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before he died in 2011. The which technology would you put


your money on this Bolon Yokte' K'uh televisions, tablets, ordered


dented robot spiders? -- this year? Balkan to click. This is the


programme that eats tomorrow's technology like no today. That


means that there is no better place to be that the start of the year


then right here in Las Vegas. One week only, you'll find a hi-tech


oasis in the middle of the desert. This year, we are at the first the


TEC show of 2013 to seek out the big trends of the year. We have


that big, small, curved, then be, and a huge robotic spider. -- bendy.


And we have the best of the weather. The tech world has a pretty cool


way of shaking off at the new year blues. Every January, it hops on a


plane or any other form of transport and jets off to the


massive consumer electronics show all the way across the United


States, in Las Vegas. It is a place that promises so much. A place that


can make your dreams come true. C S is the show whether the players


come to make a big splash and spake -- -- CES. -- shake it up a bit.


The in order to do that, you have to take some big risks.


We have seen some massive winds and huge losses in recent years.


Sometimes these guys bet against each other, gambling huge amounts


that their product will beat their rivals. As with the war between


Blu-ray NAHT DVD, there is only one winner. -- and HD-DVD. Many


television manufacturers have a decided to have a little flutter on


3 D. This has turned out to be a long shot. Some guys seem to have


all the luck. Apple that the lot on music, then smart phones, then


tablets. This seems to be on a winning streak for now. These


numbers are coming up this year? The numbers are all in here. There


was Vegas Convention Centre. The time to hit the show floor.


Throughout the craziness of the halls, there is something you'll


always guaranteed to see here - lots and lots of screens. After a


few years of three be madness, manufacturers have found something


new to shout about. -- 3D. Plenty of 4K screens this year. Hirer fit


-- definition than the usual high- definition. Billed as better than


plasma and LCD, they are still too pricey for the high rollers. They


are flexible and therefore braggable. Here is the world's


first curved OLED screen from Samsung. Who is the world's other


first, from algae. Defensive screen at all? How about the laser


projector. It projects a 100 inch image from just a few inches away.


What is the one to watch? Let us ask a player. Let us put up one


thing first of all. 3 D, non starter? Television manufacturers


needed an excuse for everyone to buy a new TV. They needed to buy TV


again if you wanted to keep growing. They thought that he was the answer.


People were not interested making that investment again. Along comes


4 K. Lot of talk about this. Do we think it is still a little too


early and? This is the kind of opening gambit. We have a


technology and hardware that presents beautiful imagery. There


is no way to get their imagery at home. We have four times the


traditional resolution and the pictures are beautiful but in order


to see that at home, you need television channels or Blu-ray


discs that can produce that. Nothing is this right now that can


give you that content. It could be years before we actually see that


content easily available. For 2013, the display that is going to win


the biggest? You could be OLED. They are beautiful quality and very


expensive. They will be greater than $10,000 here in the US for the


entirety of 2013. In 2014, we may see those costs drop. People may be


other get them in their own living rooms. Don't let gambling control


your life. That is the job of your smartphone. These things are


becoming the centre of everything. They can control your television.


Replacing the directional menu navigation buttons or by being the


conduit between internet content and an otherwise dull screen. They


can control your entire house. A lot of home automation used to


involve all the controllers but controlling a light and locking the


doors and setting alarm can all be done with a tap on your smartphone


or tablet. Applications had even made it into a plant pot. Flower


power in -- Parrot's Flower Power allows you to deliver everything


you know that may need to know to keep your plants healthy. Are the


It is very easy to take a manufacturer and build a piece of


hardware and add an app. Whether that abbeys for controlling it or


having the latest update, it makes a lot of sense there are different


operating systems up there. But it seems to be a two-horse race now,


Android and the Apple iOS. What happens to Windows Phone 8 and


Blackberry? There is a lot of duality. An ils app is on the bill


for an and row at his one the bill for either straight away or after a


slight delay. With Windows Phone 8, there is a delay and it is not


coming yet. This is because eyeless -- there a lot of Apple iOS devices.


There are not many Windows eight devices. There are no Blackberry


devices at all. Before placing bets, a seasoned gambler may like to


study the form. Devices of every shape and size. Phone so big that


they are almost Abbott. 6.8 inches, seriously? Tablets so big that they


are almost tables. 27 inches is a table. Windows eight, touch


friendly. It continues to inspire the new breed of touch-screen


laptops with those highway keyboards. The price of those once


expected touch-screen is coming down. -- expensive. If you enjoy


having many documents but then at once but prefer something old


school, Plastic Logic wants to bring back paper. Sort of. You can


move data between the sheets by touching these flexible e-paper


tablets. Maybe to attach a photo to win him now before sending. Could


this be the shape of your next games machine? A surprise


announcement from in the year. I hand-held gaming device called


Project shield with a flip-up screen powered by the Android


operating system. He has form? Here is a cool customer that likes to


play his cards close to his chest. There are loads of new Windows 80


form factor notebooks, one more than laptops er it's, it's a shock.


You think that Microsoft has achieved the goal of taking back


the portable computer market? unusual proposition for a lot of


customers. I still think it tees and Nis proposition for a lot of


people. Especially as everyone is getting so used to a tablet and an


on-screen keyboard. Nvidia has pulled a portable game device out


of its pocket. I think it is an interesting idea. I think they're


trying to say that they make the hardware and that this is what you


can do with the hardware and with Android. It runs a standard version


of Android. There are so many apps and games and pieces of software at


low-cost that there are already full Android and here is a device


that is basically built to be the most powerful in a block for these


higher and applications and games. It is very interesting. It is a


product that needs to exist. million-dollar question. Which form


factor is going to win 2013? As the boring and say that the traditional


outlet, touch form only, that is going to win over next 12 months.


It is dull but probably true. of the runners and riders to keep


your eye on this here. Here is another really interesting thing.


This used to be Microsoft's booth. After many years of being here,


Microsoft is not here this year. Book who has taken over one of the


most common stance. But one of the most famous Tech names but Hisense,


a Chinese brand. Possibly a shape of things to come. Time to look at


some of the other big take stories of the week.


Microsoft Arian Shabanzandeh big stand may have been missing but the


big man made an appearance. The Co, Steve Ballmer, invaded the stage


during a keynote speech. He wanted to boast about the new range of


Windows 8 Mobile devices and the growth of the Windows App Store.


10,000 applications were added in the last month alone. If you're


wondering that is questionable timing, they used different chips.


The French government is exploring ways of charging internet giants


for using large amounts of bandwidth. The French diesel


economy minister says that the on- demand TV services from these


companies creating increasing demand on the infrastructure and


therefore they should pay for the improvement. Google argues that it


pays billions of euros per year and provides a major incentive for


people to sign up for high-speed services in the first place.


A student in Texas who opposes radio frequency ID badges in her


school has lost a federal court appeal. This student refused to


whether badgers on religious grounds, calling them the mark of


the beast. The school used the RFID tax to track attendance. The ruling


means that will have to choose to wear the badge or transferred to a


different school. If he thought it was fiddly to play


games and a smartphone, check this out. The world's smallest arcade


machine. A computer engineer from Canada took six months to design


and build the diminutive device. It has now been immortalised in the


King its walls -- dinners for There are over 2,500 companies here.


So how do you get your new gadget to stand out? One solution is to


get to a self fake celebrity. -- it yourself a celebrity.


Some things do not need celebrity endorsement. Here are a few that


caught our eye. This is a phone ready battery is


the star. So much so they have actually put it through the screen.


It is the only phone in the world that runs on a double a battery.


They tell me that this can last up to 15 years. That is if the phone


is turned off. It has got a 30-day standby time. It has got a ten-hour


talk time. It uses the GSM network. It lets you make a free emergency


call to the emergency services. This is without the use of some


courage. -- without the use of a Sim card. You can just use it when


needed. There are only 10 numbers inside this phone. But they have


released an application that would allow you to track this phone. You


can have a rough idea of where the person is. Given the fact the


battery is supposed to last about 15 years and networks are being


switched off, it may well be that his phone outlasts the network that


supports it. My mother always told me that if I


ate too fast it would be bad for me. Apparently she was right. You can


develop weight and digest it problems. Here we have found what


is being billed as the perfect solution. This is the fort that


tells you if you're eating too quickly. You halted by the silver


part of the handle. Every time your mouse closes over-rate, you


complete and tiny electrical circuit. Do it too many times and


the phone will vibrate. You can connect before that your computer


to monitor your progress. The only thing it can't do is tell you what


to -- whether you decided to eat healthily fast or Las Vegas-style


fast. Let us see if we can find some


decent food around these parts. Is there a French restaurant nearby?


OK, there are 15 places fairly close to you. It is about a half


mile north. Have to go and check it out. This is the Martian Watch. It


is pretty red hot. It uses Bluetooth, the wireless technology


that has been around for some time, to talk to your phone. It can stay


in your pocket. Unlike some other Bluetooth smart watches, this one


actually contains a microphone and speaker. You can make and receive


calls. The other thing it can do is display it on its LCD.


Notifications for things like Facebook updates and text messages.


You can ask it to read them out aloud. Read a text message. I hope


you have not done anything naughty. That would be the wife. This will


work with and Road and Dido S. It will also allow you to remotely


control your smartphone's camera. It leads to avoid having to do all


of those snaps. This some of the technology that we


have found, if I'm honest, I would have to say is the coolest. This is


the gigantic Mondo Spider. It is made by an art outfit based in


Vancouver. One of the purposes, apart from looking stupidly cool,


is to raise awareness of sustainable energy. It is powered


by lithium-ion batteries. It has gotten small enough and light


enough to put into Europe giant robotic spider. It was about 750


kilograms. The turning circle is acceptable. You drive it like a


tank. You just pull them backwards and push them forwards. Anyway, I


am going to hit the highway. I'll hand you over to Kate Russell with


Webscape. No mechanical spiders here. But I


can make thunder. With the help of the first website that lets you


recruit social media supporters to shout about a good to have caused


your championing. -- could cause. The idea is that you create a


thunderclap, set a duration or finish date, and the number of


people you would like to take part. Then you wait for the situation to


be approved. Once it is clear it, you can share writ and encourage


people to sign up and spread the word. On the designated date, it


will go live. It will send a message out in simultaneous social


messaging post across the Web. This means that everyone who signed up


will have their support for your message posted to Facebook. At the


exact same moment. Hopefully this will get more information for your


course. You could also take a look through the existing ones to see if


there are any cause as he would like to support. -- causes you


would. Planning a city break can be quite


complicated, especially when you consider how many online tools


there are. This one provides a solution with a trip planning was


it. It provides suggestions for hotels and restaurants you might


want to taking when you are away. There are five simple steps took


such a destination, date, the type of activities you would like to do


and being run a budget. The planner will come back with suggestions.


The destinations covered a limited right now. The service is quite new


and the developers are adding to which all the time. Drawing from


sources I Wikipedia, to the adviser, Yahoo! Travel and more, it takes


sorts of other useful details, like directions and suggested


restaurants. Losing a pet can be really


traumatic. But one clever developer thinks you're iPhone might be able


to help. Lost Petz lets you alert everyone with the application in a


ten-mile radius, showing them a picture of your pet and details


about where and when it went missing. It is the equivalent of


taking posters to the trees all around the neighbourhood. I love


the idea behind this application and I am sure that any pet owners


watching will feel the same way. It is awful when you lose a treasured


animal. I accept that those of you who do not go crazy over their


furry friends probably think we are all a bit potty. To add your pet,


you will have to pay the annual subscription. It is not a lot, but


if you are the only one in your area with its installed, it is a


pretty useless investment. If you just want to be alerted about


animals lost in the area, it is free to download.


The new year is now well under way, and let us hope it is filled with


special moments. Moments that you could capture one second at a time.


This lets you record a snippet each day and automatically stitches them


together. It creates a highlights real, with a haulier of one second


bursts. Life In seconds is the name of the application. It is free to


download, but on my and set it is currently body. It does not stop


recording and there is no preview. That said, I like the idea. It is


brand new. I am sure they will store can at the edges soon. --


they will straighten out. An entry could create something like Where


The hell Is Matt?. -- I am sure we could create.


If you are more of a traditionalist, a new series of Antiques Roadshow


has a brand new synchronous app that listens to would you choose to


know where you are in the show. You can guess the price. It's you put


it in an auction, its pre-sale would probably be between �600-�800.


It is free for Apple and Android devices and can be used to watch


the episodes. For less than about �4,500.


Kate Russell's Webscape. If you missed any of those, you will find


them all on the BBC website. That is also where you will do if you


would like to watch this programme again. Go to the front page. Next


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