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flood warnings in place. That is it from me, now on BBC News it is time


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But his television the baby sitter that could rewire your child's


Screen and not heard, this week we need the scientists who think that


young children should be kept away from all TV. Family-friendly fun,


and injure? Nintendo's brain new games machine the Wii U has finally


been released. -- brand new. At last the latest Tech News and the


ultimate Tech face-off in Webscape. Welcome to Click, I'm Spencer Kelly.


Every so often on this programme we like to cover the latest tech


offering for kids, for example the new robust tablets aimed


specifically at children. But recently there have been growing


concerns voiced by some fairly eminent experts over the damage


that a kick like that could do. The question we should all be asking


ourselves, they say, he should young children be exposed to


screens at all? -- is assured. Whether it's TV made for children


or tablets made for adults, it's almost impossible for today's kids


to grow up without being captivated by brightly dancing two dimensional


characters on one screen or another. Children's instinctive sensitivity


to sudden changes in sound and vision is apparent from birth.


Infants on their backs on the floor will crane their necks to watch TV.


But there is growing concern around the world that very young children


shouldn't watch any more screens at all. In the US paediatric and


government guidelines recommend that no child under two be exposed


to any screens, and Michelle Obama in her official capacity has been


campaigning to curtail screen watching for under twos. Limiting


screen time for kids, but making sure that we eliminate it for kids


under two. I know a lot of parents are shocked by that. France has


already and digital terrestrial TV aimed at children under three,


while Australia and Canada have similar recommendations. Aside from


the existing concerns over promoting childhood obesity, new


research suggests there are more problems when leaving small


children transfixed in front of screens. Aric Sigman's research


looks at studies done about the amount of time spent at looking


screens and the changes that occur. He highlights concerns different


from the old medical worries about children getting fatter. Early


screen viewing is likely to lead to long periods of the ring for the


rest of your life, the way you view screens when you're young our


habits you pick up for ever. What is implicated in this is a chemical


called dopamine, this may be the case. Dopamine is produced when we


see something that's interesting or new, but it also has a second


function. It is also the chemical involved in most addictions, it is


the reward chemical that gives us the good feeling when we do


something. There are concerns among neuroscientists about this dopamine


being produced every single day for many years may change the reward


secretary in a child's brain. It may make them more dependent a upon


Screen Media. When squinty these became household items, there was


nothing entertaining on them. -- screen TVs. Now they have the power


to mesmerise. Infants screen viewing is increasingly common and


some estimate more than 90 % of young children in the US at least


start regularly watching TV well before the age of two in spite of


recommendations to the contrary. At Oxford University Baroness green


field has been conducting cutting edge experiments on rat brains to


find out how the neurotransmitter dopamine affects large group of


brain cells. We know a lot about dopamine, it has many jobs in the


brain, and somehow it is related to addiction, reward, arousal, in very


subtle ways. It's also believed that perhaps video gaming tax into


the system, most recently there was a study out where it shows the area


of the brain related to dopamine was actually enhanced in kids that


were compulsive video gamers, similar to compulsive gamblers.


This is little don year, she was eight months old when her parents


realise she wouldn't eat without help from her eye pad. -- Don year.


They were forced to take the tablet wherever they went. She was


eventually weaned from the screen after advice from paediatricians,


but that that's not to say that all screens and types of content are


equally bad. There is a world of difference about how the


technologies are used. If you read a story to your kid on Kindle for


example, that's not the same as the child themselves interacting


independently with an iPad. Programme-makers know this,


although they don't know the name dopamine, they know the more edits


you put into a programme the more likely it is to keep the child's


interest up to a certain point. Providing the child with novelty is


likely to produce higher levels of dopamine, making the child seek


more and more screen time to satisfy their need for more


dopamine. This is speculation at the moment but there are good


reasons to think this is correct. Indeed, some experts recommend that


what a very young child watches should have as few edits in as


possible. Like these old programmes on the 1950s. It seems the old


Watch With Mother era might have had the right idea all along.


you hear anything? I wonder what's in the box. Do you know, children?


Near to Hollywood at the heart of the Silver Screen Industries,


children's digital media centre at Los Angeles aims to study


children's interaction with the new forms of digital media to see how


this affects their off-line lights and long-term development. If a


parent is sitting next to a child while they are looking at the


screens, and they are saying let's say the screen says a word and the


parent says, look, happy, the baby is happy, and points to it.


Actually a child can learn from that, even young children, because


it is social interaction. At a certain age screens can teach, once


a child understands that the screen is a way to comprehend the world.


But even then the child needs to be at a certain stage in their


development. Children need to understand that this 2D flat screen


represents their real world, that does not happen normally until


closer to two years. So they are not really learning. But without


social interaction, screens at young ages don't teach anything.


Experts disagree on which particular areas of development can


be affected by watching screens. Although children with attention


deficit hyperactivity disorder to spend more time playing video games


and watching TV, this is thought to be a symptom of the condition, not


a cause. Different countries are reacting differently to studies


done on children and screens. Despite France, Canada and


Australia's stance against infant viewing, as recently as 2008 the UK


recommended children be exposed to technology, computers and screens


from a very young age. Since then the advice has been removed but the


UK currently has no medical or governmental guidelines. The BBC's


CBeebies channel is one of the most prominent stations aimed at small


children in the UK, want some of its content implies young viewers


are welcome. CBeebies told us its programming was aimed at children


of two years and older, and these particular sections were aired to


allow older siblings and family members to share in the birthday


celebrations. BabyTV, owned by News Corporation, says it targets


children up to four years old. Despite France's concerns it can't


be banned within the EU because it has been granted a licence to


broadcast in one country, the UK. If you watch it in France however


you also see regular warnings about the dangers of young viewing. Now


look, too 0.5 years ago when I became a parent for the first time,


I absolutely admit that TV can be very useful -- 2.5 years. If I need


to occupy him for a few minutes when I climb a ladder I can put a


programme on. If we need him to calm down in the evening we can sit


down and watch a cartoon together. Am I really damaging my son's


brain? Some parents don't have the luxury of having someone else take


care of their child, they need to work for example. So the screen


becomes a baby sitter, a helpful tool. If you leave your child in


front of the screen for too long as a baby sitter there's a danger they


won't learn in the same way that a child who would be socially


interacting with you would, a child who follows a parent around who is


doing just the laundry or the cooking and follows the parent


around, verses a child sitting in front of the TV, will learn more


words. What we need to do is a. A variety of measures. First the


print and broadcast measure will need to promote the discussion and


get people thinking about it. -- a doctor. We need more surveys.


Surveys and trains are not experiments, but no more was


smoking and lung cancer in the Fifties and experiment, but people


started to see a link, then eventually epidemiologists, a long


and they established one thing could have caused the other. While


the jury is out on whether screen entertainment poses a serious risk


to very small children, the advice from some government health


departments, paediatric medical organisations, and experts, is to


air on the side of caution for the time being, and let the little ones


snuggle up with a good book instead. If you have any thoughts on the


safety of screens for children, or if you have any personal experience


of their effect, then please do drop us a line. We're on Facebook,


and we're on Twitter. Next up, it is this week's Tech News. The


conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has been mirrored on


line, both the Israeli army and Hamas have been giving military and


political commentaries over Tweeted. Activists from the hacking


collective Anonymous have been instrumental in many of the


estimated 60 million largely failed hacking attempts on Israeli


websites. They say their campaign is in response to what it says is a


threat by the Israeli government to shut down internet connections in


Gaza. The Israeli Defence Force has been up loading bay need videos to


YouTube, and is hosting a game on its website where frequent visitors


can win badges and achievements. A panel representing more than 50


governments has published a list of 242 objections to new internet


address endings. The list of no-nos encompasses names that have sparked


a wide variety of political, religious and commercial concerns.


Amongst Amazon's 28 rejected proposals, out of 76 submissions,.


Amazon was supposed unsurprisingly by Brazil. Applicants now have to


address the panels concerns or withdraw their submissions ahead of


the roll-out in May next year. Face than users will soon be able to


make calls to friends on the site for using its mobile app. --


Facebook. Party Call will compete with Skype and WhatsApp. They can


pose details to their profiles using the service. It was developed


by Orange in France and will be launched their in the summer with


other countries to follow. The world's oldest computer was


switched on for the first time this week. Which Witch was considered a


supercomputer in its time, it is today a giant calculator weighing


2.5 tonnes. Volunteers at the National Museum of computing at


Bletchley Park spent three years reconstructing its 10,000 moving


parts. Some achievement. It's not that often that a new video games


console is launched, but this month Nintendo will unleash the first of


the next generation of home consoles. The thing is the


technology inside the new Wii U seems decidedly current generation.


If you know what I mean? So what's going on? Can Nintendo replicate


the success of its last regime, the Wii, or has it misjudged the mood


of the gaming public? Marc Cieslak is one man who knows his Mario from


his Metroid, so we asked him to get to grips with Nintendo's new


Nintendo had a history of innovation, his most recent home


console, the Wii, introduced the world to motion controllers. A


concept so simple but well executed that its rivals, Microsoft and Sony,


concocted motion controlled devices. While the Kinect and the Move for


PlayStation 3 had enjoyed success, the Wii went on to become the


world's best-selling home console. Nintendo's engineers are keen to


enervate with his latest at that, the Wii U. It makes use of an


entirely different sort of Controller. It makes use of several


different controllers. This is the familiar Wiimote, and then we had


this, this is a tablet style, motion sensitive, Controller. There


is also a stylus which can be used with the touch screen for


additional control. It is almost as if Nintendo's designers are


scratching their heads, wondering what to do with the controller,


should it be a joypad, should it be motion sensitive, should it be a


touch screen? They have dumped everything into the mix. They are


trying to maintain the innovation brand around this kind of Wii U. It


is not as easy to communicate this kind of innovation to the audience


as the original Wii. That is the major challenge, communicating the


differences. On top of the game pad, this console will also support a


so-called pro Controller, which kind of looks like the controller


from a Xbox or PlayStation 3. The Wii U itself is a black box, which


at launch will come in two flavours, one with a meet at eight gigabytes


of storage, and a premium model with 32 gigs. It has an AMD based


graphics chip and a IBM processor. Unlike its predecessor, this


machine can produce high-definition visuals. But in terms of technology,


it is not what you would call cutting edge. The Wii U is not just


a games machine, like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, it will have


multimedia capabilities, such as access to on demand for television


services. But much of the functionality has been delayed. It


will be made available on download. The Wii U's major point of


difference is the game had Controller, which features a camera,


microphone and speakers, and a touch screen. It is a bit 2008


compared to all the model touch devices. There is the smorgasbord


of different ways the player can interact with the pad itself. It is


this bunch of different control mechanisms that I found slightly


confusing, for instance, this game is Nintendo Land, a series of


family-friendly many games. Each one of those uses a different


control mechanism. You get the general idea. But that is just the


start of the Wii's circus of confusion. Some of the games


require the player to look at the television screen, but then they


demanded to look at the controller's screen. It is a method


of playing games and watching game played that is unusual, to say the


least. The Wii will launch with a fairly healthy raft of games,


including much hard core fare, such as a ZombieU, courtesy of that


party developer Ubisoft. It is third party support that will be


crucial to the Wii U's success. has opened the platform up.


Potentially, that is a good channel of content coming through to the


platform. Initially, pre-orders and sales are looking quite healthy,


but ultimately, such a confusing device is going to have a tough


time replicating the success of the machine that it replaces.


Proving that being first to market is not always contagious.


We are always being asked whether one piece of technology is better


than another. Often we will have an opinion, but we do not have time to


compare everything. Kate Russell, on the other hand, things that she


has. She will tell you why in Webscape.


There are plenty of online comparison websites, but how do you


know that you are getting an objective comparison, unfettered by


personal opinion? Bursars -- Versusio wants to let you can pet


products drawing on official specifications from the


manufacturer. At the moment, it compares technology products and


services, but they plan on adding other things, such as people


compared by their social media accounts and connections, or even


their CV or work experience. I'm not sure how I feel about being


compared to other people in such a sweeping fashion, but for now, it


mainly covers smart phones and tablets, and you will get an idea


for size and form factor would be like size graphics option. -- with


If you are fascinated by astronomy but do not have your own telescope,


Universetoday is a great YouTube channel, posting many in Latin in


programmes and documentaries, but they also her hot -- -- many


enlightening. Contributors who do have a telescope trained at on the


skies and then everybody joins in a live discussion about what is being


seen. This is the Cocoon Nebula up. I just ran across it today. YouTube


channels are a great way to find free content that is really unusual,


the lower production and distribution cost makes it possible


to make really experimental videos, and some of them are quite an eye-


opener. This is The Aspie Show. My passion is Asperger's. This is a


link to a YouTube programme called The Aspie Show. It talks openly


about the condition. It celebrates the Strentz for those on the


spectrum, rather than seeing it as a disability. -- the strengths.


Millions of tweets are sent out into the ether every hour, but what


do you tweets reveal about you? This is the app Mindofman.com hopes


to answer. It creates a visualisation of your personality,


called a MindPrint, and then extracting key traits do give you


an idea of how you may be perceived by others. Once you have begun your


mind of man Jenny, you can unlock other reports, such as revealing a


celebrity twin. -- mind of man journey. It may also uncover your


arch online nemesis. It says that I am a nerdist. I doubt anyone would


be that surprised about it. You will have to own tokens to unlock


the reports, which she India by sharing the results or answering


questions. There is also a premium version. -- which you can do.


So should have you cite Minube has just added English-language


versions of its site. -- social travel website. It has been popular


in Latin America, offering a buzzing social platform for


travellers. Ready for a mind- blowing trip? Google pass my


experiment to let you fly around in sophisticated the view of the


If you prefer your maps a little more down-to-earth, Nokia maps are


here. With term by term navigation and social features, let's hope it


fills the gap left by many iPhone uses when Google Maps it fell off


the laps list. The apps list. Or why you are on our website, you


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