07/01/2014 Newsnight


With Jeremy Paxman. Looking at: Twitter trolls facing jail; can government raise the minimum wage?; the French 'nazi' salute; consumer electronics in Vegas; and domestic violence.

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Good evening. The most-high-profile case in which


so-called Twitter trolls are brought to justice results in two guilty


pleas and the prospect of prison. One of them, tracked down by this


programme, threatened to rape his victim merely because she tried to


get a banknote redesigned. She's here to tell us about her


experience. Can the government get business to


swallow an increase in the minimum wage? It may look like they are


making crystal meth here but I promise you it is beer. They paid a


living wage. Why would you if you did not have to? I was very scared


that one day I would wake up from being strangled.


Is there any knowing why domestic violence occurs? I put my hands


around my partner's throat, trying to get answers out of her. That she


was cheating on you? Yes. I squeezed and I squeezed.


Jane Austen meets vicious Twitter Troll. As combinations go they don't


come much more unexpected. But when two young people pleaded guilty


today to sending offensive messages to a woman whose only offence was to


seek to have a woman's face on a British banknote, it lifted the lid


on a poisonous world of anonymous cyber-bullying which causes real


distress. The victim of that abuse is here and we'll be talking


together shortly. But first Zoe Conway reports. Her report contains


strong language. For more than a week last summer,


Twitter was engulfed in hate. Threats of death, rape and graphic


abuse was sent from more than 80 Twitter accounts to the campaign


Caroline Criado-Perez and the Labour MP Stella Creasy. It began when the


two women successfully campaigned for a woman to be represented on a


banknote. Caroline Criado-Perez said the tweets had a lasting


psychological effect on her. Stella Creasy has said she was left fearing


for her safety. This is 23-year-old Isabella Sorley from Newcastle. She


is responsible for sending some of those tweets. Today, she pleaded


guilty to the charge of sending menacing messages. The court was


told about tweets she sent using several accounts on the 30th of


July. The most abusive were sent in the early hours of the morning.


Hiding under his food is 25-year-old John Nimmo from South Shields, who


also pleaded guilty to the same charge of sending menacing messages.


John Nimmo's tweets were directed at Caroline Criado-Perez and Stella


Creasy over the course of three days last July. He said:


it was an investigation by Newsnight which led to the arrest of John


Nimmo who was using a number of Twitter accounts to hide his


identity. He was tracked down by a journalist. I found all of these


various Twitter account and linked all of them to one individual who


was sending abusive tweets using six different accounts. He confirmed to


me that he was using these different accounts when I spoke to him


privately. He eventually let slip that he had a PlayStation user


name. I used that to link to his Facebook account and then we were


able to find his real name, John Nimmo of South Shields. The court


was given an insight into the character of the two defendants. The


prosecution said Isabella Sorley has several previous convictions for


being drunk and disorderly. She said she was off her face on Trent at the


time of sending the tweets and does not remember sending the offensive


messages. John Nimmo's solicitor said he rarely leaves the house,


here's a somewhat sad individual, because he has no friends he strives


for popularity online and he measures his popularity on the


number of really tweets. One of the elements we see with individuals who


is engaged with this type of behaviour is they are trying to out


do each other and entertain each other in the group. They will go on


to other sites and say, this is what I posted, how funny is this? They


will build up and compete with each other and be more and more


aggressive. With John Nimmo we have the image of a person who was


looking for validation and looking for attention. Why did you send


those messages? I cannot say anything else. They will be


sentenced in a few weeks time. They are already being punished with a


series of mocking tweets. And Caroline Criado-Perez joins me


now. I understand your lawyer has told you not to discuss some of


this. What is it like to receive some of this correspondence? As you


said, it is quite difficult because there are still investigation is


ongoing. But there are many others which are not being investigated.


That is a concern for me. It is a relief that these two have pleaded


guilty but it is just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many really


graphic and violent tweets which were sent to me which are not being


investigated. Not just that were sent to me but were sent to other


women. They have not seen any justice whatsoever. They have been


to the police and have been told to close down their Twitter accounts


and not treat things which should insight this type of violence. But I


am really glad that we seem to be seeing some type of justice and


there is an attempt to take this seriously. Does it surprise you that


of the two today that one of them was a woman? Probably sad. There is


no secret that some women can be sexist and misogynistic. We are all


brought up in the same type of society which has misogyny and sex


is running through it would be naive that some women do not pick up on


that. It demonstrates that somewhere in interna lies it so much that they


are spreading it themselves. What you make of the fact that it was a


journalist who discovered the identity of one of these are not the


police? I found it incredibly frustrating. It did feel at the time


that I was having to do all the investigative work myself, taking


screen caps, journalists were getting there before the police. The


next person who was found was found so much longer after Newsnight had


tracked down someone. Journalists do not have the same recourse of


information than the police do, it felt like the police were not


trying. What is the lesson that ought to be learned from this


experience? Well, quite a few lessons. I think social media


companies need to be much more aware of the extent to which their


platforms can be used, not just for positive. They really like to sell


the positives. What you were using it for was positive? Exactly. It


enabled me to change something about society. It enables a lot of women


to engage in the political discourse which is why it is so important that


we do not allow this to continue. A lot of people are being silenced by


this, not daring to speak their mind. Are you suggesting that social


media companies censor what people say? No, but they can take it more


seriously. They can shut down accounts when they are reported.


They can make it easier to report. Also they -- the blocking system on


Twitter is completely inadequate. It is not understood how much Twitter


can be used to stalk women. They made it easier for women or victims


to be stalked online. Have you heard of other cases of women being


stalked online? Absolutely. I am not sure I would go as far as calling it


an epidemic but it is something which is quite usual. It happens to


a lot of women and the worst thing is although I feel my case was not


handled well and I feel angry and frustrated about it, I'm incredibly


lucky compared to a lot of women who do not see any justice whatsoever.


They do not get any media attention so they do not get the police


looking into their case. I do not want to sound callous, but when you


see that one of the perpetrators of the threats you received is some


weird individual who does not go out at all, described by his own counsel


as a sad individual who only ever leave the house to empty the bins,


you were not actually in any real danger from such a person. But you


cannot know that online. All you see are these threatening menacing


messages which are telling you in incredible detail what will happen


to what part of your body, which will be penetrated, which will be


mutilated, when you will be pistol whipped, raped or killed and you


just do not know who these people are. One of the tweets I was sent


said it could be someone you know and I did not know if it was someone


I knew or not. How could I possibly know? So what is to be done? I think


we need to look why this is happening. I think it is incredibly


important that the police take it more seriously and social media


companies are seen some responsibility but we need to look


at not just symptoms but causes. It is about priorities. It is about


deciding, does this matter? Of course I think it matters because I


see it as a freedom of speech issue, freedom of speech for women who are


routinely being shutdown and silenced. Mary Beard was only


talking about politics and as a result of that she got a similar


wave of violent, misogynistic abuse and that is people trying to shut


women down and it is not something we should be allowing to happen.


Caroline, thank you. Yesterday, they were talking about


the need for yet more cuts to public spending. Today, it seems the


Conservatives may be planning to raise the minimum wage above the


rate of inflation. This, senior figures in the party believe, would


be the sort of idea which would transfigure the way the public see


the party. It would certainly be unexpected, especially since the


party fought to prevent the things be introduced, claiming it would


cost jobs. Emily Maitlis has more. I know, I know, it looks like a


scene from Breaking Bad, but it is good old-fashioned beer they brew


here and they do so happily. Not just because it is beer but because


their bosses are recently and in credited living wage employer. --


their boss is a recently accredited living wage employer. Fred Mason,


who set up this brewery just under a year ago, for him, it was a


no-brainer. We hope it will lead to high rates of staff retention, high


rates of motivation and for people to be proud of working for our


company. Tax breaks for employers offering the living wage is


something Labour said it would pledge but the whole question of


wage increases seems to be on a roll right now. The CBI suggested over


Christmas that companies feeling the benefits of growth should put up


their staff's wages and there is a growing sense among some Tories that


would not be a bad horse to back. We want to signal the direction of


travel. The Prime Minister talks about focusing on the lowest paid.


Ironic when you think how hard they used to resist it. The only debate


about the national minimum wage is not whether it would put people out


of work but how many hundreds of thousands more people would be


unemployed wholly unnecessary as a result of this. One image the


Conservatives cannot afford is that theirs is a party of the rich, the


elite. Recent pushes on welfare reform, immigration, the big


questions in Europe have pleased those on the right of the party. A


substantial increase to the national minimum wage would send out a


totally different message, that people are suffering and they get


it. Politically, it is very powerful. Well, yes, OK politically


but economically it is highly conjugated to calibrate. It is


decided by an independent body. But the Government has the last word.


Last August, it advised the Government to increase the minimum


wage by 1.9%. The Government took on the recommendation. Some campaigners


want to see it at living wage standard. Nationally that would put


it at ?7 65. Last autumn it was Vince Cable butt kicked things off.


Remember that. The Lib Dems want you to remember they were first on this


one. The Conservatives have shamelessly been pinching Lib Dem


policies. They are desperate not to look so nasty, the Tories. It does


look now as if they are coming on board to increase the minimum wage.


Better late than never. Our concern is that if the national minimum wage


increases excessively, by more than the market will bear, employers will


take on new workers at a lower pace than they would otherwise have done


so or may even shed workers. Government sources have told me


George Osborne invited leaders in to discuss the issue ahead of the


Autumn Statement. They left him unconvinced a rise would work. The


Government has not submitted its final evidence but it does no harm


to look like they are thinking hard. No risky business but a sense,


can I get away with this one? They have not bottled it for ever. With


me here to discuss this are the Conservative backbenchers, Robert


Halfon and Mark Reckless. What do you reckon? I think you made a huge


mistake as a party to oppose the minimum wage. We are supposed to be


the party of a hard-working people. Something really symbolic like


minimum wage, we need to show we supported and we should increase it


as long as it does not hit jobs. It is consistent with the promise you


make all the offer you make. If we are to be the party for hard-working


people, the workers party, we have to show people we support the


minimum wage. It gets people back into work. Would you like to see it


introduced? I oppose the introduction. You oppose the


introduction of the minimum wage but what about an increase? Ten years


ago I would have said no but I am concerned it will cost jobs.


Evidence has not born that out. -- because I was concerned it would


cost jobs. It will save the taxpayer money. The taxpayer is topping up


low wages through tax credits. In the last really difficult economic


period, employment has done really well. Over 30 million people in


work. Wages have been terribly slow. They have fallen really a lot


in real terms. I just wonder if an above inflation increase in minimum


wage might actually give the right signal for wages and would be


affordable for most employers and would not cost jobs. You are not


converted but can see the merit of the argument. Roberts, like me,


fought his seat three times before he won. Quite a lot of my


constituents would benefit from an above inflation rise. I do not wink


there would be a significant worry on employment. George Osborne was


saying yesterday there has to be another 25 billion cut from public


spending. The minimum wage will encourage people back into work. We


must be careful to raise it to a level that does not hit jobs. You


actually can raise it through other means, through raising the threshold


in which people pay national insurance tax, for example,


continuing to raise the threshold at which people pay income tax. You can


reach a minimum wage and a living wage by reforming the tax system. It


will get people off benefits. Above all, it will show the public that we


really are on the side of hard-working people. If we are to


say that and have that as our slogan, we have to really mean it.


You have to find something that will slightly and EU to the public by


comparison with your present stance. It is not so much the political


positioning. I worked as an economist and have thought about it


a lot. Evidence has changed. Companies have quite a lot of money


stacked away. Wages have fallen, perhaps 10%, compared with where


they were in real terms. Above inflation increases in the minimum


wage would not cause the rise in unemployment that was feared. It may


give the right sort of signal, both in terms of what we want to seek in


helping people at the bottom end but also in the economy, in terms of


getting money into consumers pockets and getting the economy moving


further. You sound as if you are just about persuaded. I spoke about


this a few months ago with the Chancellor. I left that meeting


telling him I thought he should go for it. I think he has been quite


surprised at the extent to which there is not opposition. I think


opinion has shifted within the Conservative party. We followed the


evidence. We have been helping people at the lower end of the


labour market. This would be another way of doing it. I no longer have


the fears in terms of employment that I used to. That is why the


Conservatives were worried about it in the past. I have anxieties. On


balance I think it is the right thing to do. I think politicians


should decide. You should not send it to quangos like the low pay


commission. You need to think, is it economic lead and politically the


right thing to do? The low pay commission, when the minimum wage


was operated, said it could not be operated any more because of the


fragility of the economy. I think the time has come to increase the


minimum wage in terms of inflation to reflect the changes that have


happened in the past few years. The minimum wage has risen at very tiny


levels in the past couple of years or so. It is not just about the


minimum wage. I want to achieve a living wage. Achieve that by


reforming the tax system. We need to get more people out of tax. There


are still 5 million people in our country who will earn less than


?10,000 a year who work part-time. They are not affected by income tax


changes which have been very beneficial. We need to reform


national insurance. We need to get people out of tax. At that time, we


will get people towards a living wage. You are more or less


converted, aren't you? I do not think it is an idea to be pressuring


companies or public sector employees. A lot of people cannot


afford it. We do not pay the living wage will stop some other councils


do. The job of the council is to deliver services as efficiently and


effectively as it can and not pay public workers more than it needs to


get them to do the job. If you are doing it across the board at a


national level and you have a national minimum wage which is not


causing problems, I do think it is an issue we should look at. Robin


has made a very strong case. If we said we opposed the minimum wage and


now we support it, we do not want to be on the wrong side of the


argument. Twelfth Night is gone, and with it the season of goodwill. It's


a melancholy fact that Christmas and New Year is also the high point for


domestic disharmony and, in an alarming number of cases, domestic


violence. The full extent of this horror isn't known, although a


figure of over a million women is often given as an indication of the


scale. Many women have difficulty persuading the police to take them


seriously but sometimes the abusers do opt for treatment. I am quite a


bit bigger than my wife so it was very easy to intimidate her with my


size. I would start using that as a controlling measure.


It turned physical one afternoon. My wife was not listening to what I was


saying, or I did not believe she was understanding what I was saying. In


my mind, she was not being very clever or very alert to what I


wanted to do. So, I lashed out. I punched her in the stomach will stop


this was about eight weeks after the birth of my son said this was very


painful. He was lovely. We went to the beach


and did normal couple things like hung out. Just had tea together,


watched TV, had a laugh, and sort of just a normal relationship to begin


with really. Things went from an argumentative situation to


physically abusive within the space of weeks. I cannot think of a form


of violence I did not display. Nearly every part of my body he


would hit. After a while, he would do it where people could not see. It


got to the point where I'd put my hands and ran my partner 's throat,


trying to get answers out of her... That she was cheating on you? And I


squeezed and squeezed and just could not let go. My partner lost all


consciousness. She felt out of my hands, onto the floor. Were you


worried that he was going to kill you? Yes. I was very scared that one


day I would not wake up from being strangled, I would not be there no


more. It was very... Sorry. My wife made it clear that if I did not go


on the course, it would be all over. That is where I learned that


some of my passive aggressive behaviours were abused. Before I


started the course, just physical violence was abused and not the


control that I had been carrying out for the past number of years. My


wife recently left the phone on the side and it got damaged. Whereas a


number of years ago, that would have been an exact opportunity for me to


be passive aggressive and bully her and belittle her, I could basically


just shrug my shoulders and go, oh well, we will get a new one. I quite


enjoyed watching Hollyoaks when the children had gone to bed. They were


doing a storyline on domestic abuse and I was watching it. I was like,


that is me. I need to sort of get out of this. It was getting worse


and worse to the point where she was going to get seriously hurt. I


thought, no, I have had enough. I am not doing it any more. I went


upstairs and called the police. I admitted to arguing with my partner


but any physical damage to herself, to the property, I flipped. I made


it her fault. I accused her of hitting herself. They phoned up and


said we had dropped the case again. I was like, OK. Did you want that


case to be dropped? No. I did not want it to be dropped. I wanted him


to be punished for what he had done to me. I had given up on everything.


I very rapidly went downhill. I got suicidal. I took an overdose. I did


not know where to go will stop I engaged myself on the course. I


asked for a self referral. He is completely changed. He can actually


hold his temper for an awful lot longer and he is able to recognise


when he gets to the point where he will explode. He will lead and take


a time out. Do you think you are killed? No. My belief is, I am still


exactly the same person. I still have the ability to get that angry,


be that aggressive, but I have the tools and I have the management


techniques to control my anger and do something more positive with it.


I would not say he will never do it again but as long as we recognise it


and work at it and put the things in place and recognise the signs, we


can get through it without it getting to that point. Why should


she believe you now? It is a question of trust. I do not expect


anyone to believe me, ever. I have diminished the trust that level. It


is people 's own decisions whether they will trust me or not.


The names were changed in that report to keep the contributors


anonymous. Are these programmes the way forward? We are joined by Colin


Fitzgerald, of Respect, the organisation which runs these


courses and by Polly Neate from Women's Aid. What happens on these


courses? The men come on the programme. They have to provide


their partner's details so they get support at the same time. They are


asked to look at their behaviour and are held accountable for their


behaviour and asked to take responsibility for it. Can you clear


anyone who comes on to the cause? I think you are is too strong a word.


The course is about increasing the safety of victims and children. You


are presumably pleased these courses exist? Definitely. What is important


is they are part of a response to domestic violence. We need to


remember that at this time in the UK, we have a lot of in adequacy is


in the police and the criminal justice response to domestic


violence and we have situations where services across the country


for victims and affected children are being decimated. Additionally


important to point out that these programmes rely on the rest of that


response from society in order to be effective. It is really important.


These programmes on their own do not keep victims say. There is a hole in


the structure and a response to domestic violence that does that.


Who regulates you? With our member programmes we regulate them. You


ourselves regulated? We regulate these programmes. Asked as an


organisation is endorsed by a number of organisations, for example the


Home Office and the saying that we need a much earlier


intervention. We need victims to feel confident in coming forward to


the police and being supported to make those choices. The other


important thing to relearn their is that we are seeing a trend for


commissioning very short-term perpetrator programmes, not


necessarily effective, and we are in an environment where everyone is


trying to save money and there are some real risks created by that.


Where these programmes are of good quality, that is one thing but we


need to learn the that couples counselling, mediation, short-term


behavioural programmes for perpetrators are not valid


perpetrator treatment programmes. Do you agree with that? Absolutely.


Isn't there a danger that if you teach a man somehow to manage his


behaviour so he is not overtly violent, that there is a danger he


may start to find more subtle ways of being abusive? Is there a worry


about that? There is absolutely a concern. That is why the primary aim


of the programmes we endorse and regulate, we ask that the primary


aim is to increase safety first and foremost. That can only happen if


there are linked partner support services. That is if a guy comes on


the programme he signed up to limited confidentiality. We no one


of the reasons why women stay in relationships with men who are


abusive is if the partner is getting some support. The support is vital.


I really agree with that. You cannot emphasise enough the importance for


services that actually protect victims and give them choices in the


situation. The other thing to say if this is not just about anger


management. It is not just about a guy learning to control his temper


because domestic violence is about coercion and control. It is quite


calculated. It is not just under the who cannot keep their temper. It is


a much more complicated set of behaviours than that and it is


really important that those are addressed. It is not just about a


six-week anger management course and calling that a perpetrator


programme. Thank you. Now, If you've noticed what seems to


be an unnatural scarcity of pasty-faced, tired-eyed geeks in


your locality, here's the explanation.


They're in Las Vegas. Like the members of an occult sect they


gather at this time of year at the Consumer Electronics Show there to


worship the latest glittering gewgaws offered up by international


capitalism. David Grossman is among them.


The old saying is what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Why would the


political correspondents be at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas?


I have got a new job now. This is supposed to be the year of smart TV.


The problem is, where to start in this enormous show. There is only


one thing you need to see for bragging rights. You have to go to


some sun and see their bendable television. It will make you smile.


So it is over two Samsung then. Does this one bend? No. That one bend?


Thank you. Does this one bend? Does it bend? Yes, it is Ben D. Will it


bend now? It is going to bend. It is bending. That is a bend TV. One of


the things we see here is new technologies which do not have their


end application yet. This is detecting the movement of my hands


and my fingertips. It is adapting music. That is not the end product.


It is up to Manufacturer is to incorporate this technology and do


something extraordinary with it. What will they do? We do not know


yet. Everywhere you look there are cool gadgets. Like these. They are


all controlled from your smartphone. It is not just fun. You can use this


to teach children how to programme. And I suppose it could make Mr


Paxman's next croquet party more interesting. You are a robot are


you? I am in California controlling this device. Nice to meet you,


shaking hands. Perfect, yes. Bye-bye. Although this stuff looks


super slick, the technology does not always work. Yesterday, when


Saint-Saens work unveiling their new TVs, they had a film director to


help them but his autocue did not work. It turned into a disaster


movie. The curve, it will impact how we experience movies. Excuse me, I


am sorry. I am sorry. OK. Thank you for joining us. That is all from the


Consumer Electronics Show. Tomorrow we will be look at health and


fitness technology, of which, there is a massive amount here. Strange as


it may seem, Las Vegas which gave the world the all buffets, is


serving up some things which can help you live. I cannot do this, my


head is not in the right space. Now, French comedian has


short-circuited his country's right to free speech. President Francois


Hollande has urged people to ban performances by Dieudonne Mbala


Mbala, usually known as Diuedonne, because of his anti-Semitism. It has


tested Voltaire's believe that I defend what you have to say but not


the right to hear it. The artist called Diuedonne in one


of his recent shows. This number is called the victimisation


Championships in where he plays various characters which are


pleading because of suffering races in history. The subtext is


understood by the audience, it is Jews who have grasped the suffering


limelight. It is provocation is like this which have led President


Hollande to act. A circular is being sent to local authorities reminding


them they have the power to ban Diuedonne's shows on the grounds of


a danger to public order. TRANSLATION: In the threat to racism


and anti-Semitism, of the human lesions caused by discrimination, I


ask the public authorities to be vigilant and flexible. A total


overreaction say Diuedonne's supporters for whom this is all


about free speech. If there are no disturbances at his shows, says his


lawyer, and there has not been, then what the government is doing is pure


censorship. Diuedonne has been based at this small Theatre in Paris which


is now daubed with graffiti. When he started his career, he was in a


double act with another comedian who was Jewish. Back then, everyone


agrees that he was genuinely very funny and very clever. But over the


years, the act has changed. The Diuedonne of today's overtly


political. Such humour as there is is deliberate, provocative, targeted


and some would say downright vicious. Over the years, there have


been several convictions and fines for anti-Jewish remarks, but


recently, according to Jewish leaders, the climate has turned


particularly nasty. This man, whose grandfathers both died in the


Holocaust, says the atmosphere reminds him of early 1930s Germany.


He spoke of a journalist called Patrick Kavanagh. With a name: You


only be a Jew. -- Patrick Coen. He said he wished he had been there at


the time of the Holocaust. We cannot accept that, it is really too much.


He said the Holocaust never happened, it is an invention of the


Jews. For many, not familiar with Diuedonne, the first introduction


with his world has been via the strange arm movement known as the


quenelle. The footballer Nicholas and elk did it in Britain. It has


been popularised on the Internet. It is an overt anti-Jewish gesture. For


others, it is perhaps more innocent, it is a way of putting up two


fingers to the system. Either way, the popularity shows how Diuedonne


has forged an alliance of unlikely types. For his biographer, it is all


part of the new face of the populist far right in Europe. TRANSLATION:


The people who follow him are mainly young, working class. They are not


culturally high level, but they are people who like him taking risks in


his provocation. They like him taking on the system. It is a way of


dealing with their own suffering in society. Several cities in France


have now said they will not allow Diuedonne to perform but what


difference that will make is far from clear. It is the Internet which


counts and Diuedonne's videos on YouTube can draw up to 2 million


hits. His audience are out there and they like what they hear. Well, a


little earlier I spoke to the French writer and film maker Alain Soral,


who is a close friend of Mr Dieudonne, and helped him popularise


the infamous quenelle gesture. I began by asking him what on earth it


meant. It is a gesture against the system,


the powers that be in France. It has only recently become the most


powerful Jewish organisation in France, they decreed it was an


anti-Semitic gesture. Their idea is that an anti-system gesture is an


anti-Semitic ones. Is that an improper accusation? That is the


question. You do not denied that Mr Dieudonne is an anti-Semite, do you?


The problem now is that this word has become used to scare people. A


long time ago, Dieudonne had a partner. All of these accusations


started arriving the day he did a sketch on Israeli settlers. Today we


have a very powerful Zionist lobby in France which treats anyone who


does not subscribe to its vision in the world as anti-Semitic. When he


says he is neutral, between the Nazis and the Jews, he is obviously


saying he is anti-Semitic. I do not think you have quite understood that


Dieudonne is a comedian. He performs comedy and does sketches. If you


take a phrase in isolation, you will not understand. You need to ask the


people who have seen his entire show and then you will see that his very


diverse audience, which reflects the whole of French public opinion, have


never thought he is anti-Semitic. If that is the case, why is it that the


Government that takes such a strong line against him? Because the French


government, as we can see from its foreign policy and the annual


dinner, is entirely under the influence of the Zionist lobby. What


do you imagine Mr Dieudonne will do now that he is finding himself


banned in so many cities? The truth is that the measures taken by the


Socialist government are completely illegal in France. Since France is


still under the rule of law, I would say Dieudonne will win and his case


will be supported by the facts. What is illegal today is not Dieudonne,


it is the measures the socialist government and the interior minister


have taken. Dieudonne will win his battle. Thank you very much indeed.


That's it. We leave you with the work of Professor Trevor Cox, who


has scoured the world for his favourite sounds, and then,


challengingly, put them in a book called Sonic Wonderland. Here are


four of the ones we liked best. Goodnight.


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