20/05/2014 Newsnight


The stories behind the day's headlines. Newsnight asks: why shouldn't British Muslims fight in Syria? Silvio Berlusconi faces Jeremy Paxman. Plus a report on Chinese hackers.

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A British court convicts a British citizen for travelling to fight in


the Syrian civil war. Why should joining a foreign war be a criminal


offence in THIS country? The former Italian Prime Minister


explains the finer points of diplomacy. Do you have a particular


problem with Angela Merkel? Is it true you called her a unBLEEPable


lard-arse? And how UKIP appeals not just to


people who'd otherwise be Tories, but to deep into the Labour


heartlands. If I'm honest, I never used to be racist, never. But this


government, in the things it's doing, is making me racist. How


traditional loyalties are fading as Labour becomes a party dominated by


career politicians. The first man to be convicted under


new terrorism laws was found guilty today. Mashudur Choudhury, a


would-be jihadi from Portsmouth, had travelled to Syria and made the


mistake later of returning to this country where he was picked up and


charged with preparing for acts of terrorism. Choudhury was a liar and


a fantasist, but the court judged him to be serious about his desire


to join what he believed to be a holy war.


Today's conviction raises the question: Why are hundreds of Brit


leading cities like Portsmouth to fight in Syria? For some there are


echoes of the Spanish Civil War, just fight against a brutal


dictator. Mashudur Choudhury, convicted today,


was one of the group of at least five young men from the city who


chose to leave safe lives to fight. Around 400 from the UK have joined


the caravan to Syria. I feel sorry about these young people because


they have been brainwashed. Why do they go? Some, it is holy war. This


Tory has a direct connection with an exclusive six months ago when I


spoke to another young man from Portsmouth, when he was in Syria,


close to the front line. He admitted to finding with -- fighting with


Isis. He was in contact with all the young men from Portsmouth. He died


two weeks after our interview. Here he is, spreading the word of Islam


in his hometown. Born in Britain, he gave me a fascinating insight into


the new world of jihad. This religious certainty plays into


support for jihad. Newsnight consulted a leading scholar about


this. He was one of the first to speak out against President Assad.


They don't want an Islamic state, they want an Al-Qaeda state. We


don't have any extremists, they want their own version, their own


understanding of Islam, which they derive from the Internet! At the


start of the conflict, some say there were parallels with the


Spanish Civil War, which could be termed the jihad against brutal


oppressor. But many are not on the right path. This is what you are


saying is alarming. Indeed, it is. Changing the nature of the


fighting, from fighting for freedom and dignity, from protecting their


honour, their lives, to fighting to eradicate certain sect or a certain


ethnicity, this is, I believe, very serious and dangerous. Our job is to


highlight the importance of coexistence. Security sources say


the Spanish Civil War and is broken. There is lethal infighting


and the aim is as much about Al-Qaeda's desire to create original


state and toppling Assad. It seems the jury considered that was indeed


Mashudur Choudhury's true motivation.


Well I'm joined by Abdullah Anas - a veteran of the Afghan-Soviet war,


who used to count Osama bin Laden as his friend, but distanced himself


from Al-Qaeda completely. And also Asim Qureshi from the campaign group


CAGE which works on behalf of those accused of terrorist offences, and


Raffaello Pantucci from the Royal United Services Institute. Let's


turn to this comparison that was raised at the end of that report.


People from this country went and fought in the Spanish 44 and many


people felt rather fondly and proudly towards them. -- Spanish


Civil War. People have gone off and fought with the Israeli defence


forces. In what respect is this particular offence of going to Syria


and acute missa which deserves being sent to jail for? The difference is


the battlefield you're going to participate in and the groups you


are going to fight alongside. When you are looking like groups like


ISIS, or the Al-Qaeda connected groups on the ground, they have


espoused a desire to attack the West. So you are not going to join a


group that is just participating in a civil war against regime, they are


group that has history on trying to attack the West. So had these young


men gone to fight for Assad, that would have been all right? That is a


fair point, and the debate there is I think the law as it stands says it


is not permissible to go and that is not permissible to go and put a


spate infighting in this Civil War. This particular Civil War? In terms


of legislation are people going to join the Assad side, I don't think


that has happened so we don't have... But we don't know, of


course. We don't know. Is this young men


course. We don't know. Is this young others? I don't think so. I


course. We don't know. Is this young there is a certain feeling among


young Muslim men in the there is a certain feeling among


they want to go out and help. Some of them are attracted to groups like


ISIS, and despite warnings that are given by different community leaders


across the country, they are going out there to join them. But I think


the vast majority, there isn't a single voice here in the UK that is


encouraging them to go out there. But it is, though, is many of them


are looking at the conflict and they have a desire to assist. You have to


separate the ethics from the pragmatism of the situation. Most of


the Muslims in the UK will say there is nothing unethical about wanting


to go out and defend somebody or defend the people that are being


killed, massacres, but what we are saying is that, if that's the most


pragmatic thing to do? Do you try to prevent them, discourage them? I


don't have access to prevent them, discourage them? I


community in that way. You are originally Algerian and you fought


in Afghanistan. What was it that drew you to Afghanistan from a long


distance away? I think what drew me to Afghanistan will continue drawing


the new generations hereafter. When you have that intention of being


Shaheed, or being a major hit, this will never finish, this didn't start


with me in 1983, and will never stop with my son. So we're not coming


here to comment about the intentions. The intentions, I think


it is a positive intention. You see your brother or women or children


being killed in Syria or in Afghanistan, so your religion, your


face, forces you to be positive and to be positive here, to help. --


your faith. So we're not here to comment about the intention, we are


here, I am here, to give my opinion about the actions. So the action, I


think, is not a matter of saying how Al or a RAM. It is deeper than that.


I don't know if I can explain it, it is whether going to Syria now in the


circumstances is harmful or beneficial. What is your view on


that? It's harmful. As a form in which a Dean, -- mujahedin, as we


started this idea. What is the difference? You felt it was


legitimate, it was all right, to go to Afghanistan to fight, but you


think it is a bad idea to go to Syria to fight, why? The intention


is still not bad. The circumstances now, it's not the same


circumstances. Why? In my opinion, I am sure there is no time to explain


it deeply now, that is why maybe I wrote my biography, in order to


answer all these questions and confusion in the mind. I have to


find a good publisher now! But what the difference between Syria and


Afghanistan? I will send children to Syria -- never send boys to fight in


Syria. But there are many obstacles there. If you had heard me with the


people we followed three days ago, after the split happened with


Al-Qaeda, they announced that they had an agreement with the Iranians


intelligence not to have any operation in Iran. So this makes me


more careful to advise my son or two any young Muslim, to go there,


because if you are not in between the hands of the intelligence, you


are in the hands... That is why the attention is fine, the action is


harmful -- the intention is fine. The concern of government in framing


the law is the protection of its own citizens, of the country. Is there


concrete evidence that young men going off to take part in this sort


of war , the Syrian Civil War, possibly, actually are a risk to


this country? I would say look at history, and if we look at every


battlefield that has shaped like this, where you have groups on the


ground that spies a jihadi rhetoric, they have all produced some sort of


terrorist threat back home in the West. -- espoused. But they don't


support that. If you look at all the actual plot that took place in the


UK, where there was a plot in the centre, 66 individuals involved,


crossed 12 different plots, and in that circumstance, the one thing we


saw was that hardly any of them had had training in a conflict zone


previously, to then deciding to do this action. A lot of them went


abroad... But you had Abdullah came back... You look at Somalia... This


is the point I'm trying to make. But they go abroad because of their


foreign policy grievance. In all of those cases, it is not that they had


gone to a conflict zone and then, because of that, had established a


certain mentality. They became disenfranchised from the society,


then they went abroad and then they came back. In every single one of


those cases... But the net result is they come back to try and launch an


attack. When we look at Syria, it would be very surprising... If you


look at the proportion that comeback in turn up as terrorists, in the


West, they do produce... But not everyone who's going out to Syria


will come back as a terrorist threat. Amongst that number, it is


likely, and we are already seeing some evidence of plotting. The point


is purely about the numbers, which is that we don't see any of the same


numbers of people going off to Iraq and Afghanistan post-9/11 we do with


Syria. The reason we do with Syria is because Muslims in the UK, like


with Libya, which was completely permissible, according to this


government, they were going there for that purpose, they are going


there because they don't feel any conflict between being British and


wanting to go out and fight. There are problems with groups like ISIS,


but these people are going up there with good intentions, and what we


need to do is to help them. They are participating a battle that is


confusing. It is shocking you see them going to fight, they might go


with intentions to fight for the regime or against it. But people are


dying out there. Thanks very much. Amme, we're going to explore why so


many people seem to be preparing to vote for UKIP in the elections laetr


this week. But this disenchantment with regular politicians is spread


right across Europe, as more and more people become fed up with the


EU. In Italy, for example, the governing party is being pressed by


a party led by Beppe Grillo, a comedian, who rejects all EU budget


rules and promises a referendum on whether his country should stay in


the euro. The party of Silvio Berlusconi, who so recently was


Prime Minister, is running third. Of course, he has had other things to


think about - charges of fraud, of sex with underage prostitutes, and


so on. I went to see him at his villa outside Milan. This interview


contains strong language. There will never be a United States of Europe?


TRANSLATION: No, that was a dream that will never come true. Today's


EU is different from the dreams of its founding fathers. The EU has a


very invalid and Steve can policy. And a very imbalanced tax policy. --


imbalanced foreign policy. When we had a meeting with the heads of


state, I propose to have just one president. I suggested Tony Blair.


He was charismatic. George Bush, a good friend of mine. He rang me up.


He asked me who to speak to in order to understand the European position


in Iraq. I told him to try to contact everybody. I am very


concerned, very concerned about what the European Union is doing and its


behaviour towards the Russian Federation with this absurd


sanctions that the UN and USA are imposing on people they think are


close to Vladimir Putin. They are putting distance between our


countries, and this could mean that Russia returns to the isolation of


the Cold War. The euro was always a political project. In your


judgement, is Europe growing apart, or is it continuing to grow closer?


We need to radically change the situation in Europe. For example,


the fact that the UK is not in the Eurozone and we are is a disaster.


We need radical changes, otherwise the economic situation will force us


and other European countries to abandon the euro and go back to


national currencies. The European Central Bank is supposed to fight


inflation. It needs to be a central bank, like the Federal Reserve, like


the Bank of England, the bank of Japan. What does it need to do?


First, it needs to guarantee the debt of the euro countries and


secondly to print money when needed for those countries who cannot pay


their debts. Have you got a particular problem


with Angela Merkel? Did you call her an unfuckable lardarse? No I have


never had any problems with Angela Merkel. In 20 years of politics, I


have never insulted anyone. This has been made up by somebody who wanted


to turn Angela against me. I was not an easy person to deal with and I


was quite tough. I had the courage to propose some of the proposals


made by Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy. The time you jumped out


from behind a monument and went cuckoo, to Angela Merkel, that was a


joke? She enjoyed it. I explained why I did the cuckoo thing. Days


earlier I went to Saint Petersburg to visit Putin. Putin, he hid behind


the pillar and went, cuckoo, to me, from behind. Merkel and I were on


good terms. I thought of what he had done and I basically hid behind the


monument and did the same thing. It was funny. This only matters


because, at this level of European politics, personal relationships are


important. With Sarkozy, it is a different matter. He feared my


friendship with Gadaffi Woodstock Libya supplying oil and gas. He


moved first to attack Libya and I think it was a big mistake. In your


analysis, what is wrong with Italian politics, you have had three prime


ministers in the past year. Everything? Italy is no longer a


democracy. In the past 20 years we have had four examples of coup


d'etats. We have had three successive governments that would


not directly elected recently. The deadline for the European elections


is looming. We faced two major threats. The first is the remaining


risk of a left-wing government and the other, you have probably heard


of him, is from Mr Beppe Grillo. He is a real danger to Italy and I are


very concerned. His behaviour reminds me of some of the most


bloody and dangerous characters in history. He has many things in


common with Robespierre, Stalin and Pol Pot. So he is not to be taken


lightly. It is unfortunate that as far as the rest of the world is


concerned, the reputation you have is about your private life. It is


about corruption and unpaid taxes and parties. What do you think about


that? Since I entered politics, I have been involved in 57 trials. I


have never had to deal with judges previously. 46 of the cases were


dismissed. I am dealing with ours -- others concerning my assets. It


takes up a lot of my time. For 20 years, I have spent every weekend


and each Monday afternoon with lawyers, to prepare the 2700


hearings held against me and my team will -- team. 2700 is a record, a


world record. And the lies invented about me have given me a bad


reputation abroad. Italians know very well that none of the facts are


true. The bunga bunga accusations were the most amazing things,


ridiculous. They manipulated reality. Luckily, I am a strong


person and I was able to take it. I want to go down in history as the


father of a country and as my legacy, a Conservative Central right


government to protect Italy from a potential dictator like Beppe


Grillo. The United States and China are busy


throwing names at each other after Washington accused five named


Chinese officers of hacking into American nuclear, metal and solar


firms to steal trade secrets. In the general manner of accusations of


espionage, there was much outrage, just as there used to be theatrical


horror at the discovery that spies existed. But the targets demonstrate


the extent to which international competition is increasingly about


firewalls as much as firearms. David Grossman reports.


Five named People's Liberation Army officers charged by the American


authorities with 31 counts of cyber-espionage. They are part of a


group known as a Pty, advance persistent threat group one. The US


government is convinced it is a Chinese state operation. This


administration will not tolerate actions by any nation that seeks to


sabotage American companies and undermine the integrity of fair


competition. Although the US authorities only made charges in


relation to activities against five US companies, Newsnight has learned


the same group of Chinese state military hackers has also targeted


eight British companies using the same tactics. It is an explosive


allegation. The FBI in investigation was prompted by this report, written


by a security specialists. They gave us a briefing on how the attacks


worked. We were told the potential damage to British companies is


virtually limitless. We have seen attacks focus on the most critical


parts of organisations. Unlike traditional cyber crime, something


that was an annoyance, you could lose a huge tender. If it is a


closed bid. If somebody knows how much you have bid, if they bid ?1


less, they will potentially win the business. It has a commercial impact


and potential to be catastrophic. What do we know about the hackers?


According to the group, they are commonly known as Unit 61398. This


is the building it is said the attacks came from. The Chinese


government reacted with angry denials. TRANSLATION: The United


States deliberately made up facts coming using the excuse of the


so-called stealing of secrets online to indict five Chinese military


officials. This has violated the basic principles of international


relations and damaged Chinese US cooperation and mutual trust. Here


is an actor installing something onto the server. This is voted off a


cyber attack happening. We spoke to one of the original report's authors


about how certain she was the Chinese government are behind this


activity. We did a lot of research, looking at the attacker


infrastructure, doing research on personas involved in hacking, and


taking advantage of operational security practices to link this back


to a specific location in Shanghai. We did research and noticed that


some telecommunications equipment they were using was given to them


from the Chinese government. It was a combination of variables that led


us to the conclusion. As to what happens now, it seems inconceivable


the five named army officers will ever face any legal process in the


United States. This is, as a source said, using the law as a tool of


diplomacy. The question is whether Britain will follow the United


States down this road in defence of British companies that have been


attacked. We asked the National crime agency


if they were aware of persistent attacks on British agencies and what


they intend to do about them. They told us it wasn't a question for


them but referred us to the Cabinet Office. They would only say that


this country faced attacks from a range of sources including several


established a capable states, but didn't name China.


The chief executive of the Football League and author of various


potty-mouthed sexist emails, Richard Scudamore, isn't going to have any


action taken against him by the sport's governing body. They say


they've no authority to do anything. The eruption of apologies testifies


to the huge embarrassment felt in the sport. There is more to come.


Laura Kuenssberg is here. It's a pretty unsavoury episode. In case


you about your fingers in your ears, what has happened is a temporary PA


leaked a series of e-mails that he had written containing some pretty


grisly sexist language to a Sunday newspaper. He has given a full


apology but there have been plenty of calls for him to go, including


the Prime Minister, more or less hinting at that. But the FA has said


there is nothing they can do, and the PA who leads the e-mails says


the investigation didn't even ask her for her account of what went on.


The other thing is, football isn't just about the game, it's about


business too. And you have something on that? Right now, the premiership


is sponsored by Barclays in a deal worth tens and tens of millions of


pounds. Right now I am being told that they have expressed privately,


horror and disappointment over what has happened. What is interesting is


they had suggested to me that even before this erupted, they had


decided that when this sponsorship deal comes up with the Premier


League, they will not want to renew the deal. That's not just because


the newest Chief Executive doesn't like football, although I am told


but is also the case, but because he feels that football and the Premier


League doesn't match up as a brand with the cultural clean-up that he


is trying to achieve at Barclays. So this is a banker thinking that there


are institutions held in low esteem than banking? ! That may be


surprising to some viewers. But please say no decisions have been


taken, there is no truth in this suggestion, but one source at one of


the clubs says that is indeed what everybody expects, that when the


deal is up, Barclays will walk away. So we find ourselves in a


pretty bizarre play-off for reputation, where bankers are trying


to disassociate themselves from footballers! Curiouser and


curiouser. The day after


curiouser. day. In England we can choose not


only who we want to represent us in the European parliament, but, much


closer to home, many of the people who will control local councils. In


some northern towns, the result has been a foregone conclusion since


Methuselah was a lad. Rotherham in South Yorkshire, for example, has 57


Labour councillors, handful of conservatives and one UKIP seat.


This year Nigel Farage's party has been blanketing the town with


posters, chasing the blue-collar vote. Now, the orthodox view is that


UKIP poses its biggest threat to the Conservatives. That may no longer be


true. Labour has always been in Rotherham,


as long as I can remember. My grandparents, my parents, they have


all voted Labour. But times change. I think it's time for a change.


This centre has been called the UKIP centre. I am not UKIP and they know


that. So I went discussing UKIP because I don't care who gets in,


they are all the same. My brothers, my sisters, we were all Labour, they


will still go Labour now immaterial of what is happening. What do you


think they are offering you, Labour? They are not offering me much. This


is a safe labour ward for generations. Then last year, UKIP


won its first ever seat on the council. The party has been taking


its message out to blue-collar workers, angry with mainstream


politics. The main policies I am voting UKIP for its because I think


we should come out of Europe and I think we should curb immigration.


They will never stop it now, because they will be closing the door when


it has all happened. Why do you feel so negative about immigration? It's


like our working lads. They work, they get immigration in, they will


work for Britain's so it's not fair on our lads. If I'm honest, I never


used to be racist, never. But this government, in the things it's


doing, is making me racist. And I think it's not just me, it's


thousands of other people, it's making as semi-racist, if you know


what I mean. They are letting immigrants in and giving them


everything. We would like the old brother Ron back. One in 20


residents of rubber room was born outside the UK, a number that has


doubled in a decade. It still a long way below the national average. A


bustling Asian market has just opened, held once a week in the town


centre. I believe this is my country, even my children tell me,


this is our country. And if I say that after 42 years I'm still


Pakistani, I am lying to myself. Muhammad came to Rotherham from


Kashmir. He worked most of his life in the steelworks. In your time in


this country, how have you traditionally voted? Which party


would you vote for? Most time, we voted for Labour but we have voted


for conservatives as well. What has the Labour Party offered you? I


don't know much about the politics, but the way we think about the


Labour Party, they provided jobs, and we needed jobs. This is how we


think and we supported them previously. That is what I'm saying.


But today, times are different. I don't think this way, our children


don't think this way. On the outskirts of Rotherham, the old


colliery is being shut down. The last of its kind in South Yorkshire,


heavy industry has declined and so has the strength of labour's core


vote. Up towards the pit... Have you always been a Labour voter? Apart


from last year won a budget UKIP, that was a protest vote. When there


is an election, I will always vote Labour. All the way through your


life? What has the Labour Party meant to you? I am working class, it


has meant everything. I've can't put it into words. But it has changed


over the last 30 years, politics. It has got worse, not better. All this


being in Europe and stuff like that. It is the general discontent with


the establishment which UKIP has been trying to tap into. A study


this year found 40% of voters who describe themselves as working class


saving now have no representation in politics. The only thing we have


gone wrong as we have allowed mass immigration... The only place that


people want to come is Britain, because we have got the best welfare


system in Europe. Switzerland and Norway aren't in that they are doing


very well. Do you think the Labour Party still represents you? Not like


in the 40s and 50s. Dennis Skinner and Tony Benn, they were real Labour


men, not like what we have got now. Well the men at the miners welfare


may feel disillusioned, they still say they will vote Labour this week.


A younger generation might not feel those ties so strongly. All be so


loyal at the ballot box. I will vote for UKIP. They shouldn't let


foreigners into the country when we couldn't even look after our own. I


have been working since the age of 14 and my tax sometimes goes to the


wrong things and I think they need to look at that to go to the right


sort of things. Do you feel as a voter, is it time for a change?


Definitely. They have not done anything in my eyes for them to stay


in, I think it is time for a change, see what other people can bring to


the table, see if they can change things in the amount of time they


have got and if they can do something to help this town come


back to the way it is supposed to be. Enough warning signs, then, for


Ed Miliband. There is little doubt that UKIP will take some votes from


later this week, the real question is how many and whether it can hold


onto them next year the election that matters the most. Labour's


Shadow Communities Secretary is here. Do you understand why some


previous Labour voters now support UKIP? I do, because the world has


changed for some people, old industries have gone. There is a


group of people who feel the world is more insecure, the old deal that


you worked hard, you got on, your children can look forward to a


better life, people are not social about that because of a changing


world, what is happening in the environment, people being able to


afford rent, a place to buy, pensions... The question is what is


going to provide the solution? What is going to help? I would simply say


about Nigel Farage that is the answer to every problem that we face


is to say get out of Europe. That isn't the answer to any of them.


Nonetheless, people are clearly profoundly disenchanted, not all


people, but many people, profoundly disenchanted with what your party


has two offer. You saw it in the way they spoke fondly about Dennis


Skinner and your dad. They think, a lot of these people, that the party


has been taken over by a bunch of professional politicians. What is


politics about? Why do I do this job? Why is Ed Miliband the leader


of the party? It is because we want to make a difference. We want to use


the opportunity as elected representatives to deal with the


problems. Somebody mentioned on the film wages, why did Ed Miliband talk


this week about a stronger minimum wage. Labour brought Latin, dealing


with the exploitation of the past. We listen and think about the


problems people face. The people are not listening, are they? It will be


a close fight in the election next year and also a tight fight in this


one. You have to stand up for what you believe in and say to people if


you are privately renting, spending 41% of your income on rent in this


country, we have said we think people should have longer term


tenancies. You are a family with children about to start school. What


good is that if in 12 months the landlord does not renew the tendency


or you are not sure about the rent gumming up. People worry about


energy bills. Ed Miliband said it was not good enough to say you


cannot do anything about the free market. You have mentioned Ed


Miliband four times, is he a man of the people, as much as Nigel


Farage? I think Ed Miliband is. I have travelled with him. People feel


he is approachable and they talk to him. The test of a politician is


have you listened, have you got policies that will make a difference


to people's lives? We have a job to get across to people the policies we


are arguing for so they are heard by voters. The disenchantment you heard


in that piece suggest you are saddled with a leader who is more


interested in ideas rather than people. I do not agree. If you are


going to help people you need policies that will make a


difference. Take the insecurity over zero-hours contracts. How can you


possibly save... How can you get a mortgage on a zero hours contract?


Ed Miliband said we need to deal with the worst aspects of them


because the story is for a group of people the world appears to have


moved on and left them behind. They feel insecure. The job of Labour


politics is to show we understand that and to put forward policies to


provide help. Last time you said it was a protest vote and you were


listening and you were going to change. I assume you have listened.


They are not believing you. It is a struggle, it is an argument and


debate about what future the country will have. For the moment, Nigel


Farage appears to get a certain amount of support and he is very


charming in his own way, although he leads an unappetising party. In the


end, his other policies, such as a flat tax rate, which would increase


taxes the people we saw in the film, making us pay to see the GP,


getting out of Europe, which would be bad the jobs. None of those


policies are going to help the people you were talking to in that


film. I think that in time, if we make the case, get across what


Labour wants to do to make a difference, that is how you win


support. Thanks. I will show you one front page, the Daily Mail, saying


Prince Charles, I am not sure where he said this, it is not clear, but


Prince Charles has apparently compare to Vladimir Putin to Hitler.


A withering verdict on the actions of the Russian president in Ukraine,


according to the Daily Mail. I only have the front page and presumably


the sources inside. Time to say good night. Although


members of Led Zeppelin may not sleep too well. The estate of one


Randy California, a musician who played at the same time as them in


the late 1960s, and who died in poverty, is suing for copyright


infringement. It is claimed that Stairway To Heaven, which has


grossed more than half a billion dollars since 1971, sounds rather


too much like Mr California's rather less well-known guitar instrumental,


called Taurus. We'll let you decide the merits of the claim. Here's his


track, with a bit of Robert Plant vocal added on top.


Good night. For a lot of places it should be


fine and dry


Why shouldn't British Muslims fight in Syria? Silvio Berlusconi faces Jeremy Paxman, and there are reports on Chinese hackers, the Premier League row, and UKIP's grabbing of Labour voters.