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-- which Banksy will be next? BBC is click. It is the very latest


technology. This will play anything it has on its system. I wonder if it


has... Yes, it does. This week, we are looking at a smartphone where


your music, videos and all your chicken is controlled. We go to a


party where we learn how to restart your kit. And all the locus tech


news. And we have found a little bluebird that will help you when are


travelling overseas. For years this programme has been creeping ever


closer to the idea of the perfect smartphone. A place to live where


every appliance, every item is connected and controllable. This


week we are at a show home in central London. One company has put


everything together to make a smart home. Off we go. This is not your


run-of-the-mill kit. This is the top of the range stuff. The place does


not even look that smart. That is because everything is hidden away,


including your controller which is of course, a tablet. The house come


with its own app which meant to be touch of a couple of buttons I can


You can control anything from anywhere by touching the room on the


floor plan of the act. It means he can get anything from city which are


to make a cup of coffee. Of course you are going to want to do it


yourself eight state-of-the-art cinema room. The entertainment


system in this house is run by something called Kaleidoscope. You


put your CDs and blue rays into the system and it digitalise them in


full quality and then distribute those movies around your house. You


can watch them on TV is all on your tablets, or if you must, on this


enormous cinema screen. The interface that you get is the spoke


to. As you navigate around you can see what I've got what is


interesting is as you call up a film you get extra information if you


just pop it into a DVD player. That is because the Kaleidoscope is


adding new information to it as it comes onto the market. But there is


a quirk to the system that is the son of the times. Although


Kaleidoscope does rip the Blu-ray to its hard drive it will not play the


content unless the disk is still in the machine. This is to make sure


that you do not or someone else's and then -- borrow someone else's


and then just use the content. It does raise a few questions. This man


is a digital media lawyer. We are moving into an age when we are


considering taking digital copies of media, or even buying a physical


copy of our media, we just stream. It means that rights we are paying


for our changing. Is that right? Yes. When you have a physical copy,


you are allowed to do things that you do not have things you cannot


own a digital copy. When you are downloading a digital product you


are downloading it with a whole host of restrictions. You are not allowed


to lend it on, sell it, they have really stripped what you can do with


a digital version. Why a movie companies doing this? Partly because


they are concerned with films... If they enable people to have digital


versions that they can spread it is very easy to rip that and make it


available to thousands of people. But of course it is very easy to


do. For the average person it is more difficult. That is one of the


challenges that digital rights management is facing. It might not


do what it set out to do which stops piracy, what it does do is make it


more difficult to have a seamless service. What consumers want to be


able to do is take their digital content and use it in the way they


would with the physical content. They want to share it as much as


possible, just as they would with a DVD or a Blu-ray disc. The movie


industry are trying to solve this by let you download a digital copy of


your movie. That's right. It is about engaging with your consumer


and still having their digital rights management there. Trying to


give the consumer what they want which is to be able to watch a


digital version on devices around the house. The way it works in which


it works is you type in the code, and then you had a digital version.


It is a good step in the right direction before -- for digital


rights distribution. If you have a disk, is it legal to rip the content


to your own personal use. Technically, no. You would be in


breach of copyright. The government have looked at this and said that


the law is changing and have proposed new legislation that they


will hope will come into legislation soon. You can take a digital copy of


that physical media as long as it is for your own personal use. That is


fine. Then you can put it onto a range of different devices. But that


will only apply to digital content that does not have digital copy


protection to it. You are talking about it making CDs legal to rip.


The law is coming up to date with what people have done anyway?


difficulty is that technology advances far quicker than the law.


The law is trying to catch up to technology. It is open to businesses


to look at the technology and see if there is a way to get around the


DRM,, and then you will have to rely on the law. These are other things


that you can do without consent. If the person gives you the rights to


that consent, or gives you the ability to look or show your content


to other people, then that is legal. Most of the homes in the UK will


have pornography block unless they explicitly want it. It would


introduce family friendly filters. They will be switched on by default


are most users specifically choose to access adult content. It comes as


a UK court rules that ISPs must block torrent sites. The blocking of


these torrent sites adds to a long list. Sim cards may be open to


malicious attacks by hackers. It has warned that infected seams could


send premium text messages and cause your phone calls and access


financial details stored by apps. The hack works by sending a takeoff


in the cache and code which tends to come from the users mobile operator


which all the phones failed to detect. Google has announced its


latest attempt to break into the TV market. This time round it is a


device that plugs straight into your TV HDMI port. Chrome cast allows you


to stream most media from the Internet onto your TV. However it


only works with newer TVs. However the new surprise bash -- the biggest


surprise is the price. $38. And finally, if you are bored of your


weekly shop then you should take a leaf out of this man's book and


strap a jet engine to a shopping trolley. Having a smart home does


not mean having a smart entertainment system. You have to


have a smart kitchen too. He is the nutrition generation area. This has


a smart hold which uses induction heating technology. Something we


have seen before. It means the area technically does not get hot, it is


the bottom of the Panzer get hot. This one is particular smart because


you do not need to put the pan in any area. You do want it down


wherever you can. Here you can see a smart other than stop you have full


control over everything as you would expect, but if you are no good in


the kitchen that as long as you know the name of the organic material


this will do the thinking for you. Now, I think that is chicken. Tell


it what the knees and it will tell you where to put it. The new close


the door, it starts, and by monitoring the moisture that comes


off it it should put it to perfection. Dinner is ready at ten


past four. Now, not every piece of technology that we feature will come


with those of service warranty that you can expect a stop when something


breaks, the temptation is to chuck it away and replace it with


something new. But what if you could find a bunch of people who could


teach you how to fix it for free? It turns out that you can.


When our favourite Kit becomes useless at the end of its life, it


is a sad occasion. In today's disposable technology culture, where


all too eager to get rid of our old things when they are broken. I am


here in a central London council estate to meet people who are hoping


to change our philosophy about what to do with a gadget once it breaks.


Through this door are the fixers, they are holding a so-called restart


party. They place for people to learn how to repair their staff.


Anyone who brings broken things he gets it fixed for free. Word has


gotten around. People arrive armed with their old tech. Part of the


appeal for the fixer is the challenge of what could come through


the door. From cameras built at the turn of the century, to positively


prehistoric tech like these cassette decks.


Restart party is a very simple. We find a venue and we publicise it on


social media and with community groups in the area. People come,


bringing either their skills to help others, or something they are having


a problem with. The idea of the project combines learning from what


has happened in the south of the world, when are the ever lost their


repair skills, and thinking about 70 gadgets that are now part of our


everyday lives. -- so many gadgets. While it may not appeal to early


adopters, giving gadgets a new lease on life is pretty practical.


This was ready to go into the recycling because they knew it did


not work and it was in the batteries and the memory card and that is the


extent of my knowledge. I thought I would give these boys a run for


their money. We do not like when we see things


that end up in a skip or even recycled by councils when they could


have a second or third life, if only we used some basic repair skills.


Those basic repair skills include tips for even the most seasoned


fixers. A simple guitar pick can ease connections are without leaving


scrapes in the casing. The fixes have a genuine interest in how


things work and are happy to impart their knowledge to eager students.


When the power comes in, it gets stashed in there. Capacitors are


like a battery. It stores the charge and it releases it. They are


slightly domed or raised. What you do is tear them out, that is part of


the problem. Many of the fixes say that older


technology is easy to fix yourself. Do you think modern gadgets do not


last as long as they used to? Absolutely. Fewer repair manuals


that people can use. Spare parts are not available to consumers. Or when


they are, they are prisoner -- priced in ridiculous ways that push


people not to repair but to upgrade and keep buying new things.


We have received this transformer that says that the cable cannot be


replaced. If it is damaged the product must be destroyed. It is


this must be destroyed that we do not accept. We like to learn how can


it be not destroyed how can we make it last longer.


The idea is to be able to reach out to the widest possible public and


not just reaching to the converted, but getting people who have maybe


not so many skills in regard to taking things apart.


It is worth pointing out that electrical repairs should only be


attempted by a competent person. This pretty much sums up the


mission, to make more people more competent.


Any students who want a higher education these days may find it is


quite a costly business, tuition fees, accommodation, lifestyle


maintenance, in what they mean. Sadly we cannot help with any of


that. We can show you how to get physics and maths textbooks free of


charge. Studying for a degree is hard, but


it does not have to hit your bank account as hard as it does with help


of this global education platform that is pushing the idea of access


to textbooks for all undergraduates. At the moment, the subjects covered


are maths and physics, but the developers say they will be rolling


out more textbooks in different topics over the months ahead. Could


this spell the end of the university library? Sorry. The library is


keyword searchable and you can download the PDFs or read them


online. All very convenient to have the information you need to hand.


The developers tell me that the additional features such as


question-and-answer and annotations will be added soon.


Getting ready to travel can be a business time, but keeping up to


date -- up-to-date with your flight status could help with this flight


status Twitter account. It will send you real-time messages leading up to


departure, including flight information, departure time, and


terminal details. It will even tweet a friendly welcome when you land.


This service is simple and brilliant, but it come with a huge


caveat. You happy with Twitter at large to know you are potentially


going abroad? If there is any chance your account can be linked to an


address, for example if you have publicly posted geo- tag photographs


from home, then think very carefully about whether your security is at


risk. If you haven't figured out where to fly to yet, this is a new


image led social travel site that is beautifully designed and simple to


navigate. Reviews are quick and easy to add an


share. It is a great new place to Staying in shape is never easy, what


you need is a personal trainer in your pocket. Not literally, but with


the free gym pocket guide out for windows phone. You can choose to


stretch or work out a specific area or just follow one of the seven-day


programmes, depending on what it is you want to achieve. My biggest


problem with staying in shape is motivation. This apple won't send


you push notifications reminding you it is time free workout, which is


kind of a shame. The daily schedule, including reminders to take a rest


day, held together time on track. All workouts are available off-line


as well. There is no excuse not to get stuck in. If you do have a


connection, there are links to video Loading up records. The fighting has


started and a splinter sect are covered.


This week I have been hard at work playing the latest release in the


Halo gaming franchise. It is a spin-off set between the events of


numbers three and four that has been released on Windows HPC and mobile


platforms rather than the Xbox. Will this I can top-down shooter brings a


much-needed attention to the platform which has struggled to


capture market share? Xbox fans might be a bit annoyed that it is


exclusively on Windows eight. The virtual controls on the touchscreen


are fiddly to master. Otherwise, it plays pretty well with a comfortable


learning curve and plenty of highly colourful explosive action through


25 missions. I have had lots of fun. At around �5 it is not cheap. In app


purchases for certain upgrades are it -- are annoying. This may have


Those links are available at our website as usual. Do not forget our


contact details. You'll also find a song Google+, Facebook and Twitter.


That is it from this rather smart house. If you do not mind I will


avail myself of the video gaming facilities, which, you will not be


surprised to hear, are available in a very flashy fashion. There is an


-- there are multiple gaming systems built into the house. This screen is


hidden behind this wall. When the whole thing is opened up, these


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