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Click travels to New Zealand to meet up with MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom and explores the mysterious shapes making waves on the internet.

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here are cautious. They do not want to be taken for a ride. You're


watching BBC News. Now it's time for Click.


Deal boss. Why would you answer my e`mails? It's like you don't even


understand what I'm typing. This week on Clip, we investigate some


real internet enigmas. We will meet a computer and war hero and a movie


villain, at least, according to the FBI. We will lift the lid on the


mysterious shapes taking over the web. And look at the kit that can


send these not so curious signals to your TV. Welcome to click. And


welcome to Bletchley Park. During the Second World War, this was the


home of the UK's Government Code and Cypher School. This is where some of


the world's smartest computer scientists and codebreakers worked


together to crack the codes from the German Enigma machine and helped


shorten the war. Since then, technology has moved on phenomenal


and these days, the internet uses a type of encryption that is so hard


even our fastest supercomputers could not crack it in a reasonable


time. Encryption lets us do lots of things securely online like banking


and e`mailing. It's something that the was a blow at Edward Snowden and


WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange both advise using to stop being


spied on by the authorities. And that is what this man is hoping to


do. Kim Dotcom. Yes, that is his real name, used to run a web locker


service called Megaupload, which was used by its users to store and share


a lot of pirated movies. The government came after him. His


mansion was raided and his assets were seized in dramatic fashion.


Since then, he has set up a new service which again allows users to


upload anything they want to it. But this time, all the content is


included on the way up, meaning Kim Dotcom will not know what the site


is hosting. And therefore, he hopes he cannot be held responsible for


its contents. He is still fighting extradition from New Zealand to the


US, where he is accused of being the criminal mastermind behind a mass


conspiracy to commit copyright infringement on a mass scale. That's


the official term, by the way. But we were given exclusive access to


follow Kim Dotcom as he travelled the country on his own copyright


crusade. This is Hollywood's most wanted man. But if he is feeling the


heat, he is certainly not showing it. Kim Dotcom is on a high. His new


storage website is already worth millions of dollars. Now, he's


taking on a new challenge and launching his own political party.


The internet party was born out of this injustice. I was pulled out of


my happy bubble and my life of creation and innovation. I had all


these ideas lined up and all these websites that we wanted to launch.


It woke me up to a whole new reality. Kim Dotcom is out on bail


and he is now using his money to fund the internet party, which wants


to make major changes to the law in New Zealand. We want to bring


internet freedom to the agenda and we want to make sure that high


technology is an economic factor here in New Zealand. All of that is


going to be open sourced. I have been invited to spend some time


behind the scenes with Kim Dotcom and his closest advisers as they hit


the campaign trail. Today, we will meet a breakaway political group. He


wants and needs their support if the internet party is to have any chance


of winning a seat in the upcoming election. The goal is to find out if


there is common ground for us to work together in an alliance. Kim


Dotcom was also hoping to convince the national media that his party


should be taken seriously. He received a traditional Mari welcome


but the feeling of a media circus was not lost on the mana party's


leader. Unconvinced that all of the media in this country is here to


listen to what I have two say. With the formalities over, all Kim Dotcom


had to do now is win their support. This party is about social fairness


and who in his right mind could not be for social fairness? I'm for


social fairness. The day had been a success but some still questioned


when his motivation was really coming from. Kim Dotcom says a lot


of it is down to one man, Edward Snowden. To me, he is a hero. His


sacrifice will be remembered as one of the most heroic things of our


time. He has opened the eyes of the world to injustice and because we


know about it, we can do something about it, so I'm grateful to him.


Have you spoken with him? Yes. I don't want to go into that. People


here have not always liked Kim Dotcom. At first, he was seen as a


rich foreigner using New Zealand as a safe haven `` safe haven but the


raid changed everything. He is a celebrity. We watch him on the news


and he seems like an honest person. The internet party now has more than


1000 members. While I was visiting, he invited them to the mansion. I


don't know much about the dude but in honour of his starting something


like this which seems to have good intentions, I'm willing to hopefully


find out more about it. Even with find out more about it. Even with


all of this enthusiasm and energy, Kim Dotcom's legal problems still


remain in a lot of people 's minds. Those lawsuits keep on coming and a


lot of very powerful people want to see him in jail. It seems to be the


Kim Dotcom Parties starring Kim Dotcom. Today, he did not have any


candidates beating, it was just him. Distancing themselves from their


creator would be something to look into. Kim Dotcom has the support and


the money and his own sense of unwavering belief in his innocence


but if he is forced to go to the US, none of that will matter. He faces


more than 20 years in prison. It is never going to happen. I think the


extradition will fail because copyright is not an extraditable


offence in New Zealand. They added these extra charges, you know, using


the Transnational organised crime treaty to basically sell the court a


story here that we are some kind of Mafia. And that is not going to fly.


There is no evidence to support that at all. So they are going to lose.


I'm happy. I have embraced this site now and I will see it through all


the way. Kim Dotcom describes his battle as David versus Goliath


versus Godzilla versus the dinosaurs. The question now is if


Hollywood will win its fight to put him on trial. If you have any


thoughts on what he had to say or on copyright on the internet in


general, send our way. Afraid of giving away all your personal


information? Well Facebook has unveiled an anonymous login feature


that will allow users to sign into applications without using their


identity. Those applications will then be forbidden from collecting


your personal data. Mark Zuckerberg described it as a way of testing


apps without fear. Microsoft has warned consumers that a


vulnerability in its Internet Explorer browser could let hackers


gain access and user rights to their computer. The floor accounts for


almost 50% of the global browser market. Microsoft says it will take


the great action to protect its customers. Google has announced it


has stopped scanning millions of student Gmail accounts under its


Apps for Education scheme after reports of the practice may breach


US privacy law. Google highlighted its use of such scans for


advertising purposes when it's updated its terms and conditions


last month. It also announced it would cease advertisement targeting


business and government Gmail accounts. Finally, if you are


planning a trip to North Korea or you are simply curious about the


most secretive country on earth, you will soon be able to download the


world's first North Korean travel guide app, featuring thousands of


previously unpublished photos, advice from a tour guide with a


decade of experience, a price comparison guide and even the GPS


co`ordinates of various tourism spots. The app will be available for


android and Apple devices from the 7th of May. Of all the people who


worked at Bletchley Park, this man is undoubtedly the most famous. This


is Alan Shearer in, the man who codesigned the machine that cracked


the German Enigma codes. `` Alan Turing. He is widely thought of as


one of the founding fathers of theoretical computer science and


artificial intelligence, whose work was vital to the Allied cause in


World War II and which saved countless lives. And next month


marks the 60th anniversary of his death. He took his own life after


being convicted of gross indecency in a time when being gay was still


illegal in the UK. It was only last year that he received a posthumous


royal pardon against his conviction but his place in computing history


has been known and certain for decades.


And I wonder what he would have made of the latest mystery that has


appeared online? Do not adjust your screen. These are some of the many


strange videos uploaded to YouTube by a single user in the last few


months and when I say many, I mean more than 77,000 of them. Each one


is an 11 second sequence of red and blue rectangles and these screechy


tones. In the last few days, people have started to wonder what they


could possibly mean. Several theories are doing the round. ``


doing the rounds. Could this be a hi`tech version of a number


station? Those mysterious shortwave radio broadcasts of spoken numbers


thought to be coded messages for spies listening in around the


world? Could it be part of an internet wide treasure hunt like the


notorious SIM card 3301 trial of hidden messages believed to be a


recruitment campaign for a secret agency. `` cicada. Are these


automated outputs from a piece of browser testing software that


happens to share its name with this YouTube user? Some have suggested


it's an attempt to talk to aliens. That's aliens who use YouTube, of


course. Anyway, we have been doing some digging of our own and we have


turned up some interesting stuff. Stephen Beckett is not only one of


our researchers, he is also king of his local hacking club and that


means he can peek behind the videos and analyse the code that is stuck


on the back. I was looking for patterns or anomalies in the videos


and there are so many that it's impossible to do it by hand so I


made a programme to do it for me. I found that the user had associated


their account with Switzerland and also that the videos had been posted


throughout the day and night, so it's unlikely they were doing it


themselves. A machine had been uploading it. And here is the


weirdest thing of all. Steve noticed that amongst the tens of thousands


of videos, two of them were very different indeed. Video number one


is only watchable if you pay with a French Reddit card. And it's this.


Video 1182 is this. The Eiffel Tower filmed from a nearby balcony. And


the flash of a screen. Is this the user's Facebook page? And


underneath, this comment from web driver torso itself. What do we


know? Well, there is a lot of French in this mystery. There is the Eiffel


Tower, the French video of the french fries locked behind a French


pay wall. And then there is the rest of the videos, all in the colours of


the French flag. These days, more of us are choosing


to stream or download movies, TV shows and other video content to


watch whenever we want. All this is fairly simple to do on smart phones,


tablets and computers. It's never been as easy as I would like, to get


that video on to your TV. But it is getting easier. We have been looking


at some of the options. They are now a number of small and


relatively cheap devices that can plug into a TV.


As long as the TV screen has an HDMI socket. Firstly, this little fellow.


The Chromecast from Google. But it into the socket, then connected


wirelessly to a smartphone, computer or tablet. The dongle itself does


all of the streaming with the device that acts as a road control,


pointing the box where it needs to go online. Setup is pretty simple


and takes a few minutes. `` remote control. There are two ways to get


content onto the screen. The first is by using apps that support


Chromecast. Hit the icon and away you go. There are overgrown number


of applications like TV streaming and photo sharing apps that support


the device but it is still pretty limited. But it is growing all the


time. Because the Chromecast stick is doing the streaming, the device


we used to control it, in this case at tablet, is left free to perform


other tasks. It is possible to break away from the confines of apps. You


can surf the web using the Chrome browser on your device with results


appearing on the TV. But weirdly this feature currently doesn't work


with mobile devices are not only computers. Cheap, cheerful and an


easy way of bringing some parts of the web, not all of it, to the TV.


Next, the broken stick which does much of the same job as the


Chromecast but does it in a different way. `` Roku stick. It has


this. Remote that doesn't look dissimilar to a normal TV


controller. It is simple to set up. Once that's complete, the viewer is


presented with an interface which lists the apps that the device will


work with, about 500 of them. It all feels a lot more like TV interface


at, unlike the Chromecast, this stick lacks a browser. In terms of


apps the usual suspects are present, `` are present. Searching using the


remote control can be clunky but there is a smartphone app which


makes things easier. `` app. The final device isn't a stick which


plugs into your TV but a little box that sits in front of it. Amazon


Instant Mac Fire TV has a higher specification than the two sticks we


have seen. But with that comes a higher pricetag. `` Amazon's Fire


TV. Currently only available in the US, if you don't already have an


Amazon account Fire TV takes a little bit of time to set up. Once


up and running, the user is greeted with a very slick interface, clearly


labelling the different content available. It is those `` noticeably


faster than other devices on test but that's because under the skin


lurks a processor, two GB of RAM and a dedicated GPU. Searching using the


Chromecast is pretty easy because you can make use of a tablet or


smartphone's keyboard. It is harder using the Roku stick because it has


a traditional TV remote control. Amazon Instant has a solution, which


is voice controlled search. There is a tiny microphone and if I pushed


the button... Breaking Bad. I tell Fire TV what I am looking for and it


has found it! Press OK and it delivers the content. While the


voice search does seem to function OK, at the moment it only works with


certain content providers, so it doesn't throw up every option


available on the device. This is likely to change in the not too


distant future. For an outfit like Amazon, a box that sits beneath the


TV is another chance for the retail giant. It shows promise but its


price codes produced by this thing. Press


a letter here and a pleased they let me touch it. Here


comes Kate Russell and Webscape. Weather reports have been getting it


wrong since the dawn of civilisation but now, thanks to the power of the


crowd, we might be getting closer to an accurate forecast. We zoom ``


Wezzoo is a free up that lets you see exactly what to expect from the


weather by gathering comments and photos from people who are actually


out in it. We do love to talk about the weather. It's part of the human


condition, I think. But recently, especially in the UK, there have


been some very unpredictable weather fronts. Getting the news first`hand,


including photographs of the sky, a `` would help us understand what


conditions are really like before heading out of the door. Another


weather at that uses the power of the crowd is whether is it all for


Andrew. `` WeatherSignal. You can check the conditions where you are,


including cabbage, light, pressure, and if you are using a recent model


even humidity. `` temperature. You can report your findings, building


up a picture of the weather the around world that you can view


through your handset or a browser. Another topic we think about Arlott


in this day and age is how health and there is a booming digital


industry to support this online. Lifesum is the latest act to hit my


desk, allowing you to monitor and track lifestyle to make sure you are


running along a healthy path. I did a round`up of fitness apps and


gadgets on Webscape at the end of last year and I have to say I still


find my fitness Powell, with its extensive database of foods, the


most effective tool for counting calories and nutritional intake.


That said, the Lifesum apps and browser interface have a far more


stylish design. If you upgrade to the professional version, the life


logged and lifestyle plan are for serious people who want to make


changes. Another key feature is the ability to specify a diet you are


following, like low carbs, high fat. Rozic `` pro users can get


integration with other popular apps for tracking and monitoring your


health and fitness. If all that sounds a little too


active, sit back and make sweet music with the online Multi Player


Piano. Actually, don't expect to make anything even vaguely


resembling sweet music in the open broom. It is an ivory bashing free


for all that will have most people, with even the slightest music


inclination, reaching for the earplugs! Instead, make your own


private room and invite friends to collaborate via Facebook or Twitter.


It's a fun way to pass a few minutes at lunchtime tinkling on the old


ivories. Yes, I know, don't give up the day job, Kate.


Those links are up on our website as usual. That's it for now from the ``


from Bletchley Park. Before we go, I thought I would show you something


that has been on the BBC News tech website this week. What do you think


happens when you take a team of flying robots and get them to move


so precisely that they can make sweet music? `` flying hex rotor


robots. I will leave you with the answer. Thanks for watching. See you


next time. With clear skies for many to start


the weekend, it will be chilly. Even a touch of frost first thing. It


will lead to a mostly dry day, with sunny spells that time. More cloud


towards the west. That will continue to build as it moves further inland,


taking grain across Northern Ireland. Perhaps a few spots for


west Wales,


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