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Anniversary under high alert. A terror threat is uncovered as


America prepares to mark ten years since the September 11th attacks.


The US authorities say intelligence points to possible car bombs,


targeting strategic points in Washington or New York.


The NYPD is deploying additional resources around the city and


taking other steps to keep our city safe, some of which you may notice


and some of which you will not notice. In New York I'll be


reporting live from Ground Zero on the preparations for the 9/11


anniversary and how the city is dealing with the latest security


Welcome to GMT with me, Zeinab Badawi. Also in this edition of the


programme: Obama's multibillion dollar plan to try to get the US


working again, will it succeed and will he get it past a divided


Congress any way? Interpol calls for the arrest of Colonel Gaddafi,


his son and the regime's intelligence chief.


It's 12.30pm here in London, 1.30pm in Tripoli and 7.30am in New York,


where Americans are awakening to the grim news that there is a high-


level terror alert in the US, as the country prepares to mark the


10th San rers I of 9/11. In New York, the mayor has increased


security across the city. Laura Trevelyan is there and joins us now.


Uncorroborated but they're taking no chances presumably? That's right.


And the mayor of New York, David Bloom, has been at pains to say


this is an uncorroborated threat. Nonetheless, security has been


increased this morning, increased security at bridges, at the tunnels,


more random checks on the subway. With just two days to go until the


10th anniversary, New York city official s are taking no chances at


all. As New York prepares to mark the


tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, there's a specific,


credible, but unconfirmed threat against America, according to US


officials. US news organisations have reported that it could be


aimed at either New York or Washington. New York's mayor had


this to say: The threat at this moment has not been corroborated. I


want to stress that. It is credible, but it is not corroborated. We live


in a world where we must take these threats seriously and we certainly


will. ABC News reported that three people, one believed to be an


American citizen, came into the US by air in August intending to


launch an attack using vehicles N May 2010, an American -- Faisal


Shahzad who attended a militant training camp in Pakistan, tried to


set off a bomb in Times Square. President Obama was briefed on the


threat say White House officials and called for counter-terrorism


workers to redouble their efforts. Security in New York is already


heightened ahead of Sunday's anniversary of the 9/11 attacks,


which killed nearly 3,000 people. And now that security will get even


tighter. There will be more bomb dogs on patrol, increased


deployment of radiation monitoring equipment and vehicle check points


in particular. There will be increased focus on tunnels and


bridges and infrastructure in general. As well as landmark


locations, houses of woreship and government buildings. This is an


unconfirmed threat, but given how specific it is and how close the


9/11 anniversary is, US officials are taking no chances. However, one


news agency is reporting a national security official has -- is


cautioning that experts think this threat may not ultimately check out.


So increased security is something that New Yorkers have simply got


used to living with in the ten years since the 9/11 attacks, which


brought down those landmark Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.


Now there is, despite everything that has gone on, there is now


finally something of a rebirth and a renaissance at lower Manhattan.


Can you see behind me the foundations of the Twin Towers of


the World Trade Center themselves, and in those foundations now, is


the memorial, the official memorial to the nearly 3,000 people who were


killed in the September 11th attacks, and on Sunday, there will


be a very solemn ceremony of remembrance here, as that memorial


is formally opened, a ceremony that will be attended by the President


of the United States, Barack Obama, and the former President, George W


Bush. Thanks very much indeed. Laura


Trevelyan there in New York. Well, staying in the city of New York,


let's bring in the BBC's Ros Atkins at the South Street sea port. So a


very significant anniversary of 9/11, tell us more about what to


expect for the memorial? Well, to be honest, I think New Yorkers in


their own ways are beginning to commemorate those lost ten years


ago already. I spent the last couple of days walking around near


Ground Zero, it's astonishing the amount of people when you stop to


speak to them, who have been personally affected by the attacks,


who lost loved ones or relatives or know people who were killed or


injured in the attacks. In their different ways they are


commemorating already. I met one woman yesterday who was walking


around a nine -month-old son. She lost both of her brothers on the


attacks. Every month she brings her child down to show him where his


uncles lost their lives. You're right to say of course, there are


official commemorations as well. I'm staying in a room which looks


down over Ground Zero. You can see preparations being made to allow


the public to come into the two, to see the two footprints of the two


towers, which now are huge pools into which enormous amounts of


water are pouring. There's trees all around them. The public will be


able to come into that memorial in the next few days, something which


hasn't been possible before. There's a lot of focus on that.


Also, down a couple of blocks from Ground Zero, there are plany flags,


flags for every person killed on 9/11, fluttering in the cool


morning breeze. I I passed them in the car a few minutes ago. Many


people are stopping to look at the flags. The flags bring home to you,


more than a figure does, quite how many people lost tir lives. Thanks


very much. As we've been reporting memorial


services are planned for Sunday in New York. In Afghanistan, they are


marking the exact tenth anniversary today of the assassination of the


Afghan commander Ahmed shaz shaw Massoud who was killed just before


the 9/11 attacks. He was leading the resistance to the Taliban, who


were in power at the time. The Taliban were provided Al-Qaeda with


safe havens. They were ousted by the us-led invasion in 2001. We're


joined from the Afghan capital by the brother -- by his brother,


Ahmed Wali Massoud. It is interesting to say what would have


happened had your brother survived. Would Afghanistan have been


different? Do you think he would have signed up to the US War on


Terror? Well, let me say that the national hero of Afghanistan, he


fought against the terror before the United States even realised


what was all about the terror. He was fighting the terror alone.


After he was assassinated on the 9th of September, if only he was


alive today, of course, Afghanistan would have been much different. I'm


pretty sure that he would have been able to save the rest of the world


from this terror network, spreading from the region to different


countries across the globe. He was dedicated leader, dedicated leader,


committed Muslim and also, a man, a charismatic man who fought the


terror until he was killed in 2001. With all respect, though, can you


say with confidence that Afghanistan would have been a


different place, presumably you mean peaceful, because he was an


ethnic Tajik, of course, that could have led to divisions with the


Pashtun majority in Afghanistan. The resistance which were born


under Massoud, it was a national resistance, from across the globe,


from across the country. Therefore that was not a question of Pashtun,


Tajik, the Taliban were a project of Pakistan. They were imported


from Pakistan to Afghanistan. So therefore it did not have nothing


to do with ethnic conflict or anything. If only he survived, I'm


pretty sure that he was the man would could have rooted out


terrorism and Al-Qaeda from Afghanistan. By doing so, they


could have saved the rest of the world. He was the man with the


experience. You made that points. - - that point. I want to ask you


briefly, the government in Afghanistan and the international


community now want to talk to moderate members of the Taliban in


order to get a political settlement in Afghanistan. Would your brother


have backed this, talk to the Taliban? First of all let me say


that there is no moderate Taliban. Taliban are Taliban. There's a


school of thought that the Taliban believe in that one, therefore you


cannot separate the Taliban into hod rat or extremists. Of course,


my brother was the first to propose peace with Taliban. He himself


risked his life. He went to the Taliban, but then he realised that


the Taliban were not the people to make peace. There forethis Taliban


continued their war against him and against the rest of the people of


Afghanistan. If he was alive, of course, by knowing and


understanding Taliban, he could pretty manage how to start this


onslaught coming from Al-Qaeda and Taliban to Afghanistan. What are


people like you now saying in Afghanistan, as we come up to the


tenth anniversary exactly of the September 11th attacks, preskreeded


of course by the death of your brother? Well, of course, there was


connection between the ninth September and 11th September. Al-


Qaeda and Taliban wanted to make sure that the leader of the


resistance and the leader of anti- terror, they wanted to make sure


that he is not in Afghanistan. And his territory being under control


of Taliban, then they could have launched their activity to the rest


of the worldment Ahmed Wali Massoud, in the Afghan capital, Kabul, thank


you very much for talking to us on the anniversary of the death of


your brother. Now the other stories making headlines around the world


today: An enormous power cut has affected millions of people in


Southern California, Arizona and Mexico. All out bound flights were


cancelled at San Diego airport and traffic came to a stand still in


the city. Electricity companies say human error is to blame and power


won't be back for some time. The North Korean leader, Kim Jong Il


and his son and heir apparent Kim Jong Un watched a massive military


parade on Friday, marking the 63rd anniversary of the country's


founding. Kim Jong Un, believed to be in his late 20s, is already a


four-star general and vice chairman of the Communist Party's military


commission in North Korea. There have been more protests


across Chile in favour of education reform. Students clashed with


police in the capital Santiago. It's the third month of protests,


with stuends putting pressure on the government to raise standards.


The mass mobilisation has caused the President's approval ratings to


plurching. -- plunge. Still to come: Rock gods


up close and personal. A candid look at U2's premiere at the


First of all, let's get all the business news with Aaron. First of


all, there is a G7 summit in France tackling the financial downturn or


trying to. Trying to. With a capital "T". G7 ministers gathering


and the aim, to try to come up with some way it avoid another global


economic downturn basically. The task is huge, because how do you


stimulate growth without hiking public spending? I can tell you


what the markets would love to see, they would love to see the G7


invents a new way to revive flagging growth. But all the


experts tell us that's just not going to happen. Listen to this:


The problem is that the action that is needed is that surplus countries


have to expand their demand in order to permit deficit countries


to both have some growth and, at the same time, reduce their


government deficits. The surplus countries, primarily China and


Germany, are artificially keeping their exchange rates down, in the


German case by being in the euro. And as a result, in they stimulate


demand, they get inflation, which is what the Chinese have got. We're


stuck until either the euro breaks up and Germany appreciates or until


the Chinese relax their linkage of the Chinese yuan to the dollar.


also went on to say that's not likely to happen either. So, we are


stuck. From Germany and China to Japan, where there have been new


revised figures and they're looking not very good. It's Japan's economy


facing big problems. They were revised the second quarter numbers.


We had a negative number of 1.3%. They revised it and said no we fell


2.1%. That's a steep drop. Problem for Japan, of course, the terrible


devastating earthquake and tsunami earlier this year, has had a big


impact. The big problem is the global slowdown. Japan exports,


relying on a healthy global economy. That ain't happening. The strong


yen hurting Japan. Will the new Government take any action? I feel


that this government headed by Mr Noda is a much more proactive than


the one before and the one before that as well. This is a government


that clearly depicts about increasing taxes and rejuvenation


of nuclear energy side. He is much more a realist. So So optimistic


going forward to the latter half of this year. We may see some new


methods coming from this new Japanese government. Do you want to


This is GMT from BBC World News. I'm Zeinab Badawi. The headlines...


Officials in the United States say they're investigating a specific,


credible terror threat to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the


9/11 attacks. Interpol has emerged -- urged forces around the world to


arrest Colonel Gaddafi, Saif al- Islam and Abdullah al-Senussi. The


International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for them in June


but while the colonel is a large negotiations for the surrender of


forces loyal to him are proving difficult. Our world affairs


Correspondent joins us from Tripoli. We are getting reports that more


Gaddafi key people have fled into neighbouring areas. Can you tell us


more? These are reports coming to us specifically from the town in


central major, where a large convoy passed through the earlier in the


week travelling south from Libya over the border. According to


officials in the last 24 hours another convoy of three vehicles


has gone through the town in the same direction carrying General Ali


Khan a, he was in charge of Colonel Gaddafi's forces. This convoy was


accompanied by security forces. you able to tell us anything more


about what is going on? What are the NTC saying? The first thing to


say is we have had really no information that sheds any new


light on the possible whereabouts of Colonel Gaddafi. The Prime


Minister of the NTC gave his first news conference here yesterday.


Most of the former rebels have been in their stronghold of Benghazi and


are trying to facilitate the move to Tripoli. Mahmoud Jibril said it


was not wise to disclose Colonel Gaddafi's whereabouts, even if he


did know. But clearly at this stage they do not seem to know. There is


a possible scenario that he is One of the big fixtures in the


movie business, the Toronto Film Festival, has begun with an


eagerly-awaited a documentary on the you to. -- U2. Bono and the


edge of the opening night of the Toronto Film Festival. The


documentary from the sky down revisit a crucial moment from the


band's history, the making of their album in Berlin. It is seen as a


time that they reinvented themselves. The reason we are still


here probably as a band is because we went through that moment in


Berlin in 1991 where we ended at all that people love to about a


band and began afresh. There is an environment out of which music


grows. A kind of faith which is necessary to move from one no to


the other. The film uses animation, archive footage, it shows the band


returning to the studios where they filmed the album. -- are recorded


the album. His estranged to look at this and see yourself 20 years ago?


It is. I thought I would be taller, better looking, it is the same.


This is a moment we forced ourselves to look back. In a funny


way it is the reason we are here now. The film-maker David Gugenheim


was given free range to make this. Those who have seen it maintain


there is not much in it that could tarnish the brand. No uncomfortable


references to recent criticism of their alleged arrangements to


enable them to avoid taxes in This documentary is the first time


the documentary has opened the Toronto Film Festival. It is one of


250 pictures being screened over the next 11 days. Three years ago


Slumdog Millionaire was unveiled here and went on to pick up eight


Oscar trophies. And The King's Speech premiered here and won the


four Academy Awards. For Oscar watch has Toronto is a festival


Britain's prime minister is preparing to travel to Russia on


Sunday. He'll hope to repair relations between the two countries


which went into sharp decline following the murder in London of


Alexander Litvinenko five years ago. Investigators in the UK blamed a


former KGB member who they want extradited. Danield Sandford


He remains one of Britain's most wanted men. Andrei Lugovoi is


accused of a shocking murder in a luxury London hotel. But he agreed


to let us join him for two days and the Russian will then us. He then


urged Britain to get over the crisis the killing caused.


TRANSLATION: Are we going to fight about it for 100 years? We should


be looking for a way out. The ball is not in the Russian court, it is


in the English court. While he can visit this remote peninsula 5000


miles from Moscow he has not left Russia since 2006. If he does he


will be detained on an international arrest warrant. For


almost five years now he has been the source of huge diplomatic


friction. Britain wants to put him on trial for murder and Russia will


not give him up. Alexander Litvinenko died be slow, painful


death, poisoned by polonium 2010, lethally radioactive. He had also


been a KGB officer but had recently become a British citizen. Andre


look for it was the key suspect, having left a trail of polonium


across Europe -- Andrei Lugovoi. Confident that he will never face


trial David Cameron is about to be the first British Prime Minister to


visit Russia since the poisoning and he will meet Vladimir Putin.


Besides the 9/11 anniversary, a major preoccupation in the US right


now is the state of the economy. America's employment figures are


the worst for decades, 14 million are jobless and President Obama is


trying to get the US working again. He's announced a multi-billion


dollar jobs plan to a rare joint session of Congress. As our


Washington correspondent, Marcus George reports, the President is


far from assured of success. Smiles and handshakes marked the arrival


of President Obama but is easy demeanour did not last long. At the


start of the address he laid down a challenge to both chambers, stop


the political gamesmanship and pass this plan to get America working


again. I am sending this Congress a plan that you should pass right


away. It is called the American jobs act. There should be nothing


controversial about this piece of legislation. Everything in here is


the kind of proposal that has been supported by both Democrats and


Republicans. At a cost of more than $400 billion the plan aims to jolt


America's ailing economy into gear. It would create a construction jobs,


safeguard employment and extend tax cuts for employees in small


businesses. The President also urged lawmakers to surrender tax


breaks for big business. Should we keep tax loopholes for oil


companies, or use the money to get small business owners the tax


credit when they hire new workers? We cannot afford to do both.


Unemployment is dark at just over nine per cent and there were zero


jobs created last month. Even if it survives Congress There are no


guarantees the plan will breathe life into the economic outlook for


The Rugby World Cup is due to get under way soon. Tom all take on the


nation in the first match. This four-legged friend is planned to be


as accurate as the late Paul the octopus who picked a winner in last


year's football World Cup. We have special coverage this weekend


marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11 on the BBC website. We look at


one of the most notorious attacks in history. You can view a timeline


tracking all the key events, starting from when the hijackers


Our main story... Officials in America are investigating a


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