19/07/2012 Newsnight


A border guards' strike on eve of the Olympics threatens airport chaos, are they letting the side down? And the desperate plight of starving children in Yemen. With Gavin Esler.

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Tonight a strike by border guards on the eve of the Olympics. It


threatens chaos at Heathrow on what's expected to be the airport's


busiest day ever with more than a 100,000 people arriving. The Home


Secretary says it's "shameful." The union says it's a "last resort."


We'll debate the rights and wrongs in yet another operational setback


for the Government. The millions of malnourished children in an


epidemic of hunger in Yemen. It's an Arab Spring country gone


unnoticed and now starving. Little Abdullah here is typical of so many


of the kids we've been seeing - if you look at his arms there is no


body fat on him at all. Who will be the new Sheriff of Nottingham and


towns and cities across England and Wales? Police Commissioners will be


elected in November - but will anyone turn out to vote? What


difference will they make? And should they be politicians like


John Prescott or perhaps former police officers - we'll ask two


candidates for the posts plus the current head of ACPO. Don't do this


at home - the BBC's paid a lot to play with these Olympic rings - but


there are some things even we can't say. During the summer bleep, being


that according to a law, the... Had imposed upon them. Good evening,


for years, campaigners of various sorts tried to use the Olympics to


make a political point. Next week on the eve. The Games, PCS the


union representing border officers, and representative staff are in a


long standing strike about rows. Thousands of travellers expected


that day, there's potential of chaos at the start of what should


be one of the greatest sporting events everyone witnessed. But is


the union following others in senting a good day to make a point


or as the union suggests is will no attempt to disrupt the Games.


up Sod's Law in the dictionary and it says if someone can go wrong and


turn out inappropriately it will. Just ask this Government t could


stand for Serwotka's Olympic Disaster Scheme scheme, striking


border guards on potentially the busiest day in Heathrow, could


leave the coalition more red-faced on the biggest stage of them all.


First it was the weather, torrential rain so unseasonal it


threatened to extinguish the Olympics flame. Then athletes on


four hours of bus journeys using games less. And G4, lots of staff


haven't turned up to work, leaving it to the army and police which


haven't yet been outsourced. But G4 is over a crate of champagne, to


deflecting the public's wrath on them on to border staff. I hope the


people understand the issues, because I hope they struggle to


understand why for 18 months the Government refused to ingauge on


any of the issues. I hope they'd understand one day of disruption is


regrettable but better than having 365 days a year, where people are


comeing to this country and queuing for three or four years, where they


can't get a passport or proper service. The backlash has been


swift and angry. Well I think that is shameful, frankly, they are


holding a strike on what is the key days for people coming into this


country, for the Olympic Games. think the immigration officers are


deeply patriotic but to threaten us is totally inappropriate. The mayor


was adopting a comecal alley stance. I don't think they'll succeed in


disrupting the Olympics. Ironically it was Boris Johnson who agreed to


massive payoffs to avoid strikes in the Olympics. Tube drivers are


getting �750 on top of the usual overtime payments and robust


salaries. London bus drivers secured an extra �577 for their


workload, while Heathrow Express drivers negotiateed �700. The


Docklands light rail stach will be getting �900 even though they don't


have any drivers. 450 ASLEF workers will still be going out on strike


between August 67th and 8th in a disput over pension contributions.


On an ordinary summer's day, Heathrow can process up to 100,000


passports. But July, 6th is no ordinary day. It is potentially the


airport's busiest ever, as thousands of extra athletes,


dignitaries and ordinary passengers, arrive ahead of the Olympics


Opening Ceremony. The US Border Agency say they've trained up 500


staff to help out and that things went smoothly, the last time there


was a strike, two months ago. Then there's the issue of strike


ballots, 20% border staff took part in a bat lot, meaning 11% voted for


the walkout. With issues like this, may force the balloting laws back


in the agenda. We're joined by Liverpool, by Paul O'Connor, Mr


O'Connor why is your union trying to disrupt the Olympics? We're not


trying to disrupt the Olympics. These are issues live for a long


time. Sorry, excuse me, they have been for a long time, so you could


have picked any day, any of the 365 days to have this action, you know


it will cause maximum disruption? We table the demands to the


Government and employer 18 months ago, since that date, they've done


nothing, they've been intransigent in the extreme. What they've been


engaged is a further staff... are going to disrupt. Chaos at the


borders and passport officers, this is the shambles the Government is


presiding over. You are prepared to disrupt the Olympics for 18 months


they haven't talked to you, that's why? This isn't about the Olympics


for us. It is for all the people arriving. This is a disrut going on


for 18 months, our members are clear this is a plan, that could go


on, until the Autumn, there could be action. You could have action


then. So you don't need action next week. The problem is the Government


is whipping up hysteria around the Olympics. It seemed to have woken


up to the fact the issues are on the table. Jobs are going, chaos at


the borders and it needs sorting out. Which I'm ready to negotiate a


settlement with them, all they need to do is come to the table rather


engaging in this damaging talk. don't think in any way it damages


your case, serious case about jobs and conditions, that on the biggest


sporting event most of us have ever witnessed, when people are coming


to this country and we want to put on a good show, one in ten members


voted in favour of this, and you think you have a man date to


disrupt the Olympics? We have been making our case for 18 months, it


is the Government that is intransigent in the negotiations.


They need to come to the table with us, over the next week. We don't


want to see a strike go ahead there. Is time to avoid that. But the


Government needs to negotiate, seriously on the issues that matter.


Which is public service delivery, that the people of this country


deserve, 365 days a year. So it is blackmail really? It is not


blackmail at all. Our members care very, very profoundly about the


public services, they deliver, they want safe and secure borders. They


want people to be able to go in a passport office and not be told in


London they need a appointment in Belfast. It is in the Government's


best interests to man and staff those public services, properly,


and they need to come to the table and negotiate with us. Thank you


very much. Damian Green, why have you been caught up with this


hysteria, when Boris Johnson is saying it won't disrupt the


Olympics at all? I'm not caught up with hysteria at all. I had a


meeting with Paul two weeks ago, he sat opposite across my table,


talking to me. But he didn't get anywhere? Our officials at the hofs


is negotiating all the time. That line is wrong. The most important


thing is PCS members don't want the strike to happen. Some do, the


majority who voted. Seven out of eight didn't vote for a strike,


they don't want to go on strike, as Jeremy Hunt said they're patriotic


and care about the reputation of the country, it is a small group in


the leadership, that is behaving disgracefully, trying to make


capital out of the Olympics, when it should be a great celebration.


Will it result in a mess? It need not to, we called two strikes in


the past year, which haven't caused too much disruption to Heathrow.


And, as, the report said, we have got continge Genesis in place.


is the contingency Olympics. You have the volunteers and army. It is


not the professionals. We trained people for months, we've got 500 of


them extra working at the borders,00 at Heathrow. And anyone


who is travelling through Heathrow knows, it is working extremely


smoothly, it is a huge success the operation at Heathrow. The big


bulge of people arriving hasn't happened and it will happen that


day. You can't guarantee next Thursday will be a big problem?


don't know, what level, first of all of people from the PCS will go


on strike, I hope they don't. They're not enthusiastic for this


strike. Members of other unions won't be striking and we do have a


large number of civil servants from other parts of Whitehall already


trained and working there. Why did the Home Secretary tell us that she


first became aware the G4 fiasco on July 211th and she knew two weeks


earlier? What happened on 27th of June, G4 said they were behind and


confident they would, have the numbers they promotioned, it was


only on July 11th that G4 said we're not going to get the numbers


we wanted, which plans that had been put in place in advance were


put into action. The chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee


isn't taking that view, and says there must be concerns, because 75


personnel were deployed. G4 came to the Government and said we might


not make our numbers. The Government sensibly said, OK, fine,


let's make sure we've got military Pec knell in reserve. It wasn't the


first you knew about it, the 11th of July. It crystalised on July 119.


What they were saying up to then, is they were going to make their


numbers, they will make it up, what happened on July 11, is G4 said


they're not going to make their numbers. What will make to the


amendment fee, what will happen to what they're paid, how much will


the taxpayer be paying? That will be sorting out after the Olympics.


They have already the 57 million. There will clearly need to be a big


investigation into what happened inside G4S. You might want to claw


some money back? That will happen after the Olympics. Thank you very


much. Now, there's the beginings of a humanitarian catastrophe in one


of the countries touched of the Arab Spring. Yemen has been racked


by political turmoil. Millions are going hungry and worse. According


to the United Nations, nearly half the population, on ten million


people have limited or no access to sufficient food and 47% of children


under five years old are malnurished. The worse area is in


the west of the country. The face This baby is clinging to


consciousness, barely clinging to life. A one-year-old who weighs as


much as a newborn baby. You don't need the scales to know


this child needs help, now. Like so many young victims of Yemen's


hunger epidemic, his health is failing, he is rushed to the ward.


He is struggling to breathe, his body weakened by chronic


TRANSLATION: There are a lot of cases, a lot of cases. Yes they


really are in danger of dying. the next bed, Marem another of the


250 million children who are so malnurished, they could die. So we


head out into a country which has a long history of poverty and


hardship. What's happening today away from the eyes of the outside


world, is something different. In the remote village, the evidence is


And as always, it is the very youngest in this tiny community who


are the most vulnerable. The most at risk. For this woman, watching


her eighth month old suffer is agony.


TRANSLATION: I'm really scared. I would die if it he dies.


I'm sick with worry, it makes me so sad to see my son in pain.


Little Abdullah is typical of so many of the kids we've been seeing.


His arms there's no body fat on him at all. And the reason is


absolutely a simple one, the mums are telling us, they just don't


have enough food in their homes to keep their children healthy. And in


some cases to keep kids like Abdullah, alive. I go to visit


Abdullah's family, it is clear they're dirt poor. Is it OK to come


This cramped place is where six people live and two children have


died of malnutrition. Across generations hunger is part of what


passes for daily life. If tonight they look and there's no food, what


can they do?. TRANSLATION: We sleep and we pray.


What else can we do? Force God to feed us, so we sleep. On the edge


of the village the graves of Abdullah a's brother and sister,


just a few rocks and soon it will be hard to tell there's anything


here at all. But there will be more graves in villages across Yemen.


That's what these mothers are desperate to prevent. They crowd


into the sweltering district hospital looking for food, looking


for medicine. In a country, where poverty is regarded as shameful,


where women are veiled and withdrawn, the mothers here surgeon


forward holding up their emaciated babies. This may not look like the


classic images we see from trick Africa but what better illustration


there is hunger here and now in this country. There is some help


here, but not enough. Last week, supplies of specialist baby food


ran out. There was no money for fuel to pick up more. The aid


operation, such as it is, is running on empty. You're a doctor,


it is your job to look after children, does this make you sad


and angry? TRANSLATION: Very sad and very


angry. TRANSLATION: I never imagine we


would face a crisis like this, and it is only getting worse. Why does


it make you angry? TRANSLATION: Because we can't help


all of them. What we can do is really limited. We can't reach all


the poor people. We don't have the support, it makes us sad and


ashamed. What's hard to deal with here, is that just down the road


from the hospital there is food. But prices have gone through the


roof and still rising. The poor, simply can't afford it. Imagine,


having to walk past all of this, while your child is at home,


desperately hungry. Ask anyone here, old or young, what's driving the


hung hunger, and they'll hell you it is poverty. For some this is a


solution of sorts. Oxfam has a programme of cash


handouts. The heat may be off the scale, you may have to wait in line


for hours, but really, there's not much else to do for farm workers


when crops have failed. If you don't get this money, is there any


other way of getting income, have you any other way of getting money?


TRANSLATION: No. If there's rain we can work, otherwise, there's no


work. For so many, this is the last, the only option. And the rains


haven't come. April's harvest was a disaster, and


that was a severe limit on Yemen's capacity for self-help. It is true,


that not all of the productive land in this impoverished country is


used to produce food. Instead, they choose to grow this stuff, Kat, a


narcotic leaf that is chewed daily by every adult in Yemen. Is it good,


do you chew it? The whole thing. It is an acquireed taste. Along


with Islam, it is at the centre of the culture, millions of bags of it


are solid every day Akmed is a huge Khat fan, and says he spends more


money on it than food. What does your wife says? She chews too, he


tells me. They say it is a way of life, would be an understatement.


Amid the hunger and desperation, everyone here is still chewing Some


things here then, remain constant. But these are also times of


upheaval, turmoil and change. The Yemeni Arab Spring shifted the


political landscape and delivered the first new President in more


than three decades. It was hardly a revolution and hardly a happy


ending. Hunger levels have doubleed but the new Government is more


The battle is on. These troops training to take on the Islamist


mill tapts, many who are foreign fighters, arriving in Yemen, after


driven out of former strongholds. The new recruits are part of the


military bolstered by American funding and training.


But the money spent on this, must surely mean there's less to tackle


chronic malnutrition Military commanders, insist, there's no


choice. TRANSLATION: We have to focus all


our efficiencies on safety and security in Yemen, because that


will solve the economic problems. If we don't secure the country,


nothing will improve and the suffering and starvation will get


worse. Security first. Which leaves the hungry, still hungry. And with


hardly any good news on the horizon. The next harvest is months away,


the international aid agencies, struggling to raise funds. And in


the middle of it all, this baby, for him help can't arrive soon


enough. TRANSLATION: If he lives he lives,


if he dies, what can I do, I've tried my best, I've done he was I


can for his health. I can't afford to do more, now it is in the hands


of the Gods. The Conservative Government unveiled the list of


candidates for the new role of police commissioners. Labour


candidates have been put into the same jobs. All of England and Wales


will get the chance to vote are to The Commissioner, some critics fear


politiciseed figures, whose arrival won't do any to help crime. First


our political editor reports from The blue line is struggling not to


get thinner, squeezed by budget cuts and soon to be tuged by a new


musclar hand. In the Autumn there will be big election toss a new


position - chief puller of the thin blue line. But, sheriffs are not


the talk of Nottingham town. There are electionness November, you know


about them? Yes. What are they for? I don't know. It doesn't really, it


is not really something I think about to be fair. It is for a new


police chaefs? I didn't know about that. You not heard of elections in


November? Not really. It is not the talk of Nottingham town, and the


man currently its most senior police officer knows it.


We walked along that street now, do you think Butching into any


stranger if they knew about the elections, would they knew? Current


awareness of the police and crime police officer process isn't what


it might be, that is considered and looked at within Government and


decisions how to deal with that. I'm sure they will do so. This man


is Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire, he is accountable


to the Police Authority but after the election, that accountability


becomes to another individual, perhaps with little or no policing


experience, but whose diverting manifesto won them election, and so


the area of policing budget. For the Chief Constable, a group of


bosses has become one. Police and crime commissioners, write the plan,


chief constables figure out how to implement it. The people who go for


the pail, saying having one individual makes the difference?


will see that when it comes in. I understand the argument, I've seen


the arguments on both sides, I appreciate the strength of


arguments present by all-party, prospectus that comes around it,


from my prospective, the debate has stopped, the Government has spoken,


we have an election process, my job is make sure it works. Whoever she


and he is, I will work with. There is no model to look for, it is the


same as and so it will work as well. Today, Theresa May launched the


Conservatives' candidates. Police authorities are invisible to the


public. Most people don't even know they exist, let alone who does the


job. Instead, police and crime commissioners, will be highly


visible, chosen directly by the people, and accountable to the


people The success of the people elected police and crime


commissioners will also reflect on the Prime Minister. Was he able to


attract the calibre of person to a role that is close to his heart?


Many of the ideas championed within Government, don't think right now,


the Prime Minister, has put his full heft behind it. So, in


November, and close to bomb fire night, what is supposed to be a Big


Bang of accountability, might end up being like a firework left out


in the summer downpours. Which is why the premium is on


quality, and funds are asked for to raise the profile. They have until


October to up the quality, so people, think the turnout. We'll


see a variety of policing varieties, set up and down the country, by


locally elected police and crime commissioners. In one part of the


country, gang crime may be the main problem. Elsewhere, it may be


burglary, or antisocial behaviour or rural crime or street robberies


or drug related crime or drink related crime. Police and crime


commissioners, we can have the full set. A few years ago, in this area


here, there was a drive-by shooting, and there was a murder. And that is


the sort of experience that people over here, have to deal with, quite


oven. Don't you think anyone who runs to be a PCC knows they need to


deal with murder, why do they need to live with murder on their


doorstep to get it? In order to find solutions, one has to get


close to the communities, to find out how best they can deal with it.


If you're living somewhere in the outer sticks in a rural area, you


got no experience of places like inner-city Nottingham, where we


have, drugs, gang crime, we have murders, we have gun-related crime.


My argument is what have you got, or bringing to the table?


police hope they reached the end of the year, still faithful to their


founder, Sir Robert's peel, that officers should not panneder to


public opinion. Peel had a hand in creating, the officers, are under


pressure to make sure crime commissioners are not elected on a


low turnout. It hangs by a thin lead. The former Deputy Prime


Minister, Lord Prescott is here, and Ian Johnston is standing an an


independent, and Sir Hugh Orde is President of the Association of


Chief Police Officers. You thought the reforms were a bad idea


originally, why are you standing Yes I think they were a bad idea,


because I'm afraid police and politics don't mix in my view.


However, having said that, the Government of the day, has spoken.


We are going to have police and crime commissioners, and


independent candidates with the right background, can ensure that


politics doesn't, spoil a way we police in this country. Is it more


difficult for you, because you don't have party political backing,


no apparatus to get on with this? There are two ways of looking at it,


in terms of funding and organising it, it is incredibly difficult as


an independent. The public have spoken in recent polls, and quite


frankly, they've said they're fed up with politicians, 7% think the


politicians would make a good police and crime commissioner, 6%:.


They shouldn't be disqualified. They're excellent politicians.


you Seymour yirt in the argument that politics and police shouldn't


mix, it is difficult for good independence, a couple of people.


We voted against this, because we sooner kept the police rather the


expense of an election, in October, very few people know about it, and


very few people will vote. There are to be that vote and we will


take part. Whether it is a politician or policeman, in all the


candidates in both party, they have a combination, some politicianss


some ex-police people, they play that part. But, you know, there are


two separate functions here, the Chief Constable's job is to get on


with the job and implement the policy. What this policy is saying,


the community should decide the priorities of those policies, that


means you need a community voice. That's what the commissioners are


about, how do you develop that view? Is a politician a good


community voice, or better to have somebody who has experience of the


police force? And keep the political parties out of it A Chief


Constable said to me, we don't like politicians, Robert peel was a


politician three times a Prime Minister, so, basically, the


politician, we brought in the policy of community policing, it


wasn't policing, it wasn't liked by the police, they told us they


didn't like it. It is a xinks, policy was policies by discussion,


imp theed by the police, you do separate them, let the politicians


and people who become commissioners, Voice of the community. Do you


think most police officers care one way or the other, presumably you


work with civil control you work with, but I'm sure they weren't


beating on the door a for the change? It is entirely right and


proper, how they're held to account. Service has to have clarity how


this will work. These gentlemen have been talking about local


policing, chief police officers are responsible for right up to things


like Olympics, riots last year, cyber crime, drug dealing, it is


better dealt nationallyly by linked with the local service. It is the


continueium that is critical. do you worry about, there's a lack


of clarity, you're not sure, exactly how it works, you're trying


to make it work but not sure? secured a clear, unequivocal


agreement, that operationally independent chiefs will deliver the


service, held to account by police and crime commissioners. So it is a


clear distinction there. But difficulty becomes, stark, when for


example we have to mobilise across the country. If every police and


crime commissioner, does not sign up to the national agreement is, we


have severe difficulty in times of severe crisis. I can imagine


somebody in Gwent responding to the local community, saying, actually


what we're interested in is burglary or whatever the particular


thing is there, and the national priority which is different, no, we


need your officers to do something else, there could be an obvious


tension there, if you were the face of the police in Gwent? That


tension is there, and we've experienced it, in the last week,


when we needed more officers, to replace the G4 staff, who decided


not to turn up for whatever reason. And Chief Constable said, we


recognise the national need as well as the local need. If you were


elected you may be responsive to what local people say, in a day


wairch way to a Chief Constable? That's why the newly elected, PCCs


may need to know what the national call is as well. My fear is, and


there's disript to Lord Prescott, there's a danger, for the last two


years, for any term of office, some PCCs will be concerned with re-


elected instead of getting on with it. That's community. That person


on The Commissioner, we didn't agree with the policy, we want to


convince the community he's acting in their interest. Let's be hear,


the implementation of the policy, whether it is for the Olympics, or


the collapsing, G4 is, we're not challenging, that, although we


worry the new crime agency, brought in, the abolition of the


appropriate coprincipal seems the Government is strengthening its own


position and not takeing into account the community so. There


will be a bit of tension, bound to be when you have it, but we'll have


to see how it works. I believe a good policeman who, could work as


commissioner, or policeman, as it may be their responsibility. The


two can be distinct. The liebs have to be clear, but let's be clear, it


is not too clear in the past, in some things the role of the Chief


Constable. Would you like a local face, that is responsible, you


could go to for strategic guidance, as you sort out what the


operational priorities, and say we need more people or whatever it is,


your priorities happen to be? strength of police service is it is


rooted in community, and every police officer is signed up to


local commuting. They speak to the police authorities and many play


add critical role, calming down the communities because they knew them.


They will have to build a new relationship with a individual.


police officers, he is the power, he has the arrest powers, those who


are the community police, were opposed by the police and community,


but now work with it, because it is shown, it is improved the


relationship between the police and the community. And we're all


working that together. That goes back to 1829, established by Robert


Peel. The healthy tension will be around how you deploy the shrinking


resource we have, that's why we have to collaborate and work


closely together and transform policing so we can maintain front


line service. Taken over by G4 is. Do you think


people, clearly we care about law and order, but do you think people


will turn out to vote? It is difficult. We're looking at 15%, 0%


tops, and we need greater help from the Government and greater help


from the media to get people out. Democracy, it chooses in November,


which everyone says is the worst time to have an election, it is not


providing the information about the candidates which every candidate in


other elections normally get. They're makeing it difficult. Any


independence got to find �5,000 for the deposit, so have we, we're not


getting money from the party, we have to find it out, we have the


same difficulties as you as taking part. On that moment, we'll leave


it there. Now, here's a list of banned words,


none of which happens to be the F word, Olympics, Olympian, Games,


2012, 201. Using the law, using thoo words in advertise something


forbidden without the permission of organisers, LOCOG. It is hardly


surprising what people want to cash in what will be the biggest


opportunity in the summer. We have been investigating whether that


Nobody messes with the Olympic brands.


We're getting in on the act too. Hold it Grahams, just one second,


that's beautiful, but do you mind popping this on for us. It is


That's a nice look for you. If Big Grey here were to lose


concentration for a moment, the rings he's juggleling could


inadvertently fall into a well known configuration, and Seb Coe


could be shutting down this report before you know it. Look what


happened is, a party North website, run by the Duchess Cambridge's


family, came under fire. Were the Middletons coming in under fire for


the Olympics. You build your business up, through nothing from


the sweat of your brow, and then the Olympics come along, now any


half decent entrepreneur might think, this is a time to offer


people tomorrow at that time, amean quality products s that a crime.


would be concerned about it. The one thing that Trading Standards


and LOCOG are most interested in are references toss the rings. And


I think, I've only seen a couple of snaps, but the snaps I've seen


references the ring, not the specific five-ring device, but


certainly eludes to that. How are we fixed ourselves, if we entertain


the viewers with a juggle letter? You may be OK, because it is not


for commercial gain. The Middleton example, are using references toss


the rings, possibly, to create further sales. Your juggle letter


is here to entertain, so there wouldn't be a commercial connection.


LOCOG said they have no issue with the Middletons products, no


infringement has taken place, says a spokeswoman. But we may have to


ask them to make a tweak to the copy. The Culture Secretary was


relaxed. He claimed to notice only modest branding where the Games


were concerned. The Olympics, does more than pretty much any other


international sports event to reduce branding. It is the only


event which doesn't allow commercial branding inside sports


venues, and sponsors, who have been a bit maligned recently, are


playing for half the cost of hosting the Games in London. Games,


2012: Apparently inknock with us words, read for us by Radio 4's


Corrie could fall foul for combinations for so-called ambush


marketing. # You can't touch this #


So here's how the classic account are f of the ancient Olympic Games,


would sound today as reacted under Newsnight the programme that


censureed. We asked as we do on a daily basis if LOCOG in charge of


running the Olympics want to come and speak to us about running the


Olympics, but like Usain Bolt they keep running away. Here we have


Clegg Clegg, and Kate Robertson chair of the international


advertising firm, Euro RSCG. What do you think is the problem here?


do understand that brands have to be protected, that the rings, and


the Olympics assets have to be looked after. That the money of the


sponsors is huge. What I think is a problem, that is there's an


unimaginative approach to this. The rules are old, you know they are.


They are very, very rigid. Consumers are not idiots, in the


social media world, there are lots of things that could be done


differently. There are 101 ideas. The thing that's wrong is


understanding enthusiastic stic policing bit. Sometimes and a lot


of the stuff around the Olympics for the sponsor brands and Olympics


brand are actually harming both. And then I think that's imaginative


and stupid. Do you take the point that some of this seems to be silly


and makes a little bit of the leadup of the Games silly. Perhaps


we forget after they start but it seems odd, McDonald chip police


come out and say you can't call it chips, that's the coverage you're


getting? It is all to do with the spwrerms of the law. They want a


degree of grainous in the law, - greyness in the law, you get black


and white. There have been some in the country who have over zealous,


there would be no Olympic Games without the sponsors. As part of


the bidding progress, we needed legally binding, unlimited


guarantee for the staging of the Games, so the British taxpayer


would fund any shortfall, if LOCOG is unable to deliver the


substantial money they need to raise. People will understand that.


But they need to understand a corner shop, with rings in the


window, celebrating this national event is not going to bring down


Coca-Cola? That's fair, it is when people are trying to make profit,


commercial gain out of the Games when they have not invested money


into supporting the Games in the first instance. LOCOG want to


celebrate the Olympic Games but it's got absolutely rightly and


properly to protect the commercial interest fundsing the Games.


seem to be imemploying they're not doing that, it could back fire?


is clearly back firing, I tell you what is wrong in the corner shop


example, is it is tough for the Games and big sponsors who put in


millions to think, OK, now these precious Olympic assets could be


used by God only knows who. So, at some point I would see LOCOG seems


to be IOC first, you know why, why can't a corner shop, who wants to


say, yea, London welcomes the Games, have the stuff, and if you want to,


say underNeath, thank you to all the Olympic part nerts, and they


allowed this. It is a pain in the neck, because you have to vet those.


But it back fires, and gets worse, when you get into the Olympics


assets and the big sponsors. So the visa exclues sift lock down is


insane for the visa brand. It is bad for visa. Everybody hates them.


Because you get there, and you go oh. We've seen commercial creep,


over various owe limb pee yads, four year periods, commercial creep


to ensure there is clear blue waert between the individuals sponsors.


And those rights need to be protected, not only for the future


of the Games, but because of the staging of the Games in London for


the British taxpayer. There's the British sense of humour, saying you


can't buy British beer, you have to buy behind Ken beer. - behind kin


beer. If you paid �40-50 million on the rights, you want a return on


the rights. This is the way it works. It is not a return on the


investment, and you know Y because that's such an expensive


sponsorship and lots of money, it is not about the behind kin or


Coca-Cola or McDonald's or visa useage in the park during the two


weeks. It is about the global impact on the brand and on the


brand is not good. So, those contracts need to be looked at,


each one and Madgeive solutions come up with. McDonald's should


support local food traders. There's room for more imagination? There is


that scope. But I recognise that people want to play in the grey


area, because you get in there, people will abuse it. So it has to


be black and white. That's all from us, we want us to leave news from


north corea, where you might thought being supreme leader was


big enough. But now another accolade has been declared on Kim


Jong Un, naturally thousands of troops expressed their genuine


delight. Here they are accompanied by the track, Excellent Horse-Like


Lady Hyoth Song-wol wol, who is supposedly his girl frepd. Good


Still showers to come on Friday, stl start the day dry and bright.


But central and southern parts of England, this is where showers get


going. Brighter conditions across the north. Things should improve


for the golfers after a wet start. But threat of storms, in and around


the Oval area, but those afternoon storms across the Midlands, central,


southern and South Eastern England that could cause problems. Light


showers here, many will stay dry and sunny throughout. Mid-to high


teens across southern and western Wales, but should stay dry.


Isolated light showers, eastern and Northern Ireland. Chilly start in


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