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Hello from the Isle of Wight. Your stories from where we live. Coming


up, as there are calls for more monitoring of landslides in the


South, one year on a family returns to remember a loved one. All I could


see was plumes of dust, she was too far under for them to do anything.


A woman goes into hiding after a court orders two of her dog should


be destroyed. My dogs are my life. I love them so much. I have no friends


or family. It is just me and dorks. `` dogs.


We follow some red squirrels to their now warm. `` new home.


If you are familiar with the Isle of Wight, you will know parts of it are


falling into the sea. We have seen a whole series of rock falls and


landslips in recent months. Last year a young woman was killed in


Dorset. He followed her family as they returned to remember her. `` we


followed. She was always happy, always


cheerful, everybody's friend. That was far more tour that she lived by.


Life was too short to be anything but happy. It is a lovely area but


it has good and bad memories for us. In July, the Blackman family was on


holiday in Dorset when tragedy struck. Charlotte, 22, was walking


on the beach when the cliff collapsed, killing her almost


instantly. A year later, the family has returned to pay its respects. We


released butterflies at the funeral as well. That was quite nice, quite


touching. While mum sat on the beach, Charlotte was walking with


friends, her boyfriend and her brother. When the cliff collapsed,


she became trapped under 400 tonnes of rock. Her mother remembers seeing


things unfold in front of her. The first I knew about a landslide was


that a fisherman on the beach shouted and I looked up and all I


could see was plumes of dust. You do not think it is going to affect you.


Everybody was watching. Through the clouds of smoke or just was Mitchell


and his friend running back up the beach towards any say that Charlotte


was under the rock `` towards me. I grabbed my sandals and ran down to


see Kevin and Matt scrabbling around the rocks trying to do something to


pull her out. She was to fire under for them to do anything `` far


under. Since 2001, seven people have died in landslides across the UK and


our coastline is becoming more unstable. Yesterday these steps lead


walkers along the coastal path. Back in May, a 40 metre stretch of the


Dorset coastal path disappeared when hundreds of times of rock collapsed


onto the beach below. Luckily, this time no one was hurt, but the


British Geological Survey wants to record even the smallest foals, like


this in Swanage, with all of us reporting any BC `` smallest falls.


This dramatic rock fall in Cornwall became a YouTube hit after it was


filmed in 2011. What we have seen over the last 12 months is an


increase in landslide events because the weather pattern we have seen and


the rainfall and the winds of 2012 for conscious that whether


conscience are changing `` weather patterns are changing. Not all


coastal movement is this the Matic but noting even the small falls


could give us warning of the larger ones `` this dramatic. We are


collecting as much information as we can and will bring to improve our


understanding of landslides that we can improve and mitigate situations.


We cannot talk about landslips without coming to the Isle of Wight.


The island is famous for its extreme coastal erosion. There are even


mentions of it in the Domesday Book. In this row of houses, the sea


views keep getting better. Great news for number five, not so great


for one, not so great for one, two, three and four which have been lost


to the sea. Events like this were making headlines as far back as


1926, at a huge `` when a huge landslips wrecked the Undercliff at


Ventnor. `` landslide. This holiday centre has been perched on the


south`west of the island since 1929. Still a popular destination, it is


right on the coastal path with bags of retro charm and fabulous sea


views. Isn't this fantastic? From the front, you would never know, but


come with me, around the back, there is a different story. These are


about to go. They are next. It is such a shame. You are certainly


going to get fresh air if you stay here. You are on the edge, running a


business on the edge. Yes. It is interesting. Soon moved here from


the Midlands 14 years ago and even in that short space of time she has


seen dramatic changes `` Sue moved here. This used to look onto what? A


football pitch and a cricket pitch. How much has gone? Probably about


half the original site. Since 1929, when it was started. Argue happy you


are going to lose bits of your business and land? We are not happy,


but we live with it. It is part of the way of life of being here. These


were demolished this year, six houses. What is going to happen to


those? We will sit there as long as we feel they need to and if they


think any more then we will debate whether to take them down. `` if


they enrolled further. We will dismantle them before the collapse.


You will start to see a definite crack in the soil. It will drop a


little bit. Then it will go further and it will sink completely. You do


get some warning, perhaps only a couple of days, but you have a rough


idea when it is going to move. Most people want to grow their business,


your one is shrinking. I am getting older. We are getting nearer to


retirement and as long as we have a decent way of life and can still


afford to have that way of life, we are happy. I cannot believe a


football pitch used to be beer and a cricket pitch used to be there. They


were. Yes. Females along the road from the holiday camp is a


collection of coastal cottages. 100 metres from one of the fastest


eroding parts of the island. We are dealing with about ten feet every


year of cliff erosion. Some years it stays stable and other years you get


100 feet going in one night. The last time this lot went, there was a


post on the cliff and it was about 20 yards out from where the cliff


and snow and ice some sand moving the beach that morning and that


afternoon I saw the post slowly disappearing `` from where the cliff


ends now. It took about two or three days to settle down. Looking at your


house, to the uninitiated they might think, there is years. How worried


are you? I am not worried at all. It is going to go in the sea


eventually, that is a fact. Islanders have little choice but to


accept their dynamic coastline, but there is a huge financial cost to


put things right. There's sea wall destroyed by a landslide last year


will remain closed until council coffers can fix it `` this sea wall.


Remember the landslips from 1926? Do not get local started on Undercliff


Drive and the financial scandal surrounding its ongoing repairs.


Back in Dorset, the family that lost a loved one is counting the truth


cost of an act of nature which it says happened in the blink of an


eye. There is always one person gets left looking after all the bags.


They said they were going to go for a walk and they were back to me when


it came down. `` they were coming back to me. It does not seem far


away, but when you try to run down there, it is quite a run. It was


horrible. The National Trust, which looks after the beach, stresses the


danger of rock falls. The Blackman family wants to warn others about


being extra vigilant when enjoying the place they love.


Do not forget you can get in touch with us. What can you tell about the


owner from their choice of dog? More to the point, what happens when dog


ownership goes terribly wrong. Back to Dorset now to meet some


out`of`control dogs and their distraught owner.


The little one is ten and a half. Mum will be six. And this one will


be four. A court has ordered that two of these Staffordshire bull


terriers should be destroyed, after they attacked and killed a small


dog. In trying to save her much loved pet, the elderly owner broke


her ankle and ended up in hospital. Nadine Deuters had been warned many


times she needed to control her dogs and shouldn't walk them in a pack.


She's now taken them into hiding and she says she's devastated by the


attack. It was absolutely horrendous .I did my utmost to save the little


thing. Mum and son just went direct to the dog. I did my utmost to save


it. At one stage I was able to hold the lead. I tried so hard to pull


her away. She was just so strong. She got away from me. She said in


the fracas of the field she could hear her ankle bone crack.


It was broken. This wasn't the first time Nadine's dogs had caused


trouble, and the court decided it was unlikely to be the last. So what


leads a fragile woman like Nadine to surround herself with pets she finds


hard to control? I just feel they're my family.


They're all that I live for. If anything happens to them, I don't


want to live myself. It is as simple as that. I have thought about this


all the time. My dogs are my life. I love them so much. I've got no


friends or family at all. It is just me and the dogs. I lost my mum two


years ago. And I'm absolutely devastated with her loss. I'm not


coping at all. So having nobody to talk to or be with, all the time it


goes through my mind about losing my dogs.


Staffordshire bull terriers do have a reputation ` or at least many of


their owners do. They're also one of the breeds most likely to be


abandoned at rescue centres. And latest research shows we may be able


to tell quite a lot about people from the sort of dog they choose to


own. If you have a toy breed or a gundog like a Labrador, a study


suggests you'll rate highly on agreeableness. You're also most


likely to be conscientiousness. If you own a dog from the utility breed


like a Dalmatian ` or a dog from the pastoral group such as a collie `


there's a greater chance you'll be an extrovert. And for emotional


stability, it's hound owners who come out on top.


So what about Staffordshire bull terriers and their owners? The


psychologist behind the report says their bad press isn't justified. And


he says a personality test shows Nadine is in many ways typical as an


owner. They tended to see them as young muscular men, would ease. The


range of owners is much broader than people thought. There are more


pleasant people than people seem to think. Where does this love of


animals, from? Most definitely, my mum. They came out much nicer, more


conscientious. Now Dean is more of a person centred person than she think


she is. `` Nadine. She has been through some tough times. She is


emotional `` emotionally fragile. She is quite an agreeable person.


She scores quite viable `` highly. She fits in with other Staffordshire


bull terrier and terrier owners we have found. So what of the dogs


themselves? Generally it's thought Nadine's biggest mistake was walking


more than one at a time. Behaviour often changes when dogs are in a


pack, and some experts say a terrier's natural predatory instinct


can occasionally turn to aggression. This little Westie has been causing


a lot of problems since he was adopted as a rescue dog. It seems


like he wants to fight every dog he sees ` however far away they may be.


This isn't going for a walk. This is him controlling me. This is not also


walking. This is him just doing exactly what he likes. This is not


dog walking. There are two dogs over there. And Archie is not being


walked by me. He is walking me. There is no control. I'm a bit


dubious about going near these dogs because I don't know what he is


going to do. It is just such a shame that he can't walk nicely. He looks


a picture. He just looks fantastic. Lovely little dog. But as soon as he


comes into contact with other dogs, there is a massive issue with this


behaviour. It is not fair on me, it is not fair on RTE and it is not


fair on other dog owners. `` Archie. They don't expect to see that.


Trainer Denise Nuttal specialises in dogs with attitude. He has been very


aggressive. It is such a beautiful day, I really wanted to bring him


for a walk. I don't think it will be possible. He is just so aggressive.


He is fixated on other dogs. It may be caused by several things. It


could be fear, it could be frustration. It could be a little


predation. Terriers are quite probationary. `` predatory. This is


typical. Denise says it's possible Archie missed out on vital


socialisation during the early weeks of life, something which can never


be put right entirely. But she's hoping a few tips, tricks and a lot


of patience will significantly improve his behaviour. All dogs need


training and they need early socialisation. Socialisation is


something that happens at a very early age and it can only happen


before 16 weeks. There is brain development that takes place only at


that stage. It only takes place if they are being exposed to social


things. If he has missed that, it is very difficult to rectify that


later. Generally, you will never get a perfect dog but we should be able


to improve his behaviour significantly.


Q, Rover. `` enter, Rover. Look at his body language. He is panting


hard. This is definitely fear aggression. Have you noticed he has


walked away. He is trying to avoid him. He keeps looking away. He is


trying to avoid trouble but not making `` by not making direct eye


contact. OK, so he knows he is terrified. After the fake dog, it's


time to encounter Annie ` at a nice safe distance. I am just going to


let him see any. What I'm doing is, as he is looking


at Annie, I am giving him a treat. Every time I see him looking over at


the doggie, gets something. There is a doggie over there as well you need


to be aware of. Good boy. Archie continues to make progress.


Meanwhile, Nadine remains in hiding. An appeal against destruction has


been turned down. I did say that even if I never came back to Dorset


with the dogs, would they spare their lives? And could there be a


reprieve? It was an accident. It was not intentional. I am full of deep


regret and remorse. I am a woman entirely on my own. I've got no


friends or family. My family of dogs mean absolutely everything to me.


They are all absolutely wonderful. The best companion is possible for


me. And I am not being selfish. I know I have done wrong but I feel


that I have paid the price in my own health. And if mum and son were to


be destroyed, I am quite sure pixie would go soon afterwards. I couldn't


cope with anything at all. To have the last of my loved ones.


I would love to view your thoughts on that story. Finally tonight, the


Isle of Wight was famous for its red squirrel population. It is one of


the few places in the country where you can find them. We have been to


another island to look at a new project which aims to boost their


numbers. Tresco, an island paradise, with a


resident population of just 175 and a garden that boasts some of the


world's most exotic species. Now there's to be a new arrival. The red


squirrel is coming to stay A lot of people who are in the know have said


this is the ideal place for them. They can thrive. Our trees from


California have cones on them that the squirrels like. There are plenty


of them in supply. Red squirrels have been driven to the brink of


extinction in England by their grey cousins, which carry the squirrel


pox virus. It's harmless to greys, but deadly to the reds. But there


are no grey squirrels anywhere on Scilly We'll have to see how it goes


but we've got plenty of space and food. We are very hopeful that they


have got plenty of space, plenty of food supply and they will naturalise


quite quickly. This has been the squirrels' home until now ` the


British Wildlife Centre in Surrey, which runs the UK's biggest red


squirrel breeding programme. David Mills is the owner. You have to be


very careful because they're very prone to stress. The actual boxing


of them will be done by my head keeper who works with them all the


time, plus his assistance. They do stress out. They can die of heart


failure and we do not want that to happen. It's the day of the


collection. Mike and Dave have arrived with 20 boxes to fill. It


takes four hours but there are finally ready to go. Thank you very


much indeed. You are very welcome. We will take good care of them.


Mike, Dave and 20 red squirrels start the 350`mile journey to


Cornwall. But there's a setback. Bad weather's set in, delaying the


flight. Leaving the squirrels stuck in their boxes longer than anyone


expected. I was very concerned. We have been keeping in touch with the


British wildlife centre. They are animals that get stressed very


easily. But 24 hours later, the weather's cleared. And at RNAS


Culdrose, it's all hands on deck to get the squirrels to Tresco, pronto.


And there are some encouraging signs. There is a bit of scurrying


in the boxes. They are aware something is going on. It's all


systems go ` even the pilot lends a hand with this precious cargo. 30


minutes later, and they touch down safely on Tresco. Say hello to your


new home. That is a result. It is wonderful. It has made it all


perfect. All these problems but they are actually here now, running


around the enclosure. In two days, Friedman Tresco. A special moment.


After their long journey they're left to settle down, locked in


enclosure for two days. And with the first one out, Mike and Dave just


have to hope the others follow suit. It's the day of the release ` and


the culmination of all Mike and Dave's hard work. Goodness, look at


that! Hundreds of them. It is very difficult to count them. I counted


about six times and came up with the same figure. It was 17. Lucy


Dorienne Smith, whose family leases the Island from the Duchy, has the


honour of opening the cage. The first squirrels venture out, up


and away. It has taken a while. It is really


nice. They are so vigorous, these squirrels. They are not as keen as I


thought. They are still mostly in their finding their surroundings. It


has been a great journey. We are looking forward to the next year or


so to see how they breathe. `` breed. Look at that! Sadly, two of


the squirrels died in transit. But with the delay, having 18 survive


was better anyone expected. Only time will tell if they like it here


enough to breed. The hope is that Tresco will offer them a valuable


sanctuary in their fight for survival.


Plenty more stories to come from the south next week. Before we go, let's


look at your e`mails. Last week was all about food safety.


Next week, we are back with a special programme on President John


F. Kennedy's last visited Sussex. The Sussex summer is almost like an


Indian summer. Here is John F. Kennedy, unknown to him, on his last


visit to Britain, to Europe. You will be assassinated a month later.


Hello, I'm Ellie Crisell with your 90 second update. The UK is getting


its first nuclear power plant for 20 years. Hinkley Point C in Somerset


got the go-ahead today. Ministers say it will help lower energy bills


renewable sources would be better. renewable sources would be better.


Meanwhile, N-power has become the third energy supplier to raise its


gusts. Dual-fuel bills will go up by over ?100 a year from


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