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Welcome to inside-out. This is home to one of the most important


collections of vehicles in the country. We will be meeting


Britain's biggest fan of the Ford Transit van while we discover there


is only one Turkey on the minds of Southampton workers this Christmas


as jobs are going. You put your heart and soul into making


something work and you get no thanks for it. Also, arson. How a


pub landlord and himself -- his wife tried to cover their tracks as


they set light to their business. What a year it has been. We meet


some of the family struggling to cope with 2012's incredible


downfalls. I will be glad when 2012 has finished and we can get on with


hopefully a normal life in 2013. The citizens Saadi for the South of


-- This is inside-out for the South I will explain why we have come


inside in just a moment. But first arson, it is thought every week in


the UK 2000 fires are started deliberately. The cost - �14


million. When Hampshire Fire Investigation teams will call to a


pub in Lymington, the cameras were there. Summer, 2011 and a local pub


is ablaze. Five people are inside when the alarm goes off. The


landlord and his dog are plucked to safety by firefighters. But is


everything as it seems? Mind you step down here. The arson


investigation team has been called in. We have come to the other end


of the building so we must have at least 10 metres walk. What you have


his plastic that has melted down from the emergency lighting. The


heat has got such in this room, it has melted lighting, the smoke


detector up there. This is good evidence as to why you should close


the doors. If you look to the damage to this rule and the damp --


damage to the store, which was closed at the time, you can see him


there, the amount of damage which is considerably less. It's down to


Andy and his team to piece together where and how this fire started.


The crews were met with a well- developed fire in the stairwell.


What happened originally, the occupiers were woken by the smoke


detector. The occupier found a fire in the bar area, and he could see


the flames under the door. there is a more worrying part to


their story. If we push the door open. It would appear this mob was


in this position unlike so. This was used by whoever said the fire


to prevent anybody escaping. And it doesn't take long to sniff out


something's been used to start the blaze. We have evidence on the


carpet out here which is possibly liquid. And it has a petrol smell


to it. It will be taken away for scientific analysis. The landlord


told the firemen he had been blocked from getting out. This is


the Fyodor the gentleman tried to use to make escape with his family.


He was unable to open the door because this piece of timber was


wedged up against it. Someone had come round to the back of the


building and render the fire escape useless. With alarming stories from


the landlord and his family it was Andy's job to make sense of what


appeared to an appalling crime. have not seen anything like this


before where people have gone to the effort to block a fire exit and


blocked the door into the bar as well. Potentially trapping five


people within a property that has been set light to, with no means of


escape other than a window where they risk a fall from height. In


fact, one of the occupiers had to be rescued by fire crews on a


ladder. It is unusual. It was easy enough to work out an arsonist was


to blame, and the hunt was on to find the culprit. But in the end


they wouldn't have to look far. So that firefighters know how to spot


suspicious fires there's regular training at Hampshire Fire Service


HQ in Eastleigh. We have a bed, or computer, a video. Stuff on the


walls. It is a room set up. We will set up a fire and hopefully we will


find the seat. We are looking for the seat of the fire. When you find


the seat of the fire you can establish the cause. But petrol


Virk, Labour trail down. The room is packed with red herrings - soon


to be smoked out. They could investigator will investigate every


possible cause when he gets to the seat of the fire. But will today's


students spot how this blaze was started? Back at Lymington, police


forensic teams are looking for clues. A nearby field is being


searched for any discarded fuel containers and the hunt is on for


finger prints. The Landlord's wife Mylinda Thomas has implicated her


brother - who she claims had been making threatening phone calls. He


will be exonerated and no charges or will it be brought against him.


When the breathing apparatus crews came to make an entrance, they


found signs of a forced entry through the toilet. When a window


is broken, you get glass fragments, microscopic incise coming back


towards the offender. They will be able to look at the clothing and


the glass fragments and tide that up to see if it is the same class.


It will put back person on this side at that particular time.


it's this evidence that will eventually lead police and fire


investigators to the culprits. So how are the students getting on


back at Hampshire Fire Service HQ? Obviously we have the least damaged


at this end. The The new recruits get to work. Sooner they are hot on


the trail. What does that look like? Batteries. A lot of the


carpet has been consumed. There is nothing here to develop the fire in


this part. But we have had a serious fire in this part of the


room. I am thinking, has something been introduced? You get a bit of a


feel and think, not at all is right. Sometimes you cannot put your


finger on what is wrong, it just doesn't seem right. And back in


Lymington things definitely don't look right. What looked like


someone trying to burn down a landlord's beloved pub, now looks


like an inside job. On closer inspection during the investigation,


certain pieces of evidence did not tie up with what the gentleman was


telling us. Something just didn't seem right with the blocked back


door. Initial reports from a landlord at the property, it told


us of the door was a wedged shut and they were unable to escape


through it. When we looked at the door closely, there were salt


deposits, so the smoke particles had stuck to the door which


indicated the door had been open at the time of the fire. Police also


find a bag containing clothes, petrol and fragments of glass from


the bathroom window. They take it away but leave secret cameras to


see if the guilty parties will come back to get rid of this crucial


piece of evidence. And guess who comes back? The landlord and his


wife. And it seems obvious they're looking for the hidden bag. No


surprise then that last week, Dean and Melynda Thomas appeared in


court charged with arson. The prosecution claims the landlord


started the fire as they were heavily in debt and the pub


business was failing. It is a bit surprising people would do that.


However, these things to happen. Had they remained within the


property, I am quite confident we would have had fatalities due to


the level of the smoke. But it is worth remembering, it is not just


those people who were put at risk. There was the risks to responding


emergency crews. And the firefighters face an element of


danger when dealing with an incident like this. Two members of


the breathing apparatus crew got tangled in wires dropping down from


the ceiling and had to be cut free. Dean and Mylinda Thomas were found


guilty of life-threatening arson. The judge warned Dean he could face


a lengthy prison sentence. For I think a lot of people who commit


arson think they will get away with it. Otherwise they wouldn't do it.


They are under the impression most of the evidence will be destroyed.


That is not the case. With the fire investigation and the crime scene


investigators, we often find the evidence people would have thought


to be destroyed and it enabled us to paint a fuller picture. In


Hampshire, the arrest rate is six times the national average and


conviction rate fasten in Hampshire is a massive 23 times the national


average. -- for our son. This you could call a forerunner of


the Ford transit. It has been a few months and workers at the


Southampton plans were told production would switch to Turkey.


Questions and accusations have flown as to how and why it was


allowed to happen. It is a sorry end to a great piece of British


motoring history. Southampton's had a love affair with the Transit


since the first van rolled off its production line in 1972. Welcome to


transit land. There is a mobile library at the back. Ambulances, a


billion van, another Luton. I got my first fan in 1981 before I could


drive. You have heard of white van man. I am blue van woman. And they


are like part of the family. have dogs as well. We say dogs of


the dogs, the vans are the children. Yep, you've Guessed it - Fred


collects Ford Transits. But next year if she wants a shiny new one


it'll come from further affield as Ford moves the entire production of


You do move heaven and earth for them. You choose between me and the


van. Two months ago Ford announced it was separating from the


Southampton factory which has love it for 40 years. Businesses and


union leaders tried to save the marriage of a city and a farm.


angry at the way it has been handled. There is a genuine feeling


of anger and disbelief. It is 2:30pm and these workers are coming


off shift. In six months' time the factory could fall silent. An


estimated �8 million it brings to the local economy could be lost.


Phil Mellor has worked here for her eight years. His father works here


also as does his uncle. I am the main breadwinner. When you first


start here, you start with a pension, think in the future is


going to be bright. If something happens you have to start re-


evaluating everything. Things do not work out the way you expected.


Karen Sharp used to work at Ford in Dagenham but prettier in 1985


thinking the job he was more secure. -- moved here in 1985. She is


counting pay packets until the factory closes. You put your heart


into making something work. You get no thanks for it. No respect. No


respect whatsoever. This will have such an effect and Southampton. It


will be a domino effect. All the small businesses that rely on


Transit will close. It will have eyes huge impact. But a was of very


different for Ford in 1972. They grew production of the whole


Transit from Berkshire to Southampton. It brought an economic


boost to the area. Is there extra jobs for local people? I at the


moment about 700. A total workforce of 3,000. Further expansion plan?


We are always in the field for further expansion. We are thinking


ahead, planning ahead. We are always ready to expand. Ford says


what is necessary now is moving all production to Turkey. It comes


after the European Investment Bank granted Ford �80 million for its


plant. Labour costs are one third of what they are here. Two years


before that Ford received �450 million in alone encouraged by the


then they go government believing it would help keep jobs in it did


UK for some time to come. -- encouraged by the then Labour


government. We were told to keep the factory open and we would be


helped with loans. If the European Investment Bank knew what would


happen up in the European Union it might have been a different answer.


Did the European Investment Bank have all the facts when it agreed a


cheap loan to a motor manufacturing giant. -- a motor manufacturing


giant? The point about the Turkish loan was that all to the


development of the loan up to and including the approval of that loan,


it was clear that Ford expected to continue production at Southampton.


My understanding is that Ford only took the decision to close the


Southampton operation in October. You will have to talk to them about


the reasons why they made that decision. We went to the UK


headquarters to ask them. They confirmed that �80 million loan was


to update the Transit plant in Turkey but categorically exist it


had no bearing on the home of the Chadderton Southampton. --


categorically insists. It has no direct impact on Southampton. It


was not to achieve incremental capacity. It was Updating the plant


in preparation for the new vehicle that was coming forward. Our


decisions have been driven by Very Severe economic crisis in Europe


which has had a knock-on effect on the vehicle sales. Vehicle sales


are down by 25 %. That has left us with the situation where we have


too much capacity chasing too few customers. Ford says the �450


million it got two years ago was spent on research and development


in Dunton. Amongst other things they were looking at a new low


carbon engine which will be built in the UK. Good news for Essex boys


and girls, not much comfort for workers at Southampton. At this


point the decision has been made by executives and destroyed. The best


we can do as local members is get the best redundancy package. --


executives in Detroit. There is a big package therefore afford's own


employees. There are people who work here who are not direct


employees. They have been offered that in like the same terms and


conditions. This man is lucky. He has a redundancy package. He would


prefer to keep his job. Some of the contractors are not getting what we


have got. I feel sorry for them. What ever you get is never going to


be enough. What is your future. You have made plans. That has all come


out the window. I do not know what figure you can put on that. We are


currently engaged in talking with employees about their options. Once


they have considered the terms that are on offer, whether the good


fight to stay with us, advocate and the redeployment opportunities,


there are generous provisions for those who want to stay with us.


Those discussions are happening now on a one-to-one basis. My mother


worked at Dagenham. My father turned round to me and said a few


years ago if Turkey takes off Southampton will not be here any


longer. It will be gone. He said that seven years ago. He said that


the writing would be on the wall of Fred is still doting on her


increasingly rare Southampton made fan collection. This is a 76 fan.


That could have come from Southampton. The consultation


period ends in January next year. You are on a housing estate. You're


out with your mates. You hear this. There is that the sound of the


1970s? It seems factory workers are not the only ones wishing some


things did not have to change. If you have been affected by the


news that Ford to let me know. Hundreds of families across the


region are facing a miserable Christmas because of the flooding.


It has been an unprecedented year for weather. We have been following


one Dorset village as it tries to get back on track after a series of


extraordinary events. Much of the South of England is


chalk country. Usually that is good news. Chalk acts like a sponge and


regulates water that goes into our rivers and cover of her taps,


holding it until we need more. Shortly after a drought was


announced in 2012 the spans became very wet. -- comes out of our taps.


Usually the Winterbournes only has running streams in winter. At the


height of what should have been the summer the stream became dangerous.


Ground water began to force its way up through flowers and gardens.


That target came up. I thought I had this book in a house. I laughed.


Then it came through. It was a torrent. It went up the wall. It


was like a shower. It came straight up through the carpet. There was no


time. You can still hear it under the floorboards. It was pandemonium.


We ran out into the street. There was pandemonium in the road. It had


burst its banks within one hour. Framed by Hell's Winterbourne Abbas


was sitting on a header tank. The first week in July brought to be


times the expected rainfall for the month. Standing on chalk. It is


full of water. The force of that water is fortunate that to


weaknesses in the rock. If that happens to be in somebody's front


room it is of such a pressure that it forces its way up through


floorboards. There is a lot of pressure involved here. Natural


forces at work. The water came up there. It lifted the plant pot. A


plump woman flying across the room. It exploded in here. Right through


into my dining room. It came straight up in the hallway into the


kitchen. When I would doubt the back, there was raw sewage pouring


in. British Geological Survey and universities are researching the


ground. They point out that some measures which might help drain


water a we could have a negative affect in times of drought. They


should be perfect places to live next to. That is why people built


mills next to them for centuries. The water is controllable most of


the time. It rises and falls with the season. It is good for


Agriculture. That is why people have flocked to them for ages past.


Every now and again you get deluges of rain in winter, out of winter


where we are at the moment, and that has some of the and impact. In


1955 a village down the road at 270 mm of rain in 24 hours. That was a


British record. It happens every now and again. If you were in the


wrong place at the wrong time it will have devastating consequences.


This car it was only down in October. -- this car that.


I could hear gurgling noises. The garden was very soggy. It was only


when my partner had gone to bed and also steered let the light on in


the garage. By open the garage door and all the water poured in. You


that has got to wait. That is a heartbreaking thing. You cannot do


anything about it. It is horrible. They every time it rains a start


trembling. In the local guesthouse Jane Deller found springs extolling


through her floor. Just in the corner there. We have never had


water in. There is a spring that is coming all the way along here. The


water is bubbling right up. You just have to give up and admit


defeat. We had no idea it was happening. My


husband and son were busy helping the couple in the cottage next door


who had the river flowing into their house. I was busy moving


staff around their thinking we would be careful. I walked into my


store room and found a paddle. I decided to try and what that up. --


at puddle. The water was just streaming up to the floor. Within


one hour the whole of the back area was flooded.


Disasters do not just happen in one day. With Christmas just over one


week away many families are still struggling to get back to normal.


Come in and have a look. It is a disaster at the moment.


We're getting there slowly. This is phase one. Last time you were here


- red carpet. Complete the ruined. It thing is complete been ruined.


It have to be stripped out. It could not try. -- it would not


drive. This is as far as we have got.


Hoped next week builders will come in. I have not been at work for


five weeks because I was offered stress. I am going back on Thursday.


I have gone as far as I can go. The rest is down to the insurance


company and the builders. How will you remember 2012? It was a


nightmare. The Olympics came and went. I did not see any of it. I


was too busy dealing with this. guest house manage to stay open for


the season. With the builders now in it is gales. -- chaos. It has


been miserable. Everything has been messy. My home has not been my own.


Little things like putting a washing machine on - I have got to


negotiate past builders, cement mixers, planks across floors. It


has been a misery. We have got through it. We have got to worse. I


am still smiling. At least the floor is going back in now. It is a


positive thing. I will be glad when 2012 is


The best of luck took everyone the year. We are back on January 7th


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