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Three northern towns trying to become cities, trying to deal with


one problem. It is disgusting, everything is on the floor. Chips,


gravy, Greece. The British are the fattest people in Europe. They


can't control themselves and they don't care about public spending.


Councils in Barnsley, Rotherham and the Dearne Valley have told us that


picking up litter is a waste of money. If you thought it wasn't a


problem, take another look. Every place has a different tactic. In


This is possibly the toughest council in England would it comes


to litter enforcement. Their targets for the round of fines


handed out -- there are targets. have got to be in a situation where


we have got to have teeth. They do it because they would rather not


spend money from increasingly stretched budget by picking up our


rubbish. In England alone, the local authorities spend �880


million on street cleansing. That is money which could be much better


spent on other things. Doncaster would have �3 million every year to


spend on other things. Across the Pennines, but it costs 2.8 million.


-- litre costs. The focus is much more on changing people's behaviour,


and if that doesn't work, they tell you off. But the man in the black


jacket and a grey trousers please pick up the litter. Five years ago,


talking cameras were brought 10. covers a lot of ground. Have you


seen it work? Yes, we have got some footage of a later -- a lady


whipping up a Yellow Pages book. Doncaster, they find fear works


better. They will be fined. We know it isn't the back of people's minds.


-- we know it is end. But not with everyone. They ended up fining me.


It is the government's way of making money. They can sit on their


houses and get paid. In Doncaster last year, they raised a cool


�120,000 in fines, compared to 6,000 in Bolton and just �250 in


Middlesbrough. It is a major success. We don't need to find


people. So, you don't borrow the Doncaster is raking money in for


the council? -- you don't worry. Even campaign groups are arguing


about litter. It is a British institution. Keep Britain tidy has


been around for 50 years. But continuing to fund it is throwing


taxpayers' money in the bin. campaigning dust has not worked.


There are streets like this all over England. John Read launched


Clean Up Britain this year with the help of celebrities. Litter is a


big issue in this country. You wouldn't throw away litter in


Europe house. There are a group of individuals who have got together


on a voluntary basis to run this campaign. And by saying the


campaign is failing, they have caused quite a stir. It seems a bit


daft but that is what they have chosen to do. But campaigns like


this a part funded by the taxpayer, and on top of that, they ask town -


- councils in towns like Doncaster for even more money. Can we afford


it? In Bolton, they are already feeling the pinch. It has


deteriorated because of the workforce. You need to make sure


people don't drop litter in the first base. It is a mindset that


needs to change. People used to clean in front of their houses.


Even if you think littering is wrong, day you into being? This man


confronted two teenagers for throwing rubbish. He was punched in


the face and he died with a head injury. You have dropped some


litter just there. Why did you do it? Are you going to stop? Why did


you put it down there for someone else to pick up? I know you're


sorry, let's find a bend. It's just there. Its embarrassing, isn't it?


Most people, when you tell them about it, they know they have done


something wrong. If councils didn't pick up litter? Do Be Really Want


To Keep Britain tidy? Bolton agreed to leave 100 metres of a Town


Street and cleaned for a day. -- without cleaning Friday. This is


what we found. The majority of people who saw that litter were


shocked. Normally, it would have been cleaned away in the early


hours. We asked local children to help clean up the mess. But in


Middlesbrough, it's going to be a much tougher job. The council left


a mile of its busiest road and cleaned for a whole weekend. It is


disgusting. Chris packets, fag packets. Cleaning up our own bit of


the streets might not be a bad idea with council budgets under pressure.


And in this Middlesbrough Road, we collected 24 full bags of rubbish.


Food for thought? Next time you see somebody dropping a crisp packet on


the floor, just imagine that is your five-pound note because you're


paying to pick it up. As the eurozone lectures from one -- from


one crisis to another, businesses are increasingly looking for Forest


to market. One company is not only taking its animals to China, but


bringing China to its animals. pigs, pigs! They're not always seen


as the most glamorous or lucrative part of the farming business. But


for one East Yorkshire company, raising pigs has been honed to a


scientific process where animals are bred for their genetic


superiority. The animals we're providing are the top of the


pyramid. They require high attention to detail to get the


optimum results. Pigs from JSR Genetics near Driffield are now


being exported all over the world and in particular to the world's


biggest market for pork, China. There are nearly 50 million sows in


China. Their requirement for a protein is increasing. So JSR is


going where the money and the pork is. They're providing 1,500


breeding sows and boars to a Chinese company called HB Coff.


These animals will then form the basis for a huge pig breeding unit


with over a million pigs. This afternoon, we will go to the


structure... Bobo, Yann, Amber and Lee work for HB Coff in China.


They've been brought over to live in Driffield for several weeks to


learn about British pig farming methods. I would like you to make a


list of the traits that you think we would look for. And it's not


long before they're out of the classroom and onto one of JSR's


farms in Oxfordshire and I'm going along too for a free pig farming


lesson. Hyde, Steve Bull stop -- hello, steep. We need to get you


showered through to protect our pigs for many diseases. I've signed


in, now it's time to shower down and put on unit clothes. While I'm


in the shower, our cameraman Mark has to make sure all his equipment


is free of any nasty germs that the pigs might pick up. I'm showered


and clean and I'm wearing Wellies two sizes too big. The first thing


we're learning is weighing and measuring, but first a bit of pig


Jason, which area of the pig had you just been measuring. He is


measuring from this the end, the depth, this measurement here.


gives the pork the really nice flavour? This marbling effect here.


We need to see if we can improve on taste and flavour. I catch up with


Lee and Bobo in between lessons. China, we used a lot of human


beings. But in the UK, we used a lot of machines and technology to


raise the pigs. What British customs do you think you will take


back with you to China? If I could get the chance, I would suggest to


my boss to give me coffee time in the morning! Now we're onto the


most important issue - breeding. The students go to JSR's boar stud


near Selby to learn about semen collection. Once the delicate


process of producing semen is over, it is then taken to the lab to be


diluted into individual doses. have done 21 doses per boar. We


have some boars that can do a lot more. The smallest amount... Once


it leaves here, it goes to the farms and the farmers then


inseminate their sows. Back in Oxfordshire, we're about to see how


that works. I'm just going in with Lee now to learn about AI, which


stands for artificial insemination. Tom shows Lee how to inseminate the


sow the scientific way, using the diluted boar's semen. It's not a


particularly pleasant job but Lee doesn't seem phased. The most


important part to remember is to go upwards. How often do you


inseminate the pics? On a weekly basis, from Monday to to Friday.


Each gilt will have Freeserve's, whereas a sow will only have two --


three serves. We need a steady flow of AI flowing. It helps them to


think they have a boar with them. How was it to learn about AI?


think I need to learn to be patient. It is relatively simple. Are you


nervous about your first insemination? Yes, I'm nervous and


I'm also curious. The first pigs for the new unit in China will be


loaded onto planes in the next few days. This really is a large scale


industrial operation which seems quite remote from my idea of


traditional pig farming. People have the perception of genetics of


people in white coats. We're not doing that. Testing is undertaken


on the farm, the data is gathered and it is run to a computer. The


top rank animals are retained in the breeding programme. What would


you say to people who describe these sorts of farming methods as


factory methods? And animal will not perform to its highest per --


potential without everything it requires, which is environment,


food, water, it has got to be comfortable. Without that, it will


fail to perform. For the Chinese workers, the training is over and


it's time to celebrate and say goodbye to their training manager


James. And what better way to do it than with a meal out in York? In a


Chinese restaurant, of course. Can I order the shredded pork and


preserved vegetable soup? James devised the training plan for the


Chinese workers and has spent the last six weeks with them. It is by


sea. It has been a new experience for me, but in training plans


together for people from different cultures, and trying to learn a


little bit about their culture. Have you been over to China?


yet. What have they told you to expect? Spicy food! And there's


more to come as the joint venture between East Yorkshire and China


was cemented a couple of weeks ago with the opening of a brand new pig


unit in Guandong province. See soon. Take care. If you want to contact


us about any of tonight's stories you can do through our Facebook


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