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News stories with Kirsty Wark. Why did Cleveland police force pay out over half a million pounds in damages, America takes Germany to task on austerity and Jay Gatsby 90 years on.

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$:/STARTFEED. Over half a million pounds damages and a complete


clearing of his name. Tonight we reveal the story and the outcome of


a four-year struggle by a Middlesborough solicitors against


Cleveland police force. There is no higher award of exemplary damage


that is a court could make. That is the clearest recognition on the


Chief Constable's part that the conduct of her officers was utterly


indefensible. Also tonight at the G7. The German


Finance Minister is warned by the Americans to ease up on European


austerity. Is that policy really worsening as and economic crises


across the west. We will hear the views from economists working in


Germany, Greece and the US. It's gats bee. He was a German spy


urgh the war. I heard he killed man. The roaring '20s alive in Baz


Luhurmann's The Great Gatsby, and a shrew of musicals and plays.


Request is F Scott Fitzgerald still a book for our sometimes. Good


evening, in 2009 James Watson was one of the most prominent defence


solicitors in the north-east of England. Those he defended included


some very high-profile criminals, then one morning in June that year


his life changed. His family home was raided, his property seized and


he faced a major police investigation into perverting the


course of justice. Why? That's the question Mr Watson has spent four


years trying to answer. Tonight Newsnight can reveal that Cleveland


Police force has agreed to pay damages of more than �500,000. They


have admitted false imprisonment and there were never any grounds to


suspect him of any offence. Every room, every drawer had been


turned out. It looked as if we had been burgled, basically. Having to


tell my 87-year-old mother I had been arrested, and there is no


hiding these things was something probably the worse of it. I could


actually hear them laughing. Which was something that it shocked me


and angered me. Early one morning in June 209 Cleveland Police came


to arrest -- 2009 Cleveland Police came to arrest James Watson. His


wife Rita and their two sons were held in one room of the house for


more than seven hours. As a mother I have devoted my life to ensure


our two sons have a safe and secure home. And Cleveland Police violated


that on that day. He was taken to north allen to North Allerton


Police Station and questioned for 30 hours. He was requested on


perverting the course of justice before being released on bail.


James Watson is one of the most prominent defence lawyers in the


north-east of England. Cleveland Police began their investigation


into him after his cliend Bronson Tyers was found guilty of alleged


kidnap and then acquitted on a retrial. He was arrested but never


charged with any offence over questions about intimidation of


witnesses to change their statements. The question is why


have they done that, is this one individual officer's sour grapes


after losing a provincial high- profile criminal trial. Or were


there more important powerful figures in Cleveland who wanted to


be rid of me and didn't care how much public money was spent in


doing so. I can only bounce the question back to you. The police


spent two years investigating James Watson. The question is, why? It is


hard to know for certain. Cleveland Police had a habit of not writing


things down. They were supposed to be taking notes during the


investigation of the decisions they made and the rational behind them.


Yet they failed to do -- rationale behind them, yet they failed to do


so. There isn't even a recording of their interview with James Watson.


According to the police, all six tapes and all six back-up tapes


failed to record. Newsnight has seen an Independent Police


Complaints Commission report, written by a senior officer at West


Yorkshire Police, and is highly citl ka of the way Cleveland's --


critical of the way Cleveland Police investigated James Watson.


It is highly critical of Chief Inspector Anthony Riordan. It says


he behaved as if he was hell bent on cornering his quartery. It says


his attention had become focused on haultly on James Watson and this


had the effect of clouding his judgment. Chief Inspector Riordan


came to the Old Bailey to apply for warrants to search James Watson's


property. According to the IPCC, much of the evidence he presented


today the judge was unsubstantiated. The judge was left with an


impression that there were reasonable grounds to suspect James


Watson of money laundering. This wasn't true. Event here at the Old


Bailey could well explain why the Chief Constable of Cleveland Police


cannot defend her officers against the claim that these warrants were


maliciously pro-kur cured. The shen -- Procured. The shenan begans at


the Old Bailey, appalling as they may be to an outsider looking at


them for the first time is the sort of behaviour cloveland Police have


been up to in small things and big, for the bulk of my professional


career. Chief Inspector Riordan had seized 26 boxes from James Watson.


They included highly-sensitive documents, which were covered by


legal privilege. The investigating team hoped to find incriminating


evidence. Instead the Crown Prosecution Service said that the


documents exonerated him. Despite this Cleveland Police kept hold of


the files for several more months and continued to treat James Watson


as a suspect. There were times when I would worry and think well how


far are they prepared to push things here, even though I knew


there was nothing there. When you are against people who are prepared


to go to the lengths they went to. I think they wanted to ruin us,


basically. Newsnight put to Anthony Riordan the criticisms made by the


IPCC, and James and Rita Watson. He As for the IPCC's comments about


evidence at the Old Bailey being unsubstantiated, Mr Riordan says he


was reliant on the expertise of others. It has taken James Watson


four years to clear his name. For the Chief Constable of Cleveland


Police to admit it that there were no reasonable ground to suspect him


of any offence. The Chief Constable has also agreed to correct police


records to ensure that no vestige of suspicion remains against James


Watson, his family or his colleagues. Cleveland Police have


agreed to pay more than half a million pounds in damages.


Including �80,000 in exemplary damages. They admit to falsely


imprisoning James Watson and his family. To trespass and to wrongful


interference with his belongings. They also cannot defend claims that


the search warrants were maliciously procured, or that


officers' behaviour amounted to misfeasance and there was an abuse


of power. The sum offered and accepted for exemplary damages was


at the absolute maximum, there is no higher award a court could make


for those damages. That is the clearest recognition on the Chief


Constable's part that the conduct of her officers was utterly


indefensible. The IPCC recommended that Cleveland Police consider


suspending Chief Inspector Riordan, instead he was retired on a full


pension. The man responsible for that decision was Assistant Chief


Constable Sean White he was on the police sailing team with Riordan.


The IPCC has said that the decision not to suspend him sent out


completely the wrong message. It was a time to be seen to be doing


the right thing. What certainly sticks in my throat is that


millions of pounds have been wasted of tax-payers' money at a time of


supposed austerity when public services are closing down hand over


fist in Middlesborough. Millions of pounds wasted and not one police


officer held to account. The Chief Constable of Cleveland Police, has


For the last few years Cleveland Police has been at the centre of a


separate wide-ranging corruption inquiry. The Chief Constable and


Deputy Chief Constable have been sacked for gross misconduct. The


head of finance suspended. James Watson hopes that his case will


lead to a change of culture at Cleveland Police which now has a


new Chief Constable. But he's not confident that his reputation will


ever recover. The best I can hope for is to be regarded as having a


checkered and controversial reputation. You can't come through


a scandal like this and expect absolutely everyone to believe that


you have been vindicated. Some will say no smoke without fire, some


will say this is a testament to how good my lawyers were rather than


how honest I was. But the value of the payout is important, it


reflects the fact that something must be done to reform Cleveland


Police. It cannot be allowed to stagger on for another 20 years in


the way that it has for the last 20 years.


Is German austerity cast ago shadow across the whole of the west? That


seems to be the fear the US Treasury who today met German and


other finance ministers for a G7 meeting in Buckinghamshire. Ahead


of the meeting US officials briefed journalist that is they would call


on Berlin to relax stringent austerity policies and boost


domestic demand because of the dangers they pose, not just to


Europe, but growth across the world. We will discuss this in a moment,


but first here is Paul Mason. They are meeting amid the English


greenery, but the backdrop to the G7 meeting is the sea of red and


black across the streets of Europe. The eurozone economy is flatlining,


and there is a chorus of demands on Germany to stop insisting on


austerity and ease up a little. driver for economic growth will be


consumer demand. Policies that would help to encourage consumer


demand in countries that have the capacity would be helpful. Roughly


translated that was the Americans telling the Germans to start


boosting their economy and borrowing more to make up for the


social catastrophe that is sweeping southern Europe. The Americans come


armed not just with arguments but facts. In the two years after the


crisis hit the USA launched a fiscal stimulus worth 5% of GDP.


The eurozone equivalent was 2%, after that came austerity. In the


USA the Central Bank has President Clintoned more than $2 trillion in


the form of quanative easing. The European Central Bank has not done


money printing. It seems to be working, growth has recovered in


the USA, while in the eurozone not so much. I think there is a real


view here in the US that there has been a bit of a sea change in the


ideolgical arguments and the political debate around the world


about austerity in a recession. I think the Americans feel that


actual economic performance has vindicated the US approach. They


did have a stimulus programme at the beginning and they feel that


the fact that the US economy is growing more strongly than European


economies really is a vindication of that approach. All through


spring event have come thick and fast to undermine the strategy of


austerity. The collapse of technocratic rule in Italy, with


25% for a party led by a comedian. Spain badly missed its borrowing


target and Europe simply shrugged. Meanwhile the French President had


begun a counter strike against what, despite the smiles, his officials


had called a right-wing kabal, led by Germany. One of the most


startling impacts of austerity in Europe has been youth unemployment,


in Greece it stands at 64%. In Spain at 57%. In Portugal and Italy


38%. Even France, which is opposed to austerity is seeing 22% of its


young people jobless. Meanwhile, in the USA it is just 16%, and the


White House sees figures like this as a problem of geopolitics, not


just economics. It is important to understand this is an


administration which, starting with the President, is really focused on


the middle-class and the lower middle-class and opportunity. And I


think they are very concerned about what they are seeing in Europe and


they are very worried about a lost generation and what the political


impact of that might be. Particularly in the European


countries where austerity is really squeezing a lot of people very,


very hard. The truth is, this is no longer about economics it is about


politics. All across Europe we have seen big votes against the


political mainstream, whether it is for fascists and far leftists, as


in Greece, or as in Italy, for parties simply defined by their


opposition to the old elite. That is what America is worried about.


As for Germany, commentators who know it well believe public opinion


there will take a lot of shifting. They don't translate what the facts


and figures tell you about what happens around you into their own


live expeerence. Which is still pretty comfortable, thank you very


much. So the point has yet to come where the austerity around Germany


and the adjacent countries will begin to affect its own


manufacturing prowess, which is the pillar of Germany's wealth and


success. When that moment comes I think they will wake up and think


of different ways. While he's schmoozeing with the G7 George


Osborne is all too well aware that the IMF economists will deliver


their own decision which is enough austerity, aimed at him.


Our guests are here, Artur Fischer, and in Athens former Greek MP and


world economist, Elena Panaritis, and assistant editor of the


Financial Times, Gillian Tett in the studio. Gillian Tett, you are


just back from Washington, is your sense that the Americans are


worried more about the politics than the economics? There is a bit


of both, the Americans are very worried about the fact that the US


economy is not expanding as fast as they thought it should be. They


think it is partly because of the slow global growth and the problems


in the eurozone. They are also concerned about the general


prospect of a lost generation in Europe and the possibility of


political turmoil. But last of all there is also a feeling that


actually America has learned some lessons of the last five years that,


frankly, could be copied in Europe. Whether it is about trying to take


more active measures to recapitalise banks or get the


economy going the Americans do think they have something to tell


the Europeans about what they could do instead of the current mess.


it helpful to you that the Americans are singing this song?


Does it actually make a difference? Will it give European countries


confidence to ease off austerity? Frankly, I think we have completely


misdiagnosed this European crisis. We have based all our growth on a


solution which was completely based on austerity. But European


economies are very bureaucratic, very high transaction costs, and


they need serious deregulation, starting with my economy, Greece.


Unfortunately we haven't really focused too much on that because


there are a lot of vested interests around those bureaucratic steps and


if we don't ease those ones up we will not have growth, we will not


have employment, especially in the youth. We will not have any exit


from these lost generation. When you look at the figures for youth


unemployment, Greece 64%, Spain 56%, Portugal 40%. Is this a


generational problem if these young people don't get the skills or


motivation or feel part of the fabric of society? You are


absolutely right. But I'm afraid that we have, as I said, completely


misdyingios -- misdiagnosed it. We were barking up the wrong tree. We


completely focused on the overexpenditure of those countries,


that is correct. We didn't look further into the actual roots which


were the fact that we are overspending because it is very


hard for youngsters to actually innovate, to create new ideas, to


define new technologies or to create a new sector of economy as


we do in the United States of America. Let me put that to Artur


Fischer, is there another way, perhaps austerity isn't the


medicine that Europe needs? Well obviously there is a combination of


things. I'm speaking to you Artur Fischer indeed in Miami? Is


austerity the only way? Obviously there are a number of things one


can do. Austerity is a major building block. If you take a look


at it you need to sort out your own house. You need to be able to


actually manage your costs in a responsible way, at the same time


those measures indeed cause huge problems. I believe Europe has


something to offer here. If we have mobility, if we have structural


reforms then we can actually generate growth by allowing in the


EU unemployment people in Greece to work elsewhere and by implementing


structural reforms we can incentivise investors to provide


jobs in Greece, in Spain and elsewhere. We have to look at this


whole process whereby we started this austerity and we will now, I


believe, enter into structural reforms, enter into increase of


demand and by doing that hopefully we will go through this problem.


Fischer, 64% youth unemployment, where will they get jobs? That is a


very good question. All I can say is the jobs most likely will not be


available in Greece. Will they come to Germany? They will come to


Germany, they will come to England. They will come to everywhere in


Europe where jobs are available. They probably will have to reduce


the standards of living. They will probably have to work in jobs they


haven't learned in the past. It will be a quite a change. Basically


young Greeks have to leave the country? Well, frankly, we have to


really think about the economics 101. We are talking about white


collar workers here, well educated individuals with over 2-3 foreign


languages and usually one or two masters degrees. They do not move


out of Greece to go to continental Europe, because continental Europe


is suffocating. It is full of bureaucratic and administrative


burdens. So the majority of Greeks are flying out of the country and


they go to the United Kingdom and the United States, Canada, a lot of


them are going to Latin America, believe it or not. Many of them to


the gulf countries. So let me put that to Gillian. Actually the


Americas are the best hope for a lot of these people. They see


America doing better in this recovery?. It is rather ironic that


Mr Fischer is in Miami. If the eurozone was a functioning reformed,


liberal economic area, the Americans would be having holidays


in Greece spending their money there. That would help Greece?


German tourist trips to Greece over the last year have fallen 5-10%.


That is a real problem, you need to find ways to replicate what America


has had and turn Greece into Florida, if you like for the


eurozone where wealthy middle-class people from the north go down in


the summer. There is also going to be, perhaps, a different atmosphere,


post-German election or not do you think? It is very unclear. One


hopes that the new Government will have the competence to be a bit


bolder and perhaps try to take some Morriss. Do you think post-election


there may be a change, even if Angela Merkel returns to power,


actually there may be a loosening of the austerity? I think there


will be a shift. We can already see that coming. Take a look, in


Germany we had salary increases of 5%. About two years ago that was


unthinkable that would happen. So Lagard, he's demand that we have


higher spending in Germany already takes place. When you take a look


at the Social Democrats who currently propose quite drastic tax


increases, I believe that the Conservatives, if they stay in


power, they will obviously try to ease austerity programmes in a way


that the results don't suffocate German output and demand on German


goods outside Germany. Thank you all very much indeed.


Well on Wednesday the The Great Gatsby opens the Cannes Film


Festival, directed by Baz Luhurmann, soundtrack curated by Jay-Z,


starring Marco Capuano and Carey Mulligan, if the trailers are --


Leonardo depap Rio and Carey Mulligan. It is expected take


millions in the states this weekend, but reviews will be lukewarm. It is


the theatrical book about the novel and a novel about Zelda, why all


the razzmatazz? I have all these things for her and now she just


wants to run away. She wants to leave that. Jay, you can't repeat


the past. You can't repeat the past? No. Of course you can. Of


course you can. With me now is the author Philip Hensher and Sarah


Churchwell, author of Careless People Murder Mayhem and the


Invention of the The Great Gatsby. People say this is a wonderful book,


what do you think? It is not that good a book looked at coldly. But


it becomes more and more relevent, fascinatingly relevant as time goes


on. Ten or 15 years ago we would have said maybe the time has passed


for this. Who wants to become an English gentleman like Gatsby. But


now with Russian oligarchs sending their children to terrible English


public schools, it is becoming more and more relevent. Also from the


point of view of a recession. I think it becomes a much more


important and speaking book to us. Sarah, is it a good book?


Absolutely I think it is a masterpiece. It is exactly that, it


is a book that keeps coming back. It is a book that never dies. It as


book in 1925 readers didn't get. As Philip says 15 years ago we didn't


get it but now we get it again. What that registers is not if it is


a good or bad book, but how prophetic it is, it says something


good and last beg the society we have created about capitalism,


about materialism, about greed. But also about hope and aspiration, our


need to search for something better. But the fact that keeps letting us


down and disappointment and disillusion as well. The film is


all razzle dazzle we hear? It is, it is all razzle dazzle. For me it


is a book about emptiness which has an emptiness at its heart. It is


not quite aware of its own emptiness. I think that is


condescending. It is totally aware that have, agree that is what it is


about. The thing it doesn't quite seem to be aware of is how


insufferable the narrator is. The way he's so patient troising to


everybody. He is the flaw. depends as if you see him as


Fitzgerald's error or the character's error. Is it that we


can't trust his opinions that he's a prigg or patronising or


Fitzgerald's mistake. That is for people like me makes it interesting,


there are lots of questions. There is lots of stuff going around. You


were saying in recessionary times you have written your own academic


book about it? It is not that academic. There is this enduring


interest in Fitzgerald and The Great Gatsby. Why? I agree with


Philip but I go further. It hits our ambivalence about this question


about class, status and luxury and hedonism, we want to chase the


pleasure, what Zelda Fitzgerald calls the Green Light, the symbol


for everything we want. Let yet we know, we have learned the hard way,


as the last segment showed the hollowness and how toxic it is at


its heart. We repeat the same mistakes? That is what the novel is


about, the famous last line, "and so we are born ceaselessly again ".


The last one was 1974 with Mia Farrw and the OPEC oil crisis, the


previous version with Shelley Winters, that is suddenly a movie


about American imperialism. If you look at what was talked about


Gatsby, and his assertion he has been to Oxford, and they said you


couldn't have been to Oxford because you are wearing a pink


shirt. There are tropes, you talk about the Russian oligarchs giving


their children an English education, big articles in the papers this


week. Can people by dint of their wealth slip into society more


easily than Gatsby could? Well, I don't know. I have never really


witnessed that level of society. I suspect the thing that is slightly


problematic in Gatsby the novel is people think that actually you know


an English Duke at Oxford would be able to tell much difference


between Nick Carroway and the Buchanans and The Great Gatsby, I


don't think they could. What about America? You can sneer at the class


system, but within the class system of America it matters a lot, and


Buchanan represents that money class, and he wears a pink suit and


he Downing Street he went to Oxford. What is interesting to me,


Fitzgerald's prophetic insight that what he saw was this world coming


that being rich and classy there would cease to be a distinction,


Gatsby's problem doesn't understand that, he thinks getting rich is


enough, but it is not enough to get him Daysy. In today's world it


probably would be enough, what do I know, I don't travel in those


circles. My sense is the distinction is more and more


disappearing. Who wants to be a gentleman or Daisy, she's a strange


empty kind of name in the novel. We don't know what Daisy is like. She


is just followed around. Because it is a novel about desie, the whole


point is Gatsby's romance with possibility, aspiration, wanting


something t might be Dicey, a mansion, wealth, what do we want?


You have talked us right out to the front pages. That is all for this


week. We leave you with pictures of Dhaka and Bangladesh, 17 days ago


an eight storey clothing factory collapsed claiming more than 1,000


lives, today a young woman was found alive in the rubble, it is


Hello, last weekend's weather was about increasing warmth this


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Why did Cleveland police force have to pay out over half a million pounds in damages? America takes Germany to task over austerity. And Jay Gatsby 90 years on.

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