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streets or reveal a more widespread problem?


More information on our website. Thank you for joining us. Time for


Click. It is going to sound crazy and


impetuous but I think I am falling in love with you. Our love with


each other is like two long shadows kissing.


This week, love is in the air but can mobile apps really made Cupid


forget ILS and Android, we size of the new pretenders to the mobile


crowd -- mobile Crown. And the latest kit for the open road. In


Webscape, we go bargain hunting with an act that serves up all the


deals in your area. -- application. Welcome to Click. I am not Spencer


Kelly. I am in fact Kate Russell, taking over the helm while he has a


well deserved break. It is that special time of year again.


Valentine's Day is just around the corner, a day when lovelorn


singletons across the world usually feel more isolated than ever.


Luckily, Kew but now comes in several digital incarnations,


always on hand to help us locate a perfect partner. But is it a good


idea for us to have our head in the clouds especially when we have no


real idea who it is we are speaking to? We went to have a look at love.


Date tonight. Again. Some of the predate rituals and routines may be


strikingly familiar. But the way we are going about finding a soulmate


is changing beyond recognition. If we are to believe the hype, one in


five UK relationships begins on the internet. Established whether


players are raising their game. E- Harmony claims to have developed a


romance algorithm, if you can be bothered to answer 256 questions.


And this cross-platform offering is enjoying huge reach with over 50


million subscribers in over 70 countries. But it is the rise of


social media that is creating the real buzz these days, making


landing a catch easier than ever. Thing is - online dating is no


longer taboo. It is now a multi- billion dollar business. Gone are


the days when it was just about finding a flattering photograph and


writing a decent profile. Now, you can do so much more. Turning to


technology does not have universal appeal. Many people might not be


very genuine and certainly would not be looking for something that


is healthy. Meeting on the internet is like meeting in a bar. You have


the same kind of anticipation and excitement and then the rejection


and the unwanted advances. Yes, it is exactly the same. They put their


best photo of a profile but when you meet them in person, will they


look like that? I am not sure. Board of the fruitless flirtations


online dating had brought him, one man's quest for love has prompted


him to create an application to come to the rescue. A wasted so


much time on dates where people did not look like their photographs,


they came across different way. I wanted to take that and tap into


the age-old wisdom that we have all what -- always met someone in


common through friends and families through Facebook. We used Facebook


to find out which of your friends' friends are single. And which can


be recommended for you. The website has not launched yet and as an opt-


in service, its success will depend on the willingness of Facebook


users to sign up. That was a problem that faced American start


of Europe. The service tapped into your Facebook result, setting you


up with the friends of friends based on similar lights and music


tastes. After initial interest comic plateaued and its technology


was sold off. This website also look to fate took -- Facebook to


get your single friends. The idea is to get a network of single


people but it has struggled to make a dent. Many people felt it was too


invasive. Facebook is generational in how people use it and what they


will share. Younger people are fiercely protective of their


privacy, believe it or not, and they want to keep their digital


social lives separate from what they perceive to be a very private


space in online dating. Soon, you may not need applications or dating


sites at all as Facebook's new graph search could make meeting


singletons with shared interests very easy. And the other platform


we cannot forget. Twitter. Valentine's Day sees the launch of


a system that gets you flirting with the Twitterati for a


customised search box. It is not all about social media. For a real


life rendezvous, location is everything. The term does not


exactly roll off the tongue but geosocial networking has seen


millions signing up to applications that rely on your GPS location to


introduce you to people nearby. Heaven forbid you would actually


introduce yourself to real living people in the same room. Grindr is


an application targeting gay and bisexual men. It alerts you of up


to 300 other Grindr uses in their immediate area. Over the past three


years, it has enjoyed phenomenal success along with Blendr, its


sister site open to everyone. Of the well-established websites like


OKCupid are also putting geosocial family at their core. If you have


the time, the locals feature broadcasts your availability to


local people here by. But one question remains - how safe are


these applications? GPS-enabled dating applications. People know


that you are explicitly looking to hook up. All that you are


explicitly looking to date and for some people, that can put them in a


dangerous situation. Apply common sense and logic. You are probably


in slightly more danger if you are not being careful. They do allow


you to turn off your location and block those you might want to avoid


but leaving on the tracking could in some circumstances make way for


stalking. The risks of online dating are not confined to the


latest geosocial applications. Last month, a woman in the US filed a


$10 million lawsuit against Match .com, alleging that they do not do


enough to safeguard their members after a man she met on the internet


but it did to murder her. Match .com says the lawsuit is absurd and


that this is about a sick, twisted individual with no prior criminal


record, not an entire community of men and women looking to meet each


other. Match .com has safety advice pages, a feature to report abuses.


Its terms and conditions page says it has no responsibility for bodily


injury. For many solicitors, it is a happy ending. But it is a


reminder that for better or for worse, what starts as frivolous


online fun can have real world offline consequences. Swapping


Tudor's bow for a browser. Time for the latest Tech News.


The European IT commissioner has outlined a security strategy


recommending companies in key sectors like banking and health to


report cyber attacks. Some businesses are worried that will


create a reputation damage at it comes in the midst of a renewed


assault by the Anonymous hacking collective on American institutions,


the latest being the Federal Reserve, where the stolen details


of 4,000 bank executives were published earlier this month.


It was first seen last month but while way has stepped back their


ascent to smartphone to appeal to the African market. The Chinese


handset maker already has a popular Android handset on the continent


but this time around, his smartphone will feature a Windows


mobile operating system, complete with an African focused Apple store.


It is part of Microsoft's wider initiative to make inroads into the


region. Forget Facebook credits, enter Amazon coins. The online


retailer's a virtual currency will first be used on the Kindle Fire


tablet to make online purchases. To help drive up take, the retail


giant will give away millions for free ahead of the US launched in


May. Finally, a kick-start a star eath


star has flat up pledges of over $100,000 in just two days. The


project was launched after the US government rejected an online


position to build the infamous Battle station. There is still some


way to go before the project gets under way. $30 million just for the


plants. 850 Quadri and dollars to get it into space - give or take.


Last week, we reported on BlackBerry's attempt to reignite


interest in its once-popular range of smartphones. Recently, there


have been two familiar names entering the mobile race. Five Fox


and Ubuntu. Do these newcomers really have a chance against each


other? All Black Broome and the two for life, Apple and Google Android?


-- or BlackBerry? We will look at fire Fox later in the year, but it


could face an uphill struggle against this, Ubuntu. Simply


because of the fact that many people already know their way


around to the well-established PC version. As you might expect from a


new phone operation system, it comes with a new way of doing


things. The phone has no buttons at all. Launch applications, spike


between them -- switch between them by swiping to different sides of


her the screen. Both fire Fox and Ubuntu are open sores and free and


for that reason, they are both already popular in the developing


world. The first phones for each operating system will be aimed at


those wanting cheap, low-powered smartphones. Whereas fire foxed


fans will and the target Viva Las - - the developing world, Ubuntu will


also release high and phones. These might be the only computing devices


We have a vision that your smartphone can be your thing for a


whole set of things. If you cut your smartphone you can have and


should have a full PC working experience. But you're also


concentrating on the low end of the market? Exactly. When we first ship


a product it will likely be one of these lean smartphones. That will


be an entry-level smartphone, targeted at people using futures


phones now and want to get into a smartphone. Or emerging markets


where it is somebody's first bone, or even first computer in some ways.


-- first phone. Why would that be better than a low end Android


phone? For those consumers, who are interested in an entry-level


smartphone, it offers a high class beautiful stunning use experience -


- user experience on the level of phone appropriate for their budget


for their needs. Every maker of smartphones boasts their operating


system is the best looking and the most intuitive and the easiest to


use. Why d'you think the Ubuntu smartphone will be any of those


things? We have a design principle, if you can see information on a


screen you should be able to action it right away. For example where


you see the wifi indicator, when you pull that down from the top,


turning it on and off is a very limited capability. Normally when


you want to look at your wifi you're trying to pick a different


access point or change networks. We provide the ability to do that


right from the indicator. The messaging menu again with an


indicator at the top, when you pull that down you can from that exact


spot reply to messages, call people back. You don't have to go into


another application to perform that function. It's clearly what you


want to do. This is an advantage that will come in late to the


market, you can see what everybody has done and you can see their


mistakes -- that will come from coming in late. That is part of it


and part of it is innovation from our own design and development


teams. The technology inside as the cars


has changed immeasurably over the last few years. -- our cars. With


ever more powerful computing now tucked away inside the upholstery.


We sent Ian Hardy out with MacBook and pen to hand to collect the


latest ideas. It can't be easy constantly coming


up with new ideas that redefine the way we interact with our vehicles.


Past a certain point, safety laws regulations and common sense start


to kick in. That's why driver side TV screens and texting were just


two concepts that took us one step forward and two steps back. But


sometimes removing tech reveals a whole new opportunity. CD players


are slowly disappearing from the dashboard, and maybe that's why FM


radio is writhing in popularity again. But if you have got a


connected smartphone IndyCar broadcasters can now overlaid


adverts from the by businesses and guide you there with GPS. You will


never miss another special sale ever again. What the application is


doing behind the scenes is embedding a bit of software under


the system and then when they have the software they have access to a


programme allowing them to in Sir adverts that interact through the


internet, beamed to the smartphone and you get it through the radio


system -- inserts. Mobile devices are becoming central to the


automotive experience. So much so both Ford and GM have developed a


website to encourage the creation of car-centric apps. The need for


speed on portable gadgets comes with a need for juice. Wireless


charging is nothing new, but Delphi are developing a method that will


allow devices to be powered passively from base stations that


are further away than current models. The idea is that the driver


will never have to fumble around and the kids can keep their


entertainment up and running right to the end of the trip. You manage


how much power is totally available to the system. We can look at the


system or the mobile device that needs the power the most, and


switch off the ones that don't need the power and power up the ones


that are the least charged. then of course we have started to


see cars that are fully automated right down to the steering wheel.


After all, how important is the driver really? There's been a lot


of interest recently in driverless cars as you can see, there are a


few examples of them around the world. But there's one company that


has produced a product that can be fitted into your car long after you


have bought it and it essentially gives the driver a helping hand, or


should I say RAA. The gadget is a smart sensor camera that actually


sees in black and white. -- A the unit's strength is down to its on-


board processing power and software algorithms that can identify signs,


traffic lights, people, pets, you name it! On the right and the Net


you can see we are a forward looking solution. -- and the left.


We track everything, including if you're driving in a condensed area


with hundreds of pedestrians walking on the pavement, we take


all of them and everybody has a target number. We know it's


somebody runs into the road we can distinguish that. -- if somebody.


We don't want to just provide a warning at the right time but also


we want to provide a warning when you don't need it -- don't want to


provide. Is crash avoidance systems and auto pilot modes become


widespread in the future, and there's a good chance they will, it


could lead to more screens and information being tolerated and


displayed on doors and consoles. So it's very convenient that thanks to


innovations in contoured surfaces and touch sensor technology like


XSense car interiors could one day look very different. Automotive


manufacturers are increasingly interested in putting Dutch


solutions in the car. Not just for entertainment but navigation. It it


does not have a touch green people think it is broken -- if it.


Increasingly car manufacturers want to put touch technology in cars. --


touch screen. The Access technology allows them to do this. There's the


ability to make curved designs. course going overboard on


technology will undoubtedly discouraged some people from


driving at all. In which case, they might be better off with something


a little simpler. Ian Harvey with the driving forces behind our


future cars. -- Hardy. It's all very well having your photograph


taken at family parties but if your folks are anything like mine you


will never get to see the end results. I think I have the remedy


for you next coming up in Webscape, Well actually I'm playing with


keeps, a need social sharing tool for photos and video that should


appeal to anyone that likes to keep things simple. Just sign up and get


an easy to remember e-mail address that people can use to send things


to you when they are home allowing you to organise it in two albums on


lines. -- into albums on line. This is a no-fuss system but it still


relies on your friend e-mailing you their pictures. Where it gets more


powerful is if you can persuade everyone to sign up and then create


an event around a particular occasion. The band gets its own e-


mail address and you can share it with everyone in your neck work so


all the pictures and footage gets e-mailed to one central been --


network. The site is currently free to use with no limit on file size


and there's no limit on overall storage. Although a fair use clause


is in the terms. I spoke to the company and they have no plans to


change this or charge in the future. Although it seems too good to last


forever. IPhone and Android apps with a Windows Phone 8 in the


pipeline rounds off this offering nicely. If you're a a voucher fan,


Redeemia or is available for ioS and Apple. It filters coffers by


category so you save time getting only the content you're interested


in served up from one central location. -- offers. Heading back


to the Web, this helpful app will tell you how words and short


phrases are pronounced. Or should that be pronunced? Oh, wait... How


do you say it? How do you say it? Pronounced. Thank you. You're


welcome. You know, you sound kind of cute for a synthesiser. Behave


yourself. Charming. The British accent does sound quite right,


especially when you're saying childishly rude words to him. Come


on, you know it's going to be the first thing you're going to do! Oh,


just me then! If there's room in your heart for one more Valentine's


app after Lara's won the full round-up, a free social faux code-


sharing tool relaunched recently and is perfect for sending a quick


message of love. Digisocial give you the option of adding a boys


caption to your snaps and give you Instagram-style filters. Dasher


voice. Then share in the usual ways. This weekend is the premiere of a


documentary charting the rise and fall of notorious file sharing


website The Pirate Bay. It debuts on line on 8th February. Released


under the creative Commons licence -- Creative Commons license.


Director Simon Klose aims to prove a point with this distribution


tactic, and sharing can be a realistic business model. And it's


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