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Not content with hacking the phones of the families of murder victims,


News International also put under surveillance the lawyers seeking


redress for those invasions of privacy.


The two solicitors responsible for most of the cases against the


disgraced media organisation, as well as their relatives, were


secretly filmed and followed by private zebgtives. The ambition -


zebgtives. The ambition? To discredit them.


I was asked to do the work, I was not to stop doing the work, only


when the News of the World closed. We will hear from one of the


detectives in the cross hairs. We will hear how the News of the World


tried to shield the Prime Minister's then spin doctor from


any fall-out.The Government who said it would be tough on


immigration found itself letting any Tom Dick or Harry into the


country. Who killed off the political career


of the latest Papandreou to leave Greece. A member of his cabinet


might know the answer. And since the days of exorism and


bedlem, we have been failing to cure mental illness, is medical


science on the cusp of offering serious new hope. We are really


facing a tipping point here in where we are in the research on


mental illness. If it wasn't true it would take


some believing, but it is true, and News of the World admit it is true.


The News of the World hired a private detective to investigate


lawyers representing people who had been hacked by the News of the


World. This was not something that happened ages ago, but very


recently. Its implications reach into Downing Street.


It must have seemed the most ordinary days for the residents of


this house in north Manchester last year, unknown to them they were the


tart of covert surveillance. - target of covert surveillance. They


were followed and filmed by a private detective in a nearby car,


every move was scrutinised, they had no idea. A quick stop at Tescos,


then back home, all captured on film, they were trailed every step


of the way. It is terrifying to think that someone can be watching


you, following you around doing your every day things and you


haven't a clue they are there. If it happened then it could be


happening now, I'm very scared and nervous now when I go out of the


house. I'm looking around and seeing if anyone is there.


woman filmed was the former wife of Mark Lewis, Manchester-based


solicitor, who is leading the way in suing News of the World and its


publishers for hacking phones. Mark Lewis, on the right, with


papers in his hand, was become ago serious threat to Rupert Murdoch's


media empire. In 2008, two years before the surveillance on his


family, newsgroup paid one of his clients more than �500,000 in an


out of court settlement. It looked like hush money to stop the wider


story of phone hacking coming out. Newsnight has learned the identity


of the private investigator who traileded Mark Lewis's family. He


is called Derek Webb, a former policeman with 14 years of


surveillance under his belt. He ran a company called Silent Shadow,


earlier in the year he was asked by News of the World to trail


Charlotte Harris and Mark Lewis. Charlotte Harris was also targeted


for surveillance, News of the World believed she was having an affair.


When they named the other party, they wanted me to go to his address


the first night. I went to his address. It was clear he wasn't


living there. So they then told me the two addresses which were


solicitors firms. They basically gave me the opportunity of which


one I wanted to do, but to do both of them to try to see where they


would meet up. We don't know who authorised this specific


surveillance operation against Mark Lewis's family. But this dossier of


documents obtained by Newsnight shows on other occasions the idea


of using surveillance against the two solicitors was carefully


discussed. What these documents show is the idea of using private


detectives to dig around into their personal lives was discussed at a


very high level. But why? These documents were passed by newsgroup


to the Metropolitan Police as part of their investigation into phone


hacking. In return they released them to Mark Lewis late last week.


Many are e-mails from the News of the World - News Corporation


solicitors. I'm devastated on many level, to


follow my teenage daughter is nothing short of sick.


documents show that News Group newspapers showed the solicitors


were in a relationship and passing confidential information to each


other to help with new phone hacking cases and they were looking


for evidence. Farrer & Co commissioned a firm of private


detectives to look into their backgrounds. On the 6th of May last


year, Julian Pike from Farrer & Co The firm of private detectives did


not carry out surveillance work as far as we know, but they did write


a report seen by Newsnight, which provided a lot of detail about the


perm lives of Charlotte Harris and Mark Lewis. - personal lives of


Charlotte Harris and Mark Lewis. There is no evidence that Farrer &


Co commissioned the work, but we know News of the World did.


Many say the tactic was indefensible. News International


News Group's lawyers, Farrer & Co, did not instruct Derek Webb to


carry out any surveillance, we wanted to ask them about the e-mail


that showed they were considering surveillance. They said they


couldn't comment on the matters without their client's permission,


which they don't have. There is one wrinkle, it involves the former


press spokesman Andy Coulsen who resigned as editor of news over


phone hacking. It is thought that even after he left, his laurbs led


by the Murdoch family, were sensitive about damaging his work


with David Cameron around the election time. At a meeting called


to discuss phone hacking six days after the election, News Group's


lawyer at Farrer & Co stated he had been instructed not to do anything


for three or four weeks to prevent further leaks around the election,


because of the inevitable take on Andy Coulsen. Although the


It seems even after he had left News of the World, Rupert Murdoch's


former editor was still receiving protection from his old company.


Just before we came on air I spoke to Tom Watson MP, a member of the


committee investigating the scandal also to Mark Lewis, the lawyer


whose family was under surveillance. Mark Lewis, were you aware that you


were under surveillance? I wasn't aware of the fact, and it wouldn't


have occurred to me, I wouldn't think anyone would stoop that low.


Were you aware your family was? That is even worse, you know. It


never occurred to me. I have my job in my office, I'm in the court, my


family are well out of it. And quite rightly are out of it.


what does it feel like to know you were being spied on? It is horrific,


it was more horrific that it was my family, my children, my daughters,


were being infiltrated, that people were watching them, taking pictures


of them. It shouldn't happen, it just shouldn't happen. Tom Watson,


how significant is this discovery? I think it is very significant. You


know, back in the summer when we interviewed James Murdoch he said


the main response to phone hacking was in 2010, now we see the hiring


of private detectives to besmirch those helping the phone hacking


victims. So the timing is important? It shows an utterly


relentless organisation, highly politic sized who would stop at


nothing to try to cover this case up. It is another revelation that


will shock people when they get to know what it means. What of the


remarks that indicate that there was concern about any reflection


upon Andy Coulsen, David Cameron's spin doctor? I think for the


political world that is clearly the most significant part of this, it


shows the company were highly politicised, they were trying to


close this case down, but they were also desperate to protect their man


at the heart of Government. This was at the time of the coalition


talks. Andy Coulsen was destined for a great and powerful job at the


heart of Government, and he got there.


How unusual is it, Mark, for solicitors to employ or be involved,


or have knowledge of the workings of private detectives? There is a


different matter between playing the ball and playing the man. You


might be investigating an have reason to investigate things that


are happening amongst the clients, that if it was proper to make


inquiries, then you would do that. But to investigate the other side's


lawyer, I have never come across that ever before. You have never


come across that? Never. You shouldn't do that, lawyers should


not be investigating other lawyers. Why not? It is fundamental to the


principle of law. For being lawyer we are meant to be able to


represent our client without fear for favour. But people are actually


trying to cause you to have fear. People shouldn't be looking at my


home address. People shouldn't be following my former wife, following


my children. People shouldn't be looking at me to see what I did in


my private life. Nothing about my private life could possibly have


affected anything that I was doing at work.


Well, you are familiar with what they were suggesting, we can't go


into the details of it, but you are aware of what they are suggesting?


I'm aware. Even if you take everything that they were trying to


suggest, even if they had been able to prove anything, it made not one


jot of difference to the whole case or anything. They couldn't t


wouldn't make any difference. The only thing that they could do with


that, was to try to use it to some sort of advantage to either


intimidate me personally, or to stop me representing my client


properly. They were playing the man. James Murdoch is due to be


appearing before your committee again on Thursday. Does it change


what you are going to ask him? think he's definitely going to have


to explain why when he said the company would get to the bottom of


the story the response was to hire private investigators to follow


lawyers around, I would imagine he would want to answer that before


the committee. He has serious questions to answer, because his


original testimony has been not just contradicted by the former


editor of the News of the World, but Tom Crone, the in-house lawyer,


I'm sure we will want to go into great detail about how his


recollection of the events delivers from a number of people who work


for him. This whole fair is getting murkier and murkier? If I'm honest


with you, I think this organisation is rotten to the core, and it needs


dealing with. This revelation tonight, shocking though it is, is


another examine of how we have not got to the facts, even now. They


themselves acknowledge this was deeply inappropriate behave or, -


behaviour, they have shut down the News of the World, they have


changed? I heard the Murdochs telling lawyers in Los Angeles they


would leave no stone unturned, what we now know they meant is we would


hire private investigators to snoop on the lawyers representing the


victims, including Milly Dowler's parents' lawyers. I don't think


shareholders would want to hear that. These facts have been dragged


out over weeks. To be fair, he said after these events? One would


imagine given his personal interest in uncovering the truth, he would


now know this event had taken place and at his AGM two weeks ago he


would be in full knowledge that plieft investigators had been hired


to snoop on solicitors. He either chose not the shareholder, or asked


the right questions to get to the facts. Either way he has some


explaining do. Where do you think it leaves things? There is all


sorts of interesting aspects in the timing, for example. They say no


current executives were involved in it, but the paper, the newspaper


had the reports. He was holding on to them a long time after former


executives have left, and they chose to do nothing.


Thank you very much. Tomorrow, Richard Watson has some


extraordinary revelations on surveillance ordered by the News of


the World, over many years. Now, if you are a criminal,


terrorist, or illegal immigrant intepbtd on getting into Britain,


this summer - intent on getting into Britain, this summer was the


time to do it. It is possible the only people who slipped into the


country were visiting church choirs. We don't know, nobody knows what


happened when border controls were relaxed this summer. This was not


what voters understood the Conservatives to mean when they


promised to get tough on illegal immigration. But the Prime Minister,


apparently, has total confidence in the Home Secretary, because, she


hadn't a clue what was going on! There aren't many more important


functions of Government than defending our borders, but, it


appears, to ease queue, at times, thorough passport checks had been


all but abandoned. Passport controllers are supposed to scan


passport buy and biometrics, and compare it to the warnings index.


Over large parts of the summer, the Home Secretary told the Commons


neither happened. The border agency, she said, had taken a limited pilot


scheme to relax checks on EU arrivals, and extended it, without


ministerial approval. I did not give my consent or authorisation


for any of these decisions. Indeed, indeed, I told officials explicitly


that the pilot was to go no further than we had agreed. As a result of


these unauthorised actions, we will never know how many people entered


the country who should have been prevented from doing so after being


flagged by the warnings indecision. Newsnight has spoken to a serving


border force official here at Heathrow. He has told us at the


start of the summer there were so few staff on duty, that the whole


passport control system was, "chaotic and unworkable". The order,


he says, therefore, came down, relax controls, speed the queues


through. However, our informant tells us that relaxation actually


went far beyond what the Home Secretary has so far detailed.


So why was the border agency under such apparent strain? Well,


according to the PCS union, which represents many officers, too many


posts have been cut. The agency is having to find savings of 20% over


the next four years. Our source told us that on some occasions, 600


people were queuing for just two or three officers on duty. Had they


not sped them through, people could have been waiting for two or three


hours. Our source told us that the


instruction to relax controls was Our informant's belief that this


wasn't simply a local response to local backlogs and problems here at


Heathrow, seems to be shared bit Home Office. Not only has the


director of border force operations here at Heathrow been suspended,


but his regional boss has been suspended, and the UK head of


border force has been suspended. The question is, does this scandal


go any higher? Labour says ministers should


certainly have known what was going on at the UK Border Agency? How on


earth did ministers not know about this? How on earth could there be


continual complaints, from staff, for months, and get either the


immigration minister, nor the Home Secretary, knew what on earth was


going on. At best they were deeply out-of-touch, at worse they were


complicit in a loss of control at our borders.


Britain's border problems have a long history. Way back in 2006, the


then Home Secretary, John Reid, described the Immigration and


Nationality Directorate as not fit for purpose. After more than a


thousand foreign prisoners were released without being considered


for deportation. As a result the IND was broken up, and the UK


Border Agency formed, in April 2008. It too has been beset by critical


reports. Just this month the Home Affairs Select Committee reported


that 14,000 asylum and immigration cases had been dumped in an archive.


We simply can't go on running an Immigration Service, with an agency


whose senior officials appear to be acting in this way. Someone has


really got to say it is time to have a fundamental root and branch


look at the UK Border Agency, so that it is fit for purpose.


Immigration scandals have claimed many other ministers in the past.


The current Home Secretary isn't facing calls to resign, but,


neither is she completely in the clear. The Home Office didn't want


to put any ministers up tonight, but we have our very own David


Grossman here, what has Theresa May got to explain? Tomorrow she's


appearing in front of MPs and the Home Affairs Select Committee, she


will be answering questions, not specifically on this, but MPs


expect to be able to raise the matters. It is simple, in the


Commons we heard her say emphatically she didn't authorise


any relaxation, beyond the limited pilot, for EU citizens. Yet in the


same Commons exchange we heart Yvette Cooper, the shadow Home


Secretary, saying they had seen the interim instructions from July 2011,


which said, detailing those relaxations for EU citizens, went


on to say, if for whatever reason it is considered necessary to take


further measures, local managers must escalate to the border force


duty director to seek authority for their proposed action. If you want


to go furbgts just escalate it within the border force and it is


OK. Labour say it is unthinkable that ministers did not sign off on


these interim operational instructions and if they didn't,


when did they become aware of them, and why didn't they scream blue


murder at the UK Border Agency when they found out what they were


writing to staff. Where does this go next? I think among the MPs I


have been speaking to there is an exasperation that political


oversight by arms length agencies doing important jobs like guarding


borders is not getting done. There will be a re-push, they have been


going on about it for a long time, that Commons select committee


should have the right to have confirmation hearings for the head


of these very important agencies. Seeing 23 of the inter- the drama


that is the Greek crisis, the Prime Minister resigned and the country


says can we have more money. The Italian Prime Minister doesn't


resign, and his country finds it costs more to borrow from banks.


Finance ministers from the less feckless and bankrupt countries


look on and wonder how much longer can catastrophy be avoided.


Here in Athens, most respectable cemetaries - here in Athens' most


respectable cemetery lie fathers and grandfathers, including the


grandfather of the man who must stand out of the way, George


Papandreou Junior, combined membership of this political clan,


with an education so foreign it left him speaking English better


than Greek. With all those gifts it was broadly believed by the urban


middle-class that George possessed the qualities and values that were


necessary to update and modernise the Socialist Party, which had


followed a very, very populist model under his father, during the


1980s. But George some how failed to effect this turn around. In any


case, he failed to convince people he had a plan, that was broadly


consistent with humanitarian and socialist, political ideology. And


he failed to convince Europe that he had a plan to bring Greece out


of chronic debt. George Papandreou embodies too many


contradictions. Greeks don't mind he's a socialist from a great


political dynasty. It is more that the very westernised nature of his


education, manners and speech, which once made him so acceptable


to an element of the middle-class here, and to the outside world,


have now led him to be denounced, as distinctly unGreek.


Mr Papandreou, having first disappointed the Greeks, had the


French and Germans turn on him last week. Then they became a Dead Man


Walking. The mauling areceived at Cannes,


was a bruising illustration of now power realities, and indeed, of


German leadership. We are seeing German leadership, dressed up as


Franco-German leadership. President Sarkozy is very worried about the


economic gap between France and Germany, the fact that the German


economy is performing considerably better, and France has to pay more


than a percentage point more than Germany to borrow these days. This


worries the French. They see that Germany is very much the head of


the two. That is why the French are hugging the Germans close, and


accepting most of what the Germans want in terms of sorting out the


euro mess. Negotiations continued today to form a Greek national


unity Government, capable of agreeing to the EU's price for its


bailout. If they don't, German and European officials insist, the deal


is off. I think it is important that


everyone sticks to the deal. I think that the summit has decided


an agreement for this next round from the old agreement, but for the


new agreement. It must be a coherent policy. You cannot take


part of the programme and skip the rest, therefore, we have to explain


also to our people, in our countries, that this is a project


which has a chance to succeed. Today, attention turned to Italy,


where the rate at which the Government borrows reached a new


peak, 6.68%. The stock market rose briefly this


morning, on reports their Prime Minister was about to step down.


That gave some indication of the degree to which Mr Berlusconi


himself is now seen as an obstacle, and the pressure is building on his


country. I think Berlusconi can't last more


than another few days. It is absolutely essential he's no longer


running the country. The best option for Italy is President


Palitano calls on a cross-party coalition of senior figures from


left and right, including respectable men, such as Mario


Monti, the former European Commissioner, and the former centre


left Prime Minister, and others from the right and left, and gets


them to form a Government of national salvation.


It may be too early to confine Mr Berlusconi to the political


graveyard. But Italy's crisis could become the eurozone's most severe


yet. In the events of the last few days, it has been demonstrated the


determination of Germany, in particular, to defend the currency.


The Greek culture and tourism minister was in London today,


drumming up punters to visit his country, and maybe help to balance


the books a little bit while they are there. It could be a tough sell,


he's here now. Are you still tourism minister? I still am.


you be tomorrow? It is a question I have been asked every interview


today. Until the Government resigns this is my post, and I will be


representing my country and doing my best at it. Do you think the


Germans have done you a favour by forcing your Prime Minister to


resign and have a new Government of National Unity? I think the series


of events that have led us here have been a lot more complicated


than just asking George Papandreou to resign. What we have seen in the


past few weeks is an accumulation of pressures, that hoos brought us


to this place. The Germans - brought us to this place.


Germans are calling the shoots and it is right because they are paying


your bills? They are putting up a lot of the money that is


guarnteeing the process as we go along. The Germans have had a huge


say in this. But at the end of the day it is about the eurozone, and


how that survives through this turmoil. I have to remind you that


something most people don't realise is that the European has not been


monitoring the Greek economy since 2009, when we saw the numbers


coming out. They have been there since 2004. They made the mistake


of trusting the Greek Government, and the Greek Government lied them-


to-them, not once but twice? It was the previous Greek Government that


brought them in. Saying we can't be trusted, you come and have a look?


That is not what happened, what happened is they said we want to


make sure. The previous Government did this, they said come in here


and look at the numbers with us, so we have a pretty good picture of


what the situation was like. Five years down the road, is for getting


about the politicians for a second, is the debt was a lot bigger than


was reported in that period. The question I'm putting on the table


is, did the European Union know the real numbers? And did not disclose


them. Or they did not know the numbers, in which case the


monitoring was less. This isn't the fault of the rest of the European


Union, it is the fault of the Greeks. Why is it the Greeks are so


dishonest? That is an accusation that I would never accept. It is


like saying right now because you have a particular scandal in


British press that the British journalists are not up to the task.


Your Government lied about your public finance, 95% of your


population claimed to have an income of 30,000 euro as year or


less, there was a survey of swimming pools in Greek, 324 people


declared they have a swimming pool, the aerial survey shows 17,000,


this is ram pant dishonesty from top to bottom? It is very easy to


put labels on things. What would you call it? The most difficult


thing to do is change the situation we have now and move it forward. We


can say what happened and put our hands up in the air, that don't


solve a situation. What we need to do now is create the kind of


Government that can be trusted, and create the completely different


relations with the people so things can move forward. It will not


happen as long as there is this relationship that has been built in


the past. Do you feel humiliated in any sense that the Germans have


posed a new Government upon you? don't look at it as a relationship


with one-nation, I say it in a completely different way. I say


what Greeks are facing up to now, is the reality of the situation


being built over the years. We are doing that in a very condensed


period of time. Most trouble that we are in has been caused by


several things that have happened wrongly in the past. Certainly in


two years we are called on to correct all these things together.


It is a tremendous amount of pressure. I think the real people


we need to answer to is ourselves, and to make sure that the path


ahead is one that we're proud of. You behaved as many people might


behaved when offered free money? There was a lot of free money. That


is not only a case with Greece. Part of the problem is what


happened with the money is even the private sector was very much bound


to the public sector. The relationship there became more and


more tangled as time went by, also because of corruption. This created


an economy that was not competitive. In order to get Greece back on


track, we need to get the economy back to being competitive and to be


able to reach out, look out and compete with the best that there is


out in the world. This is not going to happen from one day to the next.


And I would say that if I were to describe what is happening in


Greece right now, you have one track, which has to do with the


debt and the deficit. The other track has to do with the structural


changes. Everybody is paying attention to the debt and the


deficit, all measures being looked at is in order to lower them, the


real reality is the structural changes need to be done to get


Greece to become a development al economy again.


- developing economy again. A bit of unalloyed good news, at some


point of our lives, very large numbers of us will suffer from some


form of mental illness. Unlike many physical conditions, the treatment


is often imprecise, hit and miss, trial and error. This week Susan


Wats brings news about promises of a revolution in the way mental


illness is treated, it may promise life over death. This film contains


The statistics are shocking. One in four of us will suffer some form of


mental illness during our lifetime, mental I will nest costs life, one


in six people with bye polar or other mental illnesses will kill


themselves. Treatments sometimes work, sometimes not, and in the


more severe cases we are still locking people up. But now,


scientists think we are on the verge of a revolution. We are


really facing a tipping point here in where we are on the research in


mental illness. Answers are being found, by delving deep inside the


My first major suicide attempt was in 1995. It is like this black hole.


You convince your brain that you would be better off dead. Because


that darkness is ...it is all encompassing.


Neil Tinning, otherwise known as Twink, has been living with bye


polar disorder for most of his life, the drugs help him, but he never


knows when he might have another serious or potentially deadly


episode. The problem of a sufferer such as myself, you are introduced


to a new medication regime, and you always get that plasseel seeb bow


effect, you think this time - placebo effect, you think this time


it is going to work, and four weeks down the road, after you get the he


havecy of the medication, and it doesn't work, and you have to come


off that medication, slowly, because you can't do anything


sudden, because that could push you into an episode, other meds and


combinations, 16 years down the line, after starting medication, I


have got to a place where I'm relatively stable, but I always


hate saying that, because I never know what's going to happen


tomorrow. There could be hope for people like Twink, scientists


looking at mental disorders, such as serious depression, now have


access to powerful new tools, made possible by advances in science and


technology. By understanding the mechanisms of the brain, they are


gaining an insight into our minds. Changing what happens in the clinic.


And this is what it is all about, the human brain. This one came from


a healthy adult female. Scientists are beginning to understand how the


brain works, and what makes it go wrong.


This is one of the key technologies given scientists that fresh insight.


The radiographer, or clinician will inject the subject, and one would


record the measurements that would emanate from the subject over a


period of, maybe for these particular image, maybe an hour or


so. Using the latest in brain scans, scientists have honed in on one


region of the brain that becomes overactive in depression. It is


called area 25. It means they can actually see what's going wrong and


which drugs work best. Already these scanning technologies


are having a real impact, they could significantly improve the way


patients are treated. In ground-breaking research, seen


by Newsnight, a London team taught computer software to recognise


patterns in brain images. Those patterns predict which patients


will go on to develop the most serious forms of psychosis. With


this work we are showing that when people come to us w a first episode


of psychosis, we can, in fact, already distinguish the people that


will do better from the people who will have more severe illnesses.


This will allow us to start I thising of using a different -


thinking of using a different treatment for these different


groups of people. It is Provera Kapur's job to analyse the results


- Professor Kapur's job to analyse the results. Our research has been


at a low level. A psychiatrist will look at your problems more deeply.


But largely based on what your family members say about the


condition, they would have to make up their mind about the diagnosis.


There was no aid from clinical, laboratory tests or blood tests, in


a way that has been there for the last 50 years in the rest of


medicine. This is the first opportunity to take psychiatric


dying know circumstance beyond the scriptive. To, in some sense, based


in the deeper biology. It is not just brain imaging that is bringing


about this change, it is also in the genetics lab. The world's


largest genetic study of people with bipolar disorder, is taking


place in Cardiff. Professor Nick Craddock is in charge. We are


trying to identify genes and therefore molecule, involved in


bipolar disorder. That will give as you clear and better understanding


of some of the causes and triggers of bipolar disorder. One of his


patients is Twink, he has returned to Cardiff to give the team an


update on how he has been doing. Can you tell us how things have


been going over the last four years? I think I'm starting to see


the green shoots of getting better. The last four years have been


challenging. At times been desperate. Some of the genetic


findings, typically from family studies, help us know how to why


identify people at high risk of illness, some of those things are


in the clinic from day-to-day. We are already finding some of the


sorts of genes that seem to be important in sue Septemberability


with bipolar disorder, have a wider role, and also increase sue suss


Septemberability to things like depression and schizophrenia. We


are understanding why people have a complex mix of symptoms that don't


fit neatly into a diagnostic box. As scientists begin to unpick the


workings of the brain. The challenge is to fine more


effective treatments. Up until now it is hit and miss, almost


stumbling across drugs that happen to work.


With new tools, such as brain scans and genetics, scientists are


talking about a much more sophisticated approach, bringing


the medicine of mental health, out of the dark ages and into the 21st


century. At the serene country retreat of


Britain's National Academy of Sciences, Professor Insel is brain


storming with a select group of UK scientists.


As head of a billion dollar agency in the states, his views carry some


weight. Their task today, to come up with new ways to treat people.


What is really intriguing is the development of new compounds. We


have one as a sort of proof of concept, called ketamine, which


works within three hours rather than six weeks. Is that the same


ketamine used as a horse tranquilliser? It is known and


around for decades, it was selected because people thought it affect


add particular molecular target in the brain, that seems to change


after conventional treatment with anti-depressant, people thought let


- anti-depleasants, people thought let's jump over that target and see


what happens. It is one example of how scientists are coming up with


faster and more effective treatment, and it is that which has them


excited. This is a potentially deadly illness for which you would


want to have treatments that don't take six to eight weeks to work.


You would like something to work more quickly. This is a game


changer in that sense. It is that kind of advance, that


scientists hope will change the way we all think about mental illness.


That this is not something that is all in the mind, from which people


should just pull themselves together. Their hope is that mental


illness will one day become just like any other field of medicine.


What I would foresee is over the next generation, we will move to


situations where psychiatry is much more like cardiology, or other


medical specialties, where we have a range of tests, imaging tests of


the way the brain functions, blood tests to know suseptible factors,


that will help us be direct today the diagnosis and to know more


accurately how to help people. for Twink, that's the real promise


of this revolution. 3,000 people this week will attempt suicide, not


all are bipolar sufferers, but a large proportion of them will have


some mental ill-health. If we can do something about that, then, we


can save lives. It is as black and white as that. Scientists aren't


saying that knowing what and where it is happening in the brain will


cure all mental illness. But with these tools, science is


transforming our approach. For many people that will be the difference


between life and death. Before we go, Michael Jackson's


doctor, Conrad Murray, has been found guilty of causing the


singer's death. Jackson died in June 200, following a fatal


overdose of a powerful sedative. Can you bring us up to speed?


fans, the die hard Michael Jackson fans gathering outside here every


day for six weeks, and screamed with tears when the verdict was


announced, will not know what to do with themselves, over the next few


weeks, when Conrad Murray will be sentenced, up to four years in


prison for the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson.


The jury took less than a day-and- a-half to convict after hundreds of


pieces of evidence and witnesses they had heard from. They made the


decision pretty quickly, that is that Conrad Murray was responsible


for Michael Jackson's death, he provided the strong anaesthetic


drug that killed Michael Jackson, he didn't give him the care. He was


out of the room when Michael Jackson stopped breathing. There


was criticism that he didn't react properly, he didn't call the


emergency service for up to 20 minutes. There were many things he


did that the prosecution picked holes in and said this was not just


unprofessional and unethical, but criminal negligence. And the jury,


pretty quickly, decided they agreed. That's all tonight. Rugby fans will


miss a treat this winter, the Ireland captain, Patrick O'Driscoll


will miss the Six Nations championship, - Brian O'Driscoll


will miss the Six Nations championship because of a trapped


Good evening. After a chilly start to the night in Scotland and


Northern Ireland. Increasing cloud will bring a lift in temperatures


into the morning. A much greyer day to come compared with Monday.


England and Wales essentially as you were, grey, gloomy skies


overhead, producing rain and drizzle over time. Miss and hill


fog over time. Winds light easterly. The rain will come and go. Heavier


showers before the day is through, across the far south-east corner,


particularly around the coast. At the same time we will see


brightness pushing into the Isles of Scilly and western Cornwall and


western fringes of Wales, brightening up a touch. Most of you


will stick with the grey skies overhead. Still damp in one or two


spots. Temperatures largely 11 degrees. A grey day in Northern


Ireland, the breeze pick up before the day is out. Across southern


Scotland much cloudier, western areas a hint of brightness, the


best across the hebties, it could get to 16 in - Hebrides, it could


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