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no indications the ceiling had been unsafe. There will be more News at


2am. Now, click Chris was special. -- Christmas.


This week, Click gets festive as we bring you some tech crackers and


some turkeys. There is some Christmas magic from the robot bird


that can read your mind. 3-D printers, we will ask if they are


the future of fab or a fad. And the gripping tale of the robots you may


not trust with a knife. All that plus some seasonal web treats.


Welcome to Click. Welcome to the Click Christmas party which we're


having what we are working. The whole team is here and we will try


to keep it together. Talking of which, it is time for the first


present. I have brought to this wonderful


present and have wrapped it carefully. It is the ultimate


Christmas jumper. I got it in your favourite colour. If you open it, I


will show you how it works. There is an amazing surprise. If I put my


phone in their, there is an app you can download. I have a fireplace


jumper. That is truly wonderful. Do I have to wear that? Is a magical


time of the year and we thought we would start the programme with some


real magic. I have been here as a magician in


residence for two months and I have been exploring the relationship


between magic and technology. I.e. Introduce myself as a research


magician will stop I researched new ways of making magic. I am hoping


the audience will take away a new understanding of how magic can be


shown to audiences but also take away some interest in the amazing


technological marvels we have around us. The match is the combination of


a key projects at this media studio. The aim was to get to magicians


working side by side with technology researchers to create magic 2.0.


We're hoping to demonstrate today a telepathic headband. I could -- I


was interested in making mind reading robot birds. There is a big


chance it will not work. I want to introduce you to how the


pendulum works. I want to look at the motor response which is the


response you get when you think about something. If you hold a


pencil and think about the pencil moving, the Pentagon will move and


it won't feel like you're it. You get these micro- muscle movements


and I want to measure is exactly and see what I can tell and on with it.


This is a bird which is a hand-held device. Nothing? That is a yes! Can


you imagine that ten macro to bird is shaking her head.


Hide that endeavour to anyone in the already -- audience, we will make it


harder. Over the last few months, it stood


as being perfecting a electronic device that he calls the Idio bird.


It seems to measure the motor response and answer questions they


don't know the answer to. Like being able to find a ring by picking up


cues from the audience. Is on the side of the room?


The principles that guide magician work will always be there. The frame


we used to talk about magic, that needs to change. We don't talk about


ghosts or spiritual this any more. What I'm going to show tonight has


genuinely never been seen by anyone. It is the left -- telepathy. I'm


going to try with you, if that is okay. We are trying, genuinely, the


night is read from one brain to another brain. This is really funny,


if it was at university I would go to ethics committees. Because it is


entertaining, or we don't have to. It would not be a magic event if we


do not try a magic trick. He has prepared some headbands which


apparently allow him to control the volunteer's mind by selling left or


right instructions which steer him to the right point. Need to run your


finger forward and backwards. I am trying to send it to you now. What


did you go for? The king of spades, right? One thing written on the back


of the comment you need to do what is said on the card. It says? Go


crazy. Yes! Was this a revolution in mind reading technology or more of a


modernisation of an age-old trick? It is not really clear where the


technology ends and the magic games. Maybe, that is the idea.


Time for another present. She has a present for me. You have spent no


time wrapping that! Good. What is that? That is a Bluetooth enabled


fish detector for your smart phone. I know that you wanted it and I got


it. Please explain. You put this in the water and it will detect the


proximity of fish and tell your smart phone. It so happens the BBC


tech people took this out for a test to test fish and if you want to find


out how they got on, go to the website and find out. I will take up


fishing when I have run out of every other interests. Plenty more to come


from Click. For the person who has absolutely


everything in their life, this is the animated gif player. He is a


final present run. 3-D printing. If you believe the hype, in five


years time, you will probably be watching this on a 3-D printed


television, sitting on a truly printed so far, linking a 3-D


printed cup of tea. It is undeniable that 3-D printing has exploded, it


is not just architects, designers and other creative sort are getting


their cravats in a twist about the technology that some people even


have in their homes. For the uninitiated, three printing is the


process of creating 3-dimensional solid objects from a digital model.


Normally, if you wanted to make something out of stone, you would


start with a big block and hack away the. 3-D printing start with nothing


and adds material, layer by layer, to create the exact shape you want.


Using this process, you could create nearly anything, from space rockets


to Christmas ornaments. We have got 33-D printers to put to the test to


do exactly that. The VisiCalc original, betrays its maker


community roots. Is designed maybe not for everyone but it has a


backroom shakes to it. That's rocker chic.


It very accurately lays down melted plastic layer by layer until the


almost always object design appears before your eyes. Coming in at just


under ?1000 it is the cheapest we are looking at. The old tea maker is


already calibrated before it leaves the factory. 3-D printers are


operating of a tiny distances. Even a 10th of a millimetre in variation


could leave your print in a mess. We printed a test so men. 30 minute


later he emerged, freshly printed and ready to spread festive cheer.


The space age form one is the slickest looking. A huge success on


kickstart. It works slightly differently to other printers,


rather than printing in plastic, it uses lasers. The form one uses a


laser. Whether the laser hits, it's a into hard plastic. Do this in a


few thousand times and you have got yourself another Christmas tree


ornament. It does not require any calibration. Once you plug it in and


download software onto your computer, you are ready to print.


The software is the best we have tried. Printing the snowmen took two


hours, this time transparent. Wanted done, it is a postprocessing stage


involving rubber gloves and rubbing alcohol. While the process is slow,


it produces smoother looking models in finer detail. Coming in at ?2000,


this is the most expensive printer we tested. That likes the LT maker,


the awkwardly named, be the first is expensive. We found it a bit clunky.


-- Ultimaker. B the First was very easy to use. This is only a small


selection of 3-D printers. These are for enthusiasts. But in the near


future devices like these will become more commonplace. I have made


good use of the 3-D printers and make you your very own gear. That is


for you. That is your 3-D printed moustache. This is what happens when


you don't calibrate properly. That is also yours to keep. Marvellous.


We better move on. We are heading to New York State to meet our robot who


may be baking your turkey in the near future. -- bagging. The grocery


checkout lane is likely to be one of the first places we will see future


generations of intelligent robots. PR to his ways smarter than his


factory like cousins. These robots are clever. Robots need to act in


environments when the situation changes. Robots that think for


themselves. There is nothing science fiction about them. They won't try


to kill you. Well, only by accident. Students are teaching Baxter to use


common sense when handling a sharp instrument. Every time Baxter makes


a wrong move, his human hands recalibrates the arm. It learns to


distinguish between different objects. It will learn to move a


screwdriver differently to an air carbon because eggs are fragile.


Getting out robot to recognise everything it sees is still a


challenge. It was best with high colour contrast. While machines have


been able to grab predetermined objects for decades, they need


better sensors to interpret random items. We have 3-D cameras we can


mount on the head. But they have not been miniaturised and the put on the


end of an arm. Sonar does not work well. This robot has been in


development for two years. He is anxious to learn how to write. His


family tell me if he is a good lawyer then one day he will master


writing. Robot researchers have recently focused on anticipation. It


is something humans do every few minutes. But it involves huge


calculations for robots. Robots in this lab have achieved a 75% success


rate determining what will happen in the next three seconds of activity.


But anything longer and the success rate drops dramatically. We need to


collect our lot of date of humans performing activities. It learns


from that. For example, somebody using our cup. Will robots ever take


over the world and try to wipe out humans? Yes, probably, but not in


our lifetimes. It is more likely they would be integrated


harmoniously into specific settings. Helping people stacked supermarket


shelves for example. As they become more affordable, the rate of


research will increase. Here are robots picking up a different kind


of speed. Google has snapped up Boston dynamics, a military


contractor. Google is adding autonomous robots to its cave of


curiosities, right next to self driving cars and the worldwide web.


This one can gaze yet tough to rain. It can even survive being kicked.


Even Usain Bolt would need a head start to outrun this robot. And


finally this humanoid robot has just taken part in a challenge trial,


testing robots to help humans during disasters. This one can understand


-- handle artwork from a ?20 weight. We will give this to Mr Michael


Connelly, how hard-working cameraman. -- 20 pounds. This is a


writ for your iPhone which allows you to attach our proper


photographic lens and Flash. You can get serious about smart phone


photography. But it is as unwieldy as a full size camera. The you fancy


using this for the next show? Now we had to web scape. Here is Kate


Russell. -- head. Nearly 30% of UK adults will have two travel at least


100 miles for Christmas at their childhood home. If you are driving


home for Christmas, augmented reality sound specialist Hardgate DJ


will bring you more childish pleasures. This iPhone app gives you


a pension at new soundscape. Instantly turning your family


hatchback into a V8 musclecar, at Tank or go back to basics with just


one horsepower. -- a tank. This iPhone app lets you vent your


frustration by blowing up traffic in front of you. Just mount it on the


dashboard. You don't need to lift finger to see the traffic in front


of you destroyed. If all that talk of driving has


given youth travel like but you have no petrol, check out this mash up


which combines Google Street view to take you through a tour of the world


on your computer screen. The object is to put up in in the map where you


think the Street view image you are seeing is based. How well do you


know your geography? Some are more obvious than others. The Swiss Alps


are more recognisable than the featureless interior of Kazakhstan.


His game gets five vistas. Your score is dependent on the distance


you are out by. You can wander around before settling on a guess,


exploring the roads around you to see if they offer clues. Then share


your score or trout -- challenge others. How well do you know the


world? As we race into the festive season, if you forgot to send cards


last minute, try portable North Pole website which allows you to send a


personalised message directly from the centre. Hello, Spencer. If you


want to follow Santa 's progress, there are several ways to track him.


This centre tracker is becoming a Christmas classic, which lots of


content to explore. Sponsored by the North American Aerospace defence


command, the site has a military field, which has caused controversy.


Child advocates complained about the depiction of a military escort.


Thank you, Kate. Just one more thing before we go. We have said that 3-D


printing has been a big trend of 2013. Even if it is our little early


to change the world, for some children this year it will change


Christmas. Recently I popped down to our pop-up shop in London. For two


weeks its windows were full of 3-D printers creating plastic toys.


Passers-by were invited to donate Monday -- money by text to their


charity. In return they could choose which design was printed next.


Gimlet explain the harsh reality for Christmas of the children had


charity tries to help. Some parents have special needs and can't get it


together to put dinner together. Some parents are very depressed.


They can't even manage to put Christmas Day together. Some parents


are very high risk. They might actually harm the children. Once the


toys are printed they will be collected by a certain someone in a


red suit and taken to a Christmas party where 4000 vulnerable children


will spend Christmas Day in safety. That means that for many of them


this year for the first time ever they get to unwrap a Christmas


present. That is what it is all about. That is it for the Click


Christmas party. Thank you for watching. Merry Christmas.


After artwork and went deep night we are


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