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Gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news. Click talks to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and looks at how advertising is using technology to target customers.

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are expected to appeal against the sentence. That's it from me. Lots


more at the top of the ally. Here on BBC News, it is time for Click.


Military mistakes, public surveillance, national security. Can


you keep a secret? This week on Click, hero or villain?


We chat to one of the most divisive figures of the web. What do you get


if you cross our taser with a drone? Well, a taser`drone of course. We


asked the question, why? We go behind the screens with the


advertising tax that is planning to take over the world. And, flight


delays got you down? We will show you how to survive the longer than


expected airport stay in Webscape. Back welcome to Click. We've spent a


lot of time talking about one person, and this person is one of


the most controversial in the world and he helped facilitate one of the


biggest security leaks in history. We've never had the chance to talk


to him directly or ask him any questions. That is, until now.


That's because, this week I've been able to over satellite to Julian


Assange, founder of the website Wikileaks. Assange has been based in


the Ecuadorian Embassy in London since 2012, following a British


court ruling that he should be extradited to Sweden for questioning


over allegations of sexual assault. Former hacker, in April 2010,


Assange and wiki leaks blamed notoriety releasing footage of US


soldiers shooting dead 18 civilians from a helicopter in a rut. Millions


of other classified documents followed. `` Iraq. For supporters,


he is an advocate of free speech, shining a light on the murky


activities of governments around the world. His detractors say he is a


harmful and unpredictable figure, endangering countless lives by


exposing sensitive and classified information to the public. Whatever


you think of him, his influence on the world of tech is undeniable.


Inspiring people like Edward Snowden and, for good or bad, changing the


way we view and street information. `` view and treat. You have been in


the embassy for two years, what is life like for you smack it is a


difficult environment. `` life for you? There is eight million dollars


of admitted surveillance of the embassy in the last 18 months.


Snowden documents reveal the GCHQ has been spiring on a operation


since 2`on`212. `` spying `` 2012. Edward Snowden has revealed that a


lot of our communications are snooped, are being tapped,


collected. The people in the middle are those that host the date and run


the infrastructure. Do you think they are at risk? Edward Snowden


demonstrates conclusively something that has been known by word of mouth


within the internet services industry for a long time, that the


NSA, GCHQ, and allied agencies in countries like Sweden, have been in


the business of targeting employees of major hosting companies. System


administrators and so on, for computer hacking. It has been


suggested that different countries or continents set up their own


internet. Angela Merkel suggested an internet for Europe. Do you think


that is workable? And, would we be better off than the internet in at


the moment? The impulse to do it is important and would lead


two good things. The devil is in the detail in terms of how this


operates. `` Europe is like a telecommunications company. It is


penetrated and compromised and engages in dirty deals with the US


government, especially the UK and Sweden. Who should be in charge of


deciding what stays secret for good reason and what gets published? We


can't publish everything, surely? Wiki leaks has a seven year


publishing history and we have never got it wrong. `` Wikileaks. We've


never publish material in a form that has led to the physical harm of


a single person. The US admits that. Any claim otherwise is simply spend.


Are you asking the world to trust you? For an organisation to be


accountable, the buck has to stop with someone. In publishing


organisations, the buck stops with the publisher or the editor. I


wonder if you think it is possible to have completely private data in


2014, or whether that is a fantasy? The question is whether a stake


intelligence Alliance, principally the UK and the US, can spy upon the


entire world at once `` state. On a constant basis, every person,


mapping out a community structure, finding out who is connected to


whom. It is not about making sure that a single person cannot be spied


upon all the communications between two people is always private. The


real battle is to ensure it is hard to intercept everyone at once.


Julian Assange, thank you very much for joining us. You're welcome.


Julian Assange, he is a controversial figure. You might feel


strongly about some of the things he said. If you do, device your


thoughts. `` give us your thoughts. If you are concerned about the level


of surveillance and the threats that comes with that, this will not be


good news. Because, yes, this is a small drone. It has one minor


modification for most other drones. It happens to be fitted with a


taser. To be more accurate, a stun gun capable of delivering 80,000


volts of electricity via a wire diet. The hybrid is the rain child


of Texas design firm Chaotic Moon who tried out the prototype for


Click on these capable dummy. This. `` the invention is called the


chaotic unmanned in personal internet drone or, keep it to get


its more romantic sounding title. CUPID. `` why does the world need a


taser`drone? This is the same thing you see in the video games these


days. You see them in sci`fi movies. We want to take this concept and


make it real, show it can be built and show it can work, to raise the


question of technology and humanity and start an open discussion. What


do you do if you have taste every dummy in the office? You get the


office in turn to volunteer. `` intern. Witness Darren literally


taking one for the team. We should point out that he was unhurt after


being struck by CUPID's taser and needless to say, please don't try


this at home. Now you know how the boss motivates the team. Next up, a


look at the tech news for the week. Amazon has launched its own internet


connected TV set`top box. Built to compete against Apple and Google, it


will allow customers to stream content from Amazon's library and


other on demand services, direct to the televisions. Dubbed, Amazon Fire


TV, users can play online games and it has gone on sale in the US for


$99. One of the largest ever Earth observation programmes took off this


week with the launch of the Sentinel satellite, which will be followed by


a fleet of other satellites that will return data and measurements of


the state of the planet. It is hoped the project will provide information


on climate change and help monitor and respond to natural disasters.


Let the voice battle commence, Microsoft has unveiled more time,


its answer to Siri, for its Windows phone handset. The assistant is


named after the AI in the Halo games and uses Microsofts `` Microsoft's


being website. It makes recommendations to carry out tights


`` tasks. They have announced the Windows 8.1 update will be offered


as a free upgrade from eight April. Forget the millions of pixels on


your TV, meet the Pixelbots, the 75 strong swarm can create simple


coloured images and animations on tabletops and whiteboards. While we


might fear the inevitable bull `` inevitable robo`pocalypse, at least


it will look nice. In the age of big data, the


corporate world is getting better at which `` knowing which buttons to


press to get reactions from us, when it comes to advertising


particularly. Look at these attractive people. The more you know


the troops and techniques, doesn't this generic ad remind you of a


certain fruit `based tech company Rice the mort of a turnoff


advertising can be. `` the more. Almost as boring as waiting for a


bus. LJ Rich has been finding out. This isn't the inevitable robot


uprising, instead you are looking at something that has been part of an


elaborate advertising campaign. What's happening here is you are


mixing video from camera on the back of this part of the bus stop with


preprepared special effects. Get the perspective and the lighting right


and you've got an ad that got 4.7 million views on YouTube in less


than a week. For this to work, everything the camera sees has to


line up directly with this grid. Exact measurements are important


because the graphic designers need to know exactly where to put their


visuals. The installation itself is quite simple. Along with a camera,


there is a 65 inch screen inside the shelter, connected to a single


computer running Windows seven. All the hard calculations for the


scenarios have been done in advance and that took around three months


``Windows seven. We've taken some shots of Oxford Street and have re`


version that into a 3`D world and the content we have created when


that space uses the environment specifically for that bus stop. If


we were going to roll that out across 1500 bus stops around the


country, we would have to do that exact same process with all of them


and that is where the challenge is. We worked with Unilever on one of


their deodorant brand is to make angels appear like they were falling


from the sky, landing on the station concourse around a user. First time


that augmented reality has been used on a large`scale format. They had to


make videos work in different lighting scenarios, for example,


nighttime or here, dusk. It is a painstaking and elaborate process.


As consumers get more savvy about Rand interaction, ads will get more


sophisticated. After all, sharing engaging and interesting videos with


other is fuel for a social status updating habit ``brand. If the


content is sponsored or not, that's comes second to whether it is any


good. On second thoughts, I might walk. Need to promote a product?


Service? Or a thing? You need to advertise. It is delicious! Here at


the Museum of brands, packaging and advertising, visitors are surrounded


by product and commercials from a time when social networking meant


attending a debutante ball. Advertisers are finding it


increasingly difficult to attract the attention of audiences. More and


more TV users are watching on demand streaming services or enjoying TV


box sets in great big ad free golds. As more and more TV users are void


advertisements modern day madman are designing ways to make products seem


desirable. While the practice of product placement has gone on for


decades, developers are trying to use technology originally designed


for Hollywood block busters to allow them to change things post editing.


It allows us to change things that gets distributed to 200 different


markets, different brands can be placed in the show as it airs. The


good example of that is in Brazil, where we place a Mitsubishi in place


of a Bentley in one scene. Some people say it should have been the


other way round. The Mitsubishi were specifically being launched in


Brazil at the time that the show was airing. In order to add an object


after it has been filmed, you had to understand how the camera has moved


in 3`D space. Our brains are variable about this, but a computer


on its own is a flat in meaningless collection of colours. The


techniques pioneered here help computers to automatically


understand what is going on in a particular shot, so they know how


the camera is moving. Once you know that, you can put the new object in


with exactly the right orientation and lighting. Product placement is


an example of a hidden method of persuasion. However, in some


quarters, more overt tactics are preferred. Online advertising can be


very specific and targeted. Advertisers can track what sites


users have searched for and visited, tailoring ads as a result of the


data gathered. TV is starting to imitate what the online world is


doing, and they always say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


We must be doing something right in the online world, because TV is


starting to go towards making ads more targeted and more personalised.


Historically, advertising has a work kept pace with the latest advances


in technology, whether that is paintball pixels, in order to sell


stuff. The manner of delivery may change, but the message remains the


same. If you want to get noticed in the


tech world, San Francisco is the place to be. It is teeming with


young hopefuls, all vying for interest in their latest invention.


There are regular events designed to help them show off their wares,


whether it be the latest must have at Ory giant surveillance robot. ``


latest must have application. Technology dream seekers class of


2014. 300 companies with inventions ranging from the wacky to the


downright outrageous. This RoboCop surveillance, called the


Knightscope, might look like R2`D2's little brother, but if


anything, he is using public spaces to prevent and predict crime. We


have cameras for surveillance, biological sensors, things that can


monitor the weather, we have numberplate recognition, facial


recognition and also gestural recognition. If someone is waving


their hands or laying on the ground where they shouldn't be, those are


things that can pick up on and send queues and alert someone. Other


surveillance hardware on show was more cuddly, like this remind camera


equipped dog feeder. Perhaps more useful, a new twist on


teleconferencing, giving participants more control over their


remote proceedings. Inventions on the show floor for the most part are


microcosm of the tech world at large, from 3`D printed would to


virtual currency scratch cards. If you want to go into a retail setting


today and by bitcoin is there is pretty much know where you can go.


Our product allows you to buy it from a regular score, like a liquor


store Ory discount store, get a gift card, and be able to then get the


bitcoin is online. The watchword was mobile. Many applications reflected


wider trends from sharing professions to personal health


check. This allows people to use smart phones to scan for skin


cancer, uploading photographs of possible lesions to experts. San


Francisco is startup Central, and those who have made the trek to the


West Coast were in little doubt it was worth it.


First, drones fitted with taser is, now a giant surveillance robot,


surely someone will start complaining about this soon.


Technology may be watching us, but we are pretty good at keeping an eye


on it as well. He comes Webscape. If you travel a lot, you have


probably spent a lot of time walking around airports, hopelessly lost.


GateGuru is a stress busting application, showing the way to all


the features and amenities in thousands of airports around the


world. You can also get real`time information about your travel


itinerary, such as flight times, weather and other important details.


Finding your way around a foreign airport can be a nightmare. Even if


it is just yourself you have to worry about. Add small children to


that equation, and it is a recipe for stress that could offset any of


the benefits of going on holiday in the first place. NCT baby change


offers parents relief by instantly finding the closest baby changing


facilities using GPS. It is mainly focused on the UK right now, but


users outside the UK can also add new facilities to grow the database


through the power of the crowd. Another great location resource I


found recently is The Gap Abel Road. It helps disabled people find the


best facilities so they can enjoy the best places. Whether you are


looking for a car rental firm or a restaurant, all the businesses


listed in this directory are reviewed and rated by visitors to


the site. Those with disabilities, their friends, families and carers,


said it you can be confident you know what to expect. Like all good


location `based information services there are free applications for iOS


and Android, so you can find accessible places while you are out


and about. Again, you can add your own locations and reviews to help


fellow users. Video conferencing has really


evolved over the past decade, as communications platforms like Skype,


Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting, compete for our attention. One thing


all these platforms have in common is the need to register for the


service, and often download a piece of software. Appear.in is rebooting


the genre with a free bow `` browser `based application. It is so easy to


use, it almost hurts. Because this platform uses a new technology based


on HTML five, it mirror `` there are no browser software is to install.


You just fire up your website and share a link to invite up to eight


people to conference with you. It works in Google Chrome, Firefox and


Opera. The quality is pretty good, in fact, I found the quality was


smoother than on Skype, which has a tendency to start when the


connection is under stress. As well as sharing audio, you can share your


screen activity, just like the other popular platforms.


Kate Russell's Webscape. You will find all of those links on our


website, along with a regularly updated feed of the latest


technology news. If you would like to comment on everything you have


seen, tweak us or e`mail us `` Tweet. We will see you next time.


We have seen pollution levels falling in the past 24 hours or so.


Through the weekend, we will maintain this Atlantic feed of air


blowing in cleaner air and


Click talks to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and looks at how the world of advertising is using technology to target customers.

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