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Hello and welcome to the Daily Politics.


The Conservative leadership race has been turned


Frontrunner Boris Johnson now faces a challenge


Mr Gove sensationally threw his hat in the ring hours before


Boris Johnson was due to make his launch, saying he hopes


So, what does it do to the chances of Boris Johnson?


Several key supporters have peeled away from the former Mayor of London


but he's still pushing ahead with his leadership launch.


Meanwhile, Theresa May has also launched her leadership bid this


morning, saying Brexit means Brexit and that,


there won't be a snap election before 2020.


And talking of challenges, Angela Eagle is expected to announce


she's taking on Jeremy Corbyn for the Labour leadership.


Yes, we will try and cram all that in to the next 30 minutes.


Let's kick off with the extraordinary news this morning


that Michael Gove has thrown his hat in to the ring to be the next


Mr Gove said he had originally hoped to back Boris Johnson,


but in a statement this morning the Justice Secretary says he has


come to the conclusion that, "Boris cannot


provide the leadership or


Mr Johnson is due to launch his beard in half an hour.


So, before we discuss what all this means for the race to replace


David Cameron, let's take a look at the main runners and riders.


Yesterday the first to declare themselves formally were Work


and Pensions Secretary, Stephen Crabb.


And former defence secretary Liam Fox, an MP on the right


of the party who's well-liked by the grass-roots.


This morning Teresa May, the longest serving Home Secretary


of modern times, launched her bid, as did Leave campaigner and Energy


And in a surprise move, so did Justice Secretary Michael Gove.


But with nominations closing in less than


an hour, we could also see Education Secretary


Nicky Morgan, Remain campaigner and current


Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, And backbencher John Baron


And last but definitely not least, Boris Johnson will be


announcing his intentions in the next few minutes.


Out of them all, Teresa May is the current bookies' favourite,


We have immediate work to do to restore political stability


and economic certainty, to bring together the party


a sensible and orderly departure from the European Union.


But more than that, we have a mission to make Britain


Not for the privileged and not for the few,


And, together, we, the Conservative Party,


I'm joined by a bevy of Conservative MPs who are backing


Dominic Raab is backing Michael Gove.


Alan Duncan is backing Theresa May and Steve Baker will join us


from the Boris Johnson launch in central London.


Yesterday my team phoned you to appear today as a backer of Boris


Johnson but today you are backing Michael Gove. 24 hours is a long


time in British politics. What happened? Firstly, Michael Gove is


the right leader for two reasons, he can speak to the aspirational


underdog in society, the kid from the council estate, from the humble


backgrounds, and that is the key thing, social mobility, that the


Conservatives have to do, to add to our economic message. When it comes


to the crucial Brexit negotiation, we need somebody with the passion


and the mastery of the detail. He combines both. You are saying that


Boris Johnson lacked those things and that changed your mind? We were


striving, struggling for a long time to make sure not just that there was


a dream ticket, Gove Johnson, but a Dream Team. From my point of view,


the single most important thing about signing up, because we need to


unify the country and the party. Efforts went on and we had certain


reassurances about the team that were treated in a rather cavalier


fashion. You can see this morning, the outcome of that. I'm not going


to get into any more of the Westminster tittle tattle but


putting together a really strong unifying theme was a absolute


condition and when that fell away, Michael felt actually that things


have changed. It isn't tittle tattle to ask who fell away or who did


Boris Johnson not promise to give jobs to in a Boris Johnson Cabinet.


Again, I'm going to be careful what I say, conversations I had, but the


key thing is that if you look at the full range of candidates, some of


them were not expected. People we wanted to have an side are now


running in their own right. We thought we had avoided that and had


a unified team but it didn't happen because Boris was cavalier with the


assurances he made. I'm going to let others comment on that but we are


going to move quickly and say that this is the reality, we are picking


a Prime Minister, not school prefect. The membership and the


parliamentary party need the wisest choice and they must make the right


choice. Michael Gove, the man you are backing, was an integral part of


Boris Johnson and the Leave campaign. He persuaded Boris Johnson


to come out for Leave at a time when he was still considering what to do.


This is a huge betrayal of Boris Johnson, from the very man who said,


come with me, we can do this, and actually Boris Johnson motivated the


country to leave. We had a strong team but if I may say, it is very


Westminster bubble to think this is about individual personalities. You


just said we can't have a school prefect, we need somebody to leave


the country. This choice is so important that even at the 11th


hour, you must get it right. The point is about the team, teamwork


and people fulfilling their assurances. It is right to say that


Michael Gove has come in at the 11th hour and he will be the underdog. He


is also the underdog fighting for the underdog, if you look what he


achieved in schools and his social message, which is what we need. Are


you saying, and can you explain that Michael Gove, we know from his wife,


we know that she said to her husband that he must get assurances about


jobs when he discusses this with Boris Johnson and before he signed


up to his leadership. Is that what happened, he and you couldn't get


the assurance? It wasn't to do with his position, it was making sure


that assurances were given, not specific jobs, pork barrel. George


Osborne and others? You can work it out when you look at the runners and


riders. We hoped for a unified team and the assurances were not followed


through. It wasn't about what Michael wanted for him, it was about


the team. Boris couldn't give assurances to some of the people who


are now putting their hats into the ring for the leadership? That's


right. Theresa May has held her press conference and she has stood


and she is standing on a platform in contrast to Boris Johnson, who she


saw, until now, as her chief rival. How can a Remain supporter be the


leader when most Tories voted for Leave? The stark contrast she offers


is the contrast between stability and if you like, chaos. Clearly


there has been a bust up here, I'm not really interested in that.


Having been to her launch, everyone was impressed by the stability,


competence, the drive that will address the problems following the


European referendum, but also the broader challenges of being the


Prime Minister, domestic policy, bringing people together again, she


has a very inclusive and liberal agenda. She is very tough when it


comes to it, like chucking out Abu Qatada, things like that. She is the


own person. She doesn't do any stitch up deals behind the scenes,


it is just her, you get what you see, no promises, no little deals in


smoke-filled rooms. You get what you and she is fit to do the job. I can


tell you that Jeremy Hunt is now not going to stand, he is backing


Theresa May. You may have been expecting that. That is very good,


that is important for the kind of broad, inclusive... The is also a


remainder come on the same side that Theresa May was. -- he is. As


Dominic Raab said, people will be expecting somebody to lead the party


whom they can trust, to handle those Brexit negotiations. Is Theresa May


the woman to do that? Firstly, being the Prime Minister is not just about


the referendum, but the consequences are crucial. She will set up a


dedicated Brexit Department with a Secretary of State, permanent


secretary and a full negotiating team. Who would you like it to be?


It will be led by somebody who was a lever. Very sensible proposal,


broadly answering the questions people may have about the


negotiations being in the hands of people who might have had an


alternative agenda. I think that's reassuring, sensible. Inclusive but


practical. There isn't anything that should stop Theresa May appealing to


the party. If you take the bookies and the favourite at the moment, it


is Theresa May and that is with the members. I'm not here to knock


Theresa. You think she would be a good Conservative by Minister?


ALL TALK AT ONCE. Villa I went through four is of the campaign


without bad-mouthing anybody and I went through the campaign with


people telling me, the pundits and the polls, that I've got it wrong.


If I look at what the country needs, it is vision, especially the


aspirational message, principal and energy. Somebody who can unite. I


think that the United team must come from the Brexit side although that's


not the most important thing. It is more likely to happen. Michael has


got the ability to galvanise the energy and also the team. But


Michael Gove always said he never wanted to be Prime Minister. Was he


lying about it? Or is his entry into the race just about blocking Boris


Johnson? I think he didn't want to do this. If you are going to


announce your candidacy, I don't think this is how you would do if it


was planned -- if it was planned. They wanted to be part of a Boris


team but when it was clear that it couldn't happen, he looked at the


field and he was ultimately convinced that he had the vision and


determination to leave the country. But it isn't about Boris Johnson and


moving behind another campaign like Theresa May's? No. He is going for


Prime Minister. You would have to say that now, you couldn't say


anything else and I'm sure you believe it entirely! I'm going to


bring in Steve Baker who I think is waiting outside where the Boris


launch is taking place. Is there any point with him doing the launch? Of


course there is, he is an electoral phenomenon and in 45 minutes the


nominations will close and we will know what the field is. I am here to


support Boris and I hope things will calm down. Calm down in what way? I


think it would be nice if everybody decided they were back in one


candidate and stuck with the candidate. I was very much hoping


that Michael would be supporting Boris and bringing back into the


team but I'm looking forward to hearing what Boris has to say and


after nominations I feel sure that we'll have a clear view of the


picture. What do you say to Dominic Ryan, your colleague here, who has


decided to change his support from Boris Johnson and is now backing


Michael Gove? Dominic Raab. I haven't heard what Dominic had to


say, we have been great friends and allies and I'm looking forward to


chatting to him later and hearing his arguments. Power seems to be


seeping away from Boris Johnson because others are following suit in


terms of Dominic, changing their support to Michael Gove and you know


what Michael Gove has said, that he didn't feel that Boris Johnson had


it to be a leader of the country. Well of course I'm a great admirer


of Michael Globe, great intellectual, great character and


tremendous integrity and I'm disappointed that he's not part of


the Boris team. I'm looking forward to catching up with Michael later --


Michael Gove. I haven't spoken to him since he declared. They love to


be said and a lot will be said after the nominations have closed. Do you


think that there has been a problem, confusion over Boris' message on the


critical issue for many supporters of the Leave campaign about freedom


of movement? There was an upset, of course. I think most of us are


extremely clear that the British public expect migration policy to be


on the basis of British citizenship and fully under our control so it


can be as open as we would wish to be, so it can be fairer and we can


get the numbers down. We made promises that can be kept. I think


the vast majority of us are very clear, we don't want any backing


away from those pledges to get migration under control of the


British government. There was an upset. I'm looking for Boris to make


a fantastic speech launching the campaign, for him to make it clear


what the platform is and then we can start having a sensible conversation


with a range of talented candidates standing for the leadership.


What do you say to Theresa May who says she is not a showy politician,


she has negotiated in Europe. It is time for a serious politician. It's


a direct jibe at Boris Johnson. It is time for somebody serious and all


of the candidates are serious. I don't think we should engage in


personal attacks, it wasn't helpful during the course of the EU


referendum campaign, it won't be helpful now. Ter resay didn't


campaign to back the EU, I will be backing a Conservative candidate who


believes heart and soul that this country's prospects will be better


outside the EU, so I can't support Theresa May. Well Nicky Morgan, who


we thought has launched her own bid, has come out to support Michael Gove


and we have had Jeremy Hunt saying he will be support Theresa May. I


put it to you now, power is slipping away from Boris Johnson. I have


great faith he will leap back into the limelight now, set out his case


and we'll see where colleagues be land up when the polls close on


Tuesday and first round of voting. Stay with us for a few more moments.


'S phenomenon and he is the only man who could win out in the country, as


Steve baker says, he will take the timelight back in a few minutes'


time. I'm not sure you have accurately reflected what he said.


He did say he was a phenomenon We all agree. I'm not going to bad


mouth Boris or ter resa. Ultimately, we are going to have - the easiest


sell I will have is that Michael Gove is the underdog candidate


fighting for the underdog. Look at what he did at schools, look at his


principles leadership and that he has the enthusiasm Steve says, we


need to deliver Brexit and people know he is a good team player. I


have worked with him for a year, I know he is a phenomenal organiser


and good at putting a team in place. Well, also, Dominic Raab, Steve


Baker said earlier before you joined us that it was the attitude of Boris


Johnson, his cavalier attitude towards the team towards people who


had perhaps been talked to about jobs and it hasn't materialised. Do


you accept he is not a team player, Boris Johnson? ? No I don't accept


that. When I have spoken to people who have worked directly for him on


the mayoral campaign, they have been clear he lets people get on with


their job and backs them when times are tough. You should speak to James


Cleverly about that, Boris was there for him when he had a tough job. He


has a record of leading well, of allowing people it meet their own


brief within their own parameters and sticking with them in difficult


times. I think he is a team player and any of us could support him as


Prime Minister. You are not going to switch sides. You are going to back


him all the way. At this point. We can't talk about definitelies. Only


this morning we have woke up to discover Michael has put himself on


the ballot paper. He is talented. I'm looking to hear what he says in


more detail or Boris. And at this stage, nominations are closing


shortly. We'll see a full field. In a sense we have an embarrassment of


riches. All the candidates have unique strengths and I look forward


to talking to each of them. OK, right. That doesn't sound like a


full commitment to me. We shall wait and see. Can I ask you finally on


immigration, as Home Secretary, Theresa May is part of the


Government's failure to bring net migration down to the tens of


thousands, why should the country trust her as the next Conservative


leader and Prime Minister, to do anything about the issue of


immigration? Well, the whole issue of immigration is actually


extraordinarily complicated but a will the will be addressed by the


issue of Brexit. I think the negotiations we will see will


address the main part of that. Going to the launch, it's going to be


very, I think, a theatrical occasion but I still think Boris will


probably get more votes amongst MPs than Michael Gove. All right, I will


thank all of you at this point for coming on. Steve Baker, Alan Duncan


and you, Dominic Raab. Now then, you wait ages for a party


leadership contest to come along, Angela Eagle, who resigned


from Jeremy Corbyn's Shadow Cabinet earlier this week, is expected


to launch a leadership challenge today, as calls continue to mount


for the Labour Leader to stand down. Ed Miliband and Gordon Brown both


said Mr Corbyn's position was untenable yesterday


after an avalanche of resignations But the Labour Leader is standing


firm - here is what Jeremy Corbyn told a gathering of his


supporters last night. Surely together we cannot be afraid


of press barons who attack us. Mobilising ideas, in order to


concentrate those policies that can actually improve the lives


of everybody in our society. That's why we contested


the leadership of this That's why I'm very proud


to be carrying on with I'm joined now by former Shadow


Minister, Nick Thomas-Symonds, who resigned from Jereny Corbyn's


ministerial team earlier this week and Matt Wrack, General Secretary


of the Fire Brigades Union Snr welcome to both of you. He says


he is carrying on. Should he go. -- Welcome to both of you.


I do think. It is with the utmost of reluctance. I feel the best thing


for my constituency is a Labour Government in the autumn, possibly


under a united party. I think Jeremy should consider his position, it is


what I have said. My worry about it is, this it is beyond Members of


Parliament now. We see members of the European Parliament asking


Jeremy to go and constituency parties last night, including


Holborn and St Pancras and Tooting express no confidence in him. I


would still, at this late stage - I believe he is a decent man, he


served under him loyally tin respected his mandate and enjoyed


working with him. He is a decent man, and I still would ask him at


this late stage to do that. You have made that Matt Wrack, but Jeremy


Corbyn has lost the confidence of about 80% of Labour MPs in


Parliament. He hasn't been able to fill all his shadow ministerial


posts. This is a parliamentary democracy. It is not sustainable for


him to carry on as Leader of the Opposition? It I can take up the


first point. I have heard this several times - he is an honourable,


decent, honest person. It seems to imply to me that that is not what we


want in politics, which people will be shocked at. In terms of the


Parliamentary Labour Party, it seems to me that the MPs in the Labour


Party seem to think that they want a veto over the decisions of Labour


Party members, a process that they agreed to, a whole party agreed to,


to elect a leader. That only took place in September. Jeremy got a


magnificent support across the board, in all three categories of


the party. Now the MPs, greatably in Parliament, can launched this coup


in a very co-ordinated way. I don't know Nick's role but certainly for


other people it was very well co-ordinated. On the hour, over the


weekend, age damaging to the Labour Party. Were you part of a coup. I


wasn't, I spoke to nobody before I gave my resignation. I accept that.


I want to take up the point Matt is making about the Members of


Parliament. I think the real issue is exsitential, it is a moment of


peril, I think for the Labour Party. I worked with Jeremy and Matt, I


have a lot of personal respect for him, and it is looking realistically


now at who can unite us and who can actually win at a general election.


I don't want to subject my constituents to a long period of a


Conservative Government. 500 Labour counsellors have signed up MPs did


not support Jeremy Corbyn by in large when he stood for election.


But this is 80% of the Labour Party. It is a democratic process involving


Labour Party members. Nobody gets to be a Labour MP simply because of


their name, whether it is Jeremy Corbyn or anyone else. They get to


be MP because the Labour Party members locally select them. Let's


talk about the Labour Party members, do you agree at this point, still,


Jeremy Corbyn commands the support of the majority of Labour Party


members and if he was on a ballot, he would win again? I just don't


know is the straight answer to that. At the moment it is anecdotal. It


is. I have had people who did back Jeremy last year - incidentally I


think the issue new is that the EU referendum result has changed


everything. That's my concern. But I have got members who said - yes, we


backed him but now we see for the wider interests of saving the party.


It is anecdotal evidence, Nick is right but there is anecdotal


evidence that is gathering pace now, that some constituency Labour


Parties are seeing a change in their membership, that the prove European


part of the Labour Party membership is furious with Jeremy Corbyn for


his part in the EU referendum. They saw it, that he didn't make enough


effort I reject that. Leader Labour Party MPs, including Angela Eagle


were praising Jeremy for his role... I'm talking about the local parties.


The The heckler was a Liberal Democrat candidate. Some things have


been deliberately created. There was more than one. There was one. In


terms of the referendum - I went to a Labour In briefing where we were


told - don't mention any criticisms of the EU, the other side will be


doing enough of that. The idea you could go to firefighters or any


other group of working people and say - don't worry about the. U,


everything is fine, it would be ludicrous, we would be laughed off


the pitch. I think Jeremy Corbyn's approach reflected the concerns that


many people in the Labour movement have. But nevertheless, I voted


Remain. Now we have to deal with the aftermath of exit. Instead of


dealing with that and fighting for jobs, pay, services, the PLP have


cre auted a crisis which has put the Labour Party in an appalling


poechlingts - created. I take that but has the mood changed amongst the


membership. I don't think there is. I know you reject it. Do you accept


any change? What has changed. You can read articles in the Telegraph


from three weeks ago that set out of plan for this coup in great detail


so people have been plotting this for months and there has been report


after report about when it is going to happen. They took this


opportunity to launch. I want to get on to the other candidates. Jeremy


is saying #-7.5 out of ten is one thing but what I have been concerned


is what Alan Johnson said in his letter to his constituency party


last night is at least three members of Jeremy's office were actively


working to undermine the campaign. A it is a different level of


allegation I think is concerning. Angela Eagle is expected to launch a


leadership challenge against him today. Will you support her? I don't


know quite where all this Sol coming from. I want to support a consensus,


unity candidate to save the Labour Party. Would that be... Angela Eagle


would be excellent. I'm not sure a consensus has emerged it should be


Angela Eagle. Do you think there should be a challenge to his


leadership, or are you hoping or would it be better to wait until he


resigns? I'm still hoping and I said at the start of the interview that


he resigns. If he doesn't, that is the procedure, the procedure of the


party is there should be achallenge. I'm not sure we have reached a point


where we are behind one consensus candidate. Who would be your unity


candidate? I will not get into names today. We should someone to unite


the party and be ready to go to the party.You made it clear that it


wouldn't necessarily be Angela Eagle. I did not say that. She would


be a good candidate. I am saying, we haven't reached the stage where


there is a consensus behind one. What about Owen Smith, he was your


former boss, would he be a good bet I think he would be an excellent


candidate. I think he has a very strong track record and has,


frankly, been brilliant in Parliament against Iain Duncan Smith


when he was in post over the past year. We are in the closing seconds.


Could anyone beat Jeremy Corbyn? I don't think anyone can. We have the


whole establishment, including David Cameron, trying to get rid of him


which should send warning signals. When the Tory Prime Minister asked


Jeremy Corbyn to g then I think Nick should reconsider his position. Well


thank you both very much. Andrew will be on This Week


tonight from 11.45 And join him again here at 11am


tomorrow. Goodbye. On the 30th of June,


we'll be coming together to commemorate the centenery


of the Battle of the Somme.


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