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Hello from Oxford and welcome to Inside Out. He is what is coming on


tonight. We investigate a serial fraudster who has been posing as


her reality TV producer to target the rich and famous. I can't sleep


at the minute. It has led to a lot of problems. How much more can I


take. We are out and about with the noise patrols cracking down on


student parties in Oxford. It has gone midnight. It is midweek.


People are wanting to go to work in the morning. And born the wrong sex,


we meet some of the people who have taken the radical step of changing


their gender. I can see that life really is worth living because I


feel happier myself. I feel comfortable in my body. This is


First, we live in a world obsessed with celebrity. No surprise it


became the latest stomping ground for an infamous con man. Convinced


big brother contender to take part in a fake reality show and wait for


the backers money to come rolling Reality shows and celebrity


television. For those who take part, a quick step to greater fame and


fortune, the perfect hunting ground for a fraudster on the make. We are


on the trail of a notorious conman who has been back in business using


reality TV to target the rich and famous. This guy claimed the world


and delivered nothing. We find out how these stars opened their hearts


for a reality show that never even existed. How low can someone go to


get footage to convince people that you have your TV show. We uncover


what our fame loving fraudster was really up to behind the scenes.


This is Mario and Lisa. You may recognise them. They shot to fame


money appeared in Big Brother. As the spotlight fell off, the couple


were left looking for a new project. That is when Mr Michael walked into


their lives. He seemed to have it all and was generous with his


wealth. A proud supporter of celebrity back to charity, the five


stars appeal. I met him through a mutual friend who we were doing


some charity work with. He introduced himself as managing


director of World screen group. I thought I had met the Almighty God


of the industry. They threw in their lot with the silver fox who


promised he could relaunch their careers. His famous signature was,


"I will put you through another level." you will have your own


reality show. He was working on an Asian version of Miami Vice. With a


contract signed, they set about filming with him and this is the


Mario and Lisa spent several months filming with him, sharing their


most intimate moments. Filming 18 hours a day, three hours' sleep


sometimes and all this pressure. It was hard work. They even recorded a


single, supposedly for charity. All the hard work seemed to pay off. He


told them a national TV broadcaster had agreed to run the show. He was


proper. We were so excited. cried, thinking we have finally


done it. But there was no deal and the footage ended up as an eight


minute trailer, dumped on the internet. Mario and Lisa were


furious. We left him. We parted. We told him we were leaving and wanted


nothing more to do with him. said we would never work in the


media again. He was horrible. after, the Silver Fox disappeared.


Who was Mr Michael and what did he want with Marianne to Lisa? All was


not what it seemed. This is the Silver Fox 10 years ago. He was


using a different name. He arrived at court to plead guilty to the


large-scale fraud on a large number of small investors. He Ranby


Corporation from offices here Bristol using the latest in a long


line of a Leicester's. -- he ran. His name wasn't the only thing


about him. He was running a Spanish property scam, taking thousands of


pounds from investors and taking it into his pocket. Even then, he was


making friends but celebrities. This is him with Stephanie Beacham


who knew nothing about his camp. What he wanted was the touch of


glamour that celebrity could bring to his own carefully crafted image.


He was very charismatic, he was dressed impeccably. He had dyed


blond hair and a charming manner. I trusted him. Maggie was one of


those who fell for his chums back in the late 1990s. She even ended


up working for the Carmichael Corporation but eventually


discovered it was a friend. crunch of it happened when the


police arrived in the office in Bristol and arrested everybody. I


realised then, oh, my guard, this whole thing has been a lie. I am


entreat -- I am in deep trouble. Malik -- Magee had been duped and


left counting the cost for letting Carmichael into her life.


friends had lost their money, my boyfriend had lost his money, his


family had lost their money. I was devastated. Carmichael was


sentenced to 3 1/2 years. On release, he disappeared. Only for


Sylvan Michael, the Silver Fox to pack -- to crop up as Mario and


Lisa's saviour. We have discovered it is not just these stars he has


been targeting. One celebrity he tried to win over was this man,


He offered to back a new children's TV project for him and tried it to


wine and dine him at a charity gala. He came up to me saying that if


something comes off tonight, could you please tell them I am your


manager. I said, "listen to my eight -- listen to me now. You are


not my manager, you are not my representative, I have only met two


twice. We are not in any business venture or anything like that.".


was clear what he was trying to do. He wanted the friendship and the


contacts, the celebrity contacts and friends that I had so he could


build a roster of celebrity friends that he could use to Le Riche -- to


get in rich and unsuspected victims. We have spoken to several of his


investors. Some part with thousands of pounds hoping to appeal one of


his shows. Now they are too embarrassed to speak out on camera.


Their money, it simply disappeared. Documents released to the BBC by


the High Court show one investor is selling, Kohl and his real name for


the return of more than a �42,000. Even a celebrity charity, the five


stars appeal, was stung by Carmichael. A luxury yacht holiday


failed to materialise, as did a 10,000 pit he made on the same


night. For Mario and Lisa, it has been tough coming to terms with


their fact that their names with used to help scam intelligent


victims. I can't sleep at night. We Raul a lot about it. It has led to


problems and psychological as well. How much can one take? It is only


now that other people are coming forward and telling what he has


done. At the time, they didn't know. I feel sorry for them as well.


Where is Carmichael now? He failed to appear at the High Court two


weeks ago. He is bankrupt but his wife owns this to a �725,000 house


in Buckinghamshire. The car he drives his here but he is not. Just


when we thought he had gone to ground, we found a man who knows


where he is. A bomb was the last time you saw Mr Carmichael? It was


when he was being sentenced to 3 1/2 years' imprisonment for his


money laundering as part of major fraud. It turns out he's more than


just a fame hungry conman. He is part of a major criminal network


whose members try to steal half a million pounds from the Santander


Bank. We have fraud, money- laundering, he is hardly that


person you would trust to make the famous. If more likely penniless.


From what I have seen that, if you have dealings with him, be very


careful. What might be a good and convincing front doesn't bear any


examination in detail. For Mario and Lisa, the news that he is


behind bars comes as a shock. Really? What for? They hope it


marks the end of their journey with the silver fox. Knowing Mr


Carmichael now, he is a compulsive liar, he lives in deluded land and


Next, with his music, culture and museums, it is easy to see why


Oxford is one of the most desirable places to live. Until the sun goes


It is the start of a new term for students across the south, and


there's want them on all their minds - studying. But also party in.


Oxford has more than 32,000 students, making for a lot of late


nights. For some residents, students having fun means one thing


- a lack of sleep. Noise nuisance can make you feel isolated. Is


anyone else having the same problem as you? You question whether it is


just your problem, other people's problems, who it is affecting, and


I'd been silly? It is come the next day. Last year, Oxford City Council


received more than 1,000 complaints about late night parties. To try


and reduce those statistics, they came up with a noise busting plan.


We have got a noisy party, loud music. They call themselves the


party patrol, a �12,000 scheme involving council workers


responding to noisy complaints. I joined them on a Wednesday evening,


and it did not take us long to get Is this your party? Can I have a


word? Come out here. We have had a call about a party, and it is


causing... It is too loud. You need to turn it down, close your windows


and doors, so you do not disturb people, and you need to calm people


down. It is passed at midnight and now, midweek, people want a good


work in the morning. Pipe people are generally polite. They are


willing to do whatever they asked them to do. There is no nor which


says you cannot have a party. This is about trying to balance the


needs of residents with the needs of students. We are trying to


minimise the impact they are having. These patrols come as welcome


relief to residents like Ed Wood, whose family has suffered from


A long a run of unbroken sleep. It feels like water torture. It has to


be broken. You cannot break yourself because you do not want to


be the guy who is threatening people at 1am. You have got to go


through the right channels to do it, and that is the sensible thing to


do. Around here, the council and police are quite geared up their it.


He back at the party patrol, we are responding to a second complaint of


the night. The next door neighbour has come out, they have young


children, and it is keeping them awake. They need quiet now. It is


near one am now. I needed to wind your party up. They have now


contacted us and saying that there is a problem. They have had enough,


OK? Noise nuisance is something both universities and Oxford are


trying to tackle. At Oxford Brookes, big fund to PCSOs, and Lucy liaises


between the university and residents. The full-time university


is stressful. You have deadlines, living away from home, trying to


start your life as an adult by beginning with a stressful Clause.


When students at parties, they are letting their hair down. They are


living this sense of freedom they have. What they have not thought


about, the reasons why their parents asked them to turn the


music down. They just haven't got far enough along been living in the


community to learn these things. Now, they have to try and build up


this knowledge base as to how to live in a community. It is 2am, and


a fifth Corps of the night. Local residents out on the streets..


have a lot of people in there are, haven't you? We made repeated


appeals for them to turn the music down and not to bring it out.


Normally... It is a Wednesday, man! They are too frightened to come out,


I do not know why it is always meal the neighbour. On a road like this,


lots of houses have young people, students in. What used to be quite


a quiet residential street is now a buzzing centre for young people and


students, and inevitably, parties break out. I think it is game over


for this one. We have asked them to wind the party up. A lot of the


students have left. It is just the stragglers. A lot of people coming


out of their house. Looks like it was quite a big party. I was not


counting the students, but there seemed to be a lot. His early


stages in the initiative, but for some, it is leading to a good night


sleep. There was a party next door. It was allowed. After midnight, we


thought it was time for them to turn it down and leave. A person


holding the party did not have much control over it. We went to phone


the environmental health and party patrols, and turned up before we


had a chance to dull the number. Within 15 minutes, the place was


empty acquired. I was impressed. It can be isolated. But you have to


report it. In July, Oxford University changed


its rules as to how students should dress. It was in response to


concerns that its rules were unfair to transit agenda students. Now,


men can wear skirts and women can wear suits. It all goes to show the


South's transfer gender community We might tend to think of the world


as male or female, goal boy. But there are people who are in between,


and some who want to become the other. Those who were born male,


who do not identify with it. Life is unbearable not to live as


Michelle. And vice versa, for people born female. I was pretty


much a classic a tomboy. I did not like wearing dresses. I through


massive tantrums about having to wear anything female. But life can


be tough. There is a myth, worry. Based upon that ignorance, there is


a fear and hostility. Gen dir dysphoria is a medical term. Some


people say they feel trapped in the wrong body, and for many, the pain


Michelle was born male, but it was an identity she did not recognise.


I have known that there was something different about me since


I was five or six years old. I did not know what it was back then. As


I grew up, I started to realise. I liked to wear women's clothes and


wanted to where gender. But it is so unacceptable to do that that I


try to live a male role - I had a son, tried to get married. It is


such a dark time there. I could not do it any more. I had to change my


agenda. I lost most of my friends. I had quarrels of my family. Very


difficult time, psychologically as well as physically. Experts say


changing your gender can mean a widespread discrimination, and that


life for her people can be worse than we might think. Rafael Fox was


born a female, but always felt he should have been a boy. What was


going through my mind was unhappiness. I felt uncomfortable


with myself, he I could not do all the normal things a wanted to do.


As a child, six years old or whatever, my family would go up to


the local supermarket and I would make friends. Me and the guys would


hang out. I had my hair cut really short, so why don't think they


recognised I was female. At the end of the played eight, they would say,


what's your name? I would be, like, Rachel. They gave me away. I felt


embarrassed. It is so odd to look back and think that I really was a


time had be an uncomfortable MI and body. Raphael decided to transition


by taking hormones and having surgery to be closer to the agenda


he felt he should have been. Bernard read set up a charity to


research gender identity, and has spent the past 15 years studying it.


So side he needs to be more aware that trams agenda people have a


natural condition, which is to say that in their brains, from the very


earliest time, they are pre- programmed to have a sense of


gender which differs from dead bodies. Many of them repress this.


But they can't do so completely because the feeling is very intense.


And while oppressing those feelings can be hard, telling your own


family can be even more difficult. Ryan was born a girl, but lost


contact with his mother after she found out. I have not spoken to my


mother in newly two years. I understand that it is difficult for


parents. They do not believe that I am the person they brought up. It


is quite difficult to relate to that one man been told I'm not that


person any more. Some experts say the isolation and rejection people


face can have a serious impact on mental health. Dr Catherine Johnson


is a gender identity expert. She says the reasons for this are


complex. A mental health, generally, has to do with the social


circumstances in which we find ourselves. Depression is often a


response to the environment in which we are in. Trams people,


because of levels of discrimination, because of issues like not passed -


- passing as male female, affecting employment, poverty and so on, can


therefore increase the likelihood of having a mental health problem.


The outside world can be a scary place for Trans people. Feeling


comfortable on the street is some think most of us take for granted,


but even in a tolerant place like Brighton, there are no-go areas for


Michelle. There are certain areas I do not go by myself up. A D Phil


about that? I feel it is very unfair. We are happens? People


shout insults. It just makes me feel as if I am unsafe. What about


in terms of violence? A bit further down the road here, I was attacked


by someone. They pulled my hair, kicked and punched me. It was a


very bad attack. According to official figures, over the past


four years, they have been fortified incidence of Trans gender


hate crime in Sussex. They are also problems in the workplace. Despite


laws to prevent discrimination, there are lots of examples that it


is happening. For a Trans woman, in a large office, was asked to turn


her desk so that she faced the wall, so the rest of the people could not


see her face. In another situation, somebody in a work situation


discovered that a person was Trans and said, unless you provide sexual


favours for me, I will out you in the workplace. Michelle was made


redundant from her job in IT after she transition to. Unable to find


employment, she set up her own company. The interviewer would


refuse to shake my hand. I have also had other interviews where, as


soon as I have walked in, they have said, I am not suitable for the


position. Without even interviewing you? Were that even interviewing


the. The challenges people face in Brighton are the same up and down


the country. By work is taking place to tackle discrimination and


prejudice. There have been challenges and the past, but they


are there to overcome. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. We


don't want to be treated specially. I am hoping everyone will be more


accepting of us. Raphael says changing his gender has made him


happier than he has ever been. was a do-or-die situation. I really


wanted to live, to experience what everyone else seems to be enjoying.


I felt like I had missed the point end life. Finally, I can see life


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