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The searchers shift hundreds of miles north after new data analysis


suggests Malaysian flight MH370 was burning fuel faster. Can we be sure


we are being told all there is to know. I will be asking the brother


of one passenger about what he makes of the operation to find out what


happened? Tech start-ups were trumpeted by the Government as being


great engines of economic growth, has it all stalled. There are a lot


of blood buckers, developers, PR people, marketing people, legal


people, accounting people, if you don't have the right advice at the


right time you can spend a lot of money. They rapid their way into the


art market, pressing a priceless single copy of their new album.


Good evening, three weeks after Malaysian Airlines flight MH370


disappeared. It seems not for the first time the search is being


conducted in entirely the wrong area. Boats and planes are now


scrambling 700 miles north-east of where they have been looking after


new data analysis suggests the plane ran out of fuel much earlier. This


search area is 80% smaller than the last, but it is still vast, and time


is of the essence as the battery and the black box locator only last for


30 days. In a moment I will be talking to the brother of one of the


passengers about the torment of it all.


The Austrailian Maritime Safety Authority has received information


of objects possibly related to the search. The Chinese Ambassador


received satellite images of floating objects in the southern


corridor. They photographed some unidea tide floating objects. For


more than a week now every speck on a satellite photo, every grainy


image has been poured over by investigators and the world's media,


analysed and respecked for any sign it could be part of flight MH370.


But search planes and naval vessels haven't found any physical evidence


of crash or accident. All we know for sure is the jet sent a faint


final signal as it was flying over the southern Indian Ocea some time


after that it almost certainly ran out of fuel. Finding out when and


where that happened is one of the most complex tasks in civil aviation


history. Today investigators went back to the first phase of the


flight. We learned the plane moved faster than previously thought as it


left Malaysian airspace and flew west towards the Malaka strait, by


burning more fuel over that time its range would have been limited. As a


result the Australians have shifted the search areas 700 miles north.


That means every single piece of debris spotted before today in the


old search area is unlikely to be anything to do with the missing


aircraft. It is not possible, we are talking about a very different


oceanographic regimes. There is no connectivity between those two


regions. The currents are very different, they are sort of going in


almost the opposite direction, there is no connection between those two


locations. What this also shows is how difficult it is to rely just on


immammings from search -- images from search planes and satellites.


This first image from the new search area appears to show a blue metal


panel, the same colour as the missing aircraft. But floating


rubbish deep in our oceans often comes together clogging up the


surface of the sea and making it very difficult to spot genuine


wreckage. We expect to see high concentrations of material in


various sizes in this part of the ocean. Trying to distinguish between


what is a pallet, a container, a whole variety of things from parts


of an aircraft is impossible from a satellite and even from a high


altitude aircraft. Until we can actually get this debris in our


hands, from a ship, we cannot identify this positively. Tomorrow


the first Chinese warship will arrive in the new search area to do


just that. Other naval vessels are moving north to join the hunt. There


are just nine days left to find the aircraft's black box flight recorder


before the batteries run out and it stops sending the location signal.


The new search area is vast. Three-times the size of the UK, the


authorities are warning it could be changed again as new data continues


to come in. There is still so many unknown, there are things like we


don't know whether the aircraft changed course, whether it was on a


constant heading, we don't know what altitude it was flying at. If you


think where we were two weeks ago, we were still looking around the


northern corridor thinking that was a possibility or perhaps the


aircraft had crashed just off the coast of Vietnam. But now we are


gradually getting closer and closer to what looks like a more reasonable


cloaks for the crash site. New planes, Navy helicopters are


continuing to reach the search area, today's news means those teams are


getting a small step closer to solving the mystery. With a huge


area left to cover this could still be a long way from a resolution.


Joining me is Daniel Tan whose brother was on the flight. There is


a delay on the line. Good evening Mr Tan? Hi, good evening. What do you


make of the change in the search area? At the moment I really don't


know what to believe, because with all areas they say they found 122


plus 300 pieces of debris. But it turns out nothing is related to


MH370. Right now they are moving to north-east, 680 miles north-east of


the old place. Are they sure this new search place is the search


place? That's my question to the authorities. We have a situation


where more data is coming to light all the time. What faith do you have


in the idea that you are being told all there is to know? You mean for


the old search area? I mean what faith do you have that you are being


told everything that people know, that the authorities know, that


agencies know, do you think you are being given all the information


there is? For now I think some authorities are holding some


information from us. But we are not sure what it is. What do you make of


the way that the Malaysian authorities have dealt with this


situation. What's your reaction to the way the authorities in Malaysia


have dealt with the situation? We are, as the next of kip, we are not


happy about the situation. For the Malaysian authorities handling the


situation, Malaysia is a peaceful company, we never have many natural


disasters and our Government maybe doesn't know how to handle a big


disaster like this. What do you make of the way that you were sent a text


message from the airline? We were very saddened. Very angry about the


airline making assumptions based beyond a reasonable doubt. If and


they are the two words that no-one survived as a result. That is very


irresponsible for airlines to say things like that before they have


any proof to back them up. Tell me, what kind of support are you getting


day-to-day to help you deal with this torment? Malaysian Airlines has


assigned two caretakers, care givers to take care of my family. I think


they are doing a good job about giving certain information. But the


thing is the caretaker that their hands are tied, they really cannot


tell us as much. They can only arrange our tickets to wherever we


want to go and inform us about the press conference and that's all.


Other relatives have talked about not yet giving up hope. What is your


position on this? To me and my family, as long as the authorities


don't find the aircraft or the wreckage, we still have hope. But


even though it is slim, but we still are clinging on to the hope.


??FORCEDWHI Thank you so much for joining us tonight.


The ancient of Avingon in the south of France may have a mayor from the


Front National, a part-time stand-up comic, he has only ever visited the


city for the arts festival and then he was parachuted in by the FN


leader last year. If he wins it is a signal that the French voters are


fed up with two-party politics and withhold Hollande, to the extent


they are even picking up immigrant votes. French students doing what


they always love doing and having a jolly good manifestation against the


matter right. These people's parents were probably doing exactly the same


thing 25 years ago, banging the brom against Le Pen. Now it is no longer


the father it is his daughter. And her National Front has moved on.


Today party leaders appear every day on the French media. She has cleaned


up the brand and across the country built up a network of local


grassroots organisations. The result in last Sunday's Town Hall elections


was in some places dramatic. The City of Avignon is a very good


example. A beautiful place and mixed population, facing unemploymen


poverty and crime. Everyone knew the National Front would do well last


Sunday, nobody thought it would do this well. When the votes were


counted the far right candidate had come first. The candidate here is


Philippe Lotio, a former civil servant, today he was organising


canvasses aheft second round in which he's pitted against a


socialist and mainstream right. He says the party's success may


surprise others but not him. People don't believe any more in socialist


politics, they tried, for two years and they see it is more taxes et


cetera. And they also tried the UNP, the right party, that doesn't work.


So what can they do? You know. We say in France that people don't like


politic, that is not true, people are waiting and hoping for a lot


from politician, but they don't want any more the same things that they


have since 20, 25 years. There is another angle on the National Front


suck serbs ever summer there is a theatre fest VASHLGS it is France's


Edinburgh. And now the director has threatened to take the festival


elsewhere if the far right wins. Today he was welcomed joyously by


the students who clearly see him as the hero of the hour. He told me he


had no choice. If we stay and we work with the National Front, it is


supporting them. So there is really no other way. We will have to quit


or find another city. To use the festival as a political thing is


shocking. As a person he has a right to say he's against the National


Front. But he hasn't a right to play with the festival. That's not his


toy, you know. I'm very shocked about it. For the students, the


battle over the arts is part of an internal struggle against the far


right. But the National Front in France is changing, it snows how to


behave. -- knows how to behave and puts on a civilised face and is no


longer fringe. A new app for your smartphone is


designed every day or perhaps every hour, the Government certainly


believes start-ups and new technology can fuel the economy and


are providing seed funding and loans to young companies and individuals


in an area of East London dubbed "tech city" to try to support an


explosion. Do we have the computer skills, drive and staying power to


create global tech companies? Plenty of activities get described as "the


new rock 'n' roll", but building a world-beating tech company from


scratch does share many of the same characteristics as the music


business. Going from bedroom strum Tory rich rock star geek is stuff


tough, but that doesn't stop plenty of Brits having a Government King


floated with a $7 billion Stock Exchange value. But there was a bit


less candy going around on the opening day, with shares crushed by


about $1 billion. Other Brit success stories include Nick, turning into a


multi-millionaire teenage bitter selling his app to yahoo, who will


be next? In an effort to help the new next big thing along a bit,


Government launched its tech city initiative in East London in 2010,


trying to encourage a cluster of tech energy around the so called


silicone -- silicone round about. This is campus London, celebrating


its second anniversary, it was space provided by going going toll provide


entrepeneurs places to work and network. After two years of


operation, how does the head of Google think the start-up tech scene


here going. The analogy is Hollywood, there is Hollywood and UK


creativity in TV, but Hollywood is the place everyone talk about, and


Silicone Valley is the same. Our innovation is second to none, Clive


sin Clarks we vented the modern world of computing and have claim to


the Internet. But we have lost our way a little bit. One of the areas


the UK lags behind Silicon Valley is in access to the right finance at


the right time, particularly what is known as the series A stage, when a


start up has got going but isn't yet established. That is where we have a


problem in the UK. There are plenty of people willing to fund a business


when it has ref us of ?-- revenues of ?10 million. But he is series A


stage we have a gap, not that many venture funds and individuals who


are willing to put their hands in their pocket and invest ?1-?3


million to get the companies going. As a former wealth manager at


Goldman Sachs Joanna knows how to raise money for her idea, an app


that helps professional women organise their wardrobes, she says


there is a real challenge for start ups or to not lose their none on


people who prey on business new bees. Newbies. There is a lot of


people, accounting people, PR people, tech people, if you don't


have the right advice at the right time to navigate you can spend a lot


of money paying for services that are not going to be beneficial for U


But is the whole Tech City round about thing going to work. With


Britain make its money from going from garage to global tech in a few


years. If we have a future in the technology industry, and we are


doing all sorts of wonderful things, it is in the gaming developers in


Newcastle and the medical technology labs in Cambridge, in the big data


processing companies of the M 4 corridor and out towards Reading. It


is not in East London and not in consumer internet apps, you know,


which is the only thing the Government seems to realise exists.


But the head of Google in Europe thinks the next Google could come


from the UK. It is upsetting that Google and Apple are all American


companies. There is no reason at all why the next wave of those companies


can't come from the UK. That is because companies and start-ups are


realise they have to build for the global opportunity, 2. 5 billion


on-line today, five million on-line by the end of the decade. That is


the opportunity they are recognising, no reason at all we


can't do it in the UK. The UK tech start-up scene could turn into our


economic salvation or a media and politician-generated bubble that


will go the same way as cool Britannia and Swinging London.


We have the executive editor of Tech Magazine, and we have a partner in a


venture capital firm investing in tech start hutches. How would you


characterise the state of tech start-ups at the moment? It is


outstanding, in London, what is happening is the most exciting and


the most ambitious that we have seen in the time that I have been here


which is ten years. What kinds of things are you investing in? Across


the board technology, digital and internet start-ups, we have invested


in 39 companies out of the capital fund and we are really excited. We


have at least five if not ten we are convinced will be billion blur


successes. Would -- Billion dollar successes. Is that your analysis?


The Government's attitude on it is giving us a reputation of


superficiality which we don't deserve. British companies produce


great engineers, it is a bubble created by the political class who


are nervous about not being seen to be with it. It is faddish and t


idea, they understand an app but not how to create game or a programme or


a thing? I think it is more fundamental in that they want apps


and internet companies to solve problems that they can't solve


themselves. So you hear Britain saying that there is no reason why


Britain couldn't be home to the next Google and Facebook, would you


agree? The biggest threat to a start-ups is Google itself who is


likely to crush them quickly. Do you think we have the capacity and the


understanding to be able to create something like Facebook? Absolutely,


I think what is interesting is you mentioned Google and Facebook.


Facebook wasn't anywhere near being around when Google launched, it was


start-ups. Several years after Google went public. There is always


opportunities for new companies to come in and change the old


corporates. To your more recent question we have the capacity in


London, it has been proved and demonstrated in the last month


alone. There have been $500 million acquisitions of Deep Mine, a London


based company on artificial intelligence. We have the capacity


without question. What about the whole idea that the Government is


looking to Tech City, where some of the big successes have been have


been when they were attached to universities, you talk about gaming


and Dundee, that is where a lot of the gamers came out on, they have a


university background? I don't think it is a successful example of a


top-down cluster created by the state anywhere in the world. They


are all attached to universities and d have financed capital next to


them. It is peddling the illusion, you are the lottery winner and you


can cash out. Do people look at Candy Crush and think we are here


short-term and create something hugely successful and get out?


People use this word "exit, I question why we look to VCs as if


they are demigods teaching us something. I don't think of myself


as a demigod, I'm flattered! Your point about Candy Crush, not an


overnight success by any means, it is 12 years old, cash positive since


2005, it is not just an 18-month upstart. It is doing very well and


generating significant revenue, almost $2 billion last year. When


you look at the long-term investment and business angel coming in, do you


look for something, again rock stars we have talked about, ideas for 35


years. Do you look at something that you think will yield over the


long-term or you want to get in and out quickly? We don't have a


short-term view at all. We are looking at value creation and


sustainability. And if you look at every successful company that we


have mapped our companies against or we look for, we are not looking for


an exit in two years, we want value creation that takes up to 10 and


more years. If you look at something like tech City, could you


characterise it as a clust e it just isn't a cluster around a university?


I think it is quite telling that the definition of a tech company from


Tech City itself is changed to include Marks Spencers food


retailers. The Bank of England, any company that does half of its


business on-line. And they then proclaim that as a great success for


Britain. Sorry to interrupt, to your earlier point you were concerned


there was too much focus on internet start-ups or web-based start-ups. To


your point Tech City is about entrepeneurship all across the UK


which is good. Is strikes me you are redesigning success. What is


success? I think from this fetishising two kids in a garage


changing the world is the long-term R that large companies can. Do I


interviewed the man who decoded DNA a few years ago, he's working on a


biofuel that eats C O2, produces synthetic oil. He said he would get


results in 15-20 years. But for politicians that is difficult,


because they want results in the short-term to show they are having


an effect. I don't think they are mutually exclusive, Facebook bought


a UK-based company orbiting drone planes. They are set in Somerset and


not in a garage. That as a success story and path to success is great


examples alongside start-upses as well. They are not mutually


exclusive. What has to change in your view to make this a sustainable


and kind of fundamental part of our economy, what would it be? David


Cameron said something interesting earlier this month, when he was


announcing a partnership on the Internet of things with Germany. He


said the Germans will done the engineering, and the British, he


said, will design the website. Why not do the engines. It is 27% of new


job creation last year, so it is significant.


Many rappers the Wotang Clan have never been adverse to making money.


Their album is billed by the rappers as being a piece of price lease art.


There will -- art, there will only be one copy, it is expected to be


sold for millions to a private collector. It will never be placed


on-line, it will be played at art galleries and festivals.


Enter the Wotang Clan, again. The one-time Newsnight house band has


come a long way. And this eccentric irrerverent collective may have come


up with their most outlandish move yet. Somewhere in the shadow of the


at last mountains, and -- Atlas Mountains, in a Copper Box is said


to be "the" copy of the album. As in one. They hope to sell it for


millions it a super fan. The rest of us will have to go to gallery as we


show here in this detailed mock-up! The band hope the record will tour


the major museums of the world, where people will be able to listen


to it, and admire it. Like this earlier disc. This is a real old


master work, if you look close it is as if the hoodies follow you around


the room. This has limitless qualities of fool the eye and light


and shade and vert owe sow chissel. It definitely steps into the world


of fine art. MIT Making it more unique is about making a work of art


in a private setting, it is more akin to the art world than the music


industry, listening on your headphones or on the tube. Imagine


you were starting a show now, tell the UK exactly who you are, let's


have it. This one? That is all well and good for the art crowd. But


let's try throwing it into the mix at the regular sound clash between


Newsnight and urban station Radio 1 Xtra. I think it will be seismic. A


lot of new artists are coming up with new ways of makes music


exciting. The fans relate to these kinds of ideas and the more


different and exciting the better, and the more exciting it is for the


whole genre and everyone involved. This Wu-Tang Clan is bad news for


you, you won't have the album and you will have to go to the gallery


like everyone else? I'm a fan and if that is what I have to do I will


have to do it. You won't get exclusives for the show? I won't.


This is only the latest and perhaps most grandiOS e. Beyonce got massive


publicity by getting no publicity at all, releasing it without warning.


David Bowie did something rather sim larks just as his fans had begun to


resign themselves to never hearing new music from him again. RANSMIT


What about a hip hop album that no-one has heard. If you want to


treat it like a work of art it has to fulfil this requirement. How will


it look in the space, how will people experience it, will it


actually be special, will it be worthy of that. What is the music


like. As an idea it is very interesting, and actually possibly


could be fascinating. But just you could tell me a brilliant idea for a


work of art, until I saw it I wouldn't be able to judge it. Not


for the first time the Wu-Tang Clan are showing themselves pressent and


droll. Since the music has become a museum piece what better place for


their long player. Today artists including Poet Laureate Carol Anne


Duffy protested about the ban on prisoners receiving books to read in


jail. We looked at what that most famous of jailbird, Norman Stanley


Fletcher would have made it from his position as prison librarian. What


about a decent book, you know what I mean. You mean something a bit


risque. It won't be risky, I won't tell anyone Risque means dirty. That


is what I mean. I could let you have this one. It is about the


sex-starved lady Pygmies of the southern Malaysian desert. What is


it called? Little Women! Warmer and dryer weather in the morning. Rain


far west of the Wales and south-west England


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