31/03/2017 Inside Out Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


Stories from around the region, presented by Paul Hudson. Paul looks at concerns over how money raised for a children's cancer charity appears to have been spent.

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This week, the Humber Bridge gets cultured.


And we look concerns over how money supposed to help


children with cancer appears to have been spent.


Tonight, questions about the fundraising tactics of the head


of the children's cancer charity and his use of the


I have always thought that he was genuinely trying to help


children that really, really needed help,


On the trail of the dog owners who leave a mess behind.


Has he given you permission for your dog to foul on his land?


And later in the programme, making music with the sounds


Now, when you donate to charity, you hope that the money raised


The charity Kids 'n' Cancer, based in Chesterfield,


claims to have helped 150 children since it was set up in 2010.


But Inside Out has heard worrying allegations about how money


is raised and the use of the charity's bank account.


Now, if you want to start a charity to raise as much money as possible,


I don't think you can get better words than these...


Kids - we all want to protect kids ? and cancer.


Put them together and surely that is no more emotionally charged


And who could argue that it is not a worthy cause?


But tonight, Inside Out can reveal serious concerns about how


the charity Kids 'N' Cancer has been run.


All the children that you will see on the screen tonight are people


that you have helped by coming and supporting Kids 'n'


Cancer, and you know we have never turned a child down.


Mike Hyman, the CEO, founder and trustee,


It has had an income of more than ?2 million.


But where has that money really gone?


How many children has he actually helped, or how many families has


he actually supported and gone through with his promises?


I have always thought that he was genuinely trying to help


children that really, really needed help,


A former book-keeper, a trustee of the charity


and even his own son have spoken to Derbyshire Police


It is not a proud moment to say anything bad about your dad,


because everyone wants their dad to be their hero, don't they?


Now, it says here on the Kids 'n' Cancer website that they have


helped 150 children since they were formed in 2010.


There is no proton beam therapy in this country.


Next year, the first of two UK centres will open


in Manchester, costing hundreds of millions of pounds.


Until then, the NHS funds some children to receive it abroad.


Kids 'n' Cancer claimed it would find those who were turned


down and pay the expenses of those who where funded.


The charity's promotional booklet tells the story


And Alex Barnes' is an uplifting one.


There are pages and pages on his treatment in the USA,


and he features prominently on the charity's website


as well, as one of those Mike Hyman had helped.


I received zero money for Alex's treatment from Kids 'n' Cancer,


I was originally quite happy for Alex to feature


as the poster boy, if you like, for the charity because we believe


in the treatment and we believed in the charity.


It was the people of the East Midlands that donated


the money that saved my son and that is why he is


But, last November, Alex was once again the poster


boy at the charity's winter fundraising ball.


He and his family agreed to raise money.


Kids 'n' Cancer was set up to help families and children


who were not funded, who fell outside the net


And we have 13 children and the first child to be treated,


Brandon Bell, in America, he is now seven years in remission.


But Brandon Bell is another child whose treatment Mike Hyman falsely


The ?200,000 to send him to the USA for proton beam therapy was raised


This cheque presentation marked the final ?10,000 needed.


He claims his charity gave the money, but it was in fact given


by Cancer Relief UK, before Kids 'n' Cancer even started.


We wanted to find out how many of the 13 children had actually


So we asked Kids 'n' Cancer to provide us


The accounts reveal more than ?2 million of income since 2010,


and it is unclear how many children have been treated from those funds.


Bill Wilson worked as book-keeper for the charity before he raised


Cash payments featured regularly in the charity's books,


but this one, for ?5,000, stood out to him.


I got the 5000 off the monthly bank statements and I was inputting it.


That is the limit of what a Kids 'n' Cancer debit card


I was told it was a cash grant to two ladies ?


I asked him why he had not done it by electronic transfer for such


a large amount and he said, these ladies were poor and they had


Roz Barnes is a designer for online fashion boutique.


Roz Barnes is a designer for an online fashion boutique.


Nadine Wilson works as a cabin crew member


Inside Out informed them that they appear on the charity's


books as having received this ?5,000 cash.


There is also a further entry of ?1,000 cash


That ?5,000, I don't know where that has come


Because it did not come to me or Roz.


I need to know why there is an entry that says that you have


What on earth for, when was it, and how are you going to prove it?


Because I can prove that you didn't. I am very upset.


I need to think about the impact on my family, but also


all the children in need of this help.


Did they not get it? Did they get this help or not?


Both women went to the USA to support Nadine's nephew


who was undergoing prostate cancer treatment whilst his mother, Kelly,


Nadine claims that while Kids 'n' Cancer did give some money,


they did not provide the support Mike Hyman promised.


I was promised that Mike would pay my wages.


I started to pester him a little bit because we were running out


of money and, you know, we could not eat.


Roz's mother was supporting us while we were there.


Every single day, she cooked us food, took some to the hospital,


He paid us one amount into an American bank account,


Mike Hyman's spending during his frequent charity funding


trips to the USA was causing concern at Kids 'n' Cancer.


On one flight alone, he spent more than ?700.


He told the trustees it was for food.


Do you have to pay for meals on a transatlantic flight?


So, Bill, a couple of days after getting off a plane


where he had spent ?700, he appears to be in a restaurant


That is when they first got there. And that is all drink.


There is Mike Hyman's name on the charity card.


There is 30 bottles of Budweiser, three Liquid Marijuanas,


a Jack Daniels and Coke, wine, oh, and there's


Well, somebody tell me appears to be having a great night out.


Back in the UK, Mike Hyman spent thousands of pounds on tickets


Here he is with his wife, June, just a few rows back


And large sums of cash appear to have been taken out


In a matter of weeks in the summer of 2015, for instance,


This cheque for ?800, made out to his wife, is jointly


signed by her and Mike Hyman from the charity's bank account.


He went on a three-day break to The Open golf tournament in 2013,


with a group that included his now estranged son, Chris.


We just decided to go to The Open as a family trip.


I just said, I will get the tickets, booked them online.


Mike Hyman paid the ?492 with the charity's debit card,


I found out when Bill Wilson, who is the book-keeper,


approached me and said, when you went to the golf,


did you know that the hotel was paid for by the charity?


I went, no, no idea. I confronted my dad.


I fell out with him, basically. We had words.


And I got a bill for my share of the hotel.


Inside Out has obtained a letter from the Charity Commission to Kids


'n' Cancer's solicitors dated September 20 15.


In it, the commission raises concerns about inadequate financial


controls, which fail to protect the charity's assets.


It says that there is inadequate governance in place and the charity


has a structure that may give rise to unauthorised personal


Kids 'n' Cancer's office is on this industrial estate in Chesterfield


and is currently locked up and unoccupied.


Mike Hyman and his wife, June, were arrested a fortnight ago.


It was to do with allegations of theft.


They have been bailed by Derbyshire Police until the autumn.


The Charity Commission has frozen the charity's assets


Mr Hyman's solicitor has told Inside Out that in light


of the ongoing police investigation, their client does not feel


it is appropriate to take part in our programme.


They do say, though, that he denies any wrongdoing


and once the police investigation is concluded, he will be able


Now, it is a dirty problem and very annoying if you step in it.


And despite all the bins and all the signs, some owners


But woe betide you if you leave a mess in Barnsley.


Lucy Hester has been finding out more.


It has got to be one of the great pleasures in life ? taking your dog


for a walk in beautiful countryside on a gorgeous day.


But with ownership comes responsibility.


Dog walking at places like this beauty spot


in South Yorkshire is one of Britain's most


If you do the number crunching, there are around 3 billion dog


And for the owners of this reservoir, Yorkshire water,


cleaning up after dog poo costs a pretty pile.


This is a really expensive problem and it is not just the council that


This reservoir is owned by Yorkshire Water and they have


to pay out thousands of pounds every year, cleaning up after


We get around 2 million visitors to our reservoir sites


A high proportion of these are dog walkers.


The vast majority of dog walkers do clean up after their dogs.


But, unfortunately, there is a small, negligent


So, is there a cost involved in tackling


We have spent in the region of ?60,000 in the last five years.


This money has been spent installing bins around some of our most popular


We have a partnership year with Barnsley Council


and they regularly service and empty our bins.


Yorkshire Water's partnership with Barnsley Council


This guy says, today, I was given a fixed penalty notice


The officer stated that he had seen her do a poo from the car park...


Leslie is in charge of Barnsley's efforts to cut dog


Those efforts mean that in the past two years,


Barnsley has handed out more fixed penalty notices for dog fouling


than any other local authority in Britain.


In 2015, an astonishing 8% of all fines for not picking up dog


Over 600 of Barnsley's dog walkers have had a ?50 fine


The officer also told me that he had a glove in his pocket and had felt


I am amazed, actually, because this sounds like a very


Do you want to show me what it is that you do?


Leslie leads a team of 14 dog officers who patrol


Those caught get a ?50 fine on the spot.


Often, when owners are confronted, they do not appreciate it.


Has he given you permission for your dogs to foul on his land?


This park is very popular with dog walkers in Barnsley.


Today, walking around, you can see it is quite clean.


They are out in uniform, so everyone knows that they are here.


So that probably puts all the non-responsible dog owners


on their best behaviour, I would have thought.


I would imagine today, they won't do it.


So, we will come in of a day where we have our officers in plain


Because they have no uniform on, the people will do it.


I grabbed a word with some dog walkers about


What do you think about the on the spot fines?


Do you? I do, yeah.


I think it is good, the instant fine.


You like what the enforcement people are doing?


Yes, should be done. Should be a bigger fine, I think.


Bigger than the 50 quid standard at the moment?


And take it out of their bank account.


Wherever in Barnsley, we will go there.


Not all dog owners appreciate the efforts


How do you find people are with you when you offer them bags?


Some are rude. Others are grateful.


Yeah. Do you get quite a bit of hostility?


Yes. Do you?


Clamping down on dog poo pests costs Barnsley Council


But should it be so high on the council's list of priorities?


According to Councillor Charlie Raith, constituents tell him


it is their number one, or should that be their


We had a public consultation asking what their priorities are and dog


And littering and indiscriminate parking.


That is one of the issues that concerns people most?


In my particular area, and I can't speak for all


of Barnsley or whatever, but my particular area, yes.


And there is a serious point to be made here.


We were talking at this cemetery, where Charlie's wife is buried.


So he takes it personally when he finds graves covered in dog


Behind us is a grave of a friend of mine as well.


I came one day and that was absolutely covered in dog poo.


The actual stone and where the flowers go.


Now, if his family were to have seen that before me,


You shouldn't have to do these things.


People with dogs, please be responsible.


Bins and signs have been placed in the cemetery but the cost


of maintaining them means that the council cannot


provide as many of them as people would like.


Meanwhile, our dog patrol has moved on to Wombwell in South Barnsley.


Some dog owners are flinging faeces into hedges beside


This responsible dog owner blames a lack of bins.


They have rung up and said, there is no money.


Fair enough, there is no money, but how much did people get


If you throw it in the hedge, it is a littering offence and ?75.


75. It is about, where is it going?


Can't we have a thing put there? If you want us to pick it up...


I have worked for the Council, part of the council.


What they tell me is that the bin actually costs ?1500, for the bin.


At ?1500 to install and the same to maintain annually,


It is clear that the most effective method to keep the streets clean


Here in Barnsley, they are trying their best and managing


But, obviously, it is the responsible dog


It doesn't matter if it is 50, 150 or 250, whatever it takes


to stop these people needs to be done.


Right on cue, now that the cameras are here, Molly has left us a little


So, like responsible dog owners, I am going to pick it up.


It is certain not the most pleasant of jobs, but if every dog


owner up every time, that really would be a scoop.


Now, Hull's year as UK City of Culture is well under way.


The people of the city and its visitors have already been


But now that huge great wind turbine blade has gone, what is next?


Here in Leeds, something magical is taking place.


Musicians from Opera North are putting the finishing touches


to a recording which will invoke the essence of one of


And this is what it is all about, the mighty Humber Bridge.


Many of us will have driven across the bridge,


taking in the sights of the Humber River.


But this unique project is hoping to inspire people to walk


along its mile long length and get lost in incredible sounds.


Hull's links to Scandinavia go back many centuries.


So composers from Norway have been chosen to create a musical


Today, in Arctic temperatures, these men are walking the bridge


Even for a Norwegian, it is really cold here today


and it has been snowing and raining and everything.


It is a fantastic construction and it is so much


But it has been interesting to walk across the bridge together


and actually hear the sound of the bridge itself.


Uniquely, it is the noises that the bridge makes


which will form the basis of the piece.


Field recordist Jez Riley French has been given the job


That means venturing into vast areas of the bridge


This is really extraordinary, isn't it?


This is where the bridge is anchored to the bedrock by massive cables.


And then, Jez leads us through a trapdoor into a cavernous


Are we just suspended over the water?


Pretty much. Yeah, good, great!


Jez's microphones are so sensitive, they pick up all the signs the naked


You can feel the vibrations of the traffic.


And I have to admit, I was very sceptical when Jez


started testing the railings on the bridge to see which one


Jez sticks little contact microphones onto the railings


Wow. I take everything back.


And it is these raw sounds that Jan and his team have been


transforming into a piece for orchestra and chorus.


And the plan is to use the voice of a little child that


says something like, look to the left.


So, while walking across the bridge, you look to your left


This beautiful sound of the orchestra starts playing.


Yes, beautiful. It is beautiful.


Today, the Opera North orchestra is recording its part.


It is a truly beautiful sound, produced by a top-class orchestra.


How could we blend different instruments into that?


Building melodies on top of it, or chords, sounds,


The music just felt like it was a natural blood


Some of these musicians are using the instruments


Recording the music is one thing, but this object is a bit


As people walk across the bridge, they will wear headsets


which will be triggered at certain points to play music, or narration.


Today, we want to just make sure that everything we have


But in such an exposed place, will people be


As soon as you put the headphones on, there is no wind,


just a bit of traffic in the background.


Crossing the bridge itself will have its own challenges.


But Jo and the team are feeling confident.


What is particularly amazing about this is it makes you look at


You look at everything more carefully.


At Bude Park Primary School in Hull, one of Opera North's singing


schools, auditions are taking place for the voice of the Humber Bridge.


The child who will be the narrator on the walk.


After a bit of arguing about who is going first


and a last-minute coaching session from Jenny...


But if the sign says I am a hyena, then I am a hyena.


The children have been preparing hard for this


Search for places you know because there is nothing beyond.


It has been so difficult that there is not a clear winner.


So we're just going to have to talk about it more, I think,


Back at Opera North, the choral parts have arrived


and the chorus has one day to learn and record them.


That is a challenge, because it is quite opposite


With no words, the music is a bit otherworldly.


Part of the problem is really know our bits and there


is at least seven other layers, as far as I can tell.


So I have no idea what the end product is going to be.


My name is Katie and I'm going to keep you company


At Bude Park primary, the last piece of the jigsaw


Eight-year-old Katie Smith has been chosen as the voice of the Humber


Bridge. It will be weird hearing myself but it is going to be pretty


cool. It is a long walk ahead. I hope you have strong shoes. It has


been many months since the composers been many months since the composers


got their first sight of the mighty Humber Bridge and started on the


journey to capture its heart and soul. This is the moment of truth. I


am about to get a sneak preview of the finished article. I cannot wait


to hear what it sounds like. Look up.


This is an extraordinary, soaring piece of music.


To think it came originally from the very sounds of the bridge itself, it


only really makes sense when you are out here. It is fantastic.


I hate to tell you this, but tickets for the Humber Bridge event are


completely sold out. So you can't just turn up. Take a look at the


Hull 2017 website for more details. That is it for the series of Inside


Out. . I will be back in the autumn. Until then, from us, goodbye.


Paul Hudson looks at concerns over how money raised for a children's cancer charity appears to have been spent. Plus, the dog poo offenders. And Inside Out has exclusive access as the Humber Bridge gets involved in the UK City of Culture celebrations.

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