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loud crash and a man screaming. That is it from me. Now it is time


for Click. OK, Barcelona, find my location, find the location of the


event, give me walking directions. That will be cheaper than getting a


Welcome to Click. I am Spencer Kelly. Will come too beautiful,


bustling Barcelona. We are here to cover an event that is becoming


increasingly important. In a world where more and more of us want to


be able to do and access things on the goal, more ice end up here on


the city at the end of February. This is the home of the Mobile


World Congress. We bring you the big news from the big show


including giant phones, tiny tablets and all sizes of fablets.


Move over touch, we will bring you some tech you cannot put your


finger on. And those expensive foreign phone bills. The look at


the alternatives to the high cost of running. Plus we research and


old fantasy Classic in Webscape. The Mobile World Congress has a new


home this year. This is the massive Fira Gran Via or. It is a sign of


how big the mobile industry is getting. Just because it is began


new, there -- is there anything began you to see? -- big and new.


It was big, a labyrinth in, some new technology Launceston sum was


not. -- labyrinthine. Technology launched and some was not. Samsung


showed us the Galaxy Note 8. It aims to go head-to-head with the


iPad Mini. It has got the S Pen. It comes with 3G and Wi-Fi. That


depends whether you are in the US or elsewhere. You have got phones


that evolve into a next-generation. You have got cameras with killer


apps. There are even ecosystems. You can see why. Phones are


mutating and adapting in ways you cannot believe. -- would not


believe. Screen envy is a new ailment for which the only known


cure is to trade up to something requiring a larger pockets. The


Optimus G Pro is made by LG. The fight 0.5 inches display is the


biggest on a mobile. -- 5.5 inches. It has front and rear cameras. They


have also changed the optimists L series. These phones are equipped


with remote monitoring systems. If the phone is not used for a while,


it sends out a message, with location, too concerned relatives.


The service contract the location of the handset. Great for worried


parents. Be it is designed for having peace of mind for a lot of


kids. It is so that people looking after them have peace of mind than


they can be tracked. Other launches at Mobile World Congress include


the whole wide assent P2. -- To Why SNP do. Gnocchi are showcased d5 20


and sit and 20. Impressive camera performance and optics. -- Nokia


showcased the 520 and the 720. Sony were keen to make an impression


with their latest Ablett, Sony Xperia Z it weighs just under 0.5


kilograms. It has got a trick up its sleeve. It is waterproof. You


can use it in the bath, the kitchen. Sony have left their competitors


sleeping with the fishes. You can submerge this for up to 30 minutes.


It is not for a scuba-diving but it is handy if you get caught in the


rain. Click featured Ubuntu a while back. Now Firefox has lost his


operating system. Firefox all s is a browser based system. It means


you are on the Internet when you are using it. It is seen as a


gimmick -- game changed you by the makers. You can use it on


applications like Twitter and Facebook. The innovation engine is


so strong. We expected to do well. Queue-jumping is usually being


polite. With PayPal second, you can place your order at will local


coffee house remotely. Then you do it made to stand their steaming as


you wait to get served. -- you do not need to. Waiting in line is


painful. Waiting for the waiter to bring the cheque is painful. People


love this. People turn their backs to a long line. Consumers love it.


They do not have to wait in line. We have not just seen a blooding of


the line separating phones from tablets but it is getting more


difficult to tell where the virtual world ends and the real world


begins. That was a round-up of this year's sure. I think it is fair to


say that the smart phone revolution only really got going with touch-


screen technology. Specifically, Capacitive touch-screen technology.


Check this out. This is the prototype of a new type of touch


screen. Firstly, you don't actually touch it. More importantly, you can


see that it can detect, with a good degree of accuracy, how close the


tips of my fingers are to the screen. That is clear there on this


lap top. This paves the way for apps and devices that can be


controlled using 3D gestures. This is also limited by your imagination.


You can get more accurate as you move your finger closer to the


screen. I find this quite exciting. The guys behind the touch-screen


say they already have an interested manufacturer. These devices could


be on the shelves by the end of next year. Next up, tech news. A


new system of warning and then penalising those who illegally copy


and distribute music, movies again than the Internet has begun in


America. The six strike scheme is backed by some of the biggest


Internet service providers in the country. Those suspected the


Copyright infringed and will get six warnings, then their Internet


access to be limited but not cut off. Campaigners against the scheme


says it makes ISPs the judge, jury and executioner. There have been


similar schemes in France and New Zealand. Piracy has been cut by 50


% as a result. Apple has finally given in two and reappearance he


blamed it for it in their children spend, spend, spend. -- given in


two and the parents. A lot of apps that were supposed to be Police


sued the company. Some children spent more than $300. Apple is now


offering credit or refunds to people who said that their kids


went Indian shopping without their knowledge or permission. LG has


raised a few eyebrows by buying an operating system for Pam Smart


phones and tablets. They plan to integrated into their TV range and


other devices, which include cars and... It is ironic but one of the


things that we struggle to get here are the Mobile World Congress is a


decent signal. Like any large gathering of people, the local


services are flooded. Many people are from Spain. The data on the


phone can cost more than the hotel bar bill. Roman charges kick in


when you leave your country of origin. Within the EU, the chances


of getting a bill running into thousands of pounds are remote.


There is a service to warn you when you build its 50 euros. Networks


offer data at Dons we significantly reduce the cost. Many also offer to


stop the connection may you hit a predetermined limit. The high price


of roaming is also prompting alternative services. Goodspeed


takes 10 some cards for a different countries. Globalbig give several


devices access to data. At the moment, it is all a active in the


UK, States and Australia. It offers rates more comparable to those at


home. It is interesting to note that in most parts of the world,


rates have gone up. Our pricing in all zones, even in two years time,


will be based on domestic prices which will be lower than the EU


charges. And indeed things are looking up. Next year, for the EU


regulation allows us to choose which network build us for our


roaming service. Essentially it allows us to the couple are phones


from our home provider found at home. This will pave the way for


apps for this one. It helps you plan before you get to your


destination. It should force the networks to think more serious play


about how much they charge for those foreign megabytes. You count


you any of the available data plans and purchase them immediately by


using the existing channels. Does more for up automatically controls


all through settings. What network you are on full stardom you do not


-- you're on. You do not have to worry about it. This woman is an


analyst. Hello. It sounds like, come next year, we will be allowed


to become law phones. It is going to be bad for our home and it works.


Suddenly we're going to be able to choose a cheaper alternative


compared to their rolling fees. makes the market more competitive.


If they want to keep you, they will need to provide more competitive


prices. In addition to that, we will see them investing more and


trying to improve the customer experience. They will provide you


with apps that allow you to track your usage then you are roaming.


They will be very transparent about prices. They will try to keep you


on their network. It sounds like Europe has strict regulations


coming in to keep the prices down. What about the rest of the world. -


-? There are no regulations. This means you can accept big bills and


to continue paying very high prices. When you go beyond Europe, there


will be some changes in various parts of the world. One thing is


the allowance in the Far East. -- the bridge Alliance. You can travel


across countries and paid $20 a day for a limited data. That is


provided you only choose a network when you arrive in a particular


country. That you very much for The Fighting Fantasy books were a


total gain changer for entertainment. Quite literally as


they opened our eyes to the concept of interactive adventures. 30 years


on Ian Livingstone is still at it with blood of the zombies also


available on iPad. This app took me right back to my teenage years,


fighting to find the right path through books like Death Trap


Dungeon, mastering the five fingered bookmark so you could jump


back a few stages when it all goes horribly wrong. They've even bilge


cheating into the app so you can jump back using the Bookmarks,


giving me that full 1980s experiences. Staying true to the


dice rolling gameplay, with the app you get added atmosphere through


sound effects and tension music. And you don't need to carry a dice


around or keep meticulous notes of your Inventory. Snapshot Serengeti


takes you on a journey through the images collected by more than 200


motion sensitive cameras dotted about the Serengeti National Park.


These cameras have already captured millions of images. And it's your


job to help them make use of that data by classifying and counting


the animals that you see. It helps the famous wildlife reserve keep


track of what's going on. It's like crowd sourcing the job of park


ranger, and you get to look at some really cool photographs while you


work. The complicated species IED process


is made Simple with the looks like elimination options, and the


tutorial spells that all out very quickly. It's also a great way to


be more scientifically familiar with these animals in their habitat


in a far more engaging way while On Monday 24th February the Strand


1 nanosatellite successfully launched into Earth orbit with an


Android smartphone at its heart. The 360 app loaded on to the phone


will be capturing images and collecting satellite data, posting


updates on its Facebook page. So check it out if you want to see how


the brave Nexus One fares in space. And for you Browser TAP addicts,


Google is working on a fixed to help spot an app playing a sound by


showing an and lighted icon. It is only for Chromium and Canary right


now but it should make its way on to the mainstream Chrome. Kate


Russell. So we have established the mobile industry is moving rather


fast, it is mobile after all, as well as this year's big


announcements there are plenty of other things to see down there on


the show floor at MWC. Here's It's a crazy fast-paced world of


communication we live in. Especially the Mobile World


Congress -- at the Mobile World Congress. Thankfully there are some


people just trying to take life that bit easier. And Concepts


giving us time to contemplate our surroundings. Ideas like this from


Japan, a pair of augmented reality specs, reflecting an emerging trend


towards wearable tech. Look down and they could show you where you


are. Look up to the heavens and you might get the weather forecast or


some other useful information. Unlike project last, these build in


gesture to. For point your way to a menu when their horizontal and you


get your apps -- for example. Fancy brushing up your artistic skills?


No problem. They're still in their infancy and right now they still


need a helping hand from a man at a laptop, but definitely a pointer to


what ahead. There was no shortage of colourful expression at MWC and


it's good to know some outfits are working hard to fully exploit that


processing in our smartphones for creative ends. Creative self-


expression through your mobile is all well and good when you're


trying to take videos and pictures sometimes they can be prone to a


bit of camera wobble. That's when sock where image stabilisation can


help to counteract the very worst effects -- software. Mobile


processors are now so powerful that smartphone cameras can now take two


images almost simultaneously, one of the subject and one of its


background. Because they're taken at two different focusing points


the camera can isolate one from the other and that can lead to some


very cool effects. Excuse me. And here we have the so called shallow


depth of field effect so beloved by pros. You can see it's all blurred


in the background and the best thing is you can dial the effects


down or up according to your creative win. Now with all these


innovations is easy to lose sight of the core purpose of mobile tech,


to communicate. Right now that tends to mean a voice call is made


through your phone. That's beginning to change. O2 has just


launched to go, and app letting you take your phone number on multiple


devices to let you make phone calls and texts. Soon we will be able to


extend that phone experience to the Web as well. Imagine this is your


mobile phone account on your operators website, or your contacts


are here and you can use your regular phone number to touch base


with each other. It's thanks to a technology called real-time


communication and it will soon be implemented in the likes of the


Firefox browser as well as kugel's Chrome. It means you can make voice


and video calls from within the browser environment. -- Google. Or


you could send any other data as well simply by dragging and


dropping. The best thing is you don't need to download any


additional software or plug-ins, it will simply work on any compatible


Web browser, on any device, phone, tablet or PC. The mobile world can


be an intimidating place, especially for mature users who may


not be all that familiar with tech. The power of the Web is being used


here as well. Loved ones can been put Granny's contacts or snaps into


a web browser and then they are sent to her handset. For the more


sophisticated Saull the surface there are devices that Givet --


silver surfers -- give. There's a screen with haptic feedback which


response to harder presses. There's even a panic button. For the health


conscious there as a barometer. It does some sophisticated processing


of incoming calls like noise cancelling, adjusting the frequency


of the boys the according to your age, and even slowing down their


voice and so you can hear them more clearly -- the voice. I'm on my way,


I'm sorry I'm late. I know I'm late but I will be there in five minutes.


Hello, baby, it's me. Yeah, I'm on my way. I'm sorry I'm late, I know


I'm like but I will be there in five minutes. -- I'm late. Richard


Taylor rounding off our coverage of MWC, 20 their team. I hope you've


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