Microsoft with immediate effect. He has been


seen as instrumental in trying to get the Microsoft ecosystem with


ex-boss, PC and tablets and online services. His departure at is due


to the strained relationship with the chief executive, who had been


previously tipped to succeed him. No cure is after a taste of Apple


offering its mapping up for the ils devices and it will be free


including Offline support when you have no internet connection. They


are also making the service available for development on here


and Roy Apps and has used Masilo with location features. Nokia will


improve the service even more acquiring St imaging company to


compete with Google Street view. Google has gone over the street


launching its new super-fast broadband service to some US homes


offering speeds of up to one gigabit per second. They have been


buying up dark fibres from telecom firms bringing that into homes


through overhead cables. Summer the first residents to receive a


service in Kansas City report speeds of 700 megabits per second


and one terror by to storage on Google. The Tate world can be more


than a little bit insular. It sometimes needs a helping hand from


Global Icons, superstars shouting from the rooftops about their


passion for technology. One such Black-f


Black-Eyed Peas lead singer Will.i.am, let's face it, when


William Adams punctuates his name to have more Dobson when the dress,


you know it's likely to be a street of Haitink goodness flowing through


his veins. Richard Thaler caught up with Will.i.am to find out what


makes him tick. With chart-topping Grammy


Grammy awards, songwriter and DJ Will.i.am is nothing short of a


musical phenomenon. When we met recently in Manhattan, it soon


became clear he has designs on the world of hi-tech as well. I was an


enthusiast ever since I was a small boy. A UA Property Week? I am a


property. I'm an undercover beak. He is commensals got a boost this


year as he recorded a song at NASA broadcast back from the Mars


Curiosity rover, a true out of this world first. It's like a boomerang,


the first her rain song. I threw it to a different planet and it came


back. He has also directed creativity at Intel, a company


struggling to make an impact with mobile devices. What you tell them


that Intel? Actually, they are no wherein the smartphone business. A


small company seems to be doing well. OK, the smartphones still


need a server. What Servers are they using? Intel. Anyway, my


company is in the loop. Intel is a marathon on. You want to be a


leapfrog and not having a different device, you need to leapfrog.


was on the digital media that he was most vocal saying the onslaught


of the mob would democracy and video has disrupted traditional TV


broadcasters who pieces still harbour the old school mentality.


Broadcasters, unfortunately, as robust as they are, their business


is television, monopolising it with ants and that's it. It's not true


innovation. If it was true innovation they would have created


Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. you make about the YouTube content?


When they put in millions of young creative up and coming produces.


Are they are threat to the YouTube will be a threat to to the


broadcasters when every single home has a smart television. A smart


television is a threat to cable. Right? It allows your sister, youth,


who watching, to be a network yourself. Had the impact culture?


The brand will go where the culture in packs. Culture today is


rehashing yesterday. The new Spider-man. But how many times have


I seen that? The new Three Stooges. Are you serious? Where is the new


depth thinking? We need innovation. It will come from the new platforms.


Check this out. This is a South Korean book, he read Gangnam Style.


If a current Act could break all over the world because of a YouTube


clip, not a network clip, but is a connected world. Connected


television has not been successful so far. Some people do not pick


them up. This is just the beginning. Imagine this is an marathon. You


are like, man, Pranab Mukherjee from Slovakia or looks like she


will win. She is in the lead. -- girl. Then the Ethiopian person is


all the way in the back. Guess who will win the race? You have to look


at it from the long run. Leaving had better hurry increasingly


taking us away from connected television and on to apps could


second screens. Like tablets or smartphones. We are finding out


more about shows Paul tweeting on air. It is innovation. It is not


happening here. I am watching a to the -- television programme. On


that programme, the victim is running. They are running from the


killer or something. They could to a safe house. They close the door


and look for a telephone. It is winning. Your phone rings in your


house. Hello? The character is talking to you. Can you do


something? Take this number down. I'll send you a text, OK? Say OK. I


want you to get the message. How does this happen? It is interactive.


The interactivity from phone calls and e-mails, you are participating.


You type in your phone number in to the networks. You are part of the


script. They know who you are, where you are and what you are


brain. My people at the networks are thinking like that. They are


trying to how to monetise yesterday is that of monetising contend today.


That is why it is coming from the TEC and on the broadcasters unless


they get visionaries to be a part of their thing. If it sounds like a


sales pitch. No. It sells for a job application. You want to shake


things up. Having 80 actors on a television show last year, he was


to create a new programme with a I wanted to do that. I would like


to create a show that is in pursuit Of tomorrow's Bill Gates,


tomorrow's Steve Jobs, tomorrow's Michael Dell. Tomorrow's Mark


Zuckerberg. Do you see what is wrong if that sentence? Everyone I


named, Alker is no woman in there. I want to do that and inspire a


woman to join us on this admission of finding tomorrow's next


entrepreneur and innovator. Why not. Have the -- it is not as sexy and


popular as sinning. It is. Some believe gone just for five The


Voice last year. Where is their album? Somebody won American Idol


last year. Where is their album? Somebody designed an iPhone last


year. Would you buy it? Richard Taylor talking to will.i.am.


There is much more of that interview on one hand on our


website. That is also where you would find


I'm eyeing up a different photograph filter application. It


is available free from iPhone, Android and Windows 7. It lets you


take photographs and share them on your show Sean at work. The


addition of tagging makes it possible to compile themed


collections around a particular This is a great feature. Especially


if you follow a cultural or sporting event. The app has been


around for one year. It has been redesigned for Android. It takes


advantage of social discovery and applications. -- locations. The app


does everything you would expect. It will push similar images from


other users into a stream, along with pace and will current


locations. You get different perspectives on the event you are


Time trouble has never been so easy, virtually speaking. -- Travel. This


is a family-run website that focuses on teaching history through


interactive experiences. It combines time lines, maps and


encyclopedic entries to bring historic chapters to life. What is


so great about this website is it Lynx historic events like the rise


and fall of great civilisations and umpires to whatever else was going


on the world during that period, giving see subject context. You can


understand why the history unfolded When you have had the feel of the


past, check out some dates from the This brilliant browser sequencer


let you build tracks from a selection of the samples by simply


dropping the appropriate outfit on to the avatars. Samples can be


muted. You can record your musical genius to share through the usual


social channels. this app is fun to use. You do not need to be a


musical genius as it is impossible to make things sound bad, even for


me. It is pretty incredible. But is it from us. If you fancy war,


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