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Hello from Langstone Harbour in Portsmouth. Your stories from where


we left. Here's what's coming up tonight. Tornadoes and storms across


southern England, the expect same Warwick stream weather could be on


the way. This was extremely terrifying. My wife was absolutely


frightened to death. And predictions for winter, was this morning's storm


just the start of it. Boxing Day is notorious for deal force wins. Plus


a special report on President John F Kennedy's visit to Sussex at a


crucial moment in world history. Two or three months later, he is


assassinated. It is his last visit to Britain. This is inside out for


the South of England. It's been a Monday most will want to


forget, hundreds of trees were brought down by storm force winds


overnight. A massive clean`up operation got underway first thing.


Was last night's storm was perhaps not as bad as many people had


feared, if you come out in the morning and find your car looking


like this it is a bad old start to the week. In Christchurch one tree


landed on three cars owned by the same family. Big gust of wind, my


daughter started screaming saying a tree had come down. I looked out the


window and there it is. Property was damaged as trees fell. When it


rotated, the roots have lifted the entire shed. The cost is expected to


run into millions of pounds, 1.80 2000 `` 122 million homes without


power. I have now had to take annual leave. It is my first day of my new


job today, not a very good start. This disruption follows an unsettled


week, which even sought a Tornado crashing through the streets of


Hayling Island. Around 100 homes have been damaged


by a tornado. There has been damaged to tiles from rooftops. We were just


woken up by this noise and I thought the windows were about to be sucked


out of the house. There was foolish, it felt like the roof lifting. My


bedroom door burst open. My house shook, I felt that there was an


earthquake. The wind had picked the caravan up and thrown it into a


tree. As I looked out, there was just a dark tree blown out of the


sky. This almighty tree was landed on my parents's car. I have seen it


on the television and in America, you do not think what it's like,


this was completely terrifying. My wife was absolutely frightened to


death. The tornado struck just over a week


ago. After last night's storms, it has left some worried about the


future. Possibly more of this to come. The whole world has changed.


After it passed" and is on the front garden was full of roof tiles. The


rear window of my car had been sucked out. It was very surreal.


What Anna did not know was that her husband had already seen the tornado


forming as he was out windsurfing. I phoned my husband on the beach to


check that he was not already on the water, and he said, it was


brilliant. I said, yes, it has just hit the house. Luckily he was on the


beach with his friends and they were laughing and joking about it. When I


said it was to have gone down the road, he was like, really? He came


back, so the damage and realised that I was not messing about and he


needed to come home. Whilst a twister has left some residents


surprised, tornadoes on the south coast are more common than you might


think. We have more tornadoes per square metre in this part of the


country than anywhere else in the world. We have some real warmth and


energy still in the seas and the cold air gives us the instability


that causes the tornadoes to develop. When they stray click here


run Hayling Island the costs runs into hundreds of thousands of homes.


`` when they strike like your own Hayling Island. We have even had a


kidney picked up and thrown into the neighbours's pond. `` a canoe picked


up. How lucky that this happened early on Sunday morning when people


were not out and about because this stuff flying around could do some


serious damage. This man witnessed the twister first`hand. You saw it?


I saw it from the bedroom window at the back. My wife had gone to make a


cup of tea. I heard this noise that sounded like an army tank going


along the road. I got up and looked out the window. As I whipped out I


could see this swirl going round. To me it looked like a gazebo flying


around in the sky. And then all of a sudden it was just gone. You


actually saw the tornado. Twisting round like that, yes. It came


straight across, hit this garage, hit the roof there. Went on to the


roof there that has been repaired. It took one side of the flats's


roof. It has gone around the property. And even this. Everyone is


amazed that this is still standing. You can follow the path of the


tornado just by looking at the damage. It is clear that it came


over here and then down this road. You can see from all the roof tiles


the damage we are tiles have been lifted off by the force of the wind.


And then it carried on its course. This pure householder here has


suffered quite a bit of damage in the garden `` poor householder. All


these pillars have been taken out. That has been ruined. The metal has


been penned back on the garage. Then it went on across the, taking out


more roof tiles and onto the sailing club, which is where we are going to


go next. This was the scene that greeted boat


owners as they arrived at the sailing club. But he is piled high,


masts twisted and snapped and damage estimated at more than ?100,000. The


exact moment the Time Lord will `` that tornado struck was captured on


CCTV. We came down to have a look and we found bolt hole over the


place with bits missing and carnage, basically. `` boats all


over the place. There were very few people about, so there was no actual


injury, which is tremendous. Not so tremendous as the damage done to


people's prized sailing dinghies. Many will be written off. This is a


sad old site. It was originally parked just over here beside this


turquoise one. It has gone 40 feet, snapped the massed into. It has


obviously had something on the way. It looks as if something has


skewered it. It has smashed a hole through the deck and come back out


through the bottom of the hole. The whole thing was attached to its


trailers well. It has picked the whole trailer up and then the


trailer as well. Wherever there are no massed `` masts is the root of


the tornado. It has gone that way and then out to sea.


These farmers are standing where 12 hours before a hut had housed the


poultry. Tornadoes in the south have been making headlines for decades.


Of the 700 chickens, barely 100 survived. Earlier this year, a


twister of a milder variety was caught on camera in Hampshire.


Previously on the Isle of Wight this quartet 's was filmed on a popular


picnic spot. And how about this, a 2000 feet high water spout, again


seen off the Isle of Wight. When it comes to wild weather, the


residents of Sophie down the coast from Hayling, know a thing or two.


They have lived through tornadoes. The last one in 1998. In a few


violent moments, hundreds of lives were turned upside down. The 1998


storm did ?10 million worth of damage. Ten years earlier, had


another one. So does this mean its hotspot and get more? We look like


we're going to see more extreme conditions. The atmosphere can hold


more moisture. It has more energy out there, so we could see more


tornadoes in the future. We will have to batten down the hatches in


the South? If you like going out looking for these things, they may


happen on a more frequent basis, so you can go out and take photographs


and see if you can spot one yourself. And that's exactly what


Tony does for a research organisation. A group affiliated to


Brookes University. I always had a curious mind and I love the weather


extremes. And I like to research. Just two days after the Hayling


Island tornado there was what looks like another one just along the


coast in West Sussex. It would appear from the damage spread around


that we have had a very narrow spout, shall just there. It has


lifted a small roof and tossed it properly 100 yards in that


direction. I would envisage wind speeds of between 55 and 73 mph. It


is actually quite, quite weak, as far as tornadoes are concerned, but


it was a very straight line, very narrow and isolated. It was a water


spout and then a tornado. It came ashore from the sea and then became


a tornado. It's not the first time Tony has been to that exact spot. I


was here in 1999 and I have a damaged track which is a few hundred


yards up the road and it runs in line with this track and it's


incredible we're standing here, years later, doing a similar


investigation. This area is prone to tornadoes and watersports especially


in October, November, December, and there are some research coming on


with regards to the Isle of Wight having a spinning effect which is


translating down to small tornadoes. And sometimes large


tornadoes, which then go to mainland. Can we predict when


certain weather events might happen? Conventional forecasts like


to play it safe but there are other ways. See that little horses tell?


That's a change in the weather. Dave is happy to give long`range weather


forecasts. He is a philologist, which means he reads the weather do


according to nature. I look at what nature tells me and it's up to me


then to interpret what nature is telling me. Over the years, he's


tested out thousands of old sayings and now lives by the ones which


seemed to work whilst throwing out those which don't. There are


millions of acorns this year. There are saying is that if the leaves are


still on the oak tree by leaf fall, the end of this month, a hard


winter. The reason for the leaves being on the trees is very simple.


They provide cover, protection for the birds. He claims he's got a 90%


success rate for his forecasts. For the winter birds, food. So this


means the winter birds... Winter is going to be long and hard because


it's got to provide. The more acorns, berries and leaves, the


tougher the winter we have got? Yes, it doesn't look a lot to you but


this could be Christmas dinner. A lot of meteorologists won't tell us


whether it's going to be a white Christmas. But you will. They don't


do seasonal forecasts any more because they can't afford to be


wrong because they get the finger pointed at them, but it doesn't


affect me. If I'm wrong, I will put my hands up, but I'm not often


wrong, so I can say, from Boxing Day) up to Palm Sunday, it's going


to be cold. Snow and ice. It's going to cause problems for a lot of


people. No snow on Christmas Day but both Dave and professional


forecasters alike seem to agree we could be in for a very cold winter


in the New Year. It's far too far in the future to have the details to


know whether a particular day is going to have a certain kind of


weather, but there is a signal we could get blocking systems which


Britain the cold bitter winters that we have seen lately. When we filmed


and lastly, did Dave forecast this morning's bad weather? 28th, stormy


day. It will always be a stormy day and at a Met Office stormy period


any case, so storms on Monday. If you have got any wild weather


stories, I would love to hear all about them. Next tonight, it's 50


years since President John F Kennedy was assassinated. But did you know


it's all so 50 years since JFK visited Sussex? Glen Campbell has


been even exclusive access to the archives of the Sussex Police


authority which show a very historic visit to the south. Thousands of us


past it every day, and nowhere is it even exists. Let alone what it


commemorates. For 50 years, this white stone plaque is marked the


weekend President John F Kennedy visited the Sussex village of Forest


Road. The Sussex Summit is almost like an Indian summer. She is John F


Kennedy, unknown to him, of course, is last visit to Britain, to Europe.


He is going to be assassinated a few months later. I was the one person


that have that key to the room that had the hot line to the President


in. It crossed my mind to go in and say, . Hi there.


COMMENTATOR: He was visiting his sister in Derbyshire. A few things


are not scheduled on this trip. Harold Macmillan only has 20 minutes


of the President's time and a lot to talk about. Nuclear tests and the


NATO themes are on the list. June 1963, the world was a


precarious place. The height of the Cold War. The USA and Soviet Union


facing one another in a nuclear arms race and was in this atmosphere,


president John F Kennedy flew into Gatwick for talks with Harold


Macmillan at his country estate, Birchgrove, just outside East


Grinstead in Sussex. The main achievement, a test ban treaty. One


was older and one was younger. One had enjoyed the playboy life, and


the other was very demure. But they understood each other faced huge


problems. The big question, when agreement leave `` lead to agreement


in Moscow? The President's and visit came a few days after perhaps the


most famous speech of his political career. His historic address to


hundreds of thousands in Berlin. Today, in the world of freedom,


hundreds of thousands in Berlin. This is a major period of his life


because he is given a speech many people remember as one of the


significant events of the Cold War which defined the Soviet Union. He


goes to Ireland, to visit his family, and then comes to see his


old friend, Harold Macmillan. Fast forward 50 years and the starting


point for our story is here at the Sussex County records office. With


the help of Brighton historian Paul Eldred, we found the original police


files detailing the president 's visit to Sussex in the summer of


1963. Half a century later, they're still information that we are not


allowed to see. Sensitivities, still run high, I suppose. There were


three jets before they started. Two American helicopters, two


presidential cars, 100 members of the press, Brighton's two largest


hotels were completely blocked out. Every hotel within Sussex seem to


have been booked up. It was absolutely enormous. Two helicopters


for the President and these went straight to Birchgrove and landed


within the estate. As the helicopters were used to connect to


Brighton and they landed on the health and Brunswick lawn.


Birchgrove, the house, really acted as a stage for a play with all the


comings and goings of the international summit. Using the


files as our starting point, we have decided to track down some of the


eyewitnesses present during JFK's last visit to Britain. This is


interesting, Sunday morning, 8:15am, President Kennedy left


Birchgrove for Forest Row, when he went to church. News he was


attending Mass in a tiny Sussex village wrought out hundreds of


local onlookers. It's an amazing moment for the blizzard, the only


opportunity the general public really had to seek Kennedy close`up.


He came out in his bubble top car, and drove two miles into the village


to go to Mass. The vehicle they used was the same vehicle that was used


later Kennedy was assassinated in in Dallas, so it was the same scene


which became a part of history a few months later. Among the hundreds of


local people gathered waiting to see the President, Lillian Shawcross and


Doreen Mahoney. Both still living Forest Road today. You could see the


rooms of the houses and because we wanted a better view, my mother and


I stood on the side of the Bath and we could see right across. You saw


the President arrived? With security men? Yes, and after the service,


when they came out, we still got a very good of you right across.


Exciting, really, because we never had anybody that big. He was a


lovely man, a lovely man, everybody loved him, really.


Two miles away from the hustle and bustle of the presidential visit,


police constable Peter Etheridge was patrolling East Grinstead high


Street. He had been left out of the Sussex Police operation to protect


JFK and was quietly a bit annoyed. But his luck was about to change.


Everyone else seemed to be rushing about doing things and I felt just


neglected, if you like. And I was on patrol in East Grinstead high


Street, and Ken Hutchinson, the detective sergeant, drove up


alongside me and said, quick, jump in. He took me home, and I got my


jacket, I had no idea what it was for. He drove me down to Birchgrove,


where the Prime Minister Macmillan lived and all these people, all of


them American, with lovely uniforms on, lots of gold braiding, and he


said, this is Detective Sergeant, elevating my right, of course,


Etheridge, and, would you believe it, they all shook my hand? Please


to meet you, sir. We're off to lunch. Here is the key to the room


with the hotline in. They gave me the key. And they were gone. And I


was left in the Prime Minister 's house all alone. Now retired and


living in Chichester, his brief stint in charge of security remains


one of his career highs. I wondered all around Harold Macmillan's


house, really. I could hear voices in the distance. That might have


been in the kitchens. I can't remember now how I knew it was


JFK's bedroom, or to be his bedroom, but it must have had his room on the


door but I know I sat on the bed and bounced up and down. I didn't pride,


but I've got to do something with the time I was there. I looked in


Macmillan's medicine cabinet and he seemed to suffer with what I know


suffer from. And I suppose, over an hour, I suppose, I heard voices and


went downstairs and my moment of glory was over. The Earl of


Stockton, Harold Macmillan's grandson, lifted Birchgrove and


witnessed all the comings and goings of the Sussex summit of 1963. In the


run`up to it, there was talk that they should go to Chequers. And the


Queen even suggested Windsor Castle. And I think it was my


grandmother who said, no, Harold, he's coming to our home. You have


got to remember that these times, politicians to meet as they do now


in summit G20, they have to steal time from other things, because


there were no formal summit that they're going to be at the mess they


create events themselves, and the fact it in the house of Harold


Macmillan, shows it was a personal visit. The Sussex summit took place


in the crucial months leading up to the signing of a nuclear test ban


treaty which will ultimately bring an end to very real fears of nuclear


war between the United States and the Soviet Union. There was a degree


of almost father`son relationship between the two of them. That was


reinforced by the Cuban missile crisis. My grandfather was speaking


to them three or four times a day. Mr McMillan was home from Russia and


the Cold War had undoubtedly thought as a result of his enterprising


visit. Jack had no exposure and found the Russian prime minister


very difficult to deal with. My grandfather said, you have got to


stand up to him because you must be careful not to provide him with an


excuse to do something stupid. In an all too short flurry of Secret


Service activity and British hospitality, President John F


Kennedy left Sussex 24 hours later. It was to be his last visit to


Europe. In November that year, he was assassinated. He shook hands


with us. And he said, I guess I'll be seeing you in Washington soon.


And I think almost his last words to Harold work, we must do this again


and soon. And he got into the helicopter. It dipped slightly as


they flew out. When told of Kennedy's death, Harold Macmillan,


who had just resigned, due to ill`health, make this entry his


diary. "Alas, I was never to see my friend again. Be for those leaves


had turned and fallen, he was snatched by an assassin's bullet."


Glen Campbell with that report. Right, that's it for now and indeed


for the series, but we are back early in the New Year but keep your


e`mails coming in. We can't do it without you. Talking about females,


let's have a look at what you have been saying. Lots of reaction about


our story about the dog attack in Dorset. The woman should have all


heard dogs taken away. It's obvious she's not strong enough to control


this type of dog. If you have got a story we should be


investigating for the next series, e`mail me.


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travel chaos for many. Rail and road services were disrupted because of


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