19/08/2016 Newsnight


How has Brazil managed the Olympics? Newsnight speaks to former Brazilian president Lula. Plus atrocities in South Sudan, a Trump campaign shake-up and an Olympic round-up.

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The Games are nearly over, so how did Rio do?


For two weeks, Brazil has been the centre of the world.


We sat down with the country's former president, Lula da Silva.


Aid workers were targeted in South Sudan last month.


Their harrowing stories can tonight be told for the first time.


This sort of acted like a trigger for the soldier


Two shots were fired and he immediately fell to the ground.


Donald Trump's campaign manager is out.


Can Trump pull his Presidential bid back from the brink of defeat?


And Steve Smith takes to his Olympic sofa for the last time.


Wouldn't it be great to have a synchronised swimmer


He'll drag you underwater and do all kinds of


If they awarded medals for Olympic Games organisation,


would Rio get gold, silver, bronze or no place at all on the podium?


The grimmest predictions of chaos, even carnage, haven't come


true, but Brazil remains a country in crisis.


Already beset by economic turmoil and political scandal,


when the bunting's down and Usain Bolt and co have bolted,


it may be left in an even sorrier state than before.


In a moment an exclusive Newsnight interview with Lula da Silva,


Brazil's former President - the man who brought the Olympics


to the country himself now facing corruption allegations.


But first, a look at the Brazil lurking behind


It has the fifth largest population in the world.


For 12 years it was one of the fastest-growing


The "B" of those BRIC countries that Goldman Sachs said would be


at the vanguard of a global economic shift, and despite warnings


that they wouldn't be ready for the Olympics,


Albeit with a couple of garish green swimming pools.


But behind the glamour of the Games, Brazil is fighting a financial


crisis, the Zika epidemic and waves of popular protests.


A high-level investigation - Operation Car Wash -


is delving into allegations of money laundering and corruption


in the state-controlled oil company, Petrobras.


The country now has a budget deficit standing at 10%


of its GDP and 11 million people are unemployed.


35% of the population live in poverty and the country records


nearly 60,000 violent deaths every year.


The president, Dilma Rousseff, is currently suspended,


accused of obstructing justice and facing impeachment


for alleged financial mismanagement of the economy.


Her mentor, former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva ruled over


He started work as a shoeshine boy and street vendor, rising to power


A left-wing populist praised by President Obama,


he oversaw the bid to bring the Olympic Games to Rio and won


the sort of approval ratings most international leaders can


But now he, too, is charged with misconduct in the Operation


He is being formally charged with trying to obstruct justice


in the corruption scandal at the state oil company Petrobras.


So, will his country's decline prove a precursor


to his own or could there be a second post-Olympic act


for the Brazilian economic miracle and a reputational resurrection


BBC Brazil's Julia Carneiro spoke exclusively for Newsnight to former


You've been formally charged for trying to obstruct


justice in the corruption scandal at state oil


company Petrobras, and now


you have appealed to the United Nations, to the Human Rights


Why did you decide to go to the United Nations?


You have been talking about a witchhunt from the


media, from prosecutors, but on the other hand, you're also


Is it not fair that these investigations be carried out?


With the way things are going, do you fear being arrested?


What was the legacy that you had envisioned


from the Olympics, and how do you think things will be now,


Many of Brazil's problems were exposed


during the Olympic Games, like the lack


were robbed - how do you think that this


affected the image of the


What made you proud and what embarrassed you?


With the situation that we're seeing right


now in the country, do you worry for Brazil in the next year?


Thank you very much, President Lula.


Already facing allegations of being a candidate without a campaign,


Donald Trump today lost the man ostensibly in charge


Paul Manafort, who became campaign chairman just two months


ago after the previous incumbent was fired,


resigned after the publication of revelations detailing his ties


to pro-Russian interests and the former Ukrainian President,


Shortly before coming on air, I spoke to our correspondent,


Tom Burridge, who is in the Ukrainian capital,


I asked him first whether, in the absence of a concrete reason


for Manafort's resignation, it was likely that those


Ukrainian connections had played a significant part.


Yes, I think the primary reason is probably to do


The Trump campaign nosediving for a shake-up and Paul Manafort goes.


But the Ukrainian end of the thing hasn't been going away either.


Essentially, Paul Manafort's name appears in these documents


It is alleged to be a kind of black book, if you like,


Paul Manafort's name appears 22 times on 19 pages.


If you take the figures corresponding to the 22 entries


with Paul Manafort's name, add up those figures


of the 22 entries and you get a figure of $12.7 million.


Now, there is no suggestion or evidence that Paul Manafort has


received any of the money listed in these documents and in


a statement earlier in the week he said that the idea


that he received any cash payments is unfounded,


But the anti-corruption bureau here in Ukraine and the MP


who received these documents and has investigated is certain


that they are kosher, that the documents are genuine.


And all this, of course, unfolding against the backdrop


of Mr Trump's relatively warm rhetoric towards Vladimir Putin?


Yes, firstly some comments that riled people here in Ukraine


when Donald Trump in an interview on a US network said that


from the people he had spoken to, most people he thought in Crimea


were happy that Russia had annexed the peninsula and also,


as you say, he said on many occasions that


President Putin is someone he could do business with.


On the other hand, his campaign manager until today,


Paul Manafort, was a man who came here to Ukraine for nigh on a decade


doing political consultancy work and PR work for the former


president, Viktor Yanukovich, the man, of course, who fled this


country in 2014 after turning his back on the association agreement


with the European Union in favour of a deal with Russia.


And then he was, of course, forced from power.


On the one hand you could say that Paul Manafort was doing political


consultancy work for a foreign government and he


On the other hand you could say he was working for a regime


and a leader that was corrupt to the core and he helped keep


And joining us now from New York is Jason Meister, a Trump supporter


To lose one campaign chief might be considered misfortune, to lose two


of them is beginning to look like crass incompetence. How can he run


our country? That is a good media spin but that is not what is really


happening, we have come of the best week so far since the Cleveland


Convention, our opinion poll numbers are narrowing and that is of the


back of registered voters as opposed to likely voters and what the media


has missed in this election is the enthusiasm behind Trump supporters


and voters, the turnout has been historic, the only candidate in


history that has as many votes in the primary... I want to be clear


that I have not missed anything, you had a 2% lead for Clinton in the LA


Times, another had 5%, YouGov has 6%, NBC has 9%, I am possibly


missing something. He get rid of Manafort because things are going so


well? Things are going well. He got rid of the campaign chief because


things are going well? Things are going well and at certain times


during the campaign it calls for certain skills and Bannon is an


incredible guy for the home stretch and what everyone is missing is what


the American people are faced with. This campaign is not about what


someone says in the rally, this is about the issues facing America. The


economy, national security, and immigration. These are the three


issues that voters will be voting on when it comes to election day. And


what is Hillary Clinton? The poster child of what is wrong with


Washington, DC. And this election is about the outsider. This is about


Donald Trump's campaign and I am sorry to Labour this, can you


explain by you get rid of the campaign chief when things are


going, under your analysis, which is perhaps a little bit subjective,


going so well? Any other example where you would get rid of the man


in charge when things go brilliantly? Like I said, during the


campaign certain skills have an impact on the campaign, I think the


home stretch, we have the right people in place and Donald Trump, he


has stayed on message. He is talking about the economy and national


security. And we're going to start to see, and what you start to see is


what is Hillary Clinton? They are... There is criminal tools to this.


Bribery. What is Bannon has to do before Mr Trump gets rid of him? How


good do you have to be? I think if we stay on message and we let, we


peel the onion on the corruption and criminality and the pay for play,


Americans do not want corruption in Washington and we're going to have


to get rid of that and change it and that is what Trump represents. OK.


Some of the other elements of Mr Trump is my campaign have attracted


attention and I would like your personal reaction. I think you have


a daughter, when she's old enough to have a job, if she is sexually


harassed, would you be comfortable with the advice that she should find


another job? That is what Mr Trump suggest. I think you need to look at


the economy. We want to look at statements he is making in the


campaign and what you think about them. How do you feel about his


suggestion that victims of sexual harassment should just find new


jobs? That is not what this election is about. It is about the issues,


and we need to stay focused on the issues and stay on message. And the


message tonight is, things are going so well, we've sacked our campaign


chief. Thank you very much indeed for your time.


For almost three years, South Sudan, the world's youngest country,


has been involved in a bloody and complex multi ethnic civil war


between rival factions loyal to President Salva Kiir,


from the Dinka ethnic group, and Riek Machar, who is ethnic Nuer.


Right now, a tentative ceasefire is in place but in June fighting


On July 11th, the compound at Hotel Terrain, which housed teams


of international staff from a several organisations -


many who were aid workers - was overrun by South Sudanese troops


fresh from winning a battle with opposition forces.


Their rampage saw one Nuer journalist murdered,


women raped and gang raped, dozens of staff assaulted


A United Nations base was just up the road,


less than a mile away, and the UN is now being


accused of not responding properly to the attack.


This is the story of that day, told to Newsnight by five


of the people who were there - two Americans, a Philippine aid


worker called Gian Libot, and two other Westerners.


To protect their identities, we have asked actors


I must warn you this film contains deeply distressing


Monday morning was stressful but it wasn't out of the ordinary anymore.


So we were actually feeling pretty good until someone said there had


I don't remember who, but they said that the soldiers had


breached the front gate and coming into the compound.


So I sent my first message to the UN to say that our gate had been


breached and that was one of many messages that I sent


We heard people breaking into the compound.


They were shooting and stealing things.


About an hour later they figured out where we were and they methodically


So I was hiding underneath the bed at the first sign of


And the first thing they did was shout.


"Where is the money, where is the laptop,


They kept asking people, what is your nationality,


John was one of our local colleagues and he sought refuge with us


because he thought he would be safer with his international colleagues.


When the soldiers first entered the building they saw John run


from one of the apartment rooms and they grabbed him.


They threw him to the ground and they started beating


And while this was happening a few of the soldiers came


One of the distinct words that came out was a word, "Nuer",


and this sort of acted like a trigger for the soldier


Two shots were fired and he immediately


It was clear the situation had really escalated.


Successive waves of soldiers came into the room and they separated


I was trapped in a room and repeatedly raped.


Sometimes by one person, sometimes with many people in the room.


Until I was taken out of that room and I was put in another room and it


I went to hide inside the bathroom with another 11 people.


Everyone was trying to write messages on Facebook,


One of the soldiers looked me right in the eye.


And he started aggressively patting me down.


He put a gun to my head and he said, "if you don't have sex with me then


every soldier in the room will have sex with you and then


So he made it very clear that there really wasn't another option.


And he was telling me to "open your legs, open your legs".


So then he pulled my pants off completely and took


Some of the soldiers were aggressive and they kept shouting


And they tried to get the others involved,


Some of the soldiers wanted to sit down and make small talk,


like we were on on some sort of date.


One of them, it wasn't one of the ones who raped me,


And I said, your soldiers raped me and I'm upset


Because this is the work of God and not the work of man.


It was about 7pm, 7.30pm later that day and we were extracted


We actually got taken to the National Security building


and there were again many men in uniforms standing around.


They were all pretending they didn't know what had happened to us.


And at that point, one of my colleagues was saying,


I don't think you understand what we have just been through.


And this man said, I'm sorry for the inconvenience


I went out and tried to see if there was anybody,


These soldiers saw me and ordered me to go to this apartment.


And with his gun he touched me everywhere.


He ordered me to take my pants off and I saw my friend being raped.


And he ordered me to go there and I had to wait


Then they went away and there was this long and terrible


Generally, the compound has security lighting.


And it was actually just pitch black.


There was rubble everywhere because they had upended everything


I kept creeping out of my hiding place every so often to listen


I wanted to get out of there and find a time when I could run


We could see John's body was still on the ground.


And we covered it with a sheet out of respect.


The first moment that I understood that morning has arrived,


Once I heard the birds I said to my friend,


the birds are singing, morning has arrived.


We survive, we were whisked out of the country and given


We are taken back to our homes that are in relatively stable parts


of the world and we are looked after.


It's a horrific experience and a traumatic thing


For the women of South Sudan, that experience of rape in a much


more violent way and much more often than we ever would, but they didn't


Actors there, reading the real testimony of


The UN has been criticised for not acting quickly enough


to come to the aid of those in the Hotel Terrain,


and today we asked to speak to someone from the organisation,


This week, a statement from the UN Secretary General's office said that


"due to the gravity of these incidents" Ban Ki Moon has decided


to "launch an independent special investigation to determine


the circumstances surrounding these incidents and to evaluate


Well, tonight Newsnight bids a warm farewell to the Rio Olympics,


but we couldn't leave without a final word


from our Olympics correspondent Stephen Smith.


In tonight's Throne of Games season finale, he is joined


by the original Man Behaving Badly, Neil Morrissey, now an in-demand


We drop out on the last lap as Fiona Bruce goes


I've got a couple of confessions to make to the viewers who have


First of all, I never was in the British Olympics Deck


Quoits team, as I wrote in the book that accompanies this series.


Secondly, it's not my flat but it belongs to a familiar face.


I don't think I've ever seen it look so tidy!


I saw this lovely layout in Exchange and Mart.


Kirsty, you can't possibly live here.


I can see where you are getting your ideas from but I made Men


Behaving Badly for nearly 20 years and in real life we actually


We have turned into Olympoholics in our house.


It has been complete Olympomania.


Do I look like I've got a bit of red eye?


We have been sitting up to like four o'clock in the morning every day.


You have hit out this week at the perhaps


unrecognised horror of exploding laundry.


Tea towels, if they're not washed correctly, with all the grease


removed from them, when they go into the tumble dryer,


which is on quite a high heat as well, they can ignite.


I never thought we would hear that from Neil Morrissey.


Very, very precise, those pattern changes.


Wouldn't it be great to have a synchronised swimmer


He'll drag you underwater and do all kinds of things to you!


Apparently, being an Olympian smarts a little bit but it is nothing


like the day-to-day grind of an acting schedule.


I've got empathy with them, of course.


They think they work hard, but come on!


Now, did you offer them the cane work?


Did you say, I can bring something extra,


There's some decent points out of this discipline.


All that practice and he went the wrong side.


He knocked the bar off with his penis.


Gravity has shifted the member into a position and it hasn't


I'll leave it there, I think we've got the idea.


Good evening. It while since we last had a weekend like this one, a very


windy weekend and a very wet one. As well. On Saturday, we could see


destructive winds, particularly across England and Wales. Coastal


gusts of 50-60 mph. Big waves crashing onto shore, even inland,




How has Brazil managed the Olympics? Newsnight speaks to former Brazilian president Lula. Plus atrocities in South Sudan, a Trump campaign shake-up and Steve Smith's Olympic round-up.

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