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Click travels to Malawi and Japan to look at a project that hopes to use walking to create a new digital currency.

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This week, walking around the world for Wonga. Quantum computers and


light Sabre, action.


How would you like to earn money just by doing this? Walking about.


But, very soon, it may become a thing.


Dan Simmons has been given exclusive access to a new global currency project


which is backed by some big investors and means if you can walk, you can earn money.


You can simply make money by walking. Step goes up, step goes up,


I make more money. It's a big change in life. Do you


believe it? I believe it because it is happening here. The temptation to


make walking a day job. Where will they walk to? Currently they are all


walking to work. So we had that crazy idea that


since we are walking so much, And since we didn't find anyone who


actually does that, we decided to create an app that allows anyone to


generate money by simply walking. It is a crazy idea


from two crazy guys. Last year's project, a $7 USB


stick that acts like a computer, went from one school in Nairobi,


to now being used in 87 countries. Now they have schmoozed $10 million


from Japanese investors to create Unlike bitcoins,


the bitwalking dollar won't be mine It will be generated


by human movement. Like today's wristbands and fitness


trackers, the go app counts the steps you take, shows how many


bitwalking dollars you make and By now you have probably had


the same thought is me. It uses GPS tracking,


motion type and speed sensing, and it caps what humans can


reasonably do, limiting earnings to But you will be able to buy extra


bitwalking dollars to make that big And depending on who you buy from,


that could make a huge impact. We have come to show you the


bitwalking app. We are walking and making money. Individuals will come


to you with their phone and you will see they have a balance. They have X


amount of bitwalking dollars, right? Now, you would be able to sell these


dollars, OK, on the international market and then they will send you


real currency to a PayPal account, your back account will set that up.


They build then use those bitwalking dollars to top up their account, so


they can purchase something in the market. OK.


Malawi stands on the verge of a food crisis.


The average rural income is $1.50 a day.


And the President's platitudes were swiftly followed up by a 10% tax


Nobody is suggesting that bitwalking will sort this out any time soon.


A growing but still small number own smartphones here.


But for those few it could make a difference.


This is how most people make their money in Malawi, through


agriculture. But we think we have found somebody making money through


IT could double the amount they earn. There is the possibility of


earning $26 a month. Salim walks two hours a day to teach


technology in the local school. We take walking is as simple


as nature. But this time it will change


my life because as I will be walking Creating a new currency is


a careful balancing act. If the money behind it runs out,


it falls over. But bitwalking will start


in just a few countries. It has a big partner in Japanese


electronics giant Murata, whose staff actually do this


exercise every morning. They are also making


a bitwalking bracelet to do away And there's evidence that you do not


too much cash to get people on Japan's largest convenience store,


Lawson, has a scheme that pays workers


just $50 a year to keep fit and eat Like this scheme,


bitwalking dollars will only be initially be able to spent


in one store, an online one which Crucially, giving employers,


sports brands, health insurance companies, or anyone who has


an interest in getting us moving, to join this scheme and accept


the dollars will be the real test. But let's not forget the wealth


of information a project Retailers want to get to know


us personally more than ever. Details about our daily routines,


well, that could be And one of the main reasons that


bitwalking may actually succeed. Concerns around privacy and security


are being taken seriously. Whether


a currency that can be endlessly printed by walking can succeed will


make this an interesting experiment, as it launches this weekend


across several countries, including Dan, please tell me you did what all


the way from Japan to Malawi OK.


Sounds like an exciting scheme. But I have to wonder what really is


in it for the backers, for the people pouring loads


of money into this? Yeah, it's about being part


of something that will probably be The project is about environmental


beliefs, it's about social equity, A lot of the companies thought to be


backing this scheme, who will come on board, will be insurance


companies, They'll want to be associated


with something like this. And it will be in their interest


because we will maybe buy more Well, if we're walking we're going


to need more trainers, right? The other thing that strikes me is


that at the moment bitwalking dollars can


only be spent on the online store. This thing lives or dies by


which companies are willing to give Yeah, it's whether people want what


is on the store and whether there is enough of these products to satisfy


demand, depending on how quickly people start earning


these bitwalking dollars. These are the early days


of a new currency, a new idea. We're not sure it's going to get


off the ground or not. If it does, great, if it doesn't,


that will be an Achilles heel. Can you fake it? Yes, we tried. Some


of the earlier versions you can. They say they will look at the speed


in which you travel, the location, where you have gone to and from and


also you can't have multiple accounts. So we won't have an army


of people all walking and pain in Bitwalking dollars? We spoke to a


farmer. They had about 25 cars. If you put one of these on each cow


they could all be earning at the same time! There is an idea! You


would need 100 smartphones. In Malawi that's a tall order.


Cheers. Ta-ra.


Time for a quick tech news round-up. This is the week a zone project shut


down. Talking, the company behind it, raised ?2 million, promising


back as a small smartphone controlled zone Dull on. But it only


fulfilled some of its pre- orders. -- controlled drone. I beat you wish


to your phone is charged quicker. The latest phone battery tech has


been unveiled. It charges your mobile to nearly half its power in


under five minutes. That's ten times faster than current smartphones.


Music streaming is being streamlined. Many companies are


slimming down their music offering. Pandora has bought RDO. Microsoft is


laying its player to rest and a Apple has shut down its music


player. This phase with tears of joy is the year's most used emoji in the


world. I am feeling very emojinal about that. That's round off the


week with a successful crowdfunding story. Would anyone invest in the


speakers? $3 million says yes. Cat ears aside, it's a speaker-


headphone combination, something rarely seen on sale, perhaps for


good reason. It does look rather heavy. In the UK it has been anti-


bullying week this week. It is a sad fact that as our online activities


grope, so do the opportunities for cyber bullying. We have been looking


at some of the ways we can help protect our kids from it. As a


parent of a three-year-old I can already imagine the concern when my


daughter gets online. And, with over half of UK children saying they have


experienced cyber bullying, with 8% saying it happens so many times they


have lost count, it seems with good reason. IMT can look at some of the


latest tech that could come to the rescue. -- I am taking a look.


This application has-been released this week. Once a school signed up


to using it in either a parent or a child can anonymously report any


incidents of bullying. It could be something that happens at school or


out of school, including cyber bullying. Once reported, a mental or


will be the details and will either send it by themselves or reported to


a teacher. Of course it is not just about reporting problems. In an


ideal world situations would be seen early enough that you can prevent


issues. A new tool called Online Them could do that. It keeps across


social network use, so parents can spot if there's a problem by being


presented with an alert. It isn't a matter of watching everything the


child is typing, it still gives them freedom and privacy, it should let


you know if there's a problem. Twitter described their service as


not directed at children under 13 and Facebook and Instagram have a 13


plus policy. So I'm sure there are plenty of times Mum or dad want to


know what's going on. The website fully launches later this month.


First, a child must accept an invitation for access, then it will


alert parents to any questionable activity, so worrying trigger words,


new friends they might not know in the real world and time spent online


will all be available for parents, both in real-time alerts and through


monthly reports. It will also create alerts if a child changes their date


of birth or is talking to someone in a different geographical location,


which could seem strange. I am now joined by the company's CEO, James


Blake. One of the biggest challenges is getting the child to agree for


you to look into the account. What we find is if you have those


conversations and you give children access to social media on the --,


then they are more willing to engage with you. Surely the child willing


to give access to their parent is the child in my talk to their parent


anyway? That's a good point and that's why we are keen to spread the


word on this. A lot of parents to think of social media as a threat,


at that happens now. This is currently UK only and will cost ?5 a


month. Internationally, quite a few products include ways for parents to


keep across their kids' social media better and of course many like a


closer look at all their kids' Web access. Using parental control


software that can also block unsuitable content. This is a


Bluetooth device. It connects this to this. It is not always the


parents who want to do something. This group of 11 -year-olds at a


Dublin school created this Bluetooth wristband. If a pupil feels


bullied, a simple press send an alert to the teacher's phone and it


will record the time and date of the incident, so it can be discussed at


a suitable moment. For now it is just a prototype that they do hope


for funding to launch it in the real world.


Unless you have been living in a galaxy far away you should know


there is a new Star Wars movie on the horizon... What do you mean you


don't have one of these? Not only is the about about to a weekend but


there is a brand-new video game coming out. This has made me a very


happy nerf herder. Fire up your light Sabre. -- lightsabre. Dispatch


rebels gun. I used to do this in the playground as the six-year-old. Now


I can do it from my living room. In Battlefront you can assume the role


of soldiers loyal to Palpatine. Or, if you are on the side of the good


guys, you can join the rebellion. This game is more about combat on a


huge scale. You can play against AI opponents, but that isn't as fun. It


is better to play on line with up to 40 players. One minute it is all


kicking off on Hoff and the next you are underneath a transport as it


powers overhead. Classic locations from the Star Wars universe provide


the battleground, but they aren't the only familiar thing. Heroes and


villains from the movies appear as well. Crucially, you can play as


then. There is something undeniably fun about deflecting blaster bolts


using the lightsaber or taking to the skies with a jet pack. Just


letting loose with the dark side of the force is fun as well.


(LAUGHING). That almost makes up for the Phantom Menace. Why, George,


why? Almost. It falls to the dark side with the lack of locations. It


is likely there will be more in the future, but only Yoda will be able


to predict if the downloadable content costs more to purchase. The


player can also take charge of vehicles. Like this ferociously fast


speeder bike which takes a bit of getting used to. Or, you can have a


spacecraft battle. While it may be easy to get cocky after early


victories, aerial combat is nothing like dusting crops back home, and


truly takes a while to master. And, as this is essentially a game


without a story, it keeps things interesting by introducing a myriad


of different game modes, like capture the flag and allowing for


customisation of the character. You get more things to customise with by


completing tasks. The rebel bombers have pinpointed your location. While


I enjoyed playing the characters from the movies, encounters with


them can be difficult. The force is strong with this game. It is fast,


frenetic, and full of style, that will impress Jedi and Sith alike. It


comes to consoles and computers. This grown man could not be happier


that I can play with my friends in the comfort of my living room. 100


years ago, this week, Albert Einstein unveiled his general theory


of relativity. One of the most groundbreaking, spacewalking pieces


of thinking ever. He studied and later returned to work here in


zero, at the Swiss Fred rural Institute of Technology. I have come


to see some pictures of the man before he was a legend. -- Federal.


This was a picture of him graduating. What is most amusing is


that in the third year, in practical physics, Albert Einstein scored a


one, that is often. -- bottom. The theory is not that he was bad and


physics by that he did not want to turn up. That is a bad haircut. He


was a contrarians spirit. I think he did not like to be told what to do.


-- contrarian. People told him, it is a closed science, we know almost


everything. Almost. That is the magic word. There were very funny


things people could not explain, like an experiment that shows that


light travels in the same speed no matter the direction. Esau in that


the possibility that everything we knew was wrong. -- He saw in. There


was a tiny crack and he took a tool, opens that crack, and opened a new


horizon for humanity. That is the most important thing. What are the


theories of special and general relativity? I would love to put them


in a nutshell for you but to do so I would need to accelerate at close to


the speed of light. Science joke. Maybe it is enough to say they have


shaped our understanding of the universe, of the calls, of the big


brain. -- blackholes. -- bang. He didn't stop there, he developed


quantum physics, a weird world, where things can be two things at


once or be in two places at one. But he himself found the whole area far


too weird. So I wonder what he would have made of what is in this


laboratory. This is a laser table. You expect me to talk? No, Mr Bond,


I expect you to die. That felt weird... Was that supposed to feel


weird? Was that my mind? And I do it again? What does it do? -- can I. It


changes the shape of an atom. This is the tool we use to control


information. Why do we do it? Why? We like playing with quantum


mechanics. This is a quantum computer. Believe it or not it is a


very basic one. Quantum computers deal with data in a different way to


normal computers. Instead of using its that are either zero or wine,


these use quantum bits, they are both zero and one at the same time.


Weird... What kind of problems with a quantum computer be able to deal


with that a classical computer could not? One of the extent of problems


is cryptography, big numbers that you cannot process in a computer.


Some algorithms in a quantum computer can break into these


numbers in a way that a classical computer can never do. And these are


quantum bits. They are calcium atoms that can each be in two shapes at


the same time. See, I told you this was weird. A chain of these canned,


in theory, solve a problem extremely weekly by considering all possible


solutions at the same time and jumping to the correct answer in one


step. -- can. -- quickly. How close are we? This whole laboratory


operates a quantum transistor many times. We need a million of them to


get to a quantum computer. You need to shrink this down. Quite a bit.


OK. What would Einstein have made of this? She did not like the basic


laws of one to mechanics. And we have them here in this laboratory


under control. -- He. -- quantum. It may have set him at ease or made him


more uncomfortable. Would you like to come in so you can say, look at


this. -- him to come. That is enough quantum for Click, I think. I still


have not found Schrodinger's cat though. MEOW.


Some of us might have had some wintry weather overnight.


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