14/11/2011 Inside Out Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


Anne Marie Tasker investigates the DVDs featuring naked children being sold by a naturist website and Mike Dilger follows the night-time antics of the Doncaster lions.

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Welcome to Inside Out. This week, we investigate the naturist


websites selling DVDs involving naked children. All we ask parents


and experts if they consider it the thumbs as innocent as they seem on


the cover. Some people will use it for paedophile purposes. They will


look on it as child pornography. Or so tonight, a tale of espionage.


We retrace the story of a Cormac man who was jailed for spying 100


years ago. From what I worth -- what I can gather, he was well


aware of the risks he was taking. And to the lions of Doncaster. We


find out how these big cats behave that night. If the L probably


looking at me right now as a tasty snack -- they are probably looking


There is a long tradition of naturism in this country, although


it is fair to say it is not everyone's cup of tea. We have


found out one of the country's old as publications is selling DVDs


that featured naked children. Are these naturist films or something


more sinister? We have been investigating.


Naturism in Britain is decades old. And there's nothing new about


pictures of those naturists being taken and even being sold. But how


different is it if those images are not of adults, but of naked


children? If paedophiles got hold of this material, they'd be


watching it for quite the wrong reasons. We've been investigating


if these DVDs are legal. There's a strong possibility that type of


image would be regarded as an indecent image. And if these films


should be being sold by a company right on our doorstep. We should be


able to control where it's being distributed in the UK. It should be


banned. This unassuming building is home to


a company called New Freedom Publications Ltd. And from this


small office in Goole in East Yorkshire, the company runs a


website, selling naturist DVDs. The website's affiliated to the long-


running naturist magazine Health and Efficiency. And among the


dozens of DVDs it sells, those which clearly feature young


children. With just a few clicks, these DVDs are available to buy


online. We're going to order a couple and take a look.


Each DVD costs �40. And it's obvious what material is being sold.


I've already managed to find at least half a dozen DVDs which


explicitly mention children or have pictures of them on the front cover.


So when you order this material, you're in no doubt at all what that


you're going to get is images of naked children.


All the DVDs we ordered were filmed by a company in the Czech Republic.


VOICEOVER: It is every child's dream to be at a cottage with Mum.


And the dream has come true for two little girls this weekend.


They all show naked children playing outside. But while climbing


rope ladders and coming down a water slide, their genitals are


exposed. We showed the films to Professor of Law, Richard Stone and


asked if they are indecent. courts take the view that simple


nakedness is not indecent. If the pictures are showing genitals then


that becomes more likely to be regarded as indecent. So would you


consider this DVD to be indecent? think certain bits of it,


particularly where the focus is on the genitals, could be regarded as


indecent, yes. But the test is one for either magistrates or for a


jury to decide in the end whether a particular picture is indecent or


not. This one has a water slide, the camera is at the bottom angled


upwards so you can see the young girls coming down the slide, often


with their legs apart. The coming down the slide with their legs


apart inevitably focuses on that particular area and the more that


is done, the greater the risk it is The company that made the films,


Naturist Freedom, says all the children's parents sign a contract


before filming allowing these pictures to be sold. It also sent


us a copy of this document. The company says it's from a court


appointed expert from Prague, who's watched all the footage filmed -


and certifies the DVDs legal and moral undefectiveness. It also says


it believes the footage is done in a very sensitive way. But some


who've seen the DVDs don't agree. We spoke to parents and


grandparents at a toddler group just a few miles from where these


DVDs are being distributed. All with children of their own, they


were alarmed by the films' content. We don't find any sexual


connotation to this whatsoever, it's just what you do on a sunny


day in your garden with your own children. But because there is no


say-so on who purchases these and therefore what they're used for,


there are going to be people who get a sexual kick out of this.


could be aimed at paedophiles, it could be aimed at anybody. I'm


sorry I don't think it's acceptable. It's not called for. The fact that


this has even been produced is not acceptable. I'm not sure we can


control where it has been filmed, but we can control where it is


distributed and it should be banned. When we asked the film company


Naturist Freedom about distribution, it said it only sells the films to


people who make their business selling naturist videos to other


naturists. It adds that it is quite common to share the way of life


with other naturists. For almost 60 years, British naturism has been


representing naturist groups across the country. And in recent years,


police have asked the group's research officer Malcolm Boura to


help them decide if naturist films are indecent. We asked him how


unusual it is to film naked children. That would be very


unusual, at least in part because the law is so vague that nobody


actually knows for certain what it's legal to film. I have had


conversations with quite a lot of naturist families where they've


complained bitterly that they're not allowed to have photographs -


or they don't feel they're allowed - to have photographs of their


children doing ordinary everyday childish things in the same way as


non-naturist families are. For fear of how they might be interpreted?


Yes. As an organisation, would British Naturism prefer it if these


types of DVDs weren't on sale? does raise us concerns in that the


motivation behind them is questionable. Some people will be


using it for paedophile purposes. They will be looking upon it as


being child pornography. Health and Efficiency didn't want


to speak to us on camera, but their parent company New Freedom


Publications gave us a statement. It said the company vets all DVDS


for suitability before supplying them and has rejected some that it


felt were inappropriate. It says there's nothing inherently indecent,


immoral, illegal or harmful about naturist videos. It added that


whether or not a DVD is indecent is open to interpretation and, in its


opinion, it has not sold DVDs that are indecent.


And one photo of a naked child - on show at this gallery in Gateshead -


showed images of naked children with no sexual content aren't


indecent. The photo, owned by Elton John, prompted complaints to the


police. But there were no charges and no prosecution. And one high


profile campaigner thinks there's little wrong with these naturist


DVDs either. Esther Rantzen has spent 21 years


campaigning for better child protection, after setting up the


Childline charity and helpline. But she says she's not troubled by the


sale of these images of naked children.


If I were a judge looking at this material, I think for the sake of


common sense, I would probably not ban it. I don't think the camera


work is salacious, I don't think they dwell on children's private


parts. I don't think it has a nasty feel about it. So I would allow it


for sale, I think, if I were a judge. But thank heavens I'm not a


judge because I would also know that if paedophiles got hold of


this material, they'd be watching it for quite the wrong reasons.


you think that raises problems in that it could be used for illicit


purposes? I feel very concerned about a slippery slope that ends up


with grandmothers being prevented from photographing their children


in a nativity play or mothers getting prosecuted for having


photographs of themselves in the bath with their babies. I think we


have to recognise that children aren't born with clothes on and a


naked child is not an indecent image.


But regardless of their content, there's another issue with these


DVDs. None of them has ever been shown to the British Board of Film


Classification. It told us it has passed some similar material, but


others have been cut when there has been an undue focus on naked


children in a manner that might raise concern. And what's more,


selling unclassified DVDs can be a criminal offence. If it's a


documentary, so it's a purely factual video, then it doesn't need


to have a classification. But that exception doesn't apply if the


video shows to any significant extent amongst other things the


genital areas. And if a judge and jury found them indecent, then the


punishments are even harsher. that situation, a prison sentence


of two-to-three years may well be the appropriate penalty.


But whether these DVDs break the rules is for the authorities to


decide. East Yorkshire's Trading Standards department is now


investigating if these titles should have age certificates. And


we've handed the material over to Humberside Police, for them to


decide if these DVDs of naked Coming up on Inside Out: but called


the Wild. We find out whether the lions of Doncaster or behave like


their African cousins at night. is an eerie feeling it, just us and


A few years before the start of the First World War, a man from here in


Hull was jailed in Germany for spying, but he still managed to


Molly Megson knows there was something special about her


grandfather - but it's been a as a spy. Molly Megson knows there


was something special about her grandfather, but it's been a hidden


part of her family's past. These are some photographs. He was born


in England, and his parents were German. I knew that he was


something to do with Germany, and something happened, but it was not


talked about in the family. Schultz was jailed in Germany as a


British spy 100 years ago, and managed to smuggle an extraordinary


secret message out of his prison cell. Now, Molly wants to find out


more. I would love to get to know the answers of so many things that


have happened in his life. I vaguely know about them, but nobody


seems to know any answers. Here's the starting point for her journey.


During his jail sentence, Max built an elaborate model of a boat.


was made by him in prison in Germany. What intrigues me, the


level of detail. Looking at it, getting closer, one of the minute


little holes. I can only imagine the conditions in which he would


have made it, I do not know where he would have got the materials or


tiles from. Others looking at the finals, the tiny hooks, all the way


round. Hidden in the middle of the boat was a secret message,


handwritten by Max. This is what my grandfather wrote. It is such a


wonderful thing, to have this in my hand. The model is built to scale.


With very odd and rough talks. Despise it not on account of


roughness. It is a labour of love. It is a note to the outside world,


a message in a bottle, telling him he is 2 1/2 years into his sentence.


I am an Englishman and a shipowner, residing in Hull, Yorkshire.


who was Max Schultz and why was he in a German jail? We've come to


Coltman Street, where Max was part of the German community in Hull.


Hull had a strong link with Germany. There is a strong community here.


Max was born in 1879, the son of an immigrant. By the early 20th


century, he was a successful ship dealer. This is where he lived.


This is it, behind you. This is it. This is number 82? Yes. Max made a


good living, buying and selling yachts. But tension was growing in


Europe. Relations between Germany and Britain were getting worse, so


the British Secret Service recruited him as a spy. People like


him did not just have German linguistic skills and knowledge of


Germany, but they also had naval and shipbuilding skills, that would


be able to detect accurate information. When Max died in 1924,


he'd dropped his German surname. He was to pay a heavy price for going


on a secret mission to his father's His secret almost died with him, so


how did he end up a prisoner in Hamburg? Max's story would have


been forgotten if it hadn't been for a chance discovery at this


Hamburg flea market. A shopper was browsing round the stalls when he


spotted a model boat. It was old and shabby, and the sellers had


found it on a skip. Put out for rubbish? On the shriek. -- on the


shrieked. On a container. My family are so great for, and I would like


to shake your hand. Can I give you a herd of? Thank you so much.


model was passed to a marine historian, Peter Bluhm. He


discovered it was an exact replica of a luxury German ship, the


Imperator, the largest liner in the world, launched in Hamburg in 1913.


During restoration work, he removed the front funnel and made an


astonishing find. I began to put down the first formal, and I saw


paper. Like this size. In my opinion, it was a special model,


and he was a special man. How lucky we are that you found it. If you


find it a model I notice, you want to know more and more. You want to


know, what is that for? What has he done? Peter Bluhm has investigated


Max's spying mission. Max came here in 1911 to get information about


Germany's latest invention, a new engine for submarines. He was


interested in the engine, the submarine boats. The engineers from


the shipyard found a new system, so that the engine is not so loud.


was searching for military secrets, but it was dangerous, and it was


not going to We're at Hamburg railway station to meet Barbara,


one of Molly's cousins, who's researched the story. She is here!


Barbara lives in Germany. She and Molly have only met once before.


She says Max recruited two Germans to help him get naval plans, but he


knew he was being followed. He made up his mind to leave Germany, but


it was too late. Max was arrested outside the railway station, and


sentenced as a spy. He was well aware of the risk that he was


taking. And of the consequences of the fact that, if he was caught, he


was going to be a life of his family. He was to spend the next


seven years in jail, and this is where he ended up, the prison where


he wrote his secret message. This is Fuhlsbuttlel jail, on the


outskirts of Hamburg. Molly's reached the end of her journey.


We're in an old cell. Max's would have been much smaller. He spent


the whole of his sentence in solitary confinement. We read that


he was incarcerated for seven years, and you pass that it and read on.


This is it, this is the seven years. It is a culmination of everything


we knew about him, it is bringing to life the story. It has all been


a better the revelation. A moving Last year, we brought you the story


of lions that were brought from a dilapidated Romanian Suter


Doncaster. Thousands of visitors have seen them at their new home at


the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, but no-one has seen what they get up to


when they're at their most active, at night. Until now, that is, when


we sent our own night owl Mike Dilger to investigate.


That's it, it's just after 5pm and the last of the visitors have gone,


but for the animals here, life continues, but without the gaze of


For most of the day, these lions have been doing what most cats do,


and that's been getting in plenty of sleep. Although lions can be


active at any time, research in the wild shows that they have peaks of


activity at dusk and dawn, what's known as being crepuscular, and we


know that out in Africa, lions do But few have ever studied what


captive lions do when its dark, and I'd like to know whether the years


spent behind bars in Romania have dulled their wild streak. You live


here, you hear them all the time. They wake me up, 2am, 3am, which is


great! It is fantastic to wake up to a Lions they get up to something,


but what, your guess is as good as mine. Top-quality beef! The


Doncaster lions are kept in three separate prides, which mirrors


their family groups in Romania. There's a definite hierarchy, and


just like any family, there are plenty of times when they seem to


be rubbing each other up the wrong Now, lions might be the most social


of the big cats, but interpreting their behaviour is no easy task. So


it's time to call in someone who spends much of her time studying


these animals out in the African savannah. Dusk is just around the


corner, any idea what we will see? Normally, roaring. We have already


heard bits and pieces, and now that it is getting dusk, early morning,


that is when they will roll, the air is Calder, so it is lighter,


and the sound will travel a lot further, up to eight kilometres.


They all going out once. They are letting each other know, we are


here, how are you? People think of the line as an animal that is


common across Africa, but they are struggling at the moment. Yes, and


people are not aware of their plight. We have seen a decline


since the mid- 70s of 80 to 90%, a huge decline. This is how we're


going to film the lions. It will be so dark, normal cameras will not be


able to cope. But we have got our hands on this piece of equipment.


This is an image intensifier, which takes every scrap of light from the


atmosphere, from the moon and the stars, which means, even though


physically we cannot see a thing, the camera should be able to record


Rae and myself set up camp close to the lion enclosures, waiting for


the action to unfold on our monitor. It is eyrie, just us and them. I


have total faith in the fences behind me. But rather than during


the day, when they are largely to sleep, they are much more active at


night, and they are probably looking at me right now, like I am


a tasty snack. They get a lot of stick for being lazy, but really, I


like to think of it, they are just energy efficient, intelligent. On


average, 21 hours a day, sleep, which is a lot, but when they are


exerting their energy, they are to link energetic behaviour, defending


their territory, patrolling huge territories, hunting, which could


go on for hours, and planed. If you can sleep, you might as well make


the most of it, conserve your energy for when you have to exerted.


We are seeing a lion conserving his energy! With the good folk of


Doncaster safely tucked up in their beds, it seems the lions have also


decided to call it a day. But just as we're beginning to lose hope, it


all starts kicking off. All of a seven, activity. They are chasing.


The two females. The three Lionesses together. Hitting each


other around the head. I can confirm that these Lions do not


sleep all night. Despite the darkness, these night-vision shots


are certainly illuminating, but it's time to put our lions to the


test. We are going to try experiment. We have got some


recordings of lions from Zimbabwe, and we will play them and see what


reaction they get from these three prides. We have no idea whatsoever


what will happen. Let's give it a go. The plan is to see how the


Doncaster lions react to the sound of another new pride of five lions.


Will they treat them as friend or foe? This has brought the Lions'


right up to the fence. They are about 20 metres away, they are not


responding, but they are fascinated. They are figuring it out. This is


what we want to see, territorial defence. Who argue, where are you


coming from? They are always patrolling. If the fences were down,


there would have lions here. They would be coming up to the speakers.


Studies in Africa have shown that lions can actually count. They'll


listen to the roars of a new pride and work out whether the numbers


are in their favour. Too many lions, and it's time to quietly melt away,


but if there's more of you, there's no need to intimidated. And having


done their sums, the Doncaster That is probably them now,


assessing. They have not ruled for a while, let's give it some, let's


tell them we are coming. Brilliant. They were not sure for five minutes,


then they said, it is time to reassert our dominance. Looking at


these images, it is difficult to tell we are in Doncaster! Abedin a


Samara all the Serengeti! I and so impressed. What have I learned


about the Lions? They do not sleep all night. They run around a lot


and they make an awful lot of noise. And, at fax to this analysis, there


is the most enormous amount going on in terms of hierarchy, play,


fighting, it is just a jungle out If you want to contact us about any


of tonight's stories, you can do through our Facebook page or


through Twitter. That is all from here in Hull. Join us next week. We


Anne Marie Tasker investigates the DVDs featuring naked children being sold by a naturist website and Lucy Hester explores the long hidden family secret of a man who worked as a British spy during the First World War.

Also Mike Dilger follows the night-time antics of the Doncaster lions.

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