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The tech team discover a motorbike that doesn't fall over and weigh up the latest crop of tablet computers. Includes technology news and Webscape.

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postponed, a key demand of the opposition. That's it from me,


Chris Rogers will be here at 2 am, minute, hang on, wait, wait, wait...


This week, Click takes a ride on the bizarre bike that does stand up


by itself. And saves a bit of energy along the way. We'll take a


raspberry raspberry pie. Apple, Google and


Microsoft all square up... Well rectangle up anyway. We will review


the the latest Tech News, and how to


find a hired hand at short notice in Webscape. Welcome to Click, I'm


Spencer Kelly. Can you remember the first time you ever saw a segue


scooter? To wield scooter, which against all odds, stands up by


itself. Well first up this week we thought we would show you a brand-


new vehicle which does something more


more than a little odd. We have been to California to investigate.


your your wildest sci-fi fantasies come


to life. Sell driving cars, robots that fetch beers... And now a


futuristic set of wheels that looks like it was driven straight out of


a scene from Tronc, this is the C one. This working prototype is full


head turner. So is it a motorcycle his


his brainchild, the founder, Daniel Kim, says both are. It takes


romance and the efficiency of a you motorcycle and the safety and


comfort of a car. The motor that the motivation was to trim the fat


in our transportation systems. So they did that. Then loaded it with


Tech. Fully enclosed stealthng bouncing electric motorcycle. It


gets 220 miles with charge, 0-60 in transportation. Most of that makes


sense, fully enclosed. Okay, so no helmet needed. Electric, got that.


bit about self- balancing? would be very hard to knock over


our vehicle. I know what you're thinking, how is it possible? It


uses the very same technology that is used in the international space


station and the Hubble space telescope. Gyroscopes. With two


Jiros, one for redundancy, it puts out over 1700 Newton metres of talk.


It can withstand much more than feeble reporters who skipped gym


workouts. We hook it up to an SUV, and basically test to see i


fell over. We simulated a collision. motorcycle licence. Since its


intended tore shouldn't be though, there shouldn't be any


learning curve. And so called landing gea up


right when propped. Still observers say consumers may not be entirely


convinced by Kim's ground-breaking Tech. This thing balances for you.


Unlike a motorcycle, if you begin to doubt it, you can't put your


foot on the ground, you have to trust it. There's a great degree of


faith that he is asking the purchasers to have in a different


kind of vehicle. They also tread into very familiar tech territory.


detect detect your phone, it could provide


access to navigation apps or streaming music. Talk may require


trust, but apps, those customers know and love. Samuel is one of 500


people who have put down $100 for a spot on the waiting list. -- a few


hundred dollars. This is his first impression. That is cool. Followed


by what is it, and is this real. advanced


advanced features, followed by customers like Long. Motorcyclists


are looking for a more comfortable ride, as well as commuters. It's


only 40 inches wide, so you can get through traffic. And the


company is eyeing up countries where to Wheeler's rule the road,


Countrie Countries that have enormous growth


engines, incredible technology forward populations, and a class of


people in tarly Thirties who are coming into


That could That could be golden. But would it


be the ride of choice for tight- knit families like these? A


for two, but one, 2, three, four, five, six, baggage and two dogs?


Doubtful. To make any in Rome's at all they first need to get past the


being denied a test drive by protective engineers, I settled for


sitting behind the wheel. The first thing I noticed, it's actually


pretty spacious. I'm not the tallest person on the planet but I


have got plenty of room. Back here, you notice these electronics, they


are for stability control. They will be shrunken down to this size,


Danny tells me. And they will be somewhere up here. Not quite ready


for production, but the company has time to polish and protect before


its 2014 shitting goal. It will cost $24,000 initially, but the


they they can reach scale to $12,000 in


the US and $5,000 in Asia thanr cheaper manufacturing. -- shipping.


Almost everyone I spoke to from future customers to car tech


experts agree, the cool factor seals the deal. The first time I


development shop in San Francisco, intake year of breath. It's an


amazing machine -- intake of breath. design that I look and say, I would


customers and investors to want the same.


Possibly the most stable thing on two wheels I have ever seen. What a


this week's big Tech News stories. A new global alliance has been


launched to tackle child porn on up of 48 co


Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, and sevemerica.as well


ways to reduce the availability of child porn on the Net, and increase


the number of prosecutions. It comes weeks before the new cyber


centre opens up at the Haye League. Amazon is launching an all-you-can-


eat contents series for kids, the offers


and and music from between $3-$10 a


month. It will be available for Amazon's Kindle, of which more a


little later in the show. Social is getting much more social as


Microsoft has opened up its online con 10 sharing gallery to the


public. It works a bit like... -- content sharing. It has been opened


up to students in May. Anyone with sign up as


sign up as the site goes head-to- sharing


robot is a robot is a world record holder.


San Francisco to Australia unaided. It has taken just over a year to


solidity and ecosystem. Its owner has three similar robots still out


at sea, although one has had to divert to Hawaii for an urgent


how it's getting on! One of the Big Tex stories of 2012 has been not a


very fast complicated smartphone, comput


computer. -alled raspberry pie and it is designed to


teach kids about programming and get them excited about programming


computers and making the teaching of programming affordable. We


covered it earlier in the year on Click. But we have brought back in


Mike Powell, who is the face of raspberry pie to have a look. Hello.


it? It is stand alone, you just need a USP, and you're away. What


can this ne do that the old version can't? It is the same


machine, it has got up on memory, a difference. More memory gives it


more breathing space to do stuff more efficiently. It is big enough


to run the Android operating system from the smartphone world?


yet to see looking


looking forward to it. Your app developers for Android can develop


for Ras Group I? Yes. This is what you see when you start it, a


raspberry p raspberry pie. Can you talk us


through what we are seeing here? have got a simple text editor and


we have written a simple one Line programme that says, hello, BBC


click. We hample on the much longer programme and this does


run Space invaders? Yes it does. I will press the key to start us off.


There it is running, that is the script ill done


in the python language in a few hundred lines of code? Yes. We are


going back to the Eighties, because a generation of school kids miss


out on programming because the PC got access


into programme. Yes. Now you have got access to raw programming


languages and you can see the whole thing in action, you can take an


existing programme like Space invaders and you can edit it. That


is just as valid as writing something from scratch. What other


things have you seen being used? player, you can run it as a simple


media player to play back HD movies. We have seen a burglar alarm


programmed with it before as an educational exercise. And many


way accessories can now be pegged into


you to do? sical devices to it, lamps, relays,


motors, and control them, and sense things from the physical world.


Tell me about the chicken. It is a robotic chicken. It connects to the


raspberry pie via this device. We have a Twitter application running


on the raspberry pie that listens for a certain hash tag, when it


receives it the rust replied speaks the tweet on a monitor in a


synthesised voice, and the chicken flaps its wings and its feet as


well. I think the tech world has been missing that for a number of


Bookings in this world a safe the fickle finger of fashion and


that includes technology. Not long ago the take industry was trying to


persuade us that by laptop was the solution to all our computer


problems and suddenly it was the smartphone and no, you need a net


book. Did Ineed an ultra book. The latest trendy


so so many of them around, argued


shoes before they too become yesterday's news? Mark has been


testing out the latest crop of tablets.


For a short time, have also to the top of the tap -- at the top of the


Tablet tree Tablet tree supreme while android tablets


struggle to match the quality. Two years later, our whole host of


Android devices which can just about match the iPad. Crucially,


they all cheaper. To make things interesting, Microsoft has entered


can can take on all-comers. The Surface.


What tabards are great for surfing and watching a movie and TV,


creating co creating co creating colt


difficult to a lack of keyboard or mouse plus processing power and


apps which seamlessly integrate your software you might find on a


desktop PC. Microsoft's primary aim with the Surface is to address this


by creating a tablet that behaves a lot like a laptop. Surface is a


meaty slab of Tabard technology. Physically larger than all of its


rivals. To it makes use of Microsoft's Windows eight operating


system. A full-size USB port and these


these magnetic cover a keyboard. These come as the next


event -- expensive optional extra and in two flavours. One which has


properties and this they know, which lacks


which lacks keys which actually good. The flexible version, less so.


It reacts slowly to keystrokes with a noticeable lack between typing


and the characters appearing on screen. A lack of tactile feedback


can be unsettling when trying to tie up quic


tie up quickly. Surface does of course have a nice big touch-screen


as well but touch and windows eight works ever so slightly different


metre touch on an Apple iPad or an Android tablet. A slight on the


right-hand side of the screen reveals what Microsoft is calling


the charmer bar. Users can access the search tool. Something Surface


as which all other tablets lack is this ability to open what is in


essence a kind of desktop you would of Microsoft Office, it can run


won on his desktop. This software is pretty much all you can use the


kick the desktop is sparsely populated. Wait until you see the


app store. Its shelves are presenting as a Soviet supermarket.


I I think it's engineers did not want


Surface is Surface is not a great Laptop and


it is not great as a tablet for a couple of reasons. One of them is


physic physical fitness to handle a


Surface but it's a very heavy bit of hand-held kept. So heavy in fact


if I am one, I might even consider cancelling my gymnasium


subscription. From big to small, displays. Asus and Amazon Kindle.


And it is not the size that a stronger. These are but what you


would call wallet-friendly tablets. But that these machines have


similar price tags. The Kindle Fire runs a skinned version of the


Android operating system system. It looks different to the interface


where I used to but the main focus of the screen that pushes uses


towards content like music, films and Berks. hich


Amazon cells. This mean that any apps you downloaded or hidden away


and this option here which feels a little bit weird but for the cash,


it does have an H D screen which is really rather good. The next seven


is a rather straightforward tablet about. The user interface will be


familiar to Android users. Slightly lighter than Kindle, the screen is


not as high resoluti perfectly good for most purposes.


Google Play, the android app store, is full to brimming with apps. What


of Apple? They have been busy preparing not one but two new iPads.


One with more powerful internals and the smaull-


size iPad does that as more of that same stick this many expect from


Apple products. Boasting a high- resolution retina display now with


a faster processor, both the 10- inch iPad and the Mini now have the


new lightning, to which means any Aldeburgh fe


fitted with an adaptor to make them work. -- bullet-proof roles. It is


shrunk and shrunk and


backwash. I backwash. It lacks the Repton and


is thin and light. Combine that sure to keep Apple fans happy.


Mark looking at some of the latest tablets available now. Looks like


Apple may have some stiff competition in 2013.


Have you ever needed someone to help you with your work at short


notice? Thank you very much. Someone to help make the day go


have, have a look at Webscape now way to find


way to find local jobs he falls -- jobseeker's work.


If you need help for the last minute job, take a look at this web


service with a free iPhone app that lets you advertise a position and


look for work in your immediate With no registration or payment,


the surface for large -- the mobile


mobile app. It's not massively populated as the service is still


knew that as it is free, or to got to lose?


-- what have you got. Location services have been again changer


for recruitment smartphone apps, letting people look for work


wherever they are standing. Ideal for casual part-time workers who


want to fill a few hours with some help


help you with your experience. From military work to sales work in the


everyday chatter of hundreds of state as a base.


state as a e for business s a treasure- trove of use for business extras. -


- useful. Gulf. A good walk spoiled. This according to work quote by


Mark Twain. But if you enjoy it, you might want to do some work on


your golf swing. This website has received an iPhone app called Swing


techni technique so what can be analysed


by their ow would like you to click on that


icon and send your video to Swing. expect to be advertised to for


things like golf lessons, once they have your details. Well,


you didn't expect to get professionanothing, did you?


swing were nothing, did you? Your personalised feedback will arrive


they have 1 they have 15 golf pros on hands -


backhand to process requests sea might expect them to be a bit more


weight once this review create a bit of a queue. If you are not an


English language expert, yo probably use grammar and spelling


checkers in your documents but what about all the other things to


write? Ginger is a free download products.


products. Office tools, where make


make sure your communication has always spot-on. Spelling and


grammar checkers are a great pick up


pick up the new one sees of language and expression. Ginger


looks at the whole paragraph to draw


draw much better job of figuring out what you're trying to say, even


if you're having trouble figuring it out for yourself. As well as


looking for context, the app takes pronunciation into account so it's


a very good for ironing out spelling issues when you're using


English as a foreign language. And aid


aid to the learning process if you're studying English. It even


to to help people of dyslexia,


including tolls for -- tools focusing on unusual and phonetic


spelling. Thanks, Kate. Those Webscape links


are all on our website if you details for


details for the programme and a link to the Click radio programme


The tech team discover a motorbike that doesn't fall over and weigh up the latest crop of tablet computers. Includes technology news and Webscape.

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