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Hello and welcome to a new series of Inside Out.


Did we vote out? Of course H did, I could not believe immigration was


going to be a major card. There is a point because yot have


two young ones here and thex have got a future.


The fishermen blaming Europd for the ones that got away. We got to put


them back! Lovely fish, mord than enough on a dinner plate th`t. Throw


it away. It doesn't matter hf we are in or out, this is inside ott.


We have seen protests on thd streets and arguments among politichans


about what happens next. Here in the South, Gosport put it differently.


Down on the South coast, Designer and steadfast European


Wayne Hemingway isn t taking the Referendum result lying down.


I ve put an EU flag up do you think it ll go down well?


Up in Oxford crime writer, Dreda Say Mitchell, is taking


My name s Dreda Say Mitchell and I m proud to say I voted Leave.


I m in Oxford which overwhelming voted to Remain.


These two people with very opposing views are taking to the strdets


in two very different places to suss out what we all want next.


I call myself a pro-immigration leaver and that s really important


to me that you can and the rest of the country.


I m all for immigration but I don t believe we need to be


Here at Oxford Castle the fhrst person I m going to have it


out with is their tour guide, Paul Kyberd.


What was Oxford thinking voting remain?


I could not believe the immigration was a major card.


People were getting so uptight that people were coming here an `wful


situation, but come on a lot of these people are skilled.


That s right 80% of EU migr`nts of working age here are employed,


compared with only 75 per cent of Brits.


That s my point - I don t think leaving the EU means we havd


But Dreda, the Leave campaign was all about immigration


I m here in Gosport where worryingly for me, 64% of voters


One of those is taxi driver, Jean, who s lived here for 40 years.


So you voted partly on immigration didn t you?


That the rules and regulations will be a bit more stringent.


We haven t got the infrastrtcture, the schools?


The majority of migrants are economic migrants they don t


If the jobs aren t here for them it means the economy is tanking a bit.


I mean we should be strong dnough to say hang on a minute we should


regulate this it s getting a bit silly.


If Immigration is such a big deal here in Gosport


aren t we better tackling from within the European Unhon?


We need to put the Great back in Britain.


And all the better for being diverse.


Adrian here moved from Birmhngham to run his cafe on


I think immigration here should be like in Australia instead of people


coming over and getting what they want from the NHS.


The Polish they work, the Indians they work,


I don t mind them sorts being in the country.


But the number sponging is so small?.what they bring


Do you think any immigrants should go back.


Yes ? the one s who s never done a day s work.


So for the guy from the cafd immigration was the biggest


thing and he expects some migrants to WAYNE PTC


I m a Pro-Immigration Leaver so don t share Adrian s views.


But I do think leaving the DU will help small businesses


I m going to go and visit Graham who opened his dream


There are over 50 independent traders here


Like many here, Graham wanted to stay in the EU.


We survive in Oxford because of the tourist markdt


and I guess I was fearful that if we close our barriers


people might think twice about coming here on holidax.


Because of the weakness in the pound, I mean although we ve


only been open for just over a year our business in July is up


about 30% year on year so obviously their euros


and their dollars are going further and I do wonder whether mord


people are visiting the UK as a consequence.


I think it s too early to say one way or another.


I m optimistic that Graham s Gelato shop is one of many businesses


Come on guys it s summer .you re going to be selling more icd cream.


How can that ever be a good thing for our businesses


We were stopped from trading with a lot of countries.


Who were we stopped from trading with?


He was told he had to have straight bananas.


Leaving those behind will allow us to set our own laws and deal


Did you vote remain cos of the support system?


There seems to be an attitude, we re on our own.


We need the court of human rights, the government needs to be


I think we ve now got an opportunity to make a much fairer


I respect your positive thinking Dreda but that won t


In fact I m worried for the next generation and not convinced


the people I met in Gosport realised the importance of their votd.


Well there is a point cos you ve got two youngens


20 year olds have got 60 ye`r olds ahead of them now and you vd gone


against what they want for their lives.


Not really you ve caught me out a bit there.


In fact 75 % of voters aged under 24 voted to remain.


What have you done with the union Jack? It's been put somewhere.


I m not leaving Europe but I m leaving Gosport.


I cannot say anything about this except gorgeous, you cannot help but


smile. If you want to get in touch with the


show, send us an e-mail. The number of fishermen in the UK


has halved since the 1980s, with many of those left blaling


the EU for the decline. Every morning is a different time


obviously depending on tide but it s Mike Bailey has been fishing out


of Poole harbour for over 30 years. Recently his business


has been struggling. The amount of fish Mike is `llowed


to catch is limited by strict quotas, put in place


to stop overfishing. Every month and that you get


a new set of quotas for the month, and you work out what it s worth


and you think well that s two days fishing and that s


meant to last a month. It s overzealous, it s gone too far


and they re making rules Obviously now the referenduls


actually happened now we will get Not over hopeful, but hoping a lot


of the rules and regulations will disappear and we can m`ke it


at a more local level. There s a shoal of fish, 50,


60 fish in that shoal. Tides running too much at the moment


so we can t shoot now so we ll carry on and see if we can


find a bigger shoal. Today Mike and his brother Dave


are fishing for bass. Any boats coming, Mike?


No, clear of boats. They re under pressure


for a big catch. Not in terms of numbers,


but each fish has to be large enough This year the minimum


size for bass has been increased to 42 centimetres,


just over 16 inches. Most of the bass mike catchds


no longer measure up, When we first started fishing


for bass the size limit Now we ll be chucking ?150,


?200 worth back last year s size. Not a fortune but would havd been


nice this morning. Oh well, let s do it,


let s get it done. Well over last year s


size, lovely fish. Some days we can catch


hundreds of fish like this. At least the method we re


using with a ring net they ve got If we were using set


nets and that we d be Oh well, I ll throw him back


quickly while he s got Throwing money away means


the crew don t get a wage. This is the first minimum shze


increase since 1990. The fish that Mike is throwhng back


have been sold to shops and It s annoying this is


what we target; this More than enough on a dinner


plate, that. Born and bred to catch fish


and you ve got to throw thel back. Of the 33 bass Mike and Davd have


caught so far, 28 end I d rather the ?5 or ?6


in my pocket than that. Whilst EU rules are hitting Mike s


wallet it, was the UK that pushed for tighter restrictions after bass


stocks fell across northern Europe. They ve never been worried


about the stocks before, now all of a sudden, new rules,


new regulations, throw it away. Ooh, pinning our hopes


on this one aren t we? This could pay for your van diesel


to get down here this morning. I reckon he is, he s


got a bit of length. At the moment, most


of the undersized fish Mike is made to throw back have a good


chance of surviving. January, yeah January


coming up January 17, So all the small fish


we have to bring in, This is another EU law


the government wants to keep post The new landing obligation


is to stop large commercial trawlers discarding tonnes of dead fhsh


in search of a more All fish, no matter the sizd,


will count towards a boats puota Undersize fish still can t be sold


for human consumption. I don t understand how


you have to land everything, Whereas we can throw it back


like we ve just done, we ve thrown it back and at least


we ve got a chance of It s got a chance to re-produce


and all the rest of it. Yeah but the authorities once


they ve taken it ashore? They ve got to pay for it to go


to a landfill I suppose. It doesn t make sense in wh`t we ve


been doing for years, and taking care in what we ve been


doing in letting We ve done it with pride and now it


doesn t make sense. Do not make us take all our


undersize and kill it I get quite emotional about that


if that does happen. It doesn t make sense,


the rules are stupid. Fishing laws aren t


just set by the EU. Our south coast fishermen


are regulated by our own government and the United Nations,


as well as the European Union. With an exit from the EU


on the horizon, Mike and Dave want change,


but is that actually possible? Tom Appleby is one of the UK s most


prominent marine law experts. A lot of European law implelents


international law so we can t walk away and think they no longdr apply


because we are still bound by those There are all sorts of arrangements


that go on about the amount of the sea so that we don t take


fish off our neighbours, so it isn t a case of putting a line


around a map and saying this is our sovereignty,


that s not going to be In or out of the EU,


it s the government s job to decide how much Mike and Dave


are allowed to catch, as it shares out the nation`l quota


amongst our fishermen. Inshore fishermen like Mike and Dave


make up 80% of the UK fleet, but receive a tiny share


of the national quota. The inshore fleet has something


like between 2 and 4% of thd quota for the UK national quota,


and yet there are individuals running around with larger


proportions than that. That is the biggest problem facing


the UK at the moment, and that s got nothing


to do with Brussels. We asked the government


what they planned to do to help people like Mike and Dave now


we are leaving the EU. They wouldn t tell is if thdy had


any plans to help inshore fhshermen Mike and Dave both voted


to exit the EU, hoping this But with the UK set to leavd,


many rules may have to remahn, and Mike and Dave s future


hangs in the balance. I m just trying to work out


what value we ve got today compared ?100 worth of keepable and we ve


thrown away just over ?200 worth. Take away ?30 for fuel


that leaves ?70 left No, yeah that s it, leaves ts


with ?70. This special is part of the Britons


Brexit Britain Day and you can join in the conversation right now on


Twitter. Finally, if you bux cut flowers these days, chances are they


have been shipped in from overseas but that was not always the case.


Especially here in the south. 50 years ago the British Flower


industry was blooming in thd South. With over 100 farms in the `rea


these bouquets of Chrysanths would have ended up pride of place


in vases across Britain. Today if you buy flowers


from your local supermarket, they will almost certainly have


sprouted up from further afheld 90% of our cut flowers are now


shipped in from overseas. But just recently the British


bloom is fighting back. It is huge. How big a crop to you


have? It is three acres. We harvest thousands of stems a day and we grew


over 40 different varieties. Ben Cross from West Sussex


is a fourth generation flowdr farmer People think, is that what xou do?


The pale links are different from the Reds and different to the


oranges. They are like us, different habits throughout the year.


But things haven t always been so rosy.


Whilst growing up, his family saw all of the nearby


The main thing is cheap imports they could not compete. As ` kid, I


got blisters making boxes that we send to Covent Garden, Sedgdfield


and you worked hard for a f`ir price.


With London orders reducing, Ben looked for business nearby.


I am getting more florists to buy direct from growers. We do 000 boxes


a week to wholesalers who c`re where their flowers come from.


Ben s not the only flower grower who is benefiting


At a smallholding near the rural town of Steyning in Sussex,


flower grower Shelly Marks-Thomson has a busy day ahead.


Three years ago Shelley gavd up her job in teaching to start


It's something I always wanted to do, to be able to just grow and


share. And the secret to her


success ? weddings. We cut 700 stems for another


wedding. The bride is coming to collect bills. These are a daisy, a


more robust version. They are brilliant and they are fant`stic. A


lot of it is to do with people embracing the seasonality of flowers


come just as they did with their fresh produce, understanding to have


a juror in January is not rdally realistic unless you want it flown


in from across the world. It is much nicer to have what is actually what


you see on the roadside or hn some of his garden at the time that they


are supposed to be here. Shelley and her local florist Nell


also believe business is booming thanks to a price rise in ilported


flowers since the country We have seen the uncertaintx at the


minute is really starting to worry everyone, especially in the market


with the trade agreements and things. No one knows what whll


happen but prices are already rising whereas the English, their prices


are staying the same. We know if we are quoting a wedding for ndxt year,


we know what we have to charge because we know the prices `re going


to stay pretty much the samd whereas from Holland, we just don't know.


If we are ordering from the dutch market, it needs to be orders the


day before so if I get a late order on the Friday and I needed by


Saturday morning, I know I can recommend something locally grown


and pick it up on my way to work the next day.


Hampshire farmer Rosbie Morton believes to survive growers have


We have 30,000 roses in all. Are you buying for the title of most


frequent workplace 2016? Wotld like to think so. It is just curhous


especially on a day like today. Hampshire farmer Rosbie Morton


believes to survive growers have to tap into not just our sense


of sight but our sense of slell Something that wasn t


always top priority. The breeders at one point ddcided


the important thing about roses was longevity and colour and sh`pe and


formation. They took the path down that route. When I started, I wanted


to bring smell back into thd roses. It is so linked with memorids.


Everyone says when they smell them, that reminds me of my grandlother 's


garden. It certainly takes xou back. Rosbie was brought up travelling


the country with her parents. Army background. My mother hs an


incredible Gardner and she was my inspiration and she always had a


scented rose Autry in her G`rdner, as my grandmother. She cratdd a


garden even if she was only in a place for a year or two so H grew up


with that smell and you nevdr forget it. People are starting to support


British flowers much more. There was a time when they thought, wd could


have the most exotic flowers from South America or New Zealand and now


I think they have realised that what you grow at home is really beautiful


traditional flowers. Favourhte one? That is a really tricky one. It has


to be this one. I cannot sax anything apart from gorgeous. It is


beautiful. You cannot help but smile.


Back at the flower farm, the mother of a bride


and the groom have come to pick up their wedding flowers.


So many and beautiful! It is just fantastic. I think this is what you


have ordered. Better than what we imagined when we ordered! That is so


lovely. Absolutely delighted. Gorgeous. We are a suffix pdople and


these are suffix flowers. Wd are in a barn that is 600 years old and is


part of the landscape. This is in keeping and this is what we want and


it is what we should be tryhng for, the whole atmosphere.


Television has never smelt so good! That's it for now, we have ` great


series coming up and I will see you next Monday. Next week, if xou think


your commute is about, spard a thought that the passengers of


Southern rail. I am a disgrtntled commuter, this is the seventh week


of this commuter hell that we are all placed in. I just cannot do this


any more, it is too stressftl and upsetting.


Hello, I'm Riz Lateef, with your 90-second update.


The Prime Minister has ruled out a points-based system


Theresa May said it wouldn't control numbers coming in.


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