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They go to war, and come back seriously injured. Are we failing


to look after our wounded soldiers? getting the help they need. And


expensive buildings. Rather than see ever again. I won't see that


responds. I refute this idea that some how there is something wrong


with charities being involved in the work that we do with injured


service people, and disabled the general staff, and the charity,


Nicola Adams becomes the first-ever woman to win boxing gold at the


Olympics. But in the men's boxing, Newsnight asks whether it is always


a fair fight. We spoke to people at the very heart of Olympic boxing,


who alleged medals could be bought and sold for the right price here


takes charge in October is hopefully going to tell us.


Those who put their lives on the country, deserve all the financial


give them. That's what the Ministry of Defence said today, in response


to criticism, uncovered in a report by Newsnight, and the Bureau of


have heard a bit about it already, here is the full story. A word of


warning, this report contains some graphic images.


British troops under fire. Bearing the brunt of an early Taliban


offensive. The wounded returning home, maimed, scarred for life.


Your whole treatment, you are get fixed. There is no proper care


have died than fund his rehabilitation and his care. We


have had to fight constantly for every aspect of Ben's life. The MoD


will not see them again, I won't have left. A year ago, the Military


Covenant was enshrined in law, setting out the Government's legal


responsibility to serving personnel and veterans. But how well do we


And military charities, with more than a billion in the bank, why are


our wounded still saying they are not getting the help they need.


A reception fit for a hero. Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, still


serving, is one of the worst injuries, losing both legs, with


He now lives with his mother, and stepfather. You want to stay in


your bed not in the car? You send away a 22-year-old,


incredibly fit, paratrooper, and what comes back is the same person,


but the life is changed forever, You would think that nothing could


fight for the basics that he needs to make some kind of life. So far,


fewer than 2,000 service personnel have been seriously wounded in


Afghanistan and Iraq. Many with horrific blast injuries from mines


and IEDs. I remember just sprinting and then just massive, massive bang.


And then I woke up on the floor. It when I was getting dragged against


the floor, my brain was bouncing on Sometimes I wish I had, I was in


agony. I went to sleep with an arm, longer there. I was just like,


flipping hell. What do you do? 20 years old what


do I do? And his treatment by the MoD was less than sympathetic. He


remembers being fitted with his first prosthetic limb. The first


one I got was white, it was like a small white hand this big, in that


shape. I was like, OK? That is. I felt better in myself going out


in public with it on. So I just had enshrined the Military Covenant in


although capped. There are plans for new centres to retrain the


injured. The Murrison Reviews of the last two years resulted in


extra money for amputee prosthetics, and those suffering from post-


traumatic stress disorder. But still those we spoke to, say the


system is failing. The problem comes when you leave. When you are


discharged from the forces. Everybody is terrified of this


discharge date. Because you know that once the discharge comes, then


you are back on the mercy of the NHS. We know many who struggle with


sockets, which is the bit that actually fits on to the stump. The


NHS thinking it is that it's up to 11 layers of socks on the


stump to actually make it fit. the prosthetic arm he has been


offered is not up to scratch. know I have a false leg and false


arm, it doesn't mean I don't want walking around like this and that.


I want walk as normally as I K that is megaimportant. I still want --


as I can. That is mega-important, I want a proper fake hand, I don't


just want anything on it. wasn't as good as the one I went


there with. I got my own one, I it? �7,000. The might was wounded


support for charities trying to plug the gap. For the first time,


assessed the worth of military raise nearly �700 million a year.


charitable purposes. Just over a billion sits in the bank. With


newer than 2,000 seriously injured from recent conflicts, it begs the


question, why are they not getting prominent charity, by far, is Help


for Heroes. Its rise to fame and founded by Bryn Parry, a former


army officer and his wife. I think saw some amazing young men with


terrible injuries, and we were just moved, so there wasn't, I don't


think our motivation was ever criticising, our motivation was


purely trying to do something to help. We felt really inadequate,


going to hospitals was the most shocking thing I had had ever done.


It was a simple desire to try to do something.


So far, Help for Heroes has raised �141 million. This is the charity's


flagship project, Tedworth House in Tidworth, Wiltshire. This is the


Home, leased from the MoD, it is a grade II listed building. �20


million of oppulent luxury, it is a cross between Grand Designs and an


English Heritage advert. Marble statues, stained glass windows,


ornate plaster work. Renovated to the highest standards, with charity


best, and I have an image of a mother or a wife coming down that


drive to the best house in Tidworth officers' mess, not full of


privileged people, but full of the rank and file. I know that mother


appreciated. The vast majority of Help for Heroes spending is on


these personnel recovery centres, building and services five bespoke


MoD facilities around the country. The overall planned spend is �153


million. Primarily for serving service personnel. Veterans can


only return on a priority, case-by- criticism. It is coming from close


who work there are great, and they But, I think they have got so much


let's do it, rather than �100 million being spent on limbs for


every single guy who has been going to see ever again, because


Parkinson has been given unique status. While other seriously


wounded soldiers are being discharged, he is still serving.


And Help for Heroes, not the MoD, is paying for his physiotherapy.


His mother, duornduornduorn, also questions spending so much charity


money on capital construction projects. We find it difficult to


see these buildings, these edifices that are being paid for by charity.


It's our belief that the MoD, if there is building work, if there is


the need for a location, that should be the MoD's responsibility.


to support these guys, to support their families. We asked Bryn Parry


whether spending millions on MoD use of charity funds, or should it


it be wonderful, that is utopia. It wasn't going to happen, unless we


public truly understands that the bulk of your money has gone on


capital construction projects? That is exactly what we have been


started. Corporal Harris Tatakis, tau some of the fiercest fighting


the last day of his tour when he was deployed on one last offensive,


burning flesh, it does smell of all black, the diesel fuel, the


blast came up my lefthand side, it was all black and burned, I


couldn't see any skin on it. I remember the pain from the leg.


back together, with injuries to his was discharged just over a year ago.


I left, and nothing. Not even a was doing and coping. I was having


no treatment, my treatment had stopped, cold turkey.


into his recovery centre in will solve the problem, that they


are there for our injured and any more. They are right, the


priority has to be the guys who are newly injured. But, just because


you are discharged, doesn't mean five recovery centres, only two,


outside the wire, or accessible to those no longer serving. And they


are all primarily for serving service personnel. Veterans can


only return on a priority case-by- case basis. General Lord Dannatt


-- Lord Dannatt is the former head the recovery centres. He


acknowledges there is a problem, and says a more co-ordinated,


independent approach is needed. idea of a veterans' Tsar was mooted


doesn't seem to much like it either. The Prime Minister would say he's


chairing a cabinet committee in the best interests of the veterans and


soldiers. I think someone who stands independent of Government,


keeping Government up to the mark, mark and keep the charities in line,


there is a case for that. fringe certificate pointed squarely


spurred the likes of Help for Heroes to step up to the plate. But


the charity has to work within perameters set by the MoD. And


according to our worst wounded, charity money, they are still not


getting what they need. It makes me absolutely everything for Ben. I


it bearable at the time was the thought that we are doing this so


nobody else will have to. I wish I to talk to the Secretary of State,


Philip Hammond. Would you like to take this opportunity to apologise


to those injured soldiers who feel let down by your ministry? Well,


centres, I think, is one in which we can be very pleased with the


result that is we are achieving. always be some people who are


their particular, personal cases, and every case is different. Every


plan is tailored, everybody is looked at as an individual. I can't


say nothing has gone wrong for anybody, but the personnel recovery


centres created have been a fantastic advance in the way we


or back to worthwhile activity in civilian society. I want to ask you


about some of the problems the case of a serving soldier,


Lance Bombardier Ben Parkinson, he injuries, and some brain-damage. He


is still a serving soldier, as you being paid for by charitable


donations. Do you think that's acceptable? I don't know the


circumstances around that particular issue. But I do know


that we work very closely, not just the best possible treatment


in a dedicated military facility, sometimes it will be in an NHS


facility. Sometimes it will be in a third-party facility. Should it be


there is something wrong with work that we do with injured


service people and disabled veterans. Do you share the concerns


of some vet ens, that -- veteran, that Help for Heroes money is being


they think the better way would be understand the concern expressed,


but I believe the personnel recovery centres have been a major


and important innovation. They home they can go to for


recuperation or rehabilitation, themselves. They need somewhere


where their care can be co- ordinated. Although, in the case of


Ted worth house in Wiltshire, Help doing it up, this is place with


windows, yet as we heard in the report, some veterans are


bit of a contradiction there? a listed building, and bringing it


back into use has meant complying around listed buildings, including


restoration. What Help for Heroes building, as a centre fitting for


the heros they are going to look appropriate? MoD, which owns the


building, is leaseing it for �1. Help for Heroes, really expect it


to be spent on marble statues? have, of course, chosen to build a


modern building for �20 million on a Greenfield site, that looked very


much like any other NHS site or take a lease of �1 a year, of this


to service. That is a judgment, it has to be for them to make that


report a serving soldier, who is having a charity pay for his


tell us they haven't been able to Are you going to take up the


suggestion of Lord Dannatt, and appoint a veterans' Tsar to sort


going on in the past, and has been resolved, thanks to Murrison murs's


report, and the admission -- Murrison murs's report, anded


to the NHS. You have put it to me that veterans can't get access to


issues that need to be worked on. We have established a cross


Government cabinet committee, led and we are only in early August. It


notish just issues around veterans, but serving personnel and families.


We have enshrined in law the Military Covenant, and we are


making it work. It isn't going to Finally, I must ask you about the


news about the body parts, and tissue from 30 soldiers killed in


Afghanistan, were kept without permission from their families. How


did that happen? We're investigating exactly how it did


happen, and the army has issued an of those people involved. It


shouldn't have happened. The taking of samples is routine, in some


cases the retention of them is But it should always be done with


permission of the next of kin. And reasons that we are not absolutely


clear about at the moment, we are the army will want to make a


happened, and how we can be confident that it won't happen


again. Let's discuss all this further with


some of the people we saw in that report, former Royal Marine, Ben


McBean, injured in service in Afghanistan. General Lord Dannatt,


2009, and the chief executive of Help for Heroes, Bryn Parry. What


did you think of what the minister said? It didn't seem like he


about. There is a lot of things going on, which he didn't seem to


know about, or want to really comment on. I mean, don't get me


wrong, the public aren't upset and I haven't heard anyone moan, I'm


to do with it, that is irrelevant. You were complaining about the


buildings? The buildings itself, what it is, I'm sat here now as an


in Plymouth, I know there is a lot of people not happy with Help for


something, and it is my job to. What it is, for example, people who


they assume it goes to guys like way, shape or form, as a civilian


they are seeing, and what they think is happening is it is being


spent on bricks and mortar. That is bringing it up. Are you sure you


speak for thousands of people? Definitely, I have e-mails, people


have sent me letters since my injury, people have written to me


and said things. I have had letters saying why are you a Help for


Heroes, why don't they help the minister took the view, that there


are thousands much -- of skefrs personnel veryfied with the


treatment they receive, and no system is perfect, and we are


helped hundreds, if not thousands have had since your article


appeared in the news today. I sneed to point out Ben is a brill -- I


need to point out Ben is a brilliant guy, and has Donmarthons


and climbed Everest, we have to are here for you now. The people


not the young Royal Marines who move on, we want to make sure they


are ready before they move on. Once they do, and if they get out in


veterans are still being seen on a priority case-by-case basis. In


Tedworth it is still a majority of serving personnel? It is, we have


had 44 through since we opened the temporary acomcation, out of 250


servicemen. We have veterans working there on job creation


schemes. We have had the former general coming in last week with a


view to use the aqua jogger and tread mill. We are there for life.


We do individual support, I have been looking at the figures, over


2,000 individual cases of year-and-a-half. Amounting to over


want to take up is Help for Heroes, and none of the serving charities,


do prosthetics, that has to be the Government work. When we first


started, we went in to try to help. Review, we were perhaps not


providing a comprehensive support December 2010, please let me finish,


we were enabled to get the Murrison Review to start, that support is


now there. Thank you very much for that. I want to bring Lord Dannatt


on the point of access to all of five of them, and the veterans


them, because they are behind the wire, they are in garrisons. You


have raised concerns about that in the past, are you happier now?


while strategy on which the is Headly Court, and then what?


Ministry of Defence saw the problem slow. If Help for Heroes and other


charities had not put significant have happened. What is really


serving wounded today, are the point of making the buildings


young cohort, wounded in Iraq and those centres will be available for


them. The big trick is to get the Ministry of Defence understand it?


put rather more forcefully to Philip Hammond. We are clear,


that they are for veterans. That is why, in the early days of Help for


Heroes, it was thought it might only exist as a fund-raising


charity for a few years. Then it Iraq and Afghanistan, and for the


rest of their lives. Ben here, a wonderful chap, with the rest of


have done lots of work for Help for speaking on behalf of loads of


people, it is me with the balls to sit here and say it. People aren't


moaning about prosthetic limbs, what it is about is people are


unhappy, I know this, they are unhappy because, for example, the


Government, who should be spending Tedworth House, it is their duty it


is their problem, Help for Heroes should be saving their �20 million


on other things. What would I spend it on? Limbs for example, so the


guys don't ring me up today and say like that. Do you feel that


the Ministry of Defence should be wonderful world if the Ministry of


Defence and Government could do what is right or wrong or somebody


British Legion, massive partner, we are working with all the service


charities to create something in British history something as


good as this has happened. It is a great shame that some people are


into it. The support will be there for these guys' lives, that is


important. It is not about knocking, and make it obsolete, that is not


opinion, and people are saying they are not happy with Help for Heroes,


you obviously can't take that, I'm not knocking it, or saying negative


people who are happy with Help for Heroes. I gathered that. You have


to crater for those who aren't are like me in the same boat.


Thank you. The quest for gold at the London Olympics has excited the


world. All that drama as athletes at the height of their powers


compete to be the best of the best. Including Nicola Adams in the


women's boxing today. But is relation, uncovered evidence of


secret payments of millions of dollars from Azerbaijan, and there


was claims that they could guarantee gold medals in boxing at


the Olympics for Azerbaijan. As the closing bell sounds, Nicola


to underline the superiority she showed. This is exactly what fans


have come to see at Olympic boxing? Nicola Adams of Great Britain, has


just made sporting history. She is the first Olympic boxing champion.


tournament. But some of the men's results haven't been quite so clear


cut. Eyebrows were first raised last Wednesday night, as Azerbaijan


the boxer from ass zer by January in blue, went down, not once, not


down, not once, not twice. But six times. And the referee still


declared him the winner. The result, another blow for the integrity of


Olympic boxing. (crowd boos) You can understand why


the Japanese fighter is disgusted. He will go over and shake his


opponent's hand, but an empty one. After an appeal by Japan, the


decision was overturned, the boxer the referee was on the next plane


home to Turkmenistan. But then, four days later, another boxer from


Azerbaijan wins, astounding the audience. I don't believe it,


whatsoever. How did they give that to the man from Azerbaijan.


didn't agree with that decision at all. There is a lot of speculation


flying around about the relationship between Azerbaijan and


the World Series of boxing, and all sorts of things, and there were


I really believe in my heart of hearts. Jim Neily, commentating on


suprised a lot of people. He has had two iffy decisions, in his


favour n my opinion. Belarus also appealed, this time it wasn't


fighters in the finals, that means they are guaranteed two bronze


they win the next bout, they will be fighting for gold. That won't


we got hold of a confidential investment agreement between


someone from Azerbaijan, and World Series Boxing, run by the same


people in charge of Olympic boxing. The investor from Azerbaijan, paid


$9 million to fund an almost quid pro quo, they said the deal


was for two gold medals at the Olympics. So long as they got the


medals, WSB would have the cash. What do they mean by that? Well,


London Olympics, those medals. It care ass better by January. That


Ivan is the head of World Series Boxing? We put it to them. We have


very transparent organisation. We have done everything in our power


ruled in a bad manner. We have witnesses who said you promised


Azerbaijan two gold medals in that to us? I don't know who are


the witnesses? The President of the International boxing association,


allegations were untrue and transparent way, with a "zero


Boxing has had its fair share of scandals and accusations of match-


fixing, the most memorable at the Seoul Olympics, when Roy Jones


fighter. Three judges were suspended. The word was booking


authorities had been bribed $2 million by South Korea in return


for two medals. Boxing has to be seen to be squeaky clean in London.


Jones scandal, the whiff of that the IOC would have to look


seriously at boxing. If the British heavyweight, Anthony Joshua, and


the Azieri come through to fight, it won't be the first time. They


met in Azerbaijan when Joshua lost. for the Olympic Games. But this


time, their match will come under more scrutiny than ever before.


Tonight we have received a Azerbaijan, in exchange for two


gold medals at the Olympic Games in London is untrue. He said he has


worked extremely hard over the last six years to clean up amateur


There is only one way to win a gold at the Olympic Games, that is to


happens after all the athletes park like no other. What is


happening to those builders we have for the masses. Continuing our look


we look at what's going to happen �6 billion spent on glistening new


venues for this summer's games. What happens when those long


memories of the golds fade away. established itself, and why not the


Olympics again! Come on, does made an unanswerable case for


next 20 years. Another Olympic bid front of the world's media, Boris


Johnson set out his future plans for the Olympic site today. We can


secure a transport, housing infrastructure, sporting cultural


London for these games. And turn come. When it comes to the Olympic


Park theself, all the flat-packed dismandled. Eight permanent


structures will remain. The stadium athletics, and maybe for football


as well. The velodrome and BMX track will also stay, along with


London's East End, wasn't just about stadia and infrastructure, it


was about creating decent, affordable housing, in one of the


capital. Now the end is in sight, real questions are being asked


about London's ability to deliver on that promise. On July 27th, 2013,


exactly a year after the Opening Ceremony, London should get a brand


new open space. Another �300 million is being spent developing


what will be called the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Thousands


of new homes will eventually be built on the site. The first set of


properties converted from flats in sold at the going rate, the other


half will be called "affordable homes", a mix of council housing,


shared ownership, and artificially controlled rents. But, that


definition of "affordable", depending on how much you earn.


homes can be rented out at up to 80% of the market rate. In this


part of London, that could mean �750 a month for a two-bedroom flat,


little more than a dream. The years. Affordability does not mean


what it used to mean. You are salaries of �50,000 plus to get


have got 35,000 people on the housing waiting list. Over 3,000 in


entry ticket to the race? They just don't have it. Locals worry that


any new flats blil built in the park may be affordable -- built in


is responsible for developing the He says building larger states of


don't want to return to council isn't the right way to go. Having


moment. It is the sale of private housing that will enable the London


Legacy Development Corporation to fund the construction of the


affordable housing. It is basic The creation of the Olympic Park


City and the West End, of meant to end up in deprived inner city areas.


The trick will be to do that without pricing local people out of


London's new golden quarter. the London Borough of Kensington


people itching for the gaiplts to be over and out of the way?


way? I would love them to go on. back to what a tip that area was


five or six years ago, the transformation has been remarkable.


our job to carry on another stage of transformation, and prepare it


have jobs and work. What about affordable housing, what does


"affordable" mean, you heard the current environment. We do have a


target across the whole park, of 35% affordable housing, the


under different types of different definition, some social rented,


just like council housing, but run by housing associations. You saw


housing association. Some will be markets. We do want a mixed and


of money would people need to get People going into social rented


housing don't necessarily need any social rented housing are normally


appeal to a different mix of private housing on the park. No-one


difficulty in this area, in this if you are a shopkeeper. If you


succeed in this area, and you want to stay and buy a house and have


area. We want to make sure the people who are successful in Newham,


the shopkeepers, the businessmen, choices and opportunities to stay


You raise a general question, of course, under Government policies,


what are the criteria of affordable, to answer -- in a position to --


ambition targets for different types of affordable housing and we


Do you think you will make a dent in the social housing list in


Newham of 35,000 people? I think we will, and maybe a bit more of a


dent. This is a London-wide problem, the main reason that housing is so,


pensive in London, is there is an awful lot of demand, and not


sufficient supply. We actually need tens and tens of thousands,


hundreds of thousands of new homes in the capital, over a lengthy


period, in order to accommodate people affordably, that is the


reason the prices are so high, if you are in the private sector. We


are, nonetheless, doing what we can, there are going to be over 10,000


homes on the Olympic Park, if you include the athletes' village in


that, there will be jobs available for people as well. Many of those


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