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It's the Click Xmas special. Around the festive table there's Daleks, cocktails, robot racing and a capella singing. Plus camera gadgets to take on Safari.

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Have we got a present for you? There will be bouncing, bracing, knitting,


shaking and... It was the week before Christmas and


all through the house that team assembled at the click of a mouse.


Presence were shared, opened and praised to a great festive special


many a glass was raised. -- presents. Hello and welcome to the


Christmas special! Everyone is here, all the outfits and colours are


here. If you are wondering where LJ Rich is, she is here! Listen, apart


from the beautiful playing you have something else that will introduce a


vote of festive cheers? It is this. The a cappella app. That is truly


amazing. That is a beautiful thing. All singing in harmony. It is quite


fun to do. I know six people who would like to have a go at that and


be awful at it. Shall we? Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the


way... Babababab, jingle bells, jingle bells. ALL SING.


That is pretty special. You know who would be really good at that? It is


a shame he is not here. Dave Lee. Who is all the way in San Francisco!


But, fortunately, he is here the magic of technology! Come here.


Merry Christmas, everyone! Look at you! I am loving your wheels. Thank


you very much. I've lost a bit of weight. Earlier this year we all


went to South Korea and Dave, as well as your cutting edge tech


journalism, you did something extra special for our Christmas programme.


Tell us about it. I don't know if you have ever heard of Muck Bang, it


is about getting on camera, eating lots of food and generally being


crazy. I went to Korea and I did some of that with one of the guest


webcam stars in Korea. We had a lot of fun and an awful lot of bad food.


Yes, this is what happened. Good. Let's do it. Three, two, one.


Hello. What are we going to cook? That's a big sausage. This is going


in? Now we're talking. That smells very strong. No!


LAUGHS. Oh, no! What's happened? OK. OK, Dave. Dave! Brocade. I'll try


that. -- OK. You try some. Oh, God... I don't know how you


could possibly lose weight, having done that. You will notice that I


didn't exactly eat much of the food, kindly prepared for me by BJ


Biryong. Watching that back reminds me of how awful I felt that morning.


It was... Yeah, it wasn't particularly tasty. I'm not sure I


would make a very good Korean Muck Bang star. If I was, I might go for


something like a bacon sandwich. Something easy to eat. And maybe not


bouncing on a trampoline straight afterwards after. Thank you! Merry


Christmas! That's Davey, everyone! OK, reverse. Now, that's made me


thirsty. Fortunately... He can't see how far he is going back. Let's give


it a moment. There we go! Good. Right, who fancies a drink after


that? Fortunately, Mark has been mixing something special for us over


there. What I'm going to do is the perfect festive tipple with the aid


of this, which is a very posh set of scales which plugs into a tablet.


All you do is select the drink that you want to make from this enormous


list. You've got the ingredients. Make sure you've got all of those


before you start. Build. Basically, it tells you how much of an


ingredient you need to add. As it's a scale it is measuring how much of


any one of the liquids I am pouring in. This is the clever bit. If I


pour too much of any of the ingredients in, the app recalculate


and figures out how much of the other ingredients I need to add so


that the drink is absolutely perfect. It can even suggest drinks


based on the information you tell it about ingredients you have in your


cupboards. I might not be a cocktail palm and to do at least now have the


perfectly measured drink. -- barman. There you go. Get your laughing gear


around that. Fantastic. Thank you. Ah, yeah. I detect a hint of irony.


Thank you. Just a dash of sarcasm on the side. Spencer, stop what you're


doing. I've got a present for you. It is just underneath this. I.e.


Ready for the big reveal? I wondered what that was. You might be shocked.


What does it do please? If you could place the hearing. Ho, ho, ho, I


have a treat for you. Merry Christmas. See you next time. Love


you. It reads out tweets? That's right. It is looking at Twitter and


taking any tweets from the BBC that says Merry Christmas and reading


that out. Fantastic. Powell? Internet is a recipe pie. -- how? It


is connected to the internet. Did you write the code? Yes. That's


proper dedication to something so freaky. If you like it that much,


you can get your own recipe pie. It cost four quid and it will let you


make one of those. The same functionality. Fantastic! I am


flabbergasted. Let's keep it switched on and see if anyone tweets


us. Spencer... I've got a present for


you. I hope you like it. Here I go. Stop looking. You still don't know


what it is. It's a white box, thank you so much. This company aims to


use ethically sourced materials but instead of having to replace your


phone every couple of years because it has separate components that you


can easily change you should just be able to replace parts when they


break. Wow. You can easily open it, see you can see how they come apart.


You have to slide the two Bluebeard at the bottom. The screen comes off,


the battery can be easily changed and you can even replace the camera.


Why don't you try and take a photo? Let's do that. Say cheese!


Beautiful. Well, it is the holiday season, so everyone will be snapping


away. You've been away recently, Dan? Yes. I've been to Africa.


Testing some new camera kit. Before we do that, we do a version of this


programme in Farsi. We thought we would have a bit of a competition


while on safari in Malawi. To see who has the best camera gadgets. We


didn't really want to carry bulky cameras. And we want to see who has


the best shots. But gay. We won? BOTH: Me! -- OK.


Monkey! We've taken to the water to see who can take the best wildlife


shot with a smartphone and we've both those in some top gadgets to


help with that. First up, the DXO1. You just plug it


in. It fires up, click the lens hood and you are ready to shoot with all


of the options of a larger camera, including full manual control. I can


zoom in, in manual mode, and I've got full control of the shutter


speed, I get a low depth of field, really professional style shot. The


DXO1's Twenty20 is -- megapixel shots are stored on a USB card,


while a smaller version is said to your mobile for sharing. It features


a three-time optical zooms I can get closer without losing any


resolution. And the shutter speed can capture any fast moving action.


You didn't tell me how much it costs. $599. Almost as much as the


phone! OK, it's a little bit pricey, but three times zoom. If you are


after zoom, I've got something that will give you great zoom and it


works with any phone. She has found a snap zoom. You will need a pair of


binoculars for this. Just snapped them on to one side and fix your


phone onto the other. Now she has got the equivalent of a dig, Elke


telephoto lens. -- big, bulky. I just can't get close enough. I've


got the perfect shots. That's your full shot. Mine is


better but I'm further away. Very nice. But is that a screwdriver


you're fiddling with? Yes. It's awkward and fiddly, isn't it? It's


cheap, just $50. While you've been fidd well that, you've missed all


the wildlife. You've hardly taken a shot. Actually, no. I already 100


shots of the beautiful wildlife. Uh-huh.


This is the lesser-spotted snapcam. Snap it once for a photo and twice


to start videoing. This connects wirelessly to your phone so you can


easily feed your hungry social media accounts. Live streaming to YouTube


is expected next year. Supereasy to use. You can be busy


doing what you're doing and just take the shot. But the only thing is


all of these shots are quite wide, so the wildlife that we're out here


to see, you can't really take a picture of it. Well, that's the


choice you've got to make. Do you want to be present in the wildlife


and occasionally capture the memory on this or do you want some


artistic, decent shots? Both the snapcam and the DX 01 seemed


power-hungry, lasting just a couple of hours. So I've brought along the


world's thinnest solar charger to power up for the last chance at the


perfect shot. Time to agree on who has won.


Look at that. I mean that's a great shot of the elephants. That's an


amazing shot. Yeah, that's nice, but you couldn't zoom as much as I did.


Look how lose I got. It's just a bit of plastic there. It's just $50!


# Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer # Had a shiny nose


# But it was hard to text on... That's a sick outfit. I was a bit on


the sleeve but you can't tell. Your jumper is delightful. Thank you. I


designed it myself. Really? Well, sort of... I didn't want to risk


having the same jumper as you, so I went to customise my clothes just by


moving the mouse. It uses the same concept as 3D printing so it's as


cost effective to make 100 unique designs as it would be to make 100


of the same jumper. It's connected to industrial knitting machines in


Central London where the pattern prints out in a matter of hours.


Knit wear is delicate work and you still have to do the finishing


touches by hand and it's finished! At ?200 for a marino wool jumper, it


might not be for everyone, but you do get a custom label.


# Ork, the weather outside is delightful


# But the fire is so delightful # And since there's no place to go


# Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!


Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas, Spencer. Merry Christmas. A hessian


sack. I haven't seen one of these since I jumped about in infant


school in one. Proper presents! Look at this! Unwrap! Unwrap! Incoming


present! Present is Dalek. Present is Dalek. Exterminate! One thing you


need to be able to do on Christmas Day is exterminate your relatives!


That's marvellous. I'll tidy that up later. That's beautiful. Because you


got so excited about this last week... Right. Not that I want to


spoil the surprise for you, I had a word with Santa and he managed to


find this very, um, sought-after... BB-8, everybody. I had a real one


last week and a toy one this time. That's the best reaction to a


present I've ever had. What? The raspberry? Inductive charging base,


trade wear, skill wear, hardware! It's got it all. And it's


app-controlled. I tried it out and I have to say my cat loves lifting its


head off by theary corral. She thinks it's the best one in the


world. That's fantastic. Look at this. It's got three modes. It's got


an explore mode, so you set it off and it explores and maps your areas


on -- area on its own. Have you to block off stairs and things like


that because it's not terribly intelligent about not going down the


stairs. It's got the drive mode where you can basically control it


and drive it your your smartphone app and it sends a holographic


message. No way! Like, "Help me, Spenley-wan-clickobi! You're my only


hope!" I'm so glad we rehearsed that. So this moves. That moves.


Race? Only one way to decide. Robot race. Race!


3, 2, 1... Go! On the south coast of England, the


royal citadel, a military base with a very unusual recruit. My job is to


hunt it down, dramatically. Overdramatically! Yes, it's a Dalek


that lives with the army. And not just any home-made Dalek, a Dalek


that was made by the Royal Citadel's vicar for a children's holiday club.


Now where would I find said vicar dressed as a Dalek? Ah... Finally,


we meet. Hello. Hello. You are in there? Yep. Can I help you off with


this? You most certainly can. OK. Here we go. I can't believe I'm


doing this. Wow. E! Oh! That's better. Oh, my word. What a...


Beautiful thing. Oh, my goodness. It's a mobility scooter that you've


modified. Absolutely. I'm counting on this in my old age, yeah, yeah.


You have actually weaponised this, haven't you? He fires a lethal dose


of carbon dioxide from a fire extinguisher. How you fit that in


there, I don't know. It is a bit of a problem. It did get me in trouble


once, actually. I was reading lines from inside the Dalek with a torch


and so on and I exterminated somebody with the CO2, and then


reached for my line but unfortunately the whole Dalek had


filled up with kids. The padre has done Davros proud. The thing really


zips along. But mind your ground clearance, vicar, are you might --


or you might lose your skirt. Ooh! That's gotta hurt! We're grounded!


Here it is - our exploded Dalek. The shell is made from MDF sat atop that


scooter with the shortened wheel base. Now we're going to put this


back together and then I'm going to get my Christmas wish. I'm going to


drive the Dalek. Front, back, front, you've got the front. Right, I only


need one more thing to become a Dalek. A chair. There you go. In you


go. Ha! Ha! I am a Dalek! I am a Dalek! I am a Dalek! Wow! Woo-hoo!


Wow, this is quite terrifying because all I can kind of see is


grey. Maybe this is why they went round exterminating everyone. They


just couldn't see properly and they needed things out of their way.


Right. Time to find out what the human soldiers here at the Citadel


make of their wheelie new recruit. Do not exterminate me. I am your new


recruit. Sorry. I was trying to extend my


plunger. Oh, well. Time for a good


old-fashioned briefing and a nice group hug.


After that, we'll be split into three sections... Looking forward to


going out on manoeuvres. I'm getting quite good at reverse. Have you


quite finished? Oh, I can't see. The vision's impaired. Pay attention to


the brief. Thank you. # I'm gonna spend my Christmas with


a Dalek # And hug it underneath the


mistletoe... Hairy toun! Did I miss anything? Sorry. Oh! Is that it? Are


we finished? Good. Right. End of programme. Thank you so much for


watching our Click-mas Special. On behalf of all of us, have a


brilliant festive season, goodbye and we'll see you in 2016. Merry


Christmas! Merry Christmas! # Hope you don't have to do the


dishes # Fa-la-la-la


# May your batteries last all day # Have a lovely holiday #


Fa-la-la-la-la! Ho-ho-ho, merry Christmas. You're


watching Click. Ho-ho-ho. Goodbye. Kiss-kiss.


Hello. Some rain around through Saturday but the main thing is the


Hello. Some rain around through Saturday but the main thing is the


temperatures. It is crazily mild out there. Where is the cold air? Coming


down from


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