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In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Kirsty Wark. Live from Washington, can the Republican Party can stop Trump?

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It's looking like Donald Trump will challenge for the White House.


But can the Republican party defy their grassroots to pull off


I am a unifier. Believe me I am a unifier. Once we get all of this


finished, I am going to go after one person, that is Hillary Clinton.


Governor Chris Christie may now be officially unified.


But will the other candidates come in line?


Many of us thought Super Tuesday would herred are a victor that would


take the race on the White House, but it hasn't. Hillary Clinton


performed well, but her rival Bernie Sanders is still in play. And on the


other side, Republican moderates are sensing there may be one last chance


to stop Donald Trump, but can they? And if so, how? We will ask guests


in a moment but first a look at the big picture of the night.


The night was Hillary Clinton's. The night was Donald Trump's.


But for anyone expecting the Coronation of either candidate, it


didn't come. Not quite. The picture has become more confusing, and for


political wons more interesting. Bernie Sanders outperformed his poll


predictions. Hilary got the other seven.


And on the Republican side, although Trump won in seven states, Ted Cruz


made significant inroads into his domination winning Oklahoma, Alaska


and his home state of Texas. Even Rubio who had failed to take any


state before last night got his first win in Minnesota. So the


question now for Republicans is what happens next. Mr Donald Trump. One


of the things commentators here ask is whether Donald Trump has a


mandate to lead the Republican party. It may seem a strange thing


to ask at this point, after so much air but when it comes down to hard


facts he has only received 34% of the Republican primary vote. If Cruz


and Rubio were one person, let us call them Crubio they would have


beaten Trump in some places, where he won but he didn't as he might


say, win Bigley. The Republican party knows that that is the


problem, that Trump will only be stopped if one of the others will


drop out. The trouble is, they can't choose which one.


Last night, a consciously court US Ted Cruz called on all the


candidates who hadn't won to pull out. Candidates, who have not won a


state. Who have not racked up significant delegates. I ask you to


consider our coming together. You nighted. He didn't know at this


stage Rubio had taken Minnesota. There have been suggestions today,


that the party may coalesce round Cruz now but even that would be with


a heavy heart. One Senator Lyndsey Graham joked that if Cruz were


murdered on the Senate floor, no-one would be convicted. One thing you


hear that really isn't true, I mean they count everyone who doesn't, at


least in the Republican primary even who doesn't vote for Trump if that


is an anti-Trump vote. No, usually the supporters of other candidates


of the also ran, the guy they hate the most is the front runner, the


same all the colleges in the US hate Harvard the most. Once Trump is the


nominee there is no evidence that the Cruz voters v Rubio voters they


will go to one another. A lot of Jeb Bush's voters wented up going to


Trump. The irony is it is one of their own make, they created the


political phenomenon of Trump when Mitt Romney won the nomination four


years ago. They called on Trump not for his policy brilliance or ideas


on taxation, but for his ability to build a base that derequested the


legitimacy of Obama's American identity, the argument. Mitt Romney


marched to Vegas to receive Trump's benediction buzz in reality that was


the moment the GOP endorsed Trump. I think they are shocked, stunned and


mortified, not just embarrassed but a lot the traditional leadership is


mortified by the existence and the success of Donald Trump. What he has


done he has resonated with a small Swat of American voters, who are


very vocal and loyal to him, but the reality is there are many people who


now accept he might win the Republican nomination, I haven't met


a single person who believe that he has a chance of withining -- winning


the presidency. What of the slightly sorry slightly startled figure of


Chris Christie in this, ens doing Trump. He will no doubt be hoping


for a Vice-Presidential role if things go well. If they don't, the


mainstream Republican party may look on him, their own man, as the


ultimate Brutus the betrayer. What of Hillary Clinton. She is by


far the most qualified candidate for the job. Major executive positions,


intimate knowledge of the White House and how it works, yet not all


of this is working in her favour. She is viewed as the establishment,


and more Kerrouchely perhaps as the one with the most questions to


answer to the electorate. Mark Urban looks as the challenges facing the


democratic favourite. America it seems is going to get a


clear choice. Not between left and right or what passes for that in the


US, but between insider and outsider.


Trump the ultimate populist insurgent, versus Clinton, steeped


in the black arts of Washington, Sion of the belt way. It is


certainly in any other election it would be something that really


helped her. She has decades of experience in public service and in


politics, in this particular campaign, in which both parties are


looking for outsiders. It has become a liability to her, she has been a


leader in the party for years but it is true that she is sort of a


technocrat, she is a won, the things that make her a good civil servant


and make the people work for her and who have worked for her really like


her, are not things that necessarily lend themselves well to the


campaign, so that is an unfortunate thing she has to work with. Eight


years as first lady, a two term Senator and four years as America's


chief diplomat. Has a record of public service, it is enormously


impressive. At each stage though, access to


power has brought with its controversy. From whitewater to the


death of Americans in Benghazi to the question as whether of Secretary


of State she sent private e-mails full of classified information He,


the security clearance is unbelievably remain intact, at this


time even though they are under investigation by the FBI, says is a


lot about how power works in Washington, that a lot of Americans


are not going to like. On a purely political front there is nothing


stopping Hillary Clinton from being democratic nominee at this point.


She did well on Super Tuesday. Bernie Sanders is a protest


candidate, nothing more, she will be the democratic nominee unless she is


arrested. We won with poorly educated. I love them. If you want


to see how anger business takes its form you need look no further than


the Trump campaign, and whereas somehow this contender can use


highly provocative language. For the democratic front runner stirring


support through competence rather this than charisma isn't always


easy. You don't want the conversation to be about change. He


or she, who dictates the debate in politics is the one who will win the


debate. If the campaign unfolding is primarily a conversation about


change, I think it benefitted Donald Trump. If the campaign moving


forward is more about bringing our country together, finding common


solutions to our problem, knowing, knowing policy, and knowing how to


get things done for middle class American, I think Hillary Clinton


will do very well, and that will be the job of her campaign, to dictate


what the debate unfolding in the fall is going to be about.


Last night she tried to relaunch herself, as national heal eraer this


than won. I believe what we need in America today is more love and


kindness. Instead of building walls we are


going to bring down barriers and build... Build ladders of


opportunity and empowerment. The rejection of conhaven't shulal


politics has gone so broad in America it has produced a political


insurgency on the left in the shape of Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton


might have been hoping to see him off in short order, but in truth it


is the very depth of her experience, which has become as much of a


liability as an asset. For all too many, Washington's


compromises reek of betrayals and knowledge of its ways suggests an


acceptance of its faults. But of course it remains the shining prize


for whoever is best able to tap America's mood.


So where does the race go. Priscilla writes for the Atlantic and Scotty


is one of the finder of the Tea Party news network.


Did you think Trump Trump would be able to say I am the nominee? No, I


didn't. You look add Texas, that was a key state, 155 delegate votes and


that was where Ted Cruz put his emphasis in. You look at Oklahoma


and Arkansas where you don't have cross over voters, he was going to


look good in those. There is a lot of passion in the top three


candidates and supporters, and they are not going to sit down today and


say I give up. I knew it would go until March 15th. The real question


is after then, are we going to be down to a two person race or could


it be an overwhelmingly one? As soon as you saw Marco Rubio win


Minnesota, Ted Cruz win Oklahoma as well as taxes a, you realise the


longer they are in play, the easier it is for Donald Trump, right? Yes


and no. We are seeing an interesting dynamic, to Marco Rubio, he lost


Virginia, and a lot of those votes are at least over 66,000 went to


John, they are looking for the establishment line to coalesce


behind one candidate. They are having a hard time doing that.


Donald Trump is sweeping the States and taking so many delegates, so


until we have that, the two lanes deso ciphered we are having a hard


time with the voters. When you look at the mainstream Republicans, if we


can call them that, did you understand where they are going,


what their game is? One minute they are saying we want it to be Rubio,


then Cruz looks like he is going to get the most delegates so they are


flip-flopping between who they are going to back. These are the people


who have been the last eight years of an election cycle have controlled


this party and give us more losers than we have had winners. Now they


are trying to figure out who to get behind. Ion if we will see them get


behind a Ted Cruz, won't get behind a Donald Trump as of now, but they


created this problem, they were the ones that front loaded this primary


season, thinking that I would have their candidate. It hasn't happened.


They are not happy about it. Is Donald Trump as a phenomenon bigger


than his numbers actually make him? When you look, the numbers who vote


in the primaries are tiny, and he is only getting 34.7% of the vote. Is


this whole thing overplayed when you put it to a much wider electorate?


It is interesting. The early voting states, where he became the three


time victor, he, those states are retail politics, they were on the


ground, campaigning, but Super Tuesday rewards the media exposure,


that is what we got here. From now on, forward his how much tum is


driven by what people saw on Super Tuesday. You don't really sigh the


attack ads They are certainly perhaps on the horizon, but that is


what Super Tuesday does. I gives them that media exposure. How do you


explain for example Donald Trump winning Hispanics in Nevada. That


seems to be contrary to everything he said, with the Mexicans, the wall


and yet he pulls in, I don't know how... When you think about it this


idea of building a wall with a big door to come in, those folks that


are already in the United States who have spent the tens of thousands of


dollars, went through the process of getting to be a citizen, they will


say why should they get it for free when I have had to put so much in


and risk so much? Those of us here as children or grandchildren of


immigrants that lost people on Ellis islands... Is that what Hispanics


are saying? The ones that are voting, that is why you have seeing


a huge crowd that like Donald Trump. Do you agree with that? It is


correct. Voters, 8% of Caucasus goers were Latino, it is true that


Donald Trump had a commanding lead. Now, our 8% of Caucasus goers are


they going to be representative of the country? That is what we will


find out. Texas is another big states for Hispanics, that is where


they came out for Ted Cruz. Those people were strong on immigration,


and so that is where you see that whole, it is an interesting dynamic.


Before we go to the Democratic race, is Hillary Clinton out of the push


or does Bernie Sanders have a chance? He is still in there but


whether that translates to moving forward, we will find out. Hillary


Clinton had a sweeping victory and we do not expect that to loosen up.


What we have been seeking, as marker and put in his piece, is the sense


that there are people on either side who do not like their own candidates


or the person they think their candidate will be. Is that going to


be a political cross-dressing? Are we going to seep Republicans for


Hillary and Democrats for Trump because neither like what their own


party has given up? You have mentioned the massive success of the


Secretary of State. We estimate that almost 20,000 Democrats have crossed


over, and with overwhelming numbers, we could see that justified. But the


question is, is there a crossover from a Republican standpoint? These


are the same blue dog Democrats that swapped over before? That Israeli


hardliner. You are prepared to lose voters. Regarding cross-dressing, we


will see that on immigration, perhaps, but I don't know. It is


hard to predict. It is a very unpredictable race and there is


anger. You see it in the polls, they are angry at the establishment. And


it is all about ego. It is all about ego on both sides of the aisle. The


reason that our guests have been talking about March the 15th is that


is the day that Florida comes into play. Florida is crucial, white,


because it is Marco Rubio's home state and that is the one where he


could win big. 99 delegates up for the count. The other reason, taking


your mind back to 2000, remember how tightly contested that was as a


state. Florida is a game changer and they are not going to lose a


candidate who could win Florida before they see how he does there.


The EU has announced it will disburse 700 million euros


in emergency aid to help member countries cope with the migrant


crisis, and to quell increasingly violent scenes -


particularly on Greece's northern border with Macedonia.


However the news has not brought early relief for the more than ten


thousand migrants there living in dreadful conditions.


Only a small number of Syrians and Iraqis were let


through the closed border - fewer than 300, when it was


Gabriel Gatehouse is in Thessaloniki tonight.


Kirsty, 700 million euros is the kind of money that Europe usually


reserves for tackling humanitarian emergencies in war zones, disaster


zones. They are making it clear that this money is not coming out of the


pot that it usually uses for relief outside of the EU, but the size of


this money does make it clear how seriously they are taking this


migration crisis and also it underlines the fact that they are


not expecting this migration crisis to let up any time soon.


But is there an EU wide strategy for dealing with the migration crisis?


Does this signify a new Europe? We are now way clearer to that. You can


throw as much money as this crisis as you like, as many tents and


shelters and meals for the hundreds of thousands coming here, but that


is not going to stop the people from wanting to come here. Some people


say that it might even encourage more people to want to come but what


we are not seeing is any kind of unified strategy from the EU to try


to tackle this problem at the root. On Monday, there will be a big


meeting between the EU and Turkey to try to persuade the Turks yet again


to limit the border crossings from Greece into Turkey, but more


importantly, perhaps, there is no strategy for what to do with the


migrants still coming, and who are there already. The Greeks and the


Germans want some kind of quota system, mandatory quarters that will


be taken by all the member states, with many member states including


Britain adamantly against this. Others are following suit, most


notably Austria, who have been limiting the numbers coming in. That


has had a trickle-down effect all the way here to the Greek and


Macedonian border, where we are seeing this big build-up of people


at the border, just about an hour north.


Not to this journey, nor to the constant stream of people


They are making their way towards a frontier that


Many have come from Syria, or from Iraq.


Somewhere at the end of this road they believe lies a promised land.


But Europe itself is in crisis, as it struggles to figure out


At the border, a tent city has sprung up, and it is growing fast.


Today's promise of EU money is perhaps a sticking plaster,


but with hundreds, maybe thousands arriving every day,


In two or three weeks we will have 100,000 people in Greece.


So it means that European countries will have to take a decision.


I know today there is a meeting in order to give some money


for Greece, but it is more than this, it is to find a common


solution among the different countries, in order


Greece wants EU member states to agree on a quota system


So does Germany, which took in more than one million people last year.


But the countries in between do not agree.


On the Macedonian side of the border today,


we saw police from Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria.


Their aim is to keep the migrants out.


"Save our children, open the borders", they chant.


Two days ago, they forced their way through this fence, only to be


pushed back by the Macedonian riot police, who fired tear gas


I am not from Daesh, I am not from al-Nusra,


I am just a man, I have children, want to live in peace.


After the incident on Monday, Macedonia closed the


As a crowd gathered at the crossing this morning, tempers began to fray.


It looks like they are preparing to let a small number through.


Only about 100 or so, the police say here.


Meanwhile, there are hundreds upon hundreds arriving all the time.


Of the handful we saw cross, most were immediately sent back,


either because they weren't from Iraq or Syria,


or because their papers weren't in order.


The Greek Prime Minister has warned his country is becoming


a warehouse of souls, trapped, half way along


As the numbers build up, so does the tension.


They are saying a woman just tried to set herself on fire just now.


They carry her off in search of a doctor.


Her children have already crossed the border, friends tell us.


For her, the waiting has become too much.


An estimated 40% of the people waiting to cross at the border


This couple spent thousands of euros to get this far from their home


All of this uncertainty is beginning to take its toll on them,


Because you left everything, your memories, your family,


because my mum is still there, my sister is still there,


When we decide to come, only for future of our kids.


Did you expect it to be like this?


Expected it would be better, because we hear that maybe we stay


here only three hours, or one day, and not too


We hope they can, the European Union, they can take


Because we are already crossing the border.


It is not just the migrants and the refugees who


It is being felt here in Greece, and beyond this border fence,


There must be something so tantalising about these tracks,


one single railway network connecting the whole of Europe.


But this is potentially the most serious crisis to face


At the moment, it's simply failing to provide an answer.


This country is in the grip of a crippling economic crisis.


It surely cannot cope with this influx on its own.


But the other nations of the EU, also weary of austerity,


are implacably divided over how much they can,


It's being heralded as a great scientific breakthrough -


It's called IRF4 and you can bet your bottom dollar women,


in particular, will soon be bombarded with drug products


But why is grey such a problem, equated with decrepitude rather


It's a subject close to the heart of Mary Beard, who I'll be


But first, when many young women are actively embracing grey,


why is it such a big no-no for many of the rest of us?


How would it feel if I was grey for a day?


Next, up to the Newsnight office. My goodness! Wasn't really that


shocking? So why is it that so many women just won't risk grave. The big


story is that grey does not suit them. They were born with a natural


colour and the grey starts to come through and it makes them feel like


they are getting older. The ones that youthful Shane back in their


hair. -- youthful Shane. Can Franklin, the fashion industry


specialist, has been great since her early 30s, so what she make of the


announcement that scientists have discovered a grey Jean? I have to


daughters and we know as of today that part of the reason is genetic.


If you were able to screen it out, to take a magical pill, what would


you have done? My oldest daughter is 23 and she says that she better get


a white streak or else. I hope I have got your package, ma'am, is


what she says. She has seen it and sees that it is distinctive but she


has also seen her friends in their early 20s say to me, I love your


hair. For one enterprising young woman, Gray was a


brilliant business idea. I built my business on grey. It was the first


hair colour we ever did and I did it as a teenager on people in my


bathroom at home. On other teenagers? Yes, people working in


the fashion industry. And it kind of kick-started the bleach empire. Do


you think there is a double standard between men and women going great?


Yes, there is a double standard with all ageing. Men become more


attractive and more intelligent as they get older, there is the Silver


fox but there is no silver vixen. Maybe we are following this trend


and we will start that. Time to find a silver fox. Where would he be but


in the make-up chair? A silver fox in his den. The Queen of Scotland


has arrived. Is this all your own colour? I have been a silver fox


since I was 35. Not so long ago. And you have never been under pressure?


Do you think the standards are different? What women in television


are great? You look good grey but what is wrong with that? It is very


itchy. Is it self-imposed pressure? I think some of my male colleagues


will dye their hair because they think they look better. Otherwise


why do it? Or is it a pressure thing to look younger? Name names. I can't


but some of them are no longer working in this country. The US


elections are very interesting, don't you think? I have been


exploring how different people have reacted to women with grey hair and


we have had some interesting social media reaction to my hair. This is


the female equivalent of a middle-aged man turning up to work


in a Harley-Davidson. Nice to see Andy water hole back on our screens.


That was what I thought! The female equivalent of Paxman's beard.


Subverting the male domination of the broadcasters, good going. All


good fun, but Mary Beard, this is not just a funny issue. Why is it


that women feel so compelled? We will talk about the scientific


evidence in a minute. Why is it? Were talking about this on the


programme I have been making, which goes out on Friday morning. That is


a consistent refrain, I don't want to look old, I want to look younger


and I thought that if I was grey, people would not notice me. I would


no longer be a human, noticeable person. What I think is really


interesting about that is partly what you are showing us, because I


think you look just the same age as when you have your other colour


here. And I don't think you look, in fact I think you look more


impressive and authoritative. You don't look like granny sitting by


the fire. I think first of all there is a kind of misunderstanding of


what going grey does to you. Illion people last year, the but the


countries in between do not agree. On the Macedonian side o It has been


going on for many year, there are Roman women 2,000 years ago who used


to do what we do, pull the first grey hairs out and think I am going


to go bald. If the 16th century, witches, long grey hair but you


know, otherness. But I think you have two things going on here. One


is a sense that grey signals old and I don't want to be old, but I think


that relates to, to a bigger issue about ageing, whether it is in


public or whether it is in the workplace, and, and in a sense, it


relates to a kind of problem about how old women in particular should


feel that they can be. Look I am 61, this is what a 61-year-old woman


looks like, I am fine with that. And if I were to colour my hair, what I


would be saying, is, I don't want to be what I am. And I am happy to be


what I am. It is interesting because you can count on two hands the men


in the BBC who have grey hair and Narey a woman among them. Is it self


imposed attitudes or is there an attitude to women who are grey and


the perception of them on the media? Think that it is classic gender


divide like we were hearing, like you get an old craggy silver fox,


sits on the television, reads the news, compares discussions, with


authority. And the fear is, I think I am really interesting in seeing


you like you are like tonight, it is undermining that fear, the fear is a


woman having grey share, she just looks, it works against her


authority. She looks like somebody we don't have to notice any more.


So, there is two things happening as well. The whole kind of air and make


up industry, feeds into this notion of do anything to get rid of the


grey, that then is compounded by the scientific research which says that


there will be very soon a therapy because it is genetic which will get


rid of the grey. Do you think there is setting up backwards? I think it


is keeping us at the same place. What do we do? We rinse or tint or


colour, to get rid of the grey, in ten, 20, 30 Greers time, if we are


rich, we will take some genetic treatment which will stop us going


grey. Actually I want to say come on, this is going grey, it is not


about your genes it is about getting mature. But, when you talk to the


hairdresser in the salon who said, the problem is that women, because


of how they are viewed, do not have any confidence they want, and they


feel, and also they feel invisible. That is true. That is about


education in schools about programme, the way they are treated


in the Health Service, how they get on in their daily lives. The trouble


is more prominent women decide to colour their hair because that is


the only way they can see they can make it in their careers, the more


the problem is compounded. You know, there are some good models.


Christine Lagarde and you can say, look, you can be, alxxxx actually


you can be grey, powerful, interesting, dynamic, but unless


more people do it, it, and let it go grey, then, we will all be stuck


saying my goodness me, should I just cs I am time expired. Do you feel


you are defined by your grey? Not you personally but people that don't


know you define you by your grey? I think grey is... You are about to do


a programme about civilisation? Grey is part of it. The interesting


thing, people have fixated on grey hair as the sign. You go into the


room, who, is grey, you know the grey vixens and foxes out there,


actually if you look at somebody, being old, isn't just about grey


hair, it is about a series of disadvantages, a series of changing


of the skin, the creaky knees, it is also, there is something liberating


about being old, you know, you are, you grow thicker Sven skin, you are


more confident, you know more. If that is not valued that is the


problem. But we are not going to make it valued if all the people who


are really powerful, older women, try to disguise the fact they are


older women, by colouring their hair. Interestingly speaking to Alex


who made her first business breakthrough by grey but grey for


teenagers, the reason they embraced it was because it was an home


imagine to older women. By the time she gets to 20 she is too old. She


has to go back. It's a youth thing and then a much older thing. One


thing you have to realise, is it isn't just women, I mean, there


is... Men don't want to talk about hair die do they? It is try, I think


-- Dai There is a gender difference, you can be the craggy older man with


the white hair. We know! It is difficult. No-one calls a woman


craggy. We are wrinkly. The thing that surprised me, was first finding


out the number of men who did colour their hair, and then the almost


minuscule, the minuscule number of any of them, as you say who were


prepared to talk about it. One thing I think that is good for women, and


it is an advantage is we can chat about it. You can put a wig on, we


can talk about whether we do, whether we don't, whether I would


like pink streaks, whatever, it is something which is out there, it is


discussible, we eventually, after trying, man after man after man, who


we knew dam well coloured their hair, I couldn't possibly come on


the radio, we eventually found one, one, to come out on the radio. I


thought, well actually poor dears, you know, we spend a lot of time


thinking that women, you know, you know, are the underclass in this


hair business and in some ways they are, but you know, the men can't


even talk about it. They talk about it on your programme One of them


does. Thank you very much indeed. And you can hear Mary's Beard's


programme, Glad to be Grey, on Radio Four on Friday


morning at 11am. Quick look at The Papers and of


course it is on Super Tuesday. ELLOW One of them does. Thank you very


much indeed. Quick look at The Papers and of course it is on Super


Tuesday. ELLOW One of them does. Thank you very much indeed. Quick


look at The Papers and of course it is on Super Tuesday. Donald the


"Hair" apparent. Trump takes aim at Republican establishment. The


Guardian Rolls-Royce warns its staff of Brexit risk.


And finally, on the Daily Telegraph sturgeon's council tax raid and a


picture of that footballer. We leave you with news that this


June, the Tate Modern is to mount a retrospective of the art


of Georgia O'Keeffe. It's hoped that the exhibition


will challenge the widely asserted belief, always dismissed


by the artist herself, that her famous flower paintings


were just thinly disguised Here's a few of them -


paintings, that is - Good afternoon. Wednesday was


certainly a cold day for many of us, we had a bit of everything from


In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Kirsty Wark.

Live from Washington, this edition assesses whether the Republican Party can stop Trump.

Also with live reports from Greece as the migrants stack up on the border.

And with Mary Beard, what is it about women and grey hair?

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