19/08/2014 Newsnight


News stories with Kirsty Wark. Including are interest rates staying low, Daniel Barenboim on Gaza, Missouri, are women MPs a problem for the men and the evil Buddleia.

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The cease-fire in Gaza is over as Palestinian rockets hit Tel Aviv.


There were no Israeli injuries, but they retaliation upon Gaza City was


lethal. We will hear from a senior Palestinian politician and Daniel


Barenboim, the maestro who conducts his famous orchestra who has hard


words for Israel. It has not given Israel the security it hoped for. In


the end, to put it bluntly, the Pelleas Dineen -- the Palestinians


suffer and Israel loses. Are Mark Carney's wrong predictions making


him seem like the unreliable pilot of monetary policy? A retiring


Labour MP lets rip about the problem of too many women in Parliament.


Stella Creasy is here and she is not smiling.


Good evening. Nine days of relative peace for Gazans and Israelis is no


more and the deadly pattern has resumed. Gaza says there have been


35 air strikes and another Palestinian child is reportedly


dead. Hamas said they have fired 40 rockets at Israel. Israeli bomb


shelters are open again and earlier today Israel calls its negotiators


back from Cairo claiming Hamas had breached the cease-fire. Our


correspondent is in Gaza City. Yolande Knell, first of all, what is


happening in Gaza City tonight? Right now, you might be able to hear


the sound of Israeli drones once again. We have seen in the past few


minutes Palestinian rockets being fired towards Israel and we have


seen through the past few hours Israeli has strikes -- Israeli air


strikes. Close to our office in Gaza City, we heard four or five blasts


as there was an Israeli air strike targeting a house. This is work a


small girl, we are told, was killed along with two Palestinian women.


Also 15 people had to be dug out of the rubble, many of them badly


injured. These are scenes the likes of which are zones thought they had


put behind them after the recent lull in the fighting -- which the


cars ons. -- Gazans. Apparently one was aimed at Ben Gurion Airport? We


know Israel's Iron Dome Israel -- Iron Dome defence system has


intercepted some, but we are told a rocket landed close to the airport.


This will have been of huge symbiotic significance for the


Israelis. They said it was partly on revenge for the killing of members


of the family here in Gaza City. Also Hamas blaming Israel for the


collapse in the cease-fire. Israel says it is Hamas that is


responsible. The business of whether or not either side was getting


anything out of the negotiations or either side was prepared to


compromise, what actually happened? In Egypt, we had repeated signs that


little progress was being made in the indirect talks to try to broker


a longer term cease-fire deal between Israel and the Palestinians,


with the Egyptians acting as go-betweens. Intelligence officers


having delegations in separate rooms, trying to put to them a


proposal to address Israel's security concerns. It has been


demanding the demons drive version of Gaza. The Palestinians in turn


have been demanding and easing to the tight border restrictions -- the


demilitarisation of Gaza. We understood already that it was


proving very difficult to reach any kind of compromise that both sides


could sell to their own publics. Joining us from Ramallah in the West


Bank is Mustafa Barghouti, former Palestinian presidential candidate.


Good evening. Was it the case with the negotiations appearing to go


nowhere that Hamas fired three rockets which eventually broke the


cease-fire? Well, the most important problem has been that the talks did


not move an inch for 18 days because Israel rejected and refused every


proposal presented by the Egyptians. Benjamin Netanyahu and his


government clearly had the intention of making the cease-fire fail and


preventing an agreement of a long lasting cease-fire. Had the three


rockets not been fired, the chances are... Maybe the deadlock... Maybe


do, say she would have continued. Unfortunately the western media is


reporting this single act of violation of the cease-fire, but


they never reported the fact that Israel violated the cease-fire in


three different ways. In every minute of every cease-fire, it


Israel continued to fly a military planes over Gaza. They also fired at


the farmers working in Gaza and their ships continue to fire on the


fishermen who are trying to fish on the shore of Gaza. In reality,


Israel violated the cease-fire, but negotiations did not stop. The three


rockets were not fired by Hamas. Whoever fired them may be violated


the agreement but it was not an excuse for all of the attacks by the


Israelis which started to take the lives of children and civilians


again. If Hamas did not fire the three rockets, it is fair to say


that Hamas is in charge of security in Gaza and they should be able to


stop any renegades. That is Hamas's responsibility. I am not sure if


Hamas is responsible for security since Israel is not clarifying


whether it is occupying Gaza or not. If you have an interview with any


Israeli official, I wish you would ask them the question, is Israel


occupying Gaza and if it is, why is it bombarding people there, killings


of millions, killing mainly women and children -- killing civilians,


and injuring more than 10,000 people? If it is not occupying Gaza,


why is it imposingly blockade and preventing Palestinians having free


access to the world, why is it causing this terrible humanitarian


crisis? In reality, there was a very good opportunity... Let us talk


about the opportunity. There are several groups, in the


negotiations, including Hamas and Fatah. What were the Palestinian


groups, and I know you are not in the negotiations, but what were the


Palestinian groups offering up on the leek as a compromise? I met with


the negotiators -- offering up as a compromise? I met with the


negotiating team when it was preparing its final paper that would


be presented to the Egyptian side, to pass to the Israelis. The


Palestinian delegation was an agreement, there was no


disagreement. An agreement that there will be a lasting and complete


cease-fire, lasting one, in addition to lifting the blockade of Gaza.


Today Israel is in contradiction not with Hamas, but with all


Palestinians, including the Palestinian Authority. The


delegation in Cairo was headed by a representative of the Palestinian


Authority. To claim it is a fight with Hamas is not right, it is a


fight with all the Palestinian people. In my opinion, Israel and


Benjamin Netanyahu are trying to consolidate their occupation in Gaza


and they are trying to impose this siege and suffocate Palestinians not


only in Gaza but also in the West Bank where attacks to -- continue to


happen. Evidence Israelis and Arabs can live and work in harmony is the


West-Eastern Divan Orchestra founded and led for the last 15 years by one


of the world's leading conductors. Daniel Barenboim's orchestra made up


of young Israelis, Palestinians and others from neighbouring countries


will perform at the Proms tomorrow and the programme will include


specially commissioned works by composers of Israeli and Arabic


origin. I spoke to Daniel Barenboim earlier and asked how the situation


in Gaza had affected his orchestra. It is a very tragic moment. It is a


moment of horrific violence. Something that even this region that


has seen so much violence has seldom experienced. In the end, you see the


suffering of the Palestinians, with so many children and young people


killed in Gaza, over 50% of the population of Gaza is under 15 years


old. So think of the hatred that this has left for the future. Nobody


in this case things of tomorrow, let alone the Day after tomorrow. And it


has not given Israel the security had hoped for. In the end, to put it


bluntly and crudely, the Palestinians suffer and the Israelis


lose so what is the point of it? Powers the orchestra changing and


evolving? -- how is. In the present situation with Gaza, I was sure some


people would back out and would cancel, saying, I cannot now play


with the other. And I would have understood it. I am so happy and so


proud, I say that unashamedly, so proud but not one musician cancelled


coming. Will it be harder, do you think, to recruit for the orchestra?


Is it harder now? The political situation now is much worse than 15


years ago. So the simple answer is, yes. The more complex answer is, it


is more complicated, rather than more difficult. Do you think it will


give an added a motion to tomorrow night's performance? Everyone is


watching Palestinians playing their instruments in harmony with Israelis


and vice versa -- added emotion. A few days ago we played in


Switzerland. In the middle of this, I realised, there comes the flute


solo, I looked and this group of Arabs in the orchestra were wishing


him the best and were trying to support him. And a few minutes


later, when it was the clarinet, the group of Israelis, as part of the


orchestra, supported him too. Where else do you have that? What do you


feel about boycotting arts events run by Israeli companies? I think I


can understand the impulse to boycott things that come from a


country that has not shown enough interest in advancing a peaceful


solution which many Palestinians rightly feel. I can understand that.


I think one has to differentiate between Israelis who represent the


government and cultural people or institutions that do not represent


the government. I think that to say I boycott everything that is


Israeli, though emotionally may be understandable, it is


counter-productive. I think it has to be very clearly defined and I


think above all it must not turn into an anti-Semitic tendency. I


think the wave of the so-called anti-Semitism, which is in fact


anti-Jewish, in the world, is unacceptable. Not only unacceptable


because of the history. In the end all its doors is give Hitler a


posthumous victory. In 2012 were part of the Olympic opening


ceremony. You brought harmony weather was discord and must've been


a big for you. Were you more optimistic then than now? I have


optimism because the world Nevers tops. It always continue. Everyone


who has his own personal tragedy in some way or other overcomes these


tragedies. And the world develops and goes on. If you tried to look


realistically, the world looks terrible now. It looks like the Pope


said, on the brink of a third world war. Ukraine, Iraq, the Middle East.


But we do not have the luxury of bathing in pessimism. We really do


not. It only makes it worse. We have to continue and when we do not


believe we have to make believe and eventually make our way.


It's the thing that politicians fear and we're told must never


But when it plummets, does that create


Figures out this morning revealed that consumer price


Much weaker than had been expected and well below the Bank of England's


So where does this all leave the prospect of interest rate increases?


Mark Carney's much heralded arrival as governor of the Bank was


a year ago now so does he still look like a white knight?


Our Economics Correspondent Duncan Weldon reports.


When will interest rates go up? Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor


since July last year, is the man supposed to have the answers. When


he took over he stressed our important it was that the bank was


clear on those things. -- how important. The monetary policy


committee must clear and transparent to avoid an unwarranted tightening


in interest rate expectations as the recovery gathers strength. One year


on the timings of rate rises are far from clear. Unexpectedly weak


inflation has added to the confusion. And some of the confusion


seems to be coming from the governor himself. We're looking at March for


the first right interest rates. But depending on what Mark Carney says


day by day, those are shifting significantly. When the so-called


rock star central banker was poached from Canada to come to the UK, few


expected such confusion. He is the most qualified person in the world


to be the next governor of the bank of England. Back when Mark Carney


was appointed the economy looked to be facing a triple dip recession.


How could he used monetary policy to boost growth? His big idea was


forward guidance. By pledging to keep interest rates low he helped to


increase confidence in consumers and businesses and persuade high street


banks to boost their own lending. But that pledge to keep rates low


for longer was based on a set of economic forecasts which rapidly


went off track. Forward guidance was first unveiled last year. The bank


was clear. It would not even consider raising interest rates


until unemployment fell below 7%. And it did not think that would


happen until 2016. But it happened earlier this year. So instead of


looking at the unemployment rate the bank said it would examine a range


of indicators of spare capacity in the economy. But those measures of


spare capacity started to fall fast. Now we have another new focus, this


time wages. At least one critical former member of the monetary


committee is not impressed. If you were to say we do not quite know


what is happening, things are complicated and we will follow the


data, you can give it a fancy name. But that is essentially what it


amounted to and in the end it has come down to an analysis of the


labour market and the central bank in the UK under Mark Carney has


looked hopeless. It has been taken by surprise. Mark Carney might be


the governor but the monetary policy committee actually takes the


decision and he is just one vote out of nine. And those nine members are


looking at different data. We watching so many metrics and many of


those running hot and many cold. It is a difficult task to unpick that.


There's no shame in getting your economic forecasts wrong. Most


economists get the forecasts wrong most of the time. What is starting


to bother critics of the governor is the feeling that the goalposts keep


moving. One day it is wages that matter, the next unemployment. In


one speech he reassures us that rates will remain low and then he


warns that they could have to rise. It is that perceived inconsistency


that led one MP to say he's acting like an unreliable boyfriend,


blowing hot and cold. So when will rates actually rise? Today we are no


closer to an answer. What can be said with confidence is that written


statements from the Bank of England have not exactly made the situation


any clearer. With me to discuss the prospects for forward guidance is a


former member of the monetary policy committee. Forward guidance turned


out not to be guidance at all? Guidance is difficult to go with


when the goalposts to keep changing. The narrative of the Bank of England


changes all the time was up there is inconsistency about what they are


trying to measure. When they talk about slack in the economy it is an


opaque thing and does move a lot. Mark Carney has undermined the


credibility of the bank with this? It was the wrong analysis of the


labour market for a start? You have to start with the analytical


problems. Forward guidance I forecast was going to be a mistake


because it focused on what the bank was doing rather than on the


forecasts. You have to put things in terms of the forecasts. As you noted


in that report a number of members of the monetary policy committee,


kept getting it wrong on the labour markets. They were pessimistic about


labour supply and about UK product safety and those were mistaken


ideas. It seems now that it is low interest rates at any cost. The


unemployment forecast is now 6.6. There is no question that will not


be rise in interest rates, is there? There is going to be a rise


and maybe now it will be February instead of November. But the bias of


the committee, not just Mark Carney, has been to say that there is no


slack left in the UK economy. It is quite a fake concept but as long as


they keep insisting on that then they will be biased towards interest


rate rises. What do you do about that? You hold fire and you phrased


things consistently in terms of forecasts. You say is not about what


I was about to do in future, you said we think growth is going to


lead to inflation only if productivity... It turns out


employment and productivity were better than we thought and that the


bubbly means we should revise our pessimism about the UK. That


probably means there is less inflation potential. You have to


make an argument and it is not that complicated. The other thing is you


do not talk so much. There's a question about why the governor is


always out there making a new statement every week. There is a


reason why central bank governors generally do not talk this often.


You do not want to create confusion. We all know George Osborne would


mark Carney to get him here. And now he is being encouraged to talk to


supposedly increase our confidence in the economy. He does talk a lot.


The forward -- the problem with forward guidance is that it brings


the decision very much into the public arena. Mark Carney is trying


to assure people that interest rates will not move as the economy


changes. That is perhaps why Ely he is providing so much narrative. The


problem with forward guidance if people have to believe it for a to


work. People do not really believe what Mark Carney is saying to a


certain extent. If they do not believe him... I want to emphasise


what people do believe and that is that inflation will stay low. So the


public and expectations of credibility of the bank have been


affected. If there is a doubt about Mark Carney it is the fact, is he


making political decisions, in a sense. Is he in cahoots with George


Osborne who does not want interest rates to rise? I think the problem


is not with him but with forward guidance. There are problems around


communication. We've seen it happen before. The messages that people are


trying to get across. The problem lies with forward guidance itself


rather than with Mark Carney. In terms of whether interest rates will


rise, market now expected to be in the early part of next year. There


is still a chance it could happen this year. Mark Carney is saying he


is looking for wage growth. If you have wage growth that does not


actually materialise, low wages and rising house prices and even a


quarter percent increase in interest rates, up to 1 million families will


be hurting with their mortgages in the lead up to a general election? I


think the Bank of England is supposed to be an independent body


and will not focus on the general election. Is that the


consideration? I think the only consideration is you do not move


rates right to run the election. You do not get right in the middle of an


election and I -- and I think that is fair and reasonable. But it is a


political move? Not at all. It is a party neutral move. You can raise


rates in March, June, February. Just not raising them and cause a


disruption right at the time of an election. That is not biased towards


any one party and it is not about affecting the election. It is the


central bank making the best choice it can to stay out of politics.


"We over-policed for a few days, and then we completely under-policed."


That's the verdict by the Missouri Democrat Senator Claire MCCaskill


on the police tactics following the fatal shooting of unarmed black


Today a top UN Human Rights official Navi Pillay, speaking in Geneva,


said that the clashes between police and protestors in Ferguson were


reminiscient of the racial violence spawned by apartheid in her native


South Africa and called for an examination of the "root causes" of


This is surely the last thing anyone wanted. A few hours ago the police


in St Louis Missouri shot and killed a 23-year-old Lachmann, an event


that may inflame an already tense local situation. -- black man. For


more than a week Ferguson, a modest suburb of the city, has been wracked


by protests. And sometimes violence. The unrest has provoked a ferocious


police response. Last night there were 31 arrests.


Protesters are peaceful and respectful. They do not clash with


police. They do not throw Molotov cocktails. This rage was ignited by


the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed like a teenager, by Darren


Wilson, a white police officer. On the 9th of August the recent high


school graduate was shot six times. And his death has opened up once


again the question of race in modern America. Of course I'm heartbroken


to watch it but I cannot say I'm shocked. There has been simmering


racial tension building in St Louis for years if not decades. Probably


longer than that. This is something that for a lot of people who have


paid attention to these issues, frankly, St Louis has been a


powderkeg and something like this was almost bound to happen. Ferguson


is a poor town and an empty one as well. Since 1970 the proposition is


fallen by a quarter to about 21,000 people. But it only stayed that high


because like families moved from the decaying city of St Louis. The


majority black population occurred. Now two thirds of the town. But you


would not know it to look at the people building the power. Look at


the local school board and the city council. Of the 53 police officers


in the town just four of them are black. Meanwhile black citizens


account for 86% of all police stops. Having been stopped back people are


less like it to be caught carrying contraband but there are twice as


likely to be arrested. So just how unusual is the political imbalance


in Ferguson on race? I examined a data set from 2001 consisting of all


American cities with a population of more than 10,000. And examined the


relationship between the percent of the city's opposition that is


African-American and the percent of the city council that is


African-American. Usually about 60% of the city and African-American you


would tend to see Radha the City Council being African American.


Ferguson was very different and really stood out from the trend.


Back in 2001 at any rate, it had just over 50% of its population


African-American and not African Americans on the city council. So


why do black voters not just vote for more black leaders? There is


certainly quite dominated clique that has controlled politics. They


are tied in with the Labour unions. And these labour unions tend to get


a lot of jobs from public sector construction and other contracts.


Because they're able to do well there are then able to help fund


campaigns of favoured allies and keep re-electing them to office.


That ends up marginalising most of the black population. One can only


hope these exchanges seized today. The racial goblins in Ferguson and


St Louis cannot be solved overnight. -- problems. It is amazing how some


politicians come forth with views they have been harbouring for many


years. Austin Mitchell has to sided to get his concerns about the


feminisation of Parliament off his chest. He wrote in the Mail on


Sunday, the Commons will be more preoccupied with the local and small


problems rather than big ideas and issues. He went on, apart from


obsessive feminism, women MPs are more preoccupied with the local and


small problems rather than big ideas and issues. He went on, apart from


obsessive feminism, women MPs R but it might not make us tougher. Austin


Mitchell joins us from Leeds. Stella Creasy, MP is here. Austin Mitchell


first of all, why do you think women will be more preoccupied with small


problems? Parliament is going that way anyway. We are becoming more


like social workers than international statesman. I think it


is right to contradict what you said in the introduction to the


programmes that the number of women should be increased. Labour has done


very well at that and all women short lists have been a good way of


doing it but they are democratic. The choice that local constituencies


have, it is the only one real power they do have, the choice is very


limited. They short lists are very short. My argument is that we have


done a lot, we have got the proportion of women up to 43% of the


Labour Party. It is time now to let the parties choose who they want and


call it a day. That is all I'm saying. I am surprised at the


assault from my colleagues, as if I was attacking a sacred item. This is


an article in the Mail on Sunday you wrote yourself. Stella Creasy, do


you recognise you and other women are more concerned with small


problems rather than big ideas? Are lies the drip drip, drip of


discrimination and prejudice that women face in every sphere. I read


it in sadness when I realised it had been written by you, Austin


You are a male MP, Austin. If I said you think exactly the same things as


Tony Blair, you would be horrified. Why don't you accord the same


privilege to women? Don't hate me and hector me. I am sorry, there's


the sound turned up, I am not shouting. I am frustrated that yet


again we are seeing women being put down in this way. It is an all women


short list that replaced Austin and a former aide to Ed Miliband will be


in his constituency. Does he have a point that however laudable all


women short lists are, they are not entirely democratic? There are still


more men sat in Parliament today than there have ever been women


MPs. What he is displaying is a great example of a study that Susan


Sarandon did that if a room had 20% women in the ready room thought it


was 50-50. If it has 30 stone women, the men think it is more women than


men -- if it has 50% women. Labour MPs in Westminster do you think they


hold the same view as you? Possibly. I have not asked them. The


problem is really with the Conservative and Liberal parties.


Let us stick with you. They have not increased the number of women. It is


their turn to do something. Let local parties choose whether they


want to have a longer short lists with more choice of different types


of... Tell me, how many women is asked doing our duty in a party that


is designed to promote social justice? Is there a particular


number? I am not going to say the proportion. The proportion of women


will be over 40%, about 43%. Not parity, not equality, that is


enough, is it? I am not suggesting we should have... Let me move on. It


damages us all. Countries more equal or more prosperous. We have been


thrown massive recession. Having more diverse decision-making is good


for everyone and that is the challenge we face. The Tories and


the Liberals cannot get their act together, that is no excuse for us


not to press on and stand for what we stand for. You said women are


more amenable and readable. I can't get a word in. We need to increase


the number of women. I agree with Stella. It is no use going on in


this kind of fashion. I think women probably are Morley double. The


problem will come if we have a 1974 situation or 1951 situation where


Labour does not have a powerful majority -- I think women probably


are more lead above. We are living in 2014. I am really sad you said


this. I really enjoyed being on the Public Accounts Committee with you,


with a really strong female chair, Margaret Hodge. She was not


leaderboard. We are seeing the drip, drip, drip. Whether it is you,


Johnson Johnson, women are being second-guessed by their gender. I do


not think women standing for selection should have to either. Do


you attract the article? Excluding men altogether on an all women short


lists, that is the problem. Is it democratic to exclude one half? Do


you think open selections are done on merit? Every political party...


Most countries have a quota system because most recognised it is an


incredibly solvable problem. We have made 4% progress in 15 years. Very


quickly, put the record straight, would you like to see far more women


in Parliament? Would you like to see 50%... Let him reply. I would. It is


up to the Conservatives and Liberals to have more women on their side. On


the Labour side, let us give it a rest and see whether... The barriers


have been broken down enough. The last time we had all women short


lists, the number increased after we stopped using them. When we stopped


using them in 2001, it fell. There is nothing else that makes the


difference. Let me have the right to say something on this programme and


give local parties the right to choose who they want. Thank you very


much indeed. Now, reports reaching us tonight that Islamic State


insurgents have released a video that they claim shows the beheading


of a US journalist who went missing in Syria almost two years ago. The


video entitled Message To America was posted on social media sites. We


should stress that at the moment we have no way of verifying the


authenticity of the video and a Twitter account that had been set up


by the man's family to help find him has called for patience until the


authenticity of the video can be established. Of course we will not


be showing it, but what has happened? James Foley was a


freelance journalist working in the Middle East for a number of years.


He went missing in late November, 2012. His family had not heard from


her since -- from him since. Islamic State released a video today in


which it claims to execute him, beheading him. We cannot, as you


say, confirm it is him. His family through Twitter have said they are


waiting. We can see a picture of James himself. But we do not know if


this is the same person shown in the video. We do not even know yet if


the video is legitimate. That is right. There is no indication when


it was taken. All we know is it was released today and that it seems


quite possible that it was filmed in either Iraq either Syria. The video


claims the execution was carried out in response to US air strikes


against Islamic State in Iraq and for many people it will bring back


memories of for example very gruesome videos of a British civil


engineer Ken Bigley executed by Al-Qaeda in Iraq in 2004. IS are


claiming to be holding another journalist but we have nobody tell,


is that correct? There is a lot of speculation about what is happening


and counterclaims. That is in the interests of groups like Islamic


State to say they have people in their possession in order to gain


leveraged. One thing I should add is that the respected legend that the


execute may have been speaking with a British accent. We cannot it. But


I have spoken personally to Brits fighting in Iraq with Islamic State


so it is not something we can rule out. Thank you. The front pages,


obviously that story does not make them, it is too late, but the Daily


Mail, Cilla Black, I know my pal is innocent. New violence as US police


kill a second man in St Louis. NHS faces funding cut if Scotland says


yes. And the Daily Mail, last of all, nurses on home visits cult to


ask elderly people, do you want us to let you die? -- nurses on home


visits to ask elderly people. That is it tonight. We end with a


mysterious YouTube megastar known as Disney Collector. Her movies


comprise of nothing more than her hands taking various toys out of


packaging. Why is it in anyway interesting? Is not. Except the


YouTube channel has somehow clocked up in a billion fits. -- hits. We


have no idea why it has got so many. The last surprise is from Jake


in the Netherlands. Let us see what we have got here. Hopefully we got


another toy. In we go. Jake. This is awesome.


It is going to be a cold start in the morning. For many, a sunny start


and find no. Sprinkling of showers. -- fine day. Many will avoid the


showers and stay dry. A mixture of sunny intervals and showers for


Northern Ireland and Scotland. More persistent rain in the north-west


later. Shelter through the central belt, most places dry and bright.


Even with sunshine, temperatures only 16 degrees. The winds may be a


touch lighter than today. A spring clean of showers over the Midlands,


East Anglia and the south-east. They will be scattered. Many places


avoiding them. Maybe 19, 20 in one or two places. Wales, a scattering


of showers. A scattering of showers. They the winds they touch lighter


than today. -- the winds. Showers more concentrated on Thursday on


Northern Britain. Again it will feel cool. Further south, the showers


will be well scattered. Decent chance of a dry day. Decent spells


of sunshine early on across parts of the south and east. It will be a


cold start to Thursday. Then the showers will develop more widely


across northern areas. Temperatures only in the


Are interest rates staying low? Daniel Barenboim on Gaza. Missouri. Are women MPs a problem for the men? The evil Buddleia.

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