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Welcome to Inside Out. Coming up: We expose the internet dress


company that is stitching up its online customers. It looks very


tacky, cheaply made. They do not care about their customers. They


care about money. Our two fathers better than one? A couple share


their quest to become a parents. These babies mean family. It is


something we have wanted for some time. I am on the trail of one of


the South's most elusive birds. have looked everywhere. Hankies are


supposed to draw them in. This is It is the festive season at so


maybe you will treat yourself to a new dress. Perhaps he will do that


online to save yourself some money. That is exactly what the people did


in our first film. When they saw they were dealing with a Portsmouth


company, they thought, what could go wrong? Buying a dress for his


special day. A wedding or something that has taken off, the school prom.


It is a huge business with lots of potential for profit but also for


the unscrupulous to rip you off. Mandy Halstead wanted a dress for


her son's wedding. She went online and chose a website owned by


Edresses Global. They could do large sizes and it looked promising.


She chose this dress, costing �90. A I thought it was a trustworthy


company because they have offices in England. The dress that turned


up was a poor imitation of the one she had ordered. He did not fit.


tried it on, it was too small. It was too small across the back. It


was very long. I would have to have been about 13 ft tall to wear it.


Anj Page was also taken in by an Edresses website. We ordered a


dress in February for my daughter's prom. We waited 60 days for it to


be delivered. It never turned up. We were constantly being told they


were busy and they needed more time. It looks very tacky. Cheaply made.


It was heartbreaking. It is all about special occasions. These are


not just dresses you would just five. They are wedding dresses and


ball gowns. They are for a special event people have spent a lot of


time planning. I was devastated because I had to buy another dress.


Sorry. This shop in Southampton has got some beautiful dresses. One man


wanted to buy a -- Wonder Woman wanted to buy a -- a woman wanted


to buy something similar but unfortunately she chose Edresses.


What she got was this. It is prom time, not played down. It is more


like a child's dress. E Ian Conduit owns a family run dress business in


Southampton. He says he often has people buying dresses at the last


minute because of online disasters. They tend to fall into three


categories. You have got a dress like that, that has turned up that


is totally unsuitable. You have got a dress that is OK but does not fit


properly or is the wrong colour or the zip is broken. Then you have a


large proportion of dresses they just do not turn up at all.


Page was so cross she voiced her frustrations on Facebook. She set


up a support group when it became apparent it was a big problem.


Initially, I thought it would be a small group. We have been running


for under six months and we are under the 500 mark. That is not


including people who have privately message me. Who are Edresses and


where are they based? They have several address -- they have


several addresses and all appear in the UK. They look like they are UK-


based. You assume they have somewhere in the UK you can contact.


But it does not take long to realise they are based in China.


Buying from China, like from any country, is fine if you choose


reputable factories. Like the ones that produce the stresses. Ian


often visits China and has seen the dodgy side. -- that produced the


dresses. They will take a picture from a website of any reputable


manufacturer and they will put it on their website, they will


advertise it as a product they can produce. They have no patterns, no


knowledge of the dress itself. One place that was visited, it was


attached to a chicken farm. When we were there, there was a lady who


had placed an order and it has printed a picture of and tried to


copy it. Dresses made from a picture probably will not be a


great fit. Then it Mandy tried to get her money back. When she


contacted Edresses by e-mail, all she got was months of delaying


tactics. They kept coming back with these dancers, please rest assured


we are dealing with your complaint -- these answers. Then it went on


longer. There were more e-mails. They then said it would be in my it


bank within 72 hours. No, no money arrived. My Andy had paid using


PayPal. After 45 days, option for getting her money back from them


had expired. Apart from the Mail, there was no other way of


contacting Edresses. -- e-mail. Every number of customers were


given was a false trail. Both addresses are bogus on the website.


When they came to check out the returns address, they were led to


this industrial estate. It is a distribution centre which deals in


electrical goods and had nothing to do with Edresses. The actual


company based here, which does have Chinese connections, was not happy


parcels were being sent to their dress and contacted Trading


Standards in Portsmouth. We went to see them, we had a look at the


goods that had been returned and it was quite clear they were being


sent back from dissatisfied consumers who were unhappy about


the quality of the garments they had bought. I have been a Trading


Standards officers for many years and this is the first time we have


had a situation like this with an address of being hijacked for use


in this way. A look at the quality. They are dreadful. We looked at


some of the items that had been sent back. Look at that. That is


Elvis in the vaguest years! -- the vaguest -- the Las Vegas years.


Generally, shoddy goods. No labelling. We are not clear what


this product is made of. We are not sure how to watch it. I have no


idea how many they have sold. You are talking about �90 a dress. If


it is 1,000 customers, that is 90 Grand. It is big money. What action


can Trading Standards take for a company behaving like this? It the


company is based inside the UK, there are very strong laws that


will apply to, distance selling. The regulations say the goods must


be dispatched to we to assume a within 30 days of the order. The


consumer then has seven days to change their mind. You can send the


goods back for your money to be returned. Of course, that will only


applied to a UK-based company. That is the danger way you have


unscrupulous traders who wide using the addresses as we have had in


this case. With the regulatory bodies unable to do a lot, it is


down to people like Anj Page to do what she can. We filmed her while


she spoke to someone called Becky from Edresses. Anj Page said she


wanted to return a faulty dress. Becky failed to offer a UK address


but suggested she send it to China. To be exact, Wanda Plaza A, Suzhiou,


Jiangsu Province. We checked out the address. It is the office of an


environmental company, nothing to do with dresses. Do you know


anything about Edresses? I tried some of the many phone numbers in


China. All were dead ends. Finally, a breakthrough. An Edresses contact


who came to Anj Page via Facebook. But hiding behind an identity. This


is Yolanda your way up on Facebook. She has only got one friend. That


is when that's group. -- Anj Page's group. She discovered Yolanda was


connected to Edresses. She said, we are not a fraud company. We are


trying to satisfy requests. Since then, more than 20 people have had


their money back. Some of them have been waiting since generate. Nearly


�2,000 worth has been refunded. -- since January. Both women have got


their money back eventually. But Anj Page says she will not close


the group while Edresses continues to operate. A I would love to find


out where they are in deal with them face to face. I want them to


know how they treat people. I will keep going until they disappear


from the earth. While people are owed money, I will fight for them.


Do not forget, if you think you have a story, go to our website.


What his family? The idea of mum, dad, and 2.4 children is changing.


Is it 18-accepted by everyone? Down to meet a couple preparing for new


arrivals. -- is it a change. There is stuff in there. Start a list of


the things you need. We are expecting twin boys. Meet soon to


be parents Eric and Grant Anderson. They are from California but moved


to Winchester seven years ago to start a new life and a new family.


This has been made through friends of ours, a surrogate and an egg


donor. We are using my sperm. We are excited about the fact they


will be born within five weeks. It has been a long journey. I have


always seen myself as a father. Part of it might be because I it


have a per stall care nature. I coached high school runners for 20


years. I took great joy in being at a membership figure. I have been


given a lot of my life and I am ready to give back and braise a kid


-- and raise a child. I want to enjoy their discoveries. It's has


been two years in the planning for a journey that is taking them back


to America. Eric and Grant are making their baby boys with the


help of a surrogate in California where the laws are more sympathetic


Hello! We interviewed six circuit mothers before we chose this one.


And she has now become a friend, which is fantastic. How big a you


now? You want to see? It is a truly modern family that we have. We have


an Egyptian egg donor and an Asian circuit. And all agreeing to be


involved in the lives of the children, as they desire. We leave


here in 16 hours, something like that. We have nothing to do out


there but tend to you and the babies. I hope everything goes your


way. We have waited a long time. Six years. I will see you soon.


That was sweet. She is so big. It is crazy.


Four weeks later over in California, the boys get the news they have


been waiting for. Her water has broken. We are on our


way to the hospital now. I am already crying. We got the call in


the morning. I jumped out Shotesham, the water has broken. -- shouting.


Our house mate who is British jumped up saying, I will make a cup


of tea! Then we rushed off to the hospital to meet her.


So we're having twins? That is exciting.


The babies were born about 8 o'clock in the morning. The first


Bath. Look at all those bobbles. That was a special moment.


It was a mixture of pure joy but they are finally here and here, are


they OK? Against that is something we will live with for the rest of


our lives, other babies OK? Instantly, is he breeding, is his


Eight weeks later and Eric and Grant are back in the UK with their


twins, Ryan and Garrett. Friends are on hand to meet them. It's been


a long nine hour journey, especially for the little ones.


We cannot wait to get them back and put their feet out in the yard, the


first time they have touched British soil. It has been a very


long process. Back home in Winchester, it's all


hands to the deck. Does that feel good? Welcome to the


UK. How does it feel? This is full of breast milk. I'm trying to find


the proper place to put it. many times we sat and thought what


life would be like. All the planning that went into it and here


we are. We want to make sure they have had


their feet first. Two months later and Eric, Grant,


Ryan and Garrett are settling into family life. For us these babies


mean family, they are our family now. It is something we had from --


had wanted for quite some time. We are one big happy family now. There


is an added bonus, the hope and joy that you see it brings to younger


gay couples. The idea that they can have a family, they can have it all.


That brings a certain amount of pride. Eric and Grant feel it's


important that their children grow up in a society where their family


unit has the same legal recognition than any others.


Children who grow up in families of same-sex relationship sometimes


have more difficulties relating to stigma, lack of legal recognition.


And bringing equal marriage in would help make those families more


stable. No teacher would ask their children in class, do your parents


have a civil partnership? Is all about marriage. And for that full


social inclusion we need to be married and have that same equality


both legally and socially as everybody else.


Finally, we love a challenge and filming a bird that only comes out


at night ticks that box. And a bird shrouded in myth and old wives


tales. The mysterious world of the Nightjar.


What am I doing out at dusk with a bunch of other people wondering


along the New Forest heath land? Well we're after a nightjar, of


course! I am excited, I have never seen one before. We have to wait


until it gets really dark. They told me to bring a torch but also


my secret weapon, my handkerchief. I will explain more later.


The nightjar is mysterious bird that visits us in spring all the


way from Africa. They're not easy to spot, especially as they hunt at


night. It is an intriguing bird that I have never seen. When I was


a child's I remember collecting cards and the Nightjar was the one


I could not get. I got the card but I have not seen the bird! What do


you know about them go as much I think they have quite a big wing


span for a small bird. You are going to enable us to see a


Nightjar tonight. Guaranteed, I was told! Nothing is guaranteed in


bird-watching! I was also told to bring the handkerchief. What is all


that about? The males have a white patch on their wings. The theory is


if they see another white patch in the distance they will think it is


the opposition and will come close to have a look and see what is


going on. I have leapt about waving my handkerchief and it had never


worked! It is just after half past nine and we have not heard anything


let alone seeing anything. Everyone is trying to find a bit of silence


so that they can listen. It is meant to sound like a grasshopper.


Either he is bringing the mint or frighten them off. Nobody will ever


know! That is getting louder and louder.


I think there might be more than one.


You would just think it is like a tropical insect. Like you're in the


jungle. It has stopped. So I've heard one. But not seen one.


Now I'm trying somewhere different. This is Ampfield woods, just north


of the Forest. And I've got an expert to help me. This is


completely different to where I was looking before. They are birds from


lowland heath but that is in decline because it has been taken


for building purposes. This is the other habitat that they like. At


least 50% of the British population is now in Forestry Commission


fouled land like this. -- felled land. We will set up some nets.


Nigel is a licensed ringer, so he can tag the birds he catches. And


hopefully find them again when they return next year. And learn more


about their movements. I have done this now for 40 years. I was


trained when I started at school. From the age of 15. I have been


doing it ever since. One of the reasons we do this, it is not well


understood exactly where it migrates. We know that they winter


in Africa but we are not sure which countries the birds go into. Each


male has a territory of between 20- 50 acres. And Nigel thinks there


are six territories in the whole wood. What we're going to do is set


a tape lure. We will put that just on the other side of the net. That


is the sound that the male bird makes. The idea of the recording is


to lure a bird into checking out what it thinks is another male on


its patch. And then hopefully we'll catch it.


I have just seen my first Nightjar. It is so distinctive, the


silhouette. They remind me of a glider. You can just see those


flashes of white on the wings. Brilliant. It is just going round


there. The birds keep coming, but sadly


none land in the net. They are clever old things. They have come


to investigate. But every time become near the net they just skim


over at the surface by a few inches. That is my first ever Nightjar.


They did not want to go into the net. There were definitely


interested, there were coming to have a look. I think we started


slightly early and they did get to see the net. And they decided they


just did not want to go in. Well let us leave the light to them and


go down the pub! Nigel's netting programme will


continue without me. But he's determined to get me close to a


nightjar. So we're back on the Forest heath land, this time during


the day when the nightjars, masters of camouflage, lie low. I'm about


see what happens when a male bird successfully attracts a female. A


Nightjar chick. Can you see it just sitting there?


That is incredible. Just sitting so still on its own. It blends in


perfectly with the heather. You would just imagine the that was an


old log. They have to keep still to stop predators finding them. This


is just about a week off fledging. The mother will be close by. They


keep still and they shut their eyes. When they showed they do not get


noticed. Just sitting there waiting for at the mother to come back.


When it is dark she will come and they will come running for food.


She will regurgitate moths and beetles. The more I find out, the


more in chanted I am by them. are very mysterious birds. Their


nocturnal and difficult to study. What an amazing bird with


incredible camouflage. Time for me to disappear. I will see you next


time. Next week on the programme. I am blue van of woman. As Ford plans


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