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Here are the headlines: Clashes in Egypt between police and


demonstrators calling for the resignation of President Mohammed


Morsi have left at least one person dead and many others injured. The


police responded to protesters with a water cannon and teargas.


The United States has condemned a suicide bomb attack on its embassy


in the Turkish capital as an act of terror. A security guard and the


suspected attacker or put killed in the blast. The Prime Minister has


blamed an outlawed Marxist Group. Heavily armed French soldiers are


continuing their advance into northern Mali after the capture of


many areas from Islamist rebels. Preparations are underway in


Timbuktu for the arrival of the French President, who is due to


visit French and Mali soldiers there.


Now it is time for Click. You have loaned me a box to keep my


things in. But what have I put This week, we get inside the new


creation from one of the internet's most colourful and controversial


characters. But will his new file storage site protect the pirates


were just 10? -- or just Tim? Of we will also get our hands on


the new BlackBerry devices hoping to hold off the tides of the iPhone


and Android devices. What happens if you ignore the


million most relevant answers? Welcome to Click. Why pay for


something when you can get it for nothing? That has been the opinion


of quite a few people in the cast of the latest movies and music. The


creative industries have been trying to shut down websites that


promote the illegal sharing of copyrighted films, games and


applications. Last year they had some success. Shutting down one of


the biggest free for all swapping sides. But now the internet beast


is back. It is a service that the onus has cannot be touched. We have


been trying to find out what is in the box.


This is the moment last year when New Zealand police stormed the


mention of Kim Dotcom. Armed with assault rifles and backed by the


FBI, dozens of computers and hard drives were seized. Fighting online


piracy has never been so dramatic. Although the courts have some


steamed it illegal, Kim Dotcom is still fighting extradition to the


US, maintaining he has done nothing wrong. It was this website that


sparked the raid. It works much like a standard opera. It allows


you to store your digital files security online. That could be


anything from your photographs to that novel you have been working on.


But it is when movies or music or anything that you do not own the


copyright to his shared that these websites risk falling foul of the


law. It is like leaving the door to your locker open. Anyone can


download a copy. It is called file sharing. Where movies or music is


concerned, it is called piracy. me in three internet users


accessing a pirate service on a regular basis. We think, why not


come over to the legal services that we have? It is certainly still


an issue. Megaupload was the site of choice. At one point it had more


than 50 million visitors every day. Sharing a staggering 25 million


gigabytes of data. It was not interested in being a cloud locker.


It knew exactly what it wanted. It wanted popular content. It was even


prepared to split money with users who offered particularly popular


files. When it was shut down, the creative industries breathe a sigh


of relief. It has a massive impact. That relief lasted until last month.


In typical extravagance, Kim Dotcom launched his latest file storage


project. It was simply name to make up. This time he is hoping to take


on mainstream cloud locker services with 50 gigabytes of free storage


up front. What is more, Kim Dotcom, insists it is not a way of getting


back at the establishment for the demise of his last business. This


is not some kind of finger to the US government or to Hollywood. This


is innovative people that have been wrong taking the time they have to


create something new. How is the new venture different? Gone are the


financial incentives to upload popular files. There is the ability


to produce a larger locker and download more each month. But the


big difference is when you start uploading a file or stop it is


encrypted on the fly. It has no idea what you are storing inside


your cider locker. How do you show your files? You can click on this


link in the top right-hand corner of the screen. That will generate a


unique link with in your browser that you can share with your


friends. It includes the keys to unlock your files without the


website ever having to know what you have stored there. Legally


there is nothing there that could be used to shut us down. The


website is just as legitimate and has the same right to exist as


Dropbox and other competitors. movie and music industries are not


so sure. Like Megaupload before it, if users want to share their files


widely it, they will probably publish the links on forums and


websites. Much to the frustration of the industry, these can often be


found using standard search engines. A sadly, if you do a search on


Google today for the words Adele and MP3, you'll find results from


illegal sources. Not from legitimate sources. Kim Dotcom says


he has, in the past, and will continue to, respond to specific


requests from copyright owners to take down material if there is


evidence of piracy. But while some other cloud storage or websites


like CAPTCHA automatically cross reference files uploaded, a process


known as fingerprinting, it appears that it will not be able to do this.


This is due to encryption of every file before it reaches them.


decision has been made to be blind to their content for whatever


reason. We have seen that the claim is that this is to protect users


privacy. We will see. inscriptions are entirely to give


Kim Dotcom plausible to my ability. It does not protect movies and


music. Our focus is on the people making large amounts of content


available. That is the best way to hit at piracy. Much will depend on


just how sick sure the encryption service turns out to be. While Kim


Dotcom insists that it is not going to be part of the piracy problem,


the emphasis on secrecy will undoubtably get some to share


copyrighted content. Content and the creative industries say should


be paid for. The ins and outs of a mega, which


can be used to share legitimate files. It can also be used to share


illegal content. We will speak to the news editor of


intellectual property magazine. In your experience, what is a feeling


about mega? Will it succeed where Megaupload has failed? It depends


on how tightly the legal team has been around the loopholes. Sir the


men loophole you are talking about is this idea of encryption. The


owners of the website so they legitimately do not know. The new


website has this different from Megaupload. Is there any legal


precedent to a cider locker been deemed a legal or illegal? They


have been several cases with cider lockers. In Germany in particular.


It offered a surfers almost identical. It was an internet


storage content website. It allowed people to upload and share content.


In Germany it was found that the basic business model of the website


was legal. The German courts deemed that RapidShare was not responsible


for monitoring the content. But as long as it complies with taking


down content discovered by others, then it is working within the law.


Is there any evidence that different parts of the world will


deal with this in a different way? How does the West differ from


Europe? The US have been proactive in taking down foreign websites.


They based their jurisdiction on those cases. The service could be


stored in the West. Or it could have a US Registry. They use those


kinds of legal rights they have to go after these people. Does that


mean if you just moved Europe storage service to a country where


the war is more relaxed, you're OK? That is what is happening. Kim


Dotcom has new servers on an island. It has a New Zealand registration.


It gets around US laws. Surely the world would be a simpler place if


countries could just tell internet service providers to block that


website. It would be a simple place. But only if the internet was that


simple. That seems to be the crux of the problem. The internet is


incredibly difficult to govern. In Europe, where governments in Sweden


have tried to block websites like Pirate Bay, you can still log on to


Pirate Bay with any ISP on any connection in the UK. You get a


different approach in the US. They have been trying to take down the


websites themselves. They take a much more aggressive, invasive


approach. Thank you for your time. This is obviously a hot topic. We


would love to hear your thoughts on the matters at hand. E-mail Click


on BBC for get in touch do Twitter. Now for a look in get used will


stop two emerging areas of technology have been given 1


billion euros from the European Commission to speed up research.


One will develop the potential of a new material called graphene. It is


thin, flexible and incredibly tough. It might one day replace


semiconductors. The second project aims to create a highly detailed


map of the human brain using supercomputers. It will then be


used to simulate the effects of neurological diseases and develop


artificial intelligence in computers.


Google Maps now has one of the most secretive states in the world,


North Korea, covered. The data was collected with its matchmaker tall.


It allows the public to add to maps using satellite images and local


knowledge. The maps even include data about his notorious prison


labour camps. The changes follow a humanitarian visit to the country


by Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt.


Microsoft has finally got in touch with touch. Office 365, the cloud


version of its Office suite, is now a touch friendly. It was released


with the desktop edition of Office 2013. What it is not shouting about


is this report, that suggests a chunk of that data might not be


usable. Back-up partitions take up nearly two-thirds of the space. At


least some feeling short-changed. It does come with an eskey slot for


additional storage. Typing in difficult to read text to


verify Europe human and not a machine is never find. Now the


world's largest online ticket real- ale is to ditch so-called CAPTCHA


boxes. Users have long hated having to type in the oddly shaped lettuce


into a box. Ticket Master reckons the new system relies on common


Technology companies come and go. Shiny new technologies tent


technology savvy consumers to buy into the latest devices. One such


victim has been the black -- BlackBerry. Black beret's were


developed by Canadian outfit Research In Motion. -- BlackBerry.


They were popular for two reasons - they featured the best handsets on


a keyboard, they also deliver the best and a secure e-mail servers


that anyone trusted. Apple rained on BlackBerry's parade. In a short


space of time the BlackBerry went from being a must-have device to,


must I have one device? Like many companies in the smartphone


industry they were caught off-guard by the iPhone when that came along


with its advanced technology and large touch-screen. BlackBerry was


not able to keep up on the technology front with those changes


in the industry. While some observers think RIM is on the ropes


they are fighting back. They have compared the changed have the


handsets work. RIM becomes BlackBerry. We present Z10 and Q10.


What is new? The company is especially proud of this, a one


stop hub for all of your messages. You can reply without having to


open the individual apps. It wants us to go with its flow system of


switching directly from app to app while they are running at the same


time. It retains a physical keyboard, but the Z 10 is digital.


It learns from your writing style to predict the next word Yuletide.


It also learns what you wrote before you first met. It will be


familiar with words and phraseology from the last ten days. Phrases you


used on Twitter and e-mail. The device is adapting to the types of


words you use without having to teach the device that. It is


learning. There is a new toy for taking photos as well, the time


shift feature that catches features before and after you touch the


button. Everyone looks like they are paying attention. Both handsets


have near field communication chips making them ready for a expanding


contactless market. BlackBerry built his name with the corporate


world, he forgot that executives want to have fun as well. The new


handset acknowledges this, in a very Blackberry Way, keeping your


corporate and personal data separate. Europe Clare can take


control over one side, but you are the boss of the personal side. --


your employer. BlackBerry Messenger, single-handedly responsible for its


popularity with teenagers, now supports the video calling. Are


these changes enough to win back what was once the most loyal band


of uses in the market? It is that simplicity of the user experience


that will set BlackBerry 10 apart and bring a current customers and


future customers to anew Haiphong. The million-dollar question is, has


BlackBerry managed to turn it around? Euro opinions would be very


welcome. -- your. We now have Webscape, we begin on the subject


of search engines. With clever optimisation tricks and a bit of


money to spend on advertising, it is pretty easy to get a website on


to the first page of search results, it does not mean the content will


be what you are looking for. Instead of digging deeper and


deeper, million short is a search tool that removes the first one


million results for you. You could discover something completely


unexpected. People search for around 1 billion names on Google


every day, that is a huge number. Would you believe that 94% of them


never look beyond the first page of first results? This trend is in


serious danger. I think million short could be the tonic we need.


Try out the challenge at Millionshortiton.com, you can run a


blind test on one of the key words take your fancy. The website will


display their top results from their eyes and a traditional search


engine so you can compare and make your choice. -- theirs. Music-


lovers listen up, watch out. The pharaoh holds an official catalogue


of over 50,000 music videos that you can enjoy a completely free.


Viva has signed deals with pretty much all of the major music labels,


basting the catalogue to include 11,000 artists from Adele to ZZ Top.


The only big name missing is Warner Brothers, if you are a massive


Nickelback supporter you are out of luck. To some that might be quite a


bonus. The licence for the mobile apps and websites covers a lot of


territory. They have also linked up with YouTube. Twitter is huge. A


few months ago it past half a billion users and trying to find


someone interesting to follow can feel a little bit like swimming


through treacle. Twitterland has a suggestion or two allowing you to


search the interesting Twitter users by name, location. People


often ask me how to get the most out of Twitter. If you do not have


anything interesting to shout about, I would say the experience is


defined by the people you follow, he would be best for you to follow


is as personal a decision as picking out a pair of shoes. When


you see someone interesting click to open a profile that is broken


down into behaviour patterns and the kind of content that they Tweed.


So you can make an informed decision about following them. It


is free to use and really simple. It has more new -- nuanced searches


as it evolves. Safer Internet Day is on 5th February. Full of tips


for teachers, Jerez, parents and children so they know how to stay


safe online. It has details about the 12-hour broadcast where special


guests and experts will be talking about everything you need to know


to always have fun online. Kate Russell's Webscape. Those websites


are available at ours. Get in touch about any of the issues that have


got your imagination this week. That's it for now. Thank you for


Quite a mixed picture of weather this weekend. We begin on a chilly


note, a widespread frost this morning. Temperatures below


freezing. At least there is some sunshine around. Let's get into the


details. Temperatures dipping below freezing. A bright start to the day.


Temperatures in London around three degrees. Two degrees for Ipswich.


Along the coastline there are some showers. Rain along the coast.


Further inland we could see a bit of sleet or snow. Maybe a few


centimetres, not causing us concern. For inland areas of Scotland it is


dry and bright at 9am in the morning. It is a chilly start to


the day across Northern Ireland. A few showers, but they are mostly


rain showers. Temperatures in Plymouth on Saturday morning four


degrees with the sunshine around. A brisk wind takes us through


Saturday. We might see a little bit of higher cloud around with some


hazy sunshine. There is that breeze taking the edge off things. It is


noticeable for the Six Nations matches. Wales against Ireland,


England against Scotland. Temperatures around five degrees.


Coverage right across the BBC. Temperatures generally 3-4 degrees.


We are hoping for seven degrees in Cardiff and Plymouth through the


afternoon. An early frost on Saturday night. Temperatures will


climb later in the night as the cloud will thicken and we begin to


see rain moving into the north-west. Temperatures by the end of the


night 6-7 degrees. We have the frost to begin with in East Anglia.


Some early brightness, but it will cloud over in the south-east with


some patchy rain late in the day. Behind that system it will be a


little bit drier and brighter, still quite a brisk wind coming in


from the west. The winds strengthen even further on Monday. Quite a


chilly wind at that. Further south and east it looks like it should be


mainly dry and bright. We have got temperatures from 5-9 degrees. The


isobars stay tightly packed on Monday night into Tuesday. The


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