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last year. Much more as always on the website, now it is time for


click. I am Spencer Kelly. I am that the big cheese. This week, click


takes a look at the latest translation technology. But is it


time to in the technologies or is the hard lesson here to stay stop we


also try out an accessory that gives you full access. All that and the


latest technology news and a sleep over in Europe. Welcome to click.


Technology is making the world a very small place. Not least because


it is breaking down barriers between economies and cultures. Yet


something things still to get lost in translation. Websites are


constantly upping their game when it comes to translators, but how close


are we to a speedy and portable solution? We get stuck into a good


look. London. One of the most linguistically diverse cities in the


world. With more than 8 million citizens, every single day over 100


different languages can be heard here. If distance becomes an


inconvenience rather than an insurmountable obstacle,


globalisation means communicating in only one language is just not good


enough. In this hive of activity, hundreds of people spend hours each


day in learning languages the traditional way. You will not find a


translation application in these classrooms. But as accuracy


improves, maybe they should not bother. Are the applications up to


the job? There is one way to find out. Let's put these apps to the


test. This woman is going to speak Turkish into the Google trends in


what -- in translation. And this man will speak Italian. TRANSLATION:


let's have lunch together today. Do you have a nice Italian restaurant?


Do you know a nice Italian restaurant? If there is a


restaurant, making a pizza right with neighbourhood. It did not go so


smoothly but hopefully they will turn up at the same place stop type


the word you are translated, and instead you'll get a better result.


So inadequacies in voice recognition must shoulder some of the blame.


has two recognise the words you are saying. That is independent of


translation. You have to hard problems. What seems obvious for


people, recognising words out of a sound scape, putting them together


in sentences and translating them into another language if you know


it, it is very hard. It is very hard for computers. Grasping a phone as


you chat is hardly natural. So maybe there could be some wearable tech to


the rescue. This is Google glass which is basically a kinetic and few


-- computer on your face. It has a built in microphone, speaker and


everything you need for translation. When I put this on I may feel silly,


but it looks like I can see a screen over there on the other side of the


room. What you are looking at is a piece of glass, but this is a better


idea of what I can see. You may have heard about the camera features but


what we are interested in now is the translation. If I want to do a basic


translation, this is what I do. Google, how are you in France. Via


the Speaker I can hear how to say it and it is written on my screen.


Pretty cool, and that is just a prototype. Many translation


applications need to be online to work. That data could be problematic


when you are abroad and likely to need translation the most. Here are


a few applications that could solve the problem. The San Sung as for


Keynes -- comes packaged with its own translation at. It also comes


with an off-line phrasebook. It has categories in eight languages. You


can add your own favourite phrases to the next. So you've going to the


Arctic tree on, you can put that in. If you are going for something more


flexible, Google translate now has an off-line mode as well. It should


be up to translate anything you think of. It comes with a 160


megabytes download, so you will need a hit of storage free if you are


planning a world tour. What about if you cannot even read the language?


Well you might want to try this. This can translate roadsigns and


other text. So you have got your device to understand it, and it is


translating when you need it to, but even in this perfect scenario you


might still be a little disappointed with what comes out. Odds are you'll


get the gist of it, but why can we not have a natural conversation?


When you translate from one language to another, you need to make all


sorts of decisions stop in your own language and inulin which are going


into. If you do not make them properly, they will produce garbage.


they would translate it into a lane which in an translated back. The


spirit is willing but the flesh is weak, that is the sentence. What


they got back from the Russian was, the media is good but the vodka is


rotten. If you want to learn a few basic languages, you start with


rules. Computers are not different except that computers do not look at


language books, they look at the entire Internet. They look at early


in the documents that have already been translated by languages --


humans into different languages. United Nations documents, bilingual


websites, and others. All that government -- all that information


together and you can start to spot patterns about how and which works


at how it to other languages. The more of these patterns you know, the


more accurate your translation should get. The problem is, some


lane which combinations do not have much data to go on. So translating


English to German is going to be much better than in which to swat


Healy. -- English to swat Healy. smarter we are at understand the


patterns between that data, the better off we are going to be.


the problem of encoding the totality of human knowledge about the world,


and about the way language interacts with it. That is how to represent


human intelligence. Will we ever solve it? That is the same as asking


if we will understand how the human mind. For conversation at least, is


going to be a little while replaces one of these -- before a phone


replaces one of these. Next up, a walk -- look at technology news. The


South Korean city has become the electrical roads. They are fuelled


by a power strip on the road. The strip admits magnetic fields which


he buses convert into electricity as they drive. The electromagnetic


fields are safer humans and egg eliminates the need for buses to


recharge their batteries. Popular messaging servers has announced the


ad addition of voice messages. The Apple Corps Jeep makes -- the


application makes its money by charging.... It brings it into


Facebook messenger and other messaging services which offer


similar features. Amazon founder and CEO has ought the Washington Post


newspaper. He may be $250 million purchase himself, not on behalf of


Amazon on. However the acquisition suggest that the Washington post may


start innovating digitally. When asked about its future the CEO said


he wanted it to invent an experiment. When you spend three and


a half thousand pounds on a luxury toilet, the last being you expect it


is to be hacked. This is a luxury toilet that is being controlled by


an application. A hacker managed to access it. Because of limited


Bluetooth range, anyone wanted to carrying out such an attack would


need to be close by. One technology that is definitely been a long time


coming as something called near field communications. The ability to


touch two data is -- two devices together and data to flow together.


It is very slowly made its way to the west. Getting more traction


along the way we a thriving younger population is more eager to try out


stop so eager in fact, that when we visited Turkey two years ago, I came


across this device. He is a funny thing, as low -- although it is


established in Turkey it is the mobile phone industry trying to play


catch up. There are hardly any mobile phones on the market that had


it built in. In order to kick-start that technology in Turkey you can


retrofit any old mobile phone with a computer chip. What you do is you


get this adapter and you feed it behind the scene card into your


phone. You can see that here is the radio antenna and on the adapter


there is a little bit of software that adds a menu function to your


phone. For example, I have a pretty basic phone, it does not have a


built in, you can see it is -- has got the adapter wrapped in an


immediate you go into the menu and scroll down to functions, you can


see you can make a payment to any other the cards you have linked to


your account. Nowadays, more people carry around these credit cards


allowing to make small payments quickly in many stores. The


technology is quickly moving beyond small financial transaction. At this


year 's consumer Electronics show, Sony showed off a raft of new


features. Here they are used to create a quick Bluetooth connection


between two devices. No need to use fiddle with the settings. These


could tag your... What is more personal than your password? This


ring think that you should no longer have to type it in. Where better to


store it on something that you can easily carry around with you at all


times. The body of the ring is made of metal. In between the two rims


that is based for the electronics in here. This is a ring of two halves,


you can see they have been colour-coded lack and white stop the


white side is supposed to face outwards, that contains your public


information. Your contact details. On the inside, the black half


contains your private details. Something you would not want to


share with anyone else. Why not use it to unlock your front door. First


you had to use this digital lock. Not something he would wear to make


a design statement but we are yet to see wearable technology that takes


that locks. Former -- for now, it is strictly function over fashion. Less


than a month into its kick-start funding pledge, the ring has been


backed by 4,000 people raising �100,000. John McLear is the


inventor of the ring. He joined us. You have part funded this project


through kick-start, depending on how much you give you get a different --


different amount of ring technology. One of the options is to enable any


contributors to 3-D print the ring at home? Tell us about that. We were


thinking that people may want to make there own designs. We thought,


we will deliver the technology inside the ring and they print the


act will ring themselves and put it together. One of the questions that


struck me, you have a private and a public side to the ring. My ring, is


spending around all the time. What is to stop you having the ring the


wrong way around and giving someone private information instead of


public. The private side of the ring does not have intents. They pass


things out which would cause someone to do something. Your phone has to


ask for a piece of information from the private side and then it will


respond. If you use the private side, it will not tell the phone or


other device what to do. If you have the ring halfway spun round, there


is a metal bar between the private and public that at as a screen. It


blocks the struggle -- signal from the side that is not meant to be


presented. If someone stole the ring they could unlock most parts of my


life, both -- there is no more authentication required. How do you


solve that problem queuemac if you lose the ring, you set the reset


button. With the phone, do you can log in with an e-mail address and a


password. It makes the checks to see you are who you say you are. With


the digital door, there is a pen and use it the reset arson. The


advantages, if you lose the ring as opposed to losing your normal key


that you lose now, you do not have too replace the entire door lock.


There are cost savings long-term. This is one of the most practical


uses of wearable technology. We have been talking about this for years.


Do you see this functionality being introduced into other things in the


future. Every part of your body has a different physical attribute it is


useful for. With the ring, we decided unlocking things as a


sensible thing. You might have public information you want to share


on your wrist, something where you unlock the phone when you hold it to


your air if you have an enabled airing. There are lots of practical


applications, the -- we are used to -- we are looking forward to the


community looking forward to it and exploring the applications. Good


luck. Now it is time for Webscape. Most of us are familiar with the


concept of taking a lodger to help pay the rent, the idea of peer


rentals have taken that to a new level. You will not make a huge


amount of money by renting out the spare room but it may help to pay


the gas or Alec Christie Bell. Here is Kate Russell with the latest site


to move into the area. -- electricity bill. The rental trend


is booming online. We looked at a few examples already on Webscape


like and ParkatmyHouse, there is another promising newcomer to the


market, Alterkeys. It has a young interface but is due to being a


social experience for the host and visitor. As well as being a


cost-effective alternative to booking a hotel, one of the reasons


I like to travel this way is the connection you get to local


knowledge. Picking the brains of your host for the best faces to


visit. I have made some good friends through peer-to-peer renting who


remain on my friends list today. With over 50,000 properties around


Europe, it is free to list a broom and a secure payment system holds


the amount in escrow once a booking is made to avoid any embarrassment


asking for payment. It offers thorough insurance although it there


is a processing fee. As with anything financial, read the terms


and conditions to check you are fully covered. Remember, the people


themselves have not been vetted, make sure you are happy with your


post before booking. With your room booked, you may need a flight. Which


airline is a new service which searches 100,000 Brits looking for


the best bang for your buck. That does not necessarily mean the lowest


possible airfare. -- sites. When you are travelling long haul, the


cheapest journey is not always the best value. You need to consider


journey time and stopovers. Spending 15 hours at an airport departure


lounge can be an expensive proposition in its own right. Which


airline offers an elegant solution with a virtual results page making


it much easier to compare options. Choose your country from the


drop-down menu and fill in the search box is to explore. There are


free iPhone and android applications as well. Smart phones are great for


recording video, what are you supposed to do with all the random


clip is. -- clips? VideofyMe has a good idea, a free application for


iPhone and android that it is to edit together clips from your rear


reel with a couple of swipes and tapes to make finished films which


can be stored on your phone or shared with friends or popular


blogging platforms. There are lots of video applications doing the


rounds for your smart phone but I like that this application lets you


edit a cool high light meal of your life complete with a backing track


and visual effects, all created and shared straight from your handset.


-- highlight reel. The video effects are only available if you are


recording live through the application but you can stitch them


altogether from your camera reel after saving them one at a time. As


well as integrated sharing, you can build a network of followers with an


application to experience the latest highlights from their lives every


time you start it up. Disappearing content, like Snapchat is all the


rage online right now. One interesting social experiment that


has hit the web this week as Blinklink, it lets users post a


photo to be shared on Twitter with a limited number of views, unless


someone she is the link on again, which adds another block of views.


-- she is the link. An interesting experiment with a reward dynamic on


sharing I can see giving rewards to marketers. I am struggling to see a


more widespread for the everyday person on the web. This week to mark


the 6th of August anniversary of pop art Legion Andy Warhol's birthday,


the museum in his honour has launched a live 24 hours webcam beat


of four whole's grave. In his hometown of Pittsburgh,


Pennsylvania. Was a popular place for fans to go and pay respects, and


right now as he would have celebrated his 85th birthday, a


fitting tribute to a man was known for doing things differently.


Although, there is not much to see at night. While we're waiting for


Pittsburgh to wake up, point your browser at another set of feats


which went live tonight iPanda, these animals are wide-awake. The


site delivers round the clock video from 28 hide definition cameras


inside a giant panda reading research base in China. Here are 80


giant pandas go about their incredibly cute daily business for


all to see. It is goodbye our Webscape -- website. If anything


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