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This week, the coolest history lesson in history. The smallest car


race in the world. And we are with the Doctor as something goes bump in


the night. School, it has changed a lot since I


went through the mangle all those years ago. Many. Years ago. School


buildings may look the same but technology has been infusing


education for some time. We have smart whiteboards, increasing use of


instead of textbooks, but also there instead of textbooks, but also there


are some systems which mean the way kids learn and are taught is


changing completely. It seems many tech giants want to become part of


education. After all, an early introduction to their brands may one


day at up to a greater number of users. Microsoft this week launched


its education offering which includes a new version of Windows


called Windows S, a budget surplus pro in various colours and some


treats to its office applications. Apple's teaching tool Classroom had


a face-lift last month and now offers mortals the teachers, but


before both of these came Google classroom. Today I am finding out


more about it from the director of learning at training secondary


online system the past 18 months to online system the past 18 months to


teach and monitor the student' progress. Today I am learning about


the Galapagos Islands and the lesson Chris has constructed


looks more engaging than my old looks more engaging than my old


textbooks. But tech can do a lot more than provide media rich lesson


plans. We are able to personalise what we do more than before. We can


take them to different resources available on the system. Every


student's learning journey will be different. Taking teaching online


means teachers have more access to children's individual learning data


and even their thought processes. This browser extension lets the


teacher watch how an essay was written and refined. If I have a


student who in preparation for exams is not constructing paragraphs


correctly I can say let's look at how you constructed your particular


paragraph. What did you do? Where did you develop it? What can we do


differently? If it is maybe two or three paragraphs and they spend so


long on the first one, I can also say this is how long you spend on


the first one, half an hour, Yuri spent part five minutes on the


second and third. The kids also seem to like it. Lots of time we can


still work at home and teachers can still be there on our thing and see


how much we have done. If the teacher doesn't believe you have


spent the required amount of time on the home work, you can say I did,


look at the edit history. It is so much quicker, handing in work, you


can hand it in and within 20 minutes have it back. Using online tools and


data is one way to enhance learning in schools. But Lara Lewington has


been looking at other tech which promises to change how children


learn completely. VR, robots, holograms, it was not


like this in my day! At the Best Can extrication show, we saw some of the


most cutting edge ideas heading to the classroom soon. Over the last


few months I have seen quite a few devices that bring together the idea


of kids coding and toys, aiming to make it more fun, but good old Lego


have gone a step further. They are trying to recreate real life


situations where robots would be used so that children can find


problems and then find a solution. The mission we have here is for a


space robot which needs to move around the space base, collecting


these pieces together and taking them back to one place. Obviously,


the coding should do that bit. Using the Dragon drop box to create


sequences that carry out actions as part of the learning process, as


science is being taught at the same time. But brick so's vision of what


can be learned is quite different. This is a way to bring your existing


Lego set to life. It has some LED lights, a sense that, and these


locks conduct electricity! From there you can create what ever


spreading, moving, lighting functions create your fancy. But


this use of technology is not just about teaching ICT, this adaptive


learning is about employing new methods of teaching traditional


classes. The teacher guides the experience but the student... This


is Google Expedition. Jenny is going to play the part of a teacher, she


will talk through what we are looking at in the goggles. It


represents all of you... The pictures are amazing. Looking at the


difference between the healthy and smoker's lungs I think we'll stick


with them. The idea of an image in your mind is easier to maintain than


someone talking. My issue is actually with the idea of the


goggles. They are fine for a couple of minutes but then I feel the urge


to take them off, I can't imagine wearing them for a full lesson. Many


of these ideas will be picked up by individual schools, but although the


ideas and devices are out there the challenge comes in making them


available to the masses. That is something that one not-for-profit


Finland, a country considered to Finland, a country considered to


have one of the worlds best education systems, is to overcome. I


would say education is when of the few big industries that is still


waiting to be disrupted. One of the biggest challenges in the system is


that it is based on the ideas of the industrial world. It is teaching


everyone to be the same. In tomorrow's world it is crucial to be


individual. One idea turns things on its head. Focusing not simply on new


ways of teaching but firstly analysing how we learn. I am on my


way to maths class which should cause me some concern because I'm


not sure I remember that much from school. But with this class


everybody is having their own private lesson. The teacher does not


stand up and project their voice to start the session, the kids take


their places at computers where AI will take them through the lesson.


This artificial intelligence system aims to teach each pupil at their


own pace and in the way that suits them best. Constantly gets to know


them better and track in their process. The purpose of this machine


is to learn how your brain learns and then utilise that data, is


constantly adapts to provide them with a top tier education at every


moment. And then take that data and offer it to the teacher in reason


real-time. Here the student generates the data. It is provided


in real-time to teachers, they can intervene when necessary and they


can spend more time on human interaction with the student, the


pastoral care they need to provide. Teachers can share their content


around the world with other people using the system. Any given subject


could have numerous options machine can select from based on the


student's focus and learning levels. And if they choose to manually


switch it tracks and considers their preferences to. What you feel are


the chances? If you're not to share on question, it is easier to have a


human explain it to you. But the commute pewter makes it as easy as


possible. While I can see the benefits, there is one


on my mind. That is the amount of on my mind. That is the amount of


screen time. We have had plenty of teachers not just parents, saying do


we want them staring at the screen? The answer is not binary. That is


important. We don't think teachers should be replaced, we need more


teachers, but we think they should spend their time teaching inspiring,


imparting knowledge of a stubbed it they really understand. There is no


shortage of ideas yet naturally putting them to the test requires


people willing to take the chance on them. Clearly the idea of technology


giving an overhaul to how we educate our kids does not seem far away.


Welcome to the week in Tech. It was the week that Elon musk talked about


tunnels again. He has proposed underground network where your car


is shuttled from A to B on an electric skate that could go up to


130 mph. The name of it, the boring company. It was also the users of


what set were asked what is happening after the service went


down for several hours around the world. The bank accounts of O2


customers in Germany were drained after the S S seven mobile telecoms


system was hacked. We covered their vulnerability last year. In Sweden


and the world's fastest camera has been developed. It can capture 5


trillion images per second. Others, typically get 100,000. Instead of


captured an image is one it captures several at once and pieces them


together into video. It can be used to video things like brain activity


and chemical reactions. Finally, innovative help robots run better,


this ostrich like bot can sprint up to ten mph and can self balance


without the need for sensors or computer processing. A single motor


drives its legs forwards in an elliptical motion in jet and more


power when it feels resistance. It has a mind of its own! Everyone down


to the pub for a swift half, a game of bar billiards and a battle with


giant bugs. The perfect evening. There are a couple of things you


always find in a British pub. Number one, pints of beer. In some drinking


shops there are distractions like darts. And of course virtual reality


find your pint? The big problem for find your pint? The big problem for


most people with virtual reality is space. You don't have the space in a


normal sized living room to play the ER games properly. The headsets have


cables attached which you can trip over and then you have furniture and


walls to bang into. That is where pubs come in. Pubs are generally


bigger than the house you live in so there is no problem with space. And


they afford you the opportunity for truly social virtual reality


experience is because people can see what you are doing. So the wars in


here are green. That means the spectators watching me play can see


the environment I am in and if I back myself up to them I feel they


are soft. They are padded, so payers cannot injure themselves if they get


too energetic and throw themselves around. It is like a soft play area


for adults. The combination of public house and virtual reality is


the brainchild of these guys, they have used their backgrounds in


satellite technology, IT and engineering to create this setup.


What made you think that VR and pubs when together? We wanted to do a VR


arcade, but finding arcades have a stale and outdated image. So we were


looking for a good venue to do looking for a good venue to do


virtual reality in public. When you are involved with alcohol there is


always a degree of risk to the gear and the equipment. So we have had to


rig up our nurses so that if people fall over they do not damage


themselves, the harness also protect the headsets so they don't fall on


the ground. Enough talk. Time to try out the specially designed VR rake.


We have it plugged into this seat belt arrester system. It will catch


you if you fall. In order to make it safe, it is crucial that cables are


kept out of the way. I have a harness I have to put on. It goes on


there. And then we put this in at the back. And now, no matter how


much you turn around, the cable will not get caught. An ingenious


solution to the cable problem. Now I've played tonnes of games in VR


before, and as always I am immediately transported from the


space I was in into this sewer. Zombies coming from pretty much


every direction. Gunn shot reload, reload! You don't really notice the


cable you are wearing out the harness. I thought you would but I


don't notice it at all. So what have you discovered about the kind of


games that are best in this environment? Our rule of thumb is


any more than one button is to constipated. Most of the people


playing have never played VR before and it is enough of a surprise for


them to find themselves in the game, you don't want them to have to


remember six or seven button combinations as well. Double your


gun, double your fine! So this is where nice simple games can be


demonstrated. Wave shooter. Waves and waves of bad guys trying to


attack me. The aim is simple. Fight them off. How do people fare when


they have been in VR after a couple of drinks? It's a bit like playing


pool. You get progressively better and then lots worse suddenly. It's


really frantic. I don't think I could stand blogger than five


minutes because I am getting really hot! And I'm dead. Well, it is


turn to order at the bar. Now, does turn to order at the bar. Now, does


this look like a racetrack to you? Does this look like a car? Last


weekend six teams took to the track in Toulouse in France for the


world's first Nano car race. The Nano cars are specially designed


molecules which are invisible to the human eye. Nano things are very


small. One nanometre is 30,000 times thinner than human hair.


Six teams competed, representing France, Switzerland, Japan, Germany,


the USA and there was a joint US and Austrian team. The tiny race track


for most teams was maimed of gold. This is because it is so soft its


service can be made extremely flat, as in not even an atom out of place.


That takes some time to prepare. Once the Nano cars were in position


on the track, the teams used the tip of a scanning, tunnelling microscope


to propel the vehicles with tiny electric charges. They had 30 hours


to raise 100 nanometres and back. Six teams started with no guarantee


they would all finish. But there is historical precedent.


In the end, it took one team only 90 minutes to finish the race. But they


did use a different track. If we had used the gold it would have been


silver service which is actually silver service which is actually


slower, so we slowed it down, so we could control it better around the


pylon. We never revealed the structure of our car until race day.


There was no requirement to. We worked so hard to come up with these


design features we did not feel we wanted to reveal that to the world


until race day. Looking at their cars, we knew they were going to be


a little bit slower because, number one, they were very big. The higher


the molecular weights, the harder to move it. Number two, they had


aromatic wheels, we knew that would slow them down. Even though it was


then a 30 hour race, we knew we then a 30 hour race, we knew we


would finish much faster than that. The second team to finish raced on


the standard gold course and took over seven hours. The organisers


decided to declare both the Swiss team and the US Austrian team joint


winners as they raced in different circumstances. The tech used in the


race will help improve the imaging capabilities of the world's most


powerful microscopes and the car design process has pharmaceutical


applications for making designer molecules. As it was, in the world's


first banner race, every team will have plenty of thinking to take back


to their tiny drawing boards. Now, you may remember last year we


tickled your earbuds with something called binaural sound. This is a way


of recording audio so you listen back through headphones and the


sounds sound like they are coming from 3-D space. It turns out someone


was listening. Not just someone, but the Doctor. He invited Kate Russell


have a look. Why me? You're have a look. Why me?


physically the biggest. Maybe as the physically the biggest. Maybe as the


central heating. Oh, sorry. Did not mean to scare you. Unlike a new


episode of Doctor Who that uses binaural sound to get inside your


head. I have come to south Wales where the episode Not Knock was


filmed. In this spooky looking house the Doctor investigates some strange


noises. What is going on? Using binaural sound the show's produces


can ramp up the fright factor by placing sound effects all around the


listener so they feel like they are inside the room with the actors. If


you see a normal digital audio work station everything is layering


tracks. But we can see those tracks on the computer as objects, like you


are looking down on a Rome, so you can see these dots with a cross


showing where the axis is. When they are put through into the BBC


renderer, then you can see where those sounds are hanging in 3-D


space. To mix periods the binaural effect you must be using stereo


headphones. Even a top of the range 5.1 surround sound system won't


deliver the results because the microscopic time delays are vital to


creating the 360 degrees immersive effect. That was super scary and


spooky and atmospheric. Very subtle. You are expecting the kind of


sideshow act of jumping around sound that wows you, that is not what this


is about. This is a subtle experience of placing you in a


three-dimensional soundscape. The reason why this episode lends itself


so brilliantly to the binaural mix is because is it is playing with the


horror genre and the tropes of that. A lot of what makes things scary is


what you do not see. Building up the atmosphere to that moment of scare.


That Israeli what the audience are looking for. We were told 3-D TV


did not happen. So why should this did not happen. So why should this


binaural is taking off now is binaural is taking off now is


because we are in the age of the smartphone and tablets. People are


consuming their media with headphones. The headphones are


hugely popular. Even in my family, hugely popular. Even in my family,


my kids will sit down watching their own content with a pair of


headphones so as not to disturb each other. I think what will happen when


people experience binaural audio with TV content, radio content, then


they go back to stereo, they will feel a bit... It is quite


claustrophobic and you think I want that others sound, that binaural,


let me have more of that. I think that is where we will see it start


to take off. This spooky episode will be broadcast with regular sound


in the UK this weekend. Views from the rest of the world will have to


wait. For the binaural ex-do experience, watch it on I player. I


recommend a darkened room, some stereo headphones and binaural


sound. And remember if you hear things going bump in the night, it


is probably your pipes. Probably. Karl wait for that. That is it for


this week. Follow us on Twitter throughout the week. Thanks for


watching. We will see you soon. Maybe a bit of whether cliche but it


sums up the situation beautifully. West is best.


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