11/07/2017 Newsnight


With Mark Urban. New email links between Trump and Russia have emerged. Plus an undercover investigation into 'exploitative' working conditions by a UK cosmetics company.

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Could these emails change everything for Trump?


Has the claim of collusion between his campaign


Also tonight, a Newsnight investigation reveals shocking high


For 90 hours I have received ?200, which is less than ?3 an hour.


The issue once again is claimed collusion between the Trump


The president and those around him have repeatedly denied knowledge


of any alleged attempt by Moscow to swing last autumn's election.


But today, Donald Trump's son, Donald Junior, was forced to release


a string of emails suggesting he knowingly met last summer


with Russian officials who promised to dish dirt on Hillary Clinton.


Today, Democratic Senator Tim Kaine - Mrs Clinton's running mate -


said, "in terms of what's being investigated,


this is moving into perjury, false statements and even


A former Watergate prosecutor described the emails


The president, meanwhile, defended his son as "a high quality


They only actually met last week but the exact relationship between


President Trump and his Russian counterpart is a constant theme


among critics. There were plenty of allegations but not much fact. Now,


details of a meeting between meeting Willett were members of the Trump


campaign and a Russian lawyer have changed that. The picture is rapidly


evolving, the President's son having to shift his position over the last


three days and the publication of fresh details of the meeting in June


last year by the New York Times prompted the President's eldest son


to release what he said was the entire e-mail chain. On the 3rd of


June, Rob Goldstone, a British publicist acting for Russian clients


told Mr Trump Junior that he could introduce him to someone who had


been briefed by the Russian authorities who...


The tycoon's son replied within minutes saying...


On the 7th of June, the date having been set for the meeting, Mr


Goldstone referred to the person coming over as ... Donald Trump Jr


replied that the meeting would take place at Trump Tower in New York.


In releasing the e-mails, Donald Trump Jr wrote that he was being


totally transparent and reiterated that the Russian lawyer, Natalia


Veselnitskaya,... Had no information to provide and wanted to talk about


adoption policy. Earlier today the lawyer insisted that she was never


in possession of information that could have damaged Hillary Clinton


but that Trump's people definitely wanted it. TRANSLATION: It's quite


possible that maybe they were looking for such information, they


wanted it so badly. Rob Goldstone has previously told the New York


Times that the meeting produced no new information. He has also


clarified that the lawyer was not a Kremlin official. The President's


legal team have said that he was not aware and did not attend the June


meeting. But the e-mail publication raises questions about the various


shifts in Donald Trump Jr's position on the meeting, from initially


denying he had anything -- he had -- it had anything to do with the


Hillary Clinton campaign. The BBC's Paul Wood has been


investigating President Trump's alleged links with Russia


since last summer. You come in on a day when you were


moving house, I think, so I assume you think this is areas? You


couldn't miss this, there have been many bad days for the club


administration on Russia and this is the worst, the most serious. First


principles, the US intelligence agencies and say that Russia


interfered in the US presidential election and did so to get Mr Trump


elected. The White House has always denied that narrative, a senior


official said that it was political, from the top of the agencies. I


think it will be difficult for the White House to keep to this line now


that we have Donald Trump Jr accenting a meeting on the basis


that it is the Russian government trying to hand over information --


Axar Patel a meeting. Hundreds of FBI agents are looking at whether


the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian intelligence services,


specifically, according to members of the Obama administration who saw


the intelligence, it is alleged that members of the Trump campaign


directed the Kremlin to which Democratic party members to hack.


Looking at these e-mail exchanges that Donald Trump Jr published


today, the meeting was not about telling the Russians where to hack,


he was being offered official Russian information, damaging to


Hillary Clinton allegedly, but not the result of illegal actions on US


soil, according to those e-mails. That may not help him much, not


least because if you cast your mind back to the Christopher Steele


dossier, the former MI6 man who got things running with this report, he


said that there had been an eight year exchange of information between


Russia and the Trump campaign and this information fits into that. One


network anchor said today that it Donald Trump Jr wasn't colluding,


then he was collusion curious. You have given some hints about your


contact with people from the administration and we have seen a


tweet from the president saying, who wouldn't be interested in


information from the opposition? Is that the line they are going to


take? What is their strategy? I think they are in a panic. It was


telling that the White House press briefing wasn't on camera and the


spokesperson said, talk to the lawyers, when asked a question.


Telling that Donald Trump Jr changed his story. His explanation was


initially that he was meeting about Russian orphans being adopted by


American parents but when the New York Times had the e-mails, he went


public. I think you can see the white house falling back on the


naivete defence, we have heard this from their supporters in Congress,


saying that they were not involved in politics before, they did not


know what they were getting into, they did not realise that they were


breaking the law, that was the defence when Jared Kushner did not


mention a meeting with a Russian ambassador on his official forms.


Whether that works, remains to be seen. There is an investigation,


probably more to come out. Having spoken to three intelligence sources


who have seen classified intercepts they have said there is no specific


conversation speaking of a conspiracy but there are a number of


suspicious contacts and that is what this investigation will be looking


at. You can bet if the New York Times has the transcript then the


intelligence services have many more of them. This is the worst day so


far but I think there will be more bad days on Russia for the club


administration to come. Thank you, you'd better get back to your moving


-- for the Trump administration. Michael Wolff is writing a book


about President Donald He has been a critic of the liberal


media. I asked him what he made of the


latest chapter in the saga. This is a real one. We now have evidence,


and let's be very precise about what we do now know, we now know that the


Russian government reached out to embrace the Trump campaign and that


the Trump campaign was very willing to be embraced by the Russian


government. Now, there's no crime there that we know of yet but we


certainly are a big step forward that to the Stourton stands -- to


the circumstance in which there could be collusion in the commission


of a crime and that's in Portland because just to establish collusion,


as the Trump people are saying today, is not a crime -- that's


important because. What about electoral law, soliciting a foreign


contribution, doesn't that put Donald Trump Jr into difficult legal


waters? I think that's kind of a sideshow at this point. One of the


other aspects of this is going on is the media response to this, which is


a paroxysm of glee and delight and I told you so and "Game over". The


media has gone through this paroxysm many times before and if the media


has done anything on this story, it's gotten ahead of where the story


really is. So, this is... This has taken a clear step forward but it is


by no means where the media thinks it is or thinks it is where it


should be. People have obviously got carried away, we note Mr Trump has


plenty of enemies in the liberal media but you yourself, as someone


with very good... I would like to clarify that, everyone in De Lima


will -- everyone in the liberal media is a Trump any make -- is a


Trump enemy. This has not been judged by a court yet, there hasn't


been a real legal thrashing out of the issue but it is important and


quantitatively different. No, you have just taken a major leap beyond


what we know. It's not a question of a court. You couldn't at this point


say what crime may have been committed here. It looks terrible,


they associate with really a lot of dubious characters, it is Russia,


after all. I mean, the story couldn't sound, appear worse, but,


but, there is no nexus in which anyone can establish a crime. Just


taking dirt from the Russians on Hillary Clinton isn't a crime.


It's a benefit potentially under the law. No. If somebody's -- somebody


slipped you a little Mickey here. Forget the electoral laws, it is not


relevant. You have done bad research on this. You have good lines into


the Trump White House, you have good access. How obsessed do you think


the president has become with this issue? We heard reports at the time


of the James Comey dismissal of him saying to the Russians, I get rid of


the problem. This seems to be an issue that has bedevilled him. There


is no question about this. The president is... This is top of mind


for the president, top of mind forever be in the White House. They


have taken steps, structural steps, to deal with this. They have


modelled their response after the way the Clintons handled Monica


Lewinsky. Which resulted in the impeachment of the present, by the


way. This is central to what is going on in the White House right


now. Thank you so much. Where does this go from here?


Mark Mazzetti is the Washington Investigations Editor


He has been overseeing the paper's investigations


Can I just start by asking you, doesn't this meeting in June 2016,


and the fact that these people in Trump Tower seemed so keen to take


it, suggest there was no pipeline or formal connections with the Russians


until this point? I mean, I wouldn't draw eye conclusions either way


necessarily. Certainly there were contacts, there was a relationship


going back several years before -- between Donald Trump Jr and the man


associated with the Miss universe pageant in 2013. I would be careful


and I would be caution everybody else to not draw direct conclusions


either way about this meeting, and to not go beyond where the facts


are. We know based on the reporting of the last several days that this


meeting was brokered because Donald Trump Jr believed the Russian


government had damaging information about Hillary Clinton, and was very


eager to take the meeting. We're still trying to figure out what


became of that, if anything. What information was discussed. I think


it is a significant development in that we now have a detail about a


significant meeting, but there is more work to be done to put pieces


together either way. Where does it take us in terms of the familiar


Trump allegation that the Trump Tower was bogged? Just in terms of


potential incidental collection by US intelligence agencies, that may


have brought these e-mails to light, does that suggest there was into --


incidental collection in that case? Not at all. No one has alleged that


these e-mails were intercepted by US intelligence agencies, or American


law-enforcement. So no, there has been no suggestion at all. You


saying they weren't? In sync there is absolutely no evidence to suggest


that. -- I'm saying. The whole story will come at ride. Nothing reported


so far suggests there was any involvement of American intelligence


agencies. Where do you take your investigation next? What are you


hunting for in terms of connections and communications between these key


individuals? A lot of it is where the same questions remain. Was there


a concerted effort between the Trump campaign under the Russian


government to share information, to coordinate on message, to some are


actively try to help Donald Trump? We saw from this meeting that there


was at least interest on the part of the Trump campaign. It does not show


that there was an active campaign of collusion or really that there was


any direct evidence that their actions taken that had any impact.


There are still questions about the president, there are still questions


about some of his advisers and a lot of stuff -- suspicious contacts that


need to be run to ground. Clearly we will watch the pages of your paper


and await your next instalment. Thank you very much.


What's happening to the workplace, workers' rights, and how


the government regulates or taxes all this?


They're big questions, which Matthew Taylor


attempted to answer today, as he published his review


But will the government implement it?


And do companies even observe the rules in their present form?


Newsnight teamed up to with colleagues from BBC London


to investigate the work practices of one high street company -


and the results, such as pay equivalent to one third


We have been investigating a company working in some of the UK's


We found workers exhausted and controlled.


Seemingly paid below the minimum wage and denied key work benefits.


In what's called bogus self-employment.


There are none of the hallmarks there, really,


But worse still, this seems to me to be exploitation of workers.


This is our undercover researcher Carla - not her real name.


She will try to get a job in a company called Soap Co,


who sell skin products from the Dead Sea.


They have got stores across London, including at one of the UK's


largest shopping centres, Westfield.


Carla has been invited for an interview with


And was clear about one thing right from the start.


And Carla goes on to sign the contract.


Plenty of references to her being self-employed,


The key though isn't necessarily what's in the contract.


It's what actually happens in practice.


She should be able to choose as someone who is self-employed.


But she has to work a schedule at Soap Co


at Westfield Shopping Centre, and also at Covent Garden,


She commences work, selling skincare products on commission,


And staff are compelled to work with only one day off a week.


Do you know if we can take days off on the weekends?


We're not allowed two days off, are we?


A self-employed person would ordinarily be free to do the work,


or not to do the work, on a given day.


And if they chose not to do the work, then they have the right


to provide a substitute, someone else to do that


And that's not what we saw was happening here.


And it quickly becomes clear that staff are heavily controlled,


forced to clean without pay, reprimanded for arriving


I didn't realise I was running late, sorry.


And subject to intense scrutiny, and penalties, including


Some of the workers Carla speaks to are exhausted


So you've been here like six hours, five hours?


Snezhana from Bulgaria, like many of the workers here,


was recruited from abroad by Soap Co, with the offer of


When people are pushing you and they stress you every day -


six days, 12 hours, you are under stress all the time -


and in one moment you are like, OK, that's it for me,


I was thinking that I would come to do something with my life.


And after that, I become like without any money.


Basically, they left me without nothing.


By claiming staff are self-employed, this company avoid having to pay


a whole host of in work benefits, such as sick and holiday pay


And when Carla collects her first pay packet, it is well under


the National Minimum Wage for the hours she has worked.


For 90 hours I have received ?200, which makes it


Arpita Dutt is one of several employment lawyers who have


now reviewed the BBC's evidence and footage.


It reminds me of our bygone days, those days where we used to have


Based on all the evidence that I've seen, this is false self-employment.


And this is much more an employment relationship than any I have seen.


But unfortunately, quite an exploitative


Soap Co says it takes its responsibilities under


UK law very seriously, and are extremely concerned


about the allegations about their company's working arrangements.


They are now reviewing those allegations and the implications,


if any, regarding the employment status of those who work with them.


We also tried to contact these managers we filmed.


Bogus self-employment allows companies to get away with not


spending vast amounts of cash on their staff.


We have been told of many similar cases of employment laws


being abused, orkers exploited, their basic rights denied.


Westfield told us tonight, that the company was concerned


about the reports regarding Soap Co, but was unable to comment


In a statement, the firm said shops in their stores were responsible


Separately, we should point out that our report


There is another organisation with a similar name - The Soap Co -


but it has no connections to Soap Co.


It has been described as the worst treatment disaster


Between 1970 and 1991, around 6,000 people became infected


with hepatitis C after receiving blood products from the NHS.


Another 1,500 were infected with HIV.


Most had been receiving treatment for haemophilia.


More than 2,000 are since believed to have died.


In the years since then, governments have apologised and some of those


But calls for a full public inquiry into the scandal have


Today that changed, when Theresa May announced unexpectedly


to her cabinet that she would order an inquiry, precise


The move may not have been entirely unconnected to the threat


the Prime Minister faced of potentially losing a Commons


vote on an emergency motion on the subject.


I want to ensure that this inquiry is going to provide the answers


that the victims and their families want, as to how this


And they have waited too long for these answers.


What we want to do is talk with the families, talk to them


about the shape that this inquiry should take, so we ensure


that it is able to provide the answers and justice


One of those who has been waiting for almost two decades for light


to be shone onto the scandal of the NHS' contaminated


Her father Steven was a haemophiliac who contracted Hepatitis C and HIV


through a contaminated blood transfusion in the mid 1980s.


Before he realised he had unknowingly passed HIV


to his wife Barbara and when Lauren was just nine years old,


she lost both her parents in the space of eight days.


Having gone through that terrible tragedy, did you feel all so that


you were growing up with a stigma? Massively. I was told that I


couldn't breathe a word of what had happened, with the association, the


stigma around HIV alone. So I never spoke of it when I was younger at


all. It's only really recently, the last couple of years that I've been


more open about it, especially with my job as well, it's quite


encouraged because charity is based around HIV so I've started telling


my story but yes, growing up, it was literally just, couldn't talk about


it. Who did you live with after this happened? Why was taken into care by


legal guardianship of my auntie and uncle, my mother's sister at the


time. What does today's announcement mean to you? Such a relief, it


couldn't have been better news. I know for a fact that so many people


have been fighting for this outcome for many, many years. I'm one of the


lucky ones, I've literally just come into the campaign off the back of


the panorama TV show but there are people who have been relentlessly


fighting and continually campaigning for this for such a long time. I am


beyond happy with the results today. It wasn't expected so even more of a


relief I think for us all. You say that it wasn't expected and it's 20


years. Presumably for much of your life you've gone through this


assuming that this thing would never be properly dealt with and you would


never receive a real explanation, of everything that happened and why.


No, this... Like you say, very unexpected but we are over the moon


with it and it is just the beginning now. It's going to take a long time,


a long fight to get the real truth and justice and answers about what


actually happened. What is the end point of the process? Is it seeing


people in the dock, prosecutions? It is close off all of us who have been


affected, and those who have been infected, because no one has been


accountable for it -- it is closure for all of us. We want to know what


happened, how it happened, how a mistake of this magnitude can occur.


We just want answers, that's all we want, we want justice, for the


system to be... And if that means people being taken to court, as


happened in France for example, then that's part of the process for you?


It is, yes. To what extent did your parents understand the cause of what


had happened to them and to what extent would they have wanted to see


this day? I know my mum was fighting for about three years before she


passed away, and she never got anywhere with it. It was passed onto


my aunt, who then continually tried to find answers and fought for a


good few years, but it fell on deaf ears and didn't amount to anything


so now I am holding the flag for my mum, doing it for her and the other


families that have been affected by this. A real community out there


now. We all want the same thing, that's what we all want. Thank you


so much for explaining that to us. Thank you for having me.


The Grenfell Tower tragedy has yielded many


From some miraculously saved, to others who had to leave


behind family members, never to see them again.


Many of us probably remember the story of a 16-year-old girl


who sat her GCSE exams in her pyjamas the morning


after that dreadful night, one month ago.


That was Ines Alves, who lived on the 13th floor.


Well, her mother, Fatima Alves, hasn't spoken publicly before


about what the family has been through.


But she and her husband have been recounting their experience


to our special correspondent, Katie Razall.


Many people, they passed away, they died, they are ashes now.


Keeping busy helps Miguel Alves forget.


Now, ironically, he and his wife are at a fundraiser for victims


of recent fires in Portugal, his home country.


They put on a brave face but they are tormented


by what happened in the home they owned and had lived


The worst thing is seeing the people waving and banging


When I close my eyes, every time I can still see them,


We met them again a few days later at their hotel.


It seems unreal, even now, a month after it seems unreal.


I think in my mind, I still have that hope...


I'm going to my flat, you know, wake up from the nightmare and say


this was just a nightmare, we all go back to that place


where we built ourselves, you know, with love.


Famously, their daughter, Ines, sat her chemistry GCSE


I said, you can't go like that when she said


You can't go because you have no uniform and she said,


I've been studying very hard, I'm not going to miss my exam.


For this past month, the Alveses have reflected


Continue our lives, with or without the belongings.


And I know that there are people much worse than us,


they lost their belongings and they lost their families.


I think we are the luckiest family in the building.


That's because although their children were already


upstairs in the flat, the Alves parents arrived home


as the fire was starting and, as luck would have it,


they got into the lift with two men going to the floor


They exited at the fourth floor and we saw smoke,


so our instinct was to get out of the lift, straight


to the staircase and he said to me, you go down to the garage and get


the phone I left in the car, while I go upstairs


And they woke up all the neighbours, the our children and then


when I came out of the building I asked, I opened the door


for the firefighters, they were arriving at that moment


I led them to the staircase and then I asked one of them,


is it safe to stay in the building, and he said no, you stay here.


I said yeah but my children and my husband are upstairs


because at that moment my husband was already upstairs in the flat.


And he said yes, but my husband and children are upstairs


in the flat and he said, which floor, and I said 13.


He said to tell them to stay inside, close the doors


Of course we now know that was the advice given


to many of the families in Grenfell on the night and was part


Fortunately for everyone on the 13th floor, Miguel didn't heed it.


I was calm when I went out to get the kids, I was very calm.


I thought it was too much to wake them up but I did anyway.


Even if I broke the rules, they are there to be broken sometimes.


The family turned down the offer of a flat, holding out for more


A month has passed but for them it's as if time stands still.


I know there was a distance between us but it was like


looking at us, help, help, help, begging and waving


with the clothes and torches outside the window,


and saying, I'm here, I'm here, and we


Me and my husband went to a police officer,


a policeman and we said there are a lot of people


inside the flats and he said, calm down, the firefighters


are inside, they deal with the situation, they know


what to do and we trust because they are professionals,


The family treasure the few videos and photos


Their daughter playing piano with a young friend,


but nothing can bring back their home or the


Every day I look for that tower and...


That's it for today, which also happens to be the first


anniversary of Theresa May becoming leader of the Conservative Party,


and shortly thereafter, Prime Minister.


And for Mrs May, it included one particularly long night.


I hereby declare that May, Theresa Mary has been duly elected.


I'd like to ask the successful candidate to come up


My pitch is very simple, I'm Theresa May and I think I'm


the best person to be Prime Minister of this country.


You have a job but you don't always have job security.


I have just chaired a meeting of the Cabinet, where we agreed


that the government should call a general election.


That the only way to guarantee certainty and stability


for the years ahead is to hold this election.


Jeremy Corbyn will find himself alone and naked in the negotiating


I wanted to achieve a larger majority and I'm sorry.


When future generations look back at this time,


they will judge us not only by the decision that we made, but by


Hallo, heavy rain continuing to slowly clear


With Mark Urban. New email links between Trump and Russia have emerged. Plus an undercover investigation into 'exploitative' working conditions by a UK cosmetics company, the contaminated blood inquiry, and the families of Grenfell victims.

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