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-- having repeated. Now on BBC News it is time for


Click. I wonder where we are going. This


is like an adventure. It is like going on holiday. I love brand-new


HDMI cables as well. Who are you? You are my new best friend.


The Xbox is about to become an Xbox. This week, Click is in the US to


get the 360's 6SR. We will strap on the latest smart watches to find


out exactly what makes them tick. All that plus the latest Ten News


and a suite of tools to make your home videos look that much better.


-- technology news. Welcome to Click. In a couple of weeks' time,


the video gaming world will head to Los Angeles for the annual E3 games


expo. That this year it is such a bd for gaming, the manufacturers


are jumping the gun. Sony has will be teased us with PlayStation 4,


and now it is Microsoft's turn to get as excited. As the Xbox 360


prepares for retirement, we have been to Microsoft headquarters to


meet its successor. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing a


Xbox One. With that, Microsoft fired another shot in the never


ending war over who can build the best gaming console. Or did it?


With more than 100 million Xboxs are sold through the years, there


has never been any question that at its core, Xbox was all about the


games. But in this round, Microsoft has a bigger and bolder approach to


taking housing living rooms hostage. Tim Xbox is on a new mission.


Design and build and all in one system to light up a new generation


of games, television and entertainment. It does more than


just allow you to score winning goals, drive race cars and shoot


down enemies, you can also use it to watch movies and Live TV, listen


to music, take a Skype call, even at the same time. And with


ambitious content partnerships announced, with a new Halo TV show


produced none other by Steven Spielberg himself. The Halo


universe, where technology and myth-making meet to produce


something really ground-breaking. It is a bit of a stretch to call


the Xbox one just a gaming console, isn't it? It is still a gaming


console, it is billed by game has, for gamers, that has incorporated


new functionality. We have built a product that we can innovate and


give create is the opportunity to build amazing new experiences.


Certainly, playing two game as has paid off for Microsoft, it has been


flying high for Prof -- from profits from Xbox but with a new


offering from Nintendo already out, and one from Sony on the way, media


interest in the battle for gaming supremacy in a $65 billion annual


market has never been more intense. After all, why else would the Click


team joined a gaggle of 200 other journalists to brave the Seattle


weather? Did Microsoft capture their attention with its newest


weapon? Splashy press conference, splashy announcement. First


impressions. I think it is a really interesting product. The Gaming was


a bit light but that is always going to happen. I do like the name,


because I was iffy about it at first, but it is an all-in-one


thing. They want you to have that thing and none -- nothing else.


you feel that Sony, Nintendo, Apple, Google, will have to be on their


toes? It is in the same area as Google TV. Much in the same way


that they are going to try and introduce things. Google should be


a bit concerned there. Maybe it is Microsoft that should be concerned.


Despite initial favourable reaction, many hard core gameplay has


complained about the emphasis on the Xbox's TV capabilities. The


company's share price did dropped during the hour-long announcement,


while Sony's surged 9%. Investor indifference, maybe. But there are


still big question marks hanging over the new device. The new Xbox


Mains behind glass, where it will stay until it is available...


Microsoft has not said. Again, no- one knows how much it will cost.


The specifics about content deals, how nicely the device will pay it -


- will play with cable and will be ready to take full


advantage of the new system, especially because you ought Xbox


360 games will not work on the Xbox one. Filling out the new box, a


Blu-ray tribe. 8 gigs of RAM and a 500 gig hard drive. Though


Microsoft it did not spend much time talking about technology specs,


it would take time away from the pretty pro duct pictures. Give them


some credit for actually showing us their device. A feat that Sony


spectacularly failed to match at their own rort event for the


PlayStation 4, event the teaser video, adding precious little to


what we do know about the form factor. But this console war is not


just about the boxers themselves, it is partly behind -- about the


accessories. Microsoft has caught up reinforcements, in the form of a


new Kinect, which will be bundled with every Xbox one. Such an


integral part is the improved Kinect interface. It has been


redesigned with more invested 3D capabilities which allow for better


gameplay, and it a more accurate Kinect. It is the height of


enhanced interface which can recognise individual users and


serve up content customised to their interests and a viewing


habits. Its camera allows it to see in the dark, with vastly improved


3D imagery which should help it better understand a user's physical


input. With Kinect's improved voice recognition capabilities, couch-


potato as do not have to search for the remote to do something as


change the channel. Microsoft swears that the Xbox one his first


and foremost a gaming console. Exclusive titles and two


beautifully show us the system's graphics. EA Sports used at the


event to demonstrate a new gaming system that should use every --


which should make every footballer tool. It would deliver bonus game


content or so. Competitors and gamers around the world, you have


been put on notice. Microsoft intends to protect its turf. It is


an unviable to devise. It will give you the best game experience, it


will connect you with your friends, all the things that to love.


Mission accomplished? The battle rages on.


Are you are excited by it -- by what you had just seen? Email us


and let us know. In a couple of weeks' time, we will be going to


eat three to hear much more from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. -- 2


E three. Yahoo has bought up blogging site


Tumblr for $1 billion plus some small change. They hope it will


open up a new audience to its online products. And make it cool


again. Yahoo's boss means that most things will be unchanged, promising


not to screw it up, but she wants to introduce more seamless


advertising. It comes as Yahoo has made significant changes to its


other big passions, Flickr is to upgrade its uses to 41 terabyte


storage accounts, and to introduce a more picture rich android app. It


is doubling the cost of paid accounts that carry no advertising.


Twitter has asked for higher levels of accounts security, introducing


two step verification. It is activated in a town settings. It


requires you to activate a code sent to your mobile phone alongside


a password. The move comes after several high-profile accounts were


hacked earlier this year. Finally, a debate that has raged on the


internet for over 25 years, has at last been put to rest. Steve


Wilhite, in effect -- inventor of the GIF, publicly declared that the


acronym is pronounced AGEF. It is still a staple of the online world,


bringing us the weird and the wonderful. And also cats, a lot of


cats. Every few years, technology changes


enough for someone somewhere to get a brilliant idea. If things start


getting smaller, we will soon be able to fit everything into a watch.


So we see a new raft of smart watch has hit the scene. That is where we


are now. This latest crop aims to be much more than just a bunch of


posh timepieces. Perhaps the most famous clock in


the world resides in London's Elizabeth tower. Here, inside the


Elisabeth tower in Westminster, all year round, three o'clock mechanics


tend to this giant 154 year-old example of mechanic timekeeping. It


is almost a living mechanism. The plot mechanics feed it by winding


it three times a week. They regulate it to ensure that it keeps


good time. It is accurate to within one second a day. This is


timekeeping delivered on a grand scale. But on a more personal,


wearable level, time and technology march on. Lots of love may have


ditched wristwatches in favour of a mobile phone's clock, but the watch


itself is now capable of more than just telling the time. This is the


annual What in jewellery Fair in Switzerland full, the premier event


for all things chronological. That The latest marvels of micro


mechanical engineering. Often, price tags resemble that of a


family car. But how smart can they watched? That particular time he's


over there is fitted with a personal locator beacon. That seems


pretty clever to make. Crafted in lightweight titanium and measuring


51 millimetres across, it contains an emergency transmitter that will


notify search and rescue services of its own's location once


activated. The watch itself transmits two signals on emergency


frequencies. One is earthbound. The other can be detected by satellites


in space, regardless of its wearer's location. The personal


locator beta -- beacon has its own battery which must be recharged


every two months. �12,000 for this level of safety. And if the Annat


suddenly sets of the Beacon, showing off down at the pub, they


will be charged a considerable amount of cash to cover the cost of


any scrambled search and rescue teams. This one is not a watch at


all but a wrist mounted mobile phone. Inside is a SIM card and the


watch face has a colour touchscreen. It is certainly not a smartphone.


It allows its user to make and receive calls, send and receive


text messages, even watch and listen to multimedia content. The


screen is very small. Texting and using the calculator will become an


exercise in patience and steady hand at skill. But if you want to


use a really smart what, you had better known a smartphone. Most of


these devices connect through Bluetooth. They present their


wearer with information from their fans like text or e-mail alerts.


They can also act as a remote control for the music player. The


Allah million Shell keeps the weight down. It has a touchscreen


speak red microphone and can use the Android operating system. It


can make and receive calls when used in conjunction with the


smartphone. That screen and Bluetooth makes this a very


powerful as the device, requiring daily charging. Because it connects


to a mobile phone with Bluetooth tethering, it is more Bawtry


intensive than standard Bluetooth. Once you are online, the next step


is to set up each application through the cloud before anything


well what -- anything will work. Even then, you might not get quite


what is expected. Most applications work to some level but on the whole,


the experience was slow and country. To cap it all off, the watch is not


even water resistant. Pavel has had a lot to live up to, raking in $10


million on Kickstarter, making it the most heavily funded project in


the history of the website. That popularity came at a price, with


huge demand and huge delays as a result. It is finally with us now


and those delays have paid off - sort of. It is basically a second


screen for the fine so if it is disconnected, it is not very useful.


Connected always of looters, it is cooked up to an application on the


iPhone or Android had set. Because of its limited screen real-estate,


these and the work as an overview. In terms of style, the plastic feel


might not be for everyone but it is waterproof to 50 metres and has a


low-power LCD e-paper display, working out at about one week of do


so from the battery. The development kit for the couple has


been out since April and already has a decent support. Those


applications include a new watch faces like these and a couple of


dedicated applications like this fitness application. There are more


in development. The quality of these applications could make or


break the Pebble. At the moment, it does not to a lot but what it does


do it manages fairly well. Rumours are rife surrounding Samsung and


Apple's interest in producing a smart watch. In this area, wearable


technology has potential in the not-too-distant future, even if it


is not being realised in the present.


I don't know about you, but in the 1980s, I had a cup today to watch -


do you remember those? -- calculator watch. They were so


small that he wanted to do anything, you had to take them off your wrist,


at which point, all you had was a tiny calculator. Now, Webscape.


Kit is fun to dabble with video editing but if you want to get more


serious, check out the light works, a comprehensive editing suite


powerful enough to produce top Hollywood measly -- movies like


Mission impossible and that man. The free version is packed with


features and effects with an upgrade to a professional if you


want more integrated input and output methods. If it is your first


time using software like this, it might look intimidating but you


will pick it up in a time once you get to grips with some of the


guides and tutorials. For those with more experience, it will come


very quickly indeed because the interface is pretty intuitive.


There will be a steep learning curve, however, so be prepared to


lock yourself away in a quiet room for a few hours and read all of the


manual files. It is only available for Windows right now but the Linux


version has been released to the public. Stay tuned for more news


relating to the Apple version. Ever get the feeling that you are


being followed? That is the point with Twitter but one group has


taken the concept to the end of creepiness with their free iPhone


Apple, shadow me. Going beyond a simple follow, this allows you to


shadow a particular account, seeing everything that is public that they


see. Of course privacy campaigners will


probably have a good it look at this one because it makes cyber


stalking as easy as it has ever been, but that said, the


information it is serving up is nothing that is not already


publicly available, so if you are worried about what it is delivering,


perhaps you should revisit your security settings. For a less


creepy thing to do with your iPhone, a checkout this one. It is not free


but it won't matter to all of you fans because it is beautifully made


and you can keep an eye out for all those famous distribution lorries


as you drive about. The world billiards championship is


one of the oldest sporting World Championships in history, dating


back to the mid-19th century. Agent De Bello 84 has given this


particularly sedate game a 21st century twist, be created in


glorious html 5 to be played on the latest internet browsers. In this


version of the game, a billiards tournament has been infiltrated by


a terrorist group. Yes, really. And you are under constant pressure by


the driving pulling the plug music and exploding eight balls to clear


the table as quickly as possible -- the driving music. It is apparently


a very accurate rendition of the physics of a real billiards table,


which is probably why my inability to sink a ball in a pocket is so


frustratingly realistic as well. The winners of the 17th annual


Webby Awards were announced on Tuesday. Jerry Seinfeld, Kevin


Spacey were among those invited to make a five word exception --


acceptance speech. Stephen Wynne height, inventor of


the GIF received a lifetime achievement award. You know I


pronounce that one right. There is also a YouTube channel if you want


to watch clips from the night. Active Google+ uses of which there


are now apparently 190 million we have noticed a complete overhaul of


the desktop design last week. Now, the makeover is going mobile. The


social network announced on its block that hosts would now appear


at -- appear as cards in the mobile Webster in, making it easier to


read and interact with. As well as looking prettier, they design adds


41 new features including a multi- coloured layout, automatic photos


and hashtag options. Thank you. You will find that on


our website along with other material as well as breaking


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