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Click gets its first taste of the Playstation 4, examining the new games and its new controller. Plus a close-up look at the kit used to take the world's largest photograph.

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And the latest headlines: Moody's has stripped Britain of its AAA


credit rating. The agency says government bonds no longer deserve


the highest level of credit. They have been downgraded by one notch.


The sluggish economic growth looks likely to extend into the second


half of the decade. A South African court has granted bail for Oscar


Pistorius while he awaits trial on charges of murdering his colour


found. The prosecution -- murdering his girlfriend. The prosecution had


not established a definite... Horsemeat has been found in six


Petrol prices could reach a record high by Easter. The average cost of


a later went up by 5% in the last month. The motoring organisation is


are urging the Chancellor to use the Budget to help motorists. Let's


get more. More than feared. More than the mortgage. Transport is the


biggest expense each week for the average UK family. The sharp rise


in the price of petrol is leaving many drivers feeling the same way.


I do not have any money because I always have to put petrol in my car.


I have got no money. Motorists could be feeling the pinch for some


time yet. Unleaded petrol prices peaked last spring with a new


record high of more than one per and 42 per litre. The cost of


filling an average car has gone up by �3.30 by Christmas. -- �1.42 per


litre. They could be heading for a new record this Easter. Last month,


petrol sales were the lowest they have been and 23 years. Some of


that is down to the weather because people do not write as much in the


snow. High prices -- drive as much. High prices are for some people out


of their cars. Why? -- coursing. The price has been pushed up for


all of us in the UK. The bad news is that it will continue for some


time. Some have suggested that we delay the rise until April. I


disagree. I suggest we cancel it altogether. This was the Chancellor


last December being cured after strapping a planned rise in fuel


duty. -- cheered. He insisted he knew how much the prices were


hitting drivers. I understand the pressure of the prices. That is why


we have taken action to make sure petrol is 10 pence per litre


cheaper than it would have been if we had stuck with the tax rises of


the last Labour government. 60 % of your fuel price is tax. The


Government is under pressure he struck for the rises. Now it is


time for Click. We get a first look at the


We will hopefully bring you that. We are being told that in this


episode, the programme gets its first taste of the PlayStation 4.


We have heard it would be a voice control and physical floating games


machine with more power than you can possibly need. As long as I can


still play my favourite video game on it.


This week on Click, we will get our first taste of the PlayStation 4.


We will take you through the new specification, the new games and


the new controller. We also take a close-up look, and I mean close at,


well, everything. We look at the kit used to take the world's


largest photograph. Also, the latest tech news and, if you want


to write your own smart phone app, we have a great guide for you.


Welcome to Click. I am Spencer Kelly. He'll be going again. The


console wars are back on. After months of rumours, Sony has


announced it is close to launching a brand new video games machine.


The question is, can it do better than its predecessor, the


PlayStation 3, of which, despite pretty impressive specification,


failed to blow the gaming world away as expected. We take a look at


the new box. First, a refresher of the story so far. In 1994, Sony


introduced the world to the PlayStation. Sony is moving into


the video games market for the first time. At the same time,


introducing unsuspecting gamers to science-fiction games like Wipe Out.


Also, hip-hop hound Baragua the rapper. -- PaRappa the Rapper. It


became a quick hit. Soni improved on that, launching the best-selling


console ever which boasted a DVD player and state-of-the-art 3D


graphics. The PlayStation 22, all comers. Sony announced the follow-


up in 2005. -- PlayStation 22, all colours. When the PlayStation 3


Lloyd's in 2006, but had a Blu-ray player. The landscape has shifted


dramatically and not in Soni's favour. It launched at a very high


price point. It was not a very strong on -- strong launch in terms


what was being offered. Blu-ray was a bit of fun unproven quantity.


They hit a few dead ends along the way. They went quite hard on


backing it. For Soni, it was a fall from gaming grace. The PlayStation


3 is currently in third place in a race between the X-Box 360 Andy


Nintendo Wii. They have still sold a pretty decent number of the


consoles. About 70 million. Video games consoles are like dogs, they


age quickly. The Nintendo Wii and exports 360 are well due for


replacement. Nintendo has already launched their Wii U. It is finding


it tough to replicate the success of its predecessor. It set a


challenging benchmark for them about what you would expect. The


expected to go like a rocket and be in every living room. That is not


the way it is at the launch of a console. Even the Nintendo Wii took


a while. What happens is, they have to release more games, get the


device in people's hands. Sony can avoid some of that by getting the


right price.. They have to make sure they know who their con Sumer


is. -- pres point. To regain its crown as king of the consoles, but


they held an event in New York City. It could be the making or breaking


of them as a console manufacturer. After weeks of speculation, surely


it had arrived. The new console. And next-generation software.


PlayStation 4. Well, it is a low over the new console at least.


was keen to talk about the new machine. A moment of truth and a


bold step forward for PlayStation as a company. We will show you the


many ways in which the living room is no longer the centre of the


PlayStation ecosystem. And talk. The presentation lasses for two


hours. Apart from a local, they held off on showing us what the new


console would look like. They did, however, reveal what will reside


inside the so far unseen machine. At its heart, a processor, ex 86.


The graphics chip are courtesy of AMD. It will have a hard drive.


Very similar specification to a desktop PC. That could be very good


news. The PlayStation 3 is notoriously difficult to write


games for. The PlayStation 4 should be easier for developers to work


with. It was a conscious choice to adapt a PC based architecture. We


felt that if we were able to achieve a sort of new sense of game


designing experience and get the Phyllis participation of the


community, we needed a very familiar Architecture. One that


would take years of development. new consul was not the always


surprise that Sony had up its sleeve. The DualShock controller


with its rumble feature has served all the PlayStation since 1997.


Along with the new console, a new controller, too. This is for givers


to poke and prod at. I have the pleasure of sharing with you the


new controller for the first time. He it is. The DualShock 4.


APPLAUSE The new DualShock includes a touch pad which works much like


the back of the PlayStation the third. -- PlayStation Vita. It also


as Saudi PlayStation Move motion controller. -- also acts like the.


Dave Perry explains some of the social features. His cloud gaming


company Gaikai was purchased by Sorell last year for $380 million.


Technology will play a key part of the story. Players can invite


friends to connect to their machine and take control of their character.


They can invite several friends to watch like progress. This


technology will be used to allow you PlayStation 4 games to be


streamed and played on the PlayStation Vita handheld console.


Sony showed what they should look like with a demonstration of


Killzone Shadow Fall, first-person shooter and a look at Drive Club. A


bit better in terms of graphics but not a giant leap. As well as not


showing as -- us the machine, Sony was not keen on telling us how much


it would cost either. We want to launch in 2013. In terms of the


Pacific current cost, we are not in a position to talk about price


point just yet. We always talk about that closer to the launch of


the new platform. Nintendo has already launched the Wii U.


Soni has shown us what it has in store for its next consul. They


will find out what Microsoft will do about replacing the exports the


61st. The story does not end there. Three new players have entered the


arcade, all vying for the attention of gamers and for their hard-earned


cash. All of them are trying to make it to the top of the highs


were tabled. Perhaps most famous for manufacturing graphics cards


and chips but, NVIDIA has announced its intention to get in on the


console game. Jen-Hsun Huang showcase the company's new games


bad. It is Android-powered. It is called Shield. Then, Text data and


Ouya. Also, Val planets Steam Box concept. A lot of money. A lot of


high-profile failures have happened in the past. I think Steam as the


best chance. But taking get a powerful machine out for $300, --


if they can get. They could do very well. They will have to decide how


they will approach the market. Low- price and accessible. Also, tapping


into the Android market, a lot of games. It is early to say but I did


not write off Soni, Nintendo or X- Box. The next generation is almost


upon us. So far, the big boys, playing by tried-and-tested rules.


All were regaining public has the power to take them all the new


players in the game to the next It will not be long before


Microsoft unveils it responds. The third generation a Xbox. Why not


tell us your thoughts on the new regime? E-mail us at Click or you


can tweet us. Next is the Tech News. Following in the footsteps of


Facebook and Twitter, Apple is the next high-profile company to have


some of its computer systems hat. After being criticised for being


slow to react, it has updated to fix the vulnerabilities in Java,


the popular language allowing machines to be infected in the


first place. Staying with hacking, the Chinese military has responded


angrily to accusations it was responsible for a series of cyber


attacks around the world. Mandiant has reported on hundreds and traced


some back to China and said the government was aware of it. A


spokeswoman from the US government said hacking came up with nearly


every meeting they had with Chinese officials. The Chinese defence


ministry said China was also a victim of hacking. Following the 4


G launch by EE, the UK has finally auctioned off more of its airways


to make way for more high-speed data. The sell-off saw four are


more providers by chance of spectrum. That reduces on those


networks with handset and tariffs could get faster mobile downloads


and better coverage. But proceeds were disappointing, raising �1


billion less than the �3.5 billion the government planned on a


fraction of the price they got when they sold off 3G. And crew cool has


released Project Glass, seen from a user's point of view.


-- Google. It is still in development but it is seen giving


out useful information and access in social feeds. It is looking to


take part in the beta release. When it comes to taking photos, one


of these does not give bad results these days. You can take a


smartphone photo and print it out. But there is always someone who


wants to go a little bit further. Like taking the largest photograph


in the world. LJ Rich reports from 177 metres above the bustling


metropolis that is London, there is a world record attempt in full flow


and it requires a real photo finish. This is the 29th floor of the BT


Tower. Behind the is one of the camera's going through tests ready


for its attempt at the world record tomorrow. Each camera will take


13,000 pictures and the resulting Panorama stitched together is going


to be the largest photograph in the world. What could possibly go


wrong? As a communications tower, the building sends and receives


microwave signals, so it has been designed to move as little as


possible. 100mph were winds move this platform a near 12 inches. The


result of all of this work will be a massive 300 gigapixel panoramic


photograph of London. The company behind this wants to update their


old 80 gigapixel picture of London taken three years ago. In order to


break the record, there is quite a bit of equipment involved. There


are four Canon 7D cameras, each fitted with 400 millimetres lenses


and converters attached for even more zoom. Each photo will be 18


megapixel speak. The cameras are mounted on a 3D stereoscopic lays a


robot that moves them around incredibly accurately to within


5,000th of a degree. They will be moving constantly and will have to


focus, shoot and fire 13,000 times successfully. That is a challenge


for any machine and its operator. We need the area to be clear her


with an 800 millimetres lens you can see far. But if the air does


not make you, it will not be much that you can see. If it misses


pictures, it will make the process much more difficult. There is a


fair amount of overlap. 30% between each picture. But the lens only


sees about one degree. If the wind blows the camera at all, it might


blow the camera completely out of position. It took six attempts to


get the satisfactory set of snaps and the project took up nearly


three terror bytes of data, equivalent to over one third of a


million phone pictures. They decided to shoot J paedophiles


because the larger format would be too much to deal with. -- JPEG.


Stitching the images together sounds impossible by hand. Luckily,


a computer takes most of the strange. The whole panorama takes


about 200 hours of time on a computer with a massive 256 gigs of


RAM. About 56 times as powerful as a half-decent computer. And here is


the completed picture. You can see detail up to around six miles away.


Each photo represents one degree of the finished Panorama. There are 85


roads altogether. The numbers add up to a breathtaking 320 gigapixel.


With 36 megapixel cameras already out there, it is likely this world


record will be short-lived. Right now, there is just enough time to


sit back and enjoy the very expansive view.


L J which with what is for the moment at least the world's largest


photograph. -- LJ Rich. If you would like to explore the


massive Panorama for yourself, you can add our website.


Moving on. Writing as smartphone app is the new way to become a


millionaire. If your name is Rovio, you will be pulling in around $100


billion a year. Backs to Angry to


to cash in on this. -- francs. Kate Russell has an app for that.


If you have a great idea for an app, you will probably need to call in


the professionals to make anything complicated. But if you just want


to deliver basic content like a new speed or videos sourced from other


sides, AppMakr it is air -- an attractive option and super easy to


The android and windows phone bill the lead to submit an app for


publishing free but good luck making an android user who is happy


with these permissions. Those provisions to look pretty invasive


and there has been some discussion about them on the website's Forum.


It is down to programme shortcuts to make it easier to produce across


a range of handsets rather than anything more sinister. Worth


noting the android tool is still eat beta phase so ugly things like


this will get sorted out in time. You can build an eyeless at free


but you will have to pay around $100 a year for a developer's


account with Apple if you want to publish it. I can't tell you


anything else about publishing an act with Apple because the terms of


service forbids it. The freak AppMakr account includes ads and


there are reasonably priced upgrades if you want to add more


features. -- the free. For an meatier app, there are a growing


number of services that allow you to craft a bespoke at the with a


sliding prescription if you pick up a lot of users. Ripples at/is a


nice one that is easy to use and their least -- fairly priced.


Before going be paid service route, it is worth noting that only a


small fraction of the apps uploaded to the stores every year actually


make any money. Make sure you have an idea that is really going to fly


before deciding to plough lots of cash into it. I also like the look


of Conduit's app builder which has pricing options for many different


users, including people we just want to offer readers and app


Block -- blog. If you are planning a trip this summer, get help with


this. It is like an unbiased a travel agent at your disposal.


Secure start and finish points and filling the gaps along the way. You


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you want to visit, pick up the Green Line and drop it somewhere


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add photographs to the timeline, this is a great offering for the


Smash hit android keyboard apps Swiftkey has released a new update,


adding a feature designed to make it even easier and faster to


gesture type by guiding your fingers across the touchscreen to


write whole phrases in 60 supported languages, making use of the


impressive context and used it away predictive text that the app has


become popular for over the last few years. The free version allows


you to try it for 30 days, with an upgrade to be paid out if you want


Following for a very -- and meteorite hit in Russia last week


and shortly after the asteroid known as 2012 DA14 buzzing the


planet closer than any in more than one century, you might be wondering


what else is flying about in space. Asterank .com has the answer


roughly speaking, having compiled an estimated economic and


scientific catalogue of over 500,000 asteroids in our Solar


System. It might be a sobering thought that so much stuff is


flying about over our heads but the 3D animation is rather beautiful.


Kate Russell's Webscape. If you would like to suggest a website or


app, get in touch and e-mail us at Click. Or you can tweet us. If you


would like to comment on anything else you have seen, those addresses


are there as well. More from us always any time at our website.


Feel free to go there. That's it for this week. Thank you for


Another cold and frosty start in the morning. Plenty of cloud as


well. That could be thick enough to produce a few more snow showers.


The chance they could be on the significant side across north-east


England and North Yorkshire. Up to five centimetres in spots. But some


will stay completely dry. Snow flurries elsewhere, mostly


insignificant. The best of the brightness in western areas. Winds


strongest to the south-east corner. It is here where the wind chill


will be present. The winds across this part of the UK will strengthen


further into Sunday. Another cold day. Most likely to see snow


Click gets its first taste of the Playstation 4, examining the new specs, the new games and its new controller. Plus a close-up look at the kit used to take the world's largest photograph.

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