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for almost six years. More details on the website. Now on


BBC News, Click. Technology. One small step for a man


but one giant leap for... Welcome to the best of Click 2013,


part two. The best technology is not always the stuff that takes you into


orbit. Often, it is a specific solution to a specific problem in a


specific place. What this week 's programme is all about. The world


tour, 2013. We look at the technology that put problems first.


From the morning commute to the fashion conscious young in Vietnam


to a -- gardening in Japan's older population. The toilet is pinning up


in Singapore. Falling in love can be more dangerous in Iceland. Strapped


in and fasten your seatbelts. That is when we begin. With a trip up


north. Time for Click to get up and go.


This time, towards the top of the world. 67 degrees north, just


nudging the Arctic Circle, Iceland is home to 320,000 people living on


top of a limb of superheated rock in the middle of the Atlantic. The


volcanic activity that form the island 50 million years ago still


churns away today, changing a landscape that is both otherworldly


and completely spectacular. The visitors enjoyed one natural


resource. The locals are taking full advantage of another. Iceland has an


unlimited supply of heat. Water seeps just a short distance down


into the crust, bursting back to the surface as superheated steam and


mud. The first benefit for Iceland, free central heating. The warm water


is stored in these suitably futuristic looking tanks,


overlooking the capital. It also means extremely cheap and


environmentally friendly power. The high pressure steam is used to turn


turbines at geothermal power stations hiding away in the


sulphurous mists. Iceland might be looking outwards but it is also


looking inwards. We might be created in strictly in this world but on


this isolated island, that is not the case. There has not been much


immigration here. There is not much genetic diversity as on larger


landmasses. Go back a few generations, most as lenders will


find they are related to each other. -- Icelanders. It is the same old


story. Boy meets girl, girl like boy, they bump smartphones. The girl


checked out if she is the related to the boy. App says no. Go for it.


This woman is one based lender who has found new ways to use this app


to avoid, shall we say, embarrassing situations? Is convenient to look up


the guise you need when you have downtime. You meet a cute guy that


is interesting. Looking up. And see whether he is related to you or not.


How close are related is too closely related? Third cousin. You would not


want to marry the third cousin and have babies. So third cousin is just


for... Fourth cousin is fine. Yeah. After all, this is Iceland. Or the


information for the outcome comes from the genealogy records. It is a


series and other. Accurate records go back to 1703. The book allows


people to discover how they are linked to almost anyone else from


Iceland. In the past, the publishing dipped to 30,000. There is useful


information dating back to over 1000 years. The boss of DNA analysts said


the database helps us understand many conditions across the world


like schizophrenia, diabetes and cancers. We can trace everyone who


has a particular disease to a relative and a few individuals who


lived a few centuries back. The recent deceased is like -- is likely


to be the same. A large section of the population has given blood to


the firm to help it assist research globally. Once these samples are


taken, they are kept for weeks, months, for as long as is possible


for research or pattern matching that might happen years in the


future. That is why the blood of ice land and appear, in his bio bank of


500,000 samples. The oldest of which was taken 15 years ago. The reason


that even the sample is still good today is because the temperature in


here is -26 Celsius. Or as Icelanders call it, mild. As the


robots continue to serve up these samples, hopefully, those


discovering the personal connections to each other will not get a frosty


reception. Avoiding the wedding to your third


cousin in Iceland. It is that application of technology which is


different in each country that can be so fascinating. As we found in


Vietnam. From picking up dinner to picking up


a date. It is more than a few steps, you might as well write. This is the


ethos of many destinies urbanites. With entrepreneurs on every street


corner and motorbikes everywhere, and entrepreneurs on motorbikes,


this is Ho Chi Minh City. Over the past year, the government has rolled


out a new environmentally friendly eBay Gascoyne. It has selected 30 of


its workers to test them out. -- electronic like skin. TRANSLATION:


It is light and travels smoothly. Every charge lasts for 40


kilometres. It is sufficient because our live near my work. In order to


convince the nation, the government has a long journey ahead. The bike


is a major status symbol in Vietnam. No one, not even burgeoning middle


class with their disposable income, will splash the cash on a green


motorbike unless the bike looks the part. What better way to entice


tech-savvy consumers than crow barring an iPod dock on the


dashboard? You have your computer. The integrated technology offers the


rider statistics on the battery life, Mr temperature and fuel


efficiency. Any bike is better than no bike. The constant threat of


theft hangs over all of Vietnam's 35 million riders. Thousands are stolen


each year. A few blocks away, one start-up is addressing this serious


problem. It is building a nimble looking device that once installed


is invisible to would-be thieves. Essentially, a small computer with a


SIM card and a GPS transmitter. When a bike is stolen, it reacts to the


location and caused its owner. The owner uses a smartphone app to


locate the missing motorbike. The precise location is worked out from


GPS co-ordinates and nearby mobile phone masts. Owners can trigger the


alarm and flashlights. This can be lost in the city. They can shut down


the bike completely, leaving the safe with no option to abandon it.


Smart thinking from an increasingly tech-savvy country. City congestion


is a problem in the developed world. The UN predicts by 2050, seven out


of ten, 9 billion people, will live in cities. Ireland is one country


attempting to lead the way in how we might make things flow and little


more freely. We have come here, to Dublin. It has


plenty of sense is about the place. Traffic cameras, sensors under the


time at the attack traffic flow. Bosses report positions back to


base. Crucially, the city has volunteered itself to be a testbed


to see what happens when you gather information together and to see


whether it can be used to predict the future.


At IBM's Dublin research centre, any traffic management system is


analysing the city's circulation, spotting patterns in the ad and flow


of traffic. Incidents, accidents, closures and whether they have


knock-on effect is beyond their surroundings and by watching what


happens after particular combinations of events, the system


can advise officials on how a future problem might affect the city's


nervous system. The ultimate goal, to use a city's infrastructure will


intelligently rather than expanding it. A train is delayed, the bus


outside the station should know it has to wait it does not and the end


the next one to be overcrowded. This app in the early stages of the --


development uses the addiction algorithms to minimise any time and


waiting times between each mode of transport. It will know about any


congestion. It is historical data to show how it might affect your


journey and make an more reliable estimate of the rubble time. It


should know if there is any -- is the art any hiring bicycles


available. Getting in the flow of things in


Dublin. We moved over to Japan. The land of


robots. A place where people are happy to use them in their everyday


life. The country has the world's oldest population. Robotics is being


used to make the life of Japanese seniors easier. First, the moment I


discovered a hidden robotic list for Tokyo's cyclists.


In such a crowded city where everyone lives and works on top of


each other, bike racks are few and far between. Well, Bob the ground


anyway. -- above. A subterranean park that restores bikes and returns


each want to its rightful owner in seconds. 11 metres down, this method


-- metal silo does a robot dance. It is under them being among it all. --


unnerving. You have no idea this is done here. At the top, no sign there


are to the bikes underneath. -- 200 bikes.


Harvest season. Four a la strike from Tokyo. This meant's Apples are


ripe for the picking. A job which he will help to himself. It is the


suit. The metalware is not a Japanese fashion statement. It has


been designed by Tokyo's University of agriculture and technology to


give his 68 -year-old his own power up. TRANSLATION: The robot helps


support my knees by taking away any burden. This model has springs,


braces and grips to strengthen the man's movements and support his


posture. I have come to one of 400 care homes and Japan has a special


robot designed not to physically meet older people but the


emotionally moved them. This is a seal, with 13 senses. This is with


three microphones and knows which way up it is. It is onboard computer


determines how it should respond. Nurses at the camp said the seal


sparks conversation where there were some before, getting residents


thinking and caring. Many say he has become so much more than a robot.


TRANSLATION: He is my friend. I like that he seems to understand human


feelings. These seals were introduced 80 years ago. And the


higher still the most popular robots used by people. Perhaps that is


because there are not metallic and hard, but rather cute and cuddly.


They are easy for humans to connect with. Using their expertise in


robotics, the Japanese hope to improve life for later years. If


they achieve that, then everyone in Japan will sleep easier.


A dream or nightmare? Japan and its use of technology to help record all


political 's. Our travels have taken us to many places over the past


year. But none richer than downtown Singapore. There are more


millionaires per head in Singapore than any other country on Earth?


That is the financial district of the country. But it is not all about


making money. There is a flourishing academic scene. This is a


technological University, full of Labrador is. Inside the impressive


architecture there is some equally impressive thinking going on. The


question is, how do you find the research that is going to change


lives? One team has a grand plan to make our towns more sustainable. By


creating localised waste treatment centres that take all forms of waste


from nearby housing and converting it into energy. That is one I find


myself staring down a toilet. Researchers have found that pretty


much everything that goes down here can be turned into something useful.


The process works best if you can keep solid and liquid separate. This


has been called the no mix toilet. With divided sections to keep one


away from, well, two. Solid waste is mixed with food waste to create


biogas that can be used for cooking and generating electricity. And


leftover water is used to grow microscopic algae that produces bio


diesel. So only one question remains. How would we take to a


toilet that requires, shall we say, a little more discipline? The first


one has been installed in the University. It is time for me to try


it out. While I am in here, Kate Russell will take care of you with a


round-up of the best applications and websites of the last 12 months.


Getting ready to travel can be a busy time.


Keeping up-to-date with your flight status could not be easier with the


help of the simple new Twitter account. Just give it your flight


number and the free service will send you a series of real-time


messages leading up to departure. It will even send a friendly welcome


once you land at the destination. This service is simple and


brilliant. But it comes with a huge caveat. That is, are you happy for


Twitter at large to know that you are potentially going abroad? If


there is any chance your account can be linked to an address, for


example, if you have publicly posted photographs from home, think very


carefully about whether your security is at risk.


Few things in life are completely safe. But you can improve your odds


against hackers are using an incredibly safe password. Check your


secure password creation skills on this website. And then go and make a


new one to use that you have not just given to a random website. Just


in case. And it seems a lot of us are using


ridiculously unset examples. Like 12345 and password. A password


generator like this can help when you are struggling to come up with


something original. If you are worried about remembering all the


details, the password manager might be worth looking into. They offer a


safe and secure lock-up for your logins.


My name is Ted Ed and I am a symbol for a website with billions of


videos free on you Tube. This website lets you turn any video from


YouTube into a complete lesson. Adding context, objectives,


questions and notes to really engage students. The lesson delivered by


the video clip. It has been going since 1984. Originally a conference


designed to bring together the greatest thinkers from the world 's


of technology, entertainment and design. It has become synonymous


with the mind expanding lectures and world changing ideas. This education


initiative sits perfectly inside that ideal.


Keeping track of your finances and get compensated, especially if you


share expenses with friends or flatmates. This is an application


that could stop it coming to blows. -- get compensated.


When it comes to incentives, most of the fitness and motivational


applications I have tested have failed. Sorry, but I grew out of


badges, cups and screen pets when I was about ten. It is the


applications that make it a game that I have gotten the most out of


it. This one plays out an ongoing drama in between tracks your


favourite playlist. We need whatever you can find. Kate Russell with some


of the best websites and applications from the past 12


months. Before we go, there is just time to


take you to one more country we visited. Switzerland, famous for its


clocks, Army knives, chocolates and, as it turns out, its domes.


Welcome to park. A festival dedicated to the projection of


light. Forget stages, it is domes that Rainier. And the DJs inside


engineer the programmes. What is the fuss about? A near-perfect 360


degrees life project had later. A place where music beats visuals,


programmes and its performance. Six perfectly aligned project --


projections. Each portion adjusted by millimetre precision. It is one


vast digital sky. The patterns dance in time to be beat. The colours and


intensity during the year to the music. At the helm, the skies. These


are specially developed software to develop various elements. It allows


them to programme on the fly, so they can design on impulse and go


with the flow. And by manipulating existing 3-D animation software,


they can create high resolution video files that can be mixed


together and displayed. And now the immersive nature of the dome is


spreading out onto the main stage, applying the same curve theory to a


much wider and mainstream audience. If taken up by headline acts, that


could be picked -- big business. Switzerland, proving there is no


place like home. I am sorry. -- dome. That is it for our look around


the world. But the tour begins in earnest next week. We had to


lossmakers for the world's largest technology show. We expect to find


everything. I can't wait. -- Las Vegas.


It looks as though we are going to see further spells of white and


windy weather over the next couple of days. If you have concerns about


the flooding


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