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And later in the programme - a slice of chocolate cake goes down


very nicely but should news the news? There was a lot of


complaint about the coverage of Whitney Houston coverage.


The build-up to the funeral took almost an hour and it was clear the


servers would not be a brief one. Already the complaints were coming


in. Barry Smith wrote, I'm very sad but not something a news channel


should spend so much time on. A very poor decision on your editor's


part. As the hours went on, the BBC stayed with the funeral. One viewer


thought we were pandering to the popular glossy magazine culture.


You should have a redirected viewers who wanted to see this to a


live strain on your website and a debate into coverage every now and


then. Just before the non-stop coverage hit the four-hour mark,


the channel decided enough was enough but that upset her a couple


who e-mailed: It was unfailing, unthinking and disrespectful.


Especially to the minister. To answer those 0.5 and joined by the


editor responsible. And another viewer who got in touch with us.


was as sad and as anyone to hear about Whitney Houston's death. She


was successful and a great artist bar when I switched the news


channel on on Saturday evening to watch the news, I was astounded. I


sat there for over an hour with the firm belief that any moment it


would cut away to the actual news. It did not happen. I would like to


ask why he thought it was necessary to continue with the coverage of


this funeral which was clearly not serious news? These are decisions


are quite difficult. The actual service was a significant news


event, a live news event. Once you are in it, te in it, tpart of the


audience that wants to stay with it. The decisions are quite complicated.


In terms of the coverage, the news and Channel had BBC One are running


a normal news range of stories. The wet side also had a range of


stories and they were radio bulletins. Unless there was a


significant big breaking news, you are committed to a live event. You


wanna completely in control of the duration. The moment you pull away


from it, there will be plenty of people in the audience offended by


that. People on the desks, they were watching it quite closely and


stuck with it for good editorial reasons. Imagine for the moment --


imagine for the moment you were the editor, what kind of coverage


should you have offered? It should have been edited highlights. There


were plenty of channelof channel websites which could have been used


to string it life. I do not think it was worthy of BBC international


news channel. Four hours non-stop, that is


bordering on the ridiculous? four hours was not something we


envisaged. But he knew it had to be a live event. We were there to


cover live in years. A live news event. There were other stories


going on but there was nothing competing. If you look get the


coverage across all of the channels, you will find that all the channels


decision. We do not get everything the point you're making. There are


people like Gareth who are frustrated. But on the night itself,


about one million people were watching between 5 and 630. Those


people thought it was the right decisions are we have to balance


the app. What about the view that the BBC is too obsessed with


celebrities, particularly US celebrities. That they should cover


more stories from a Europe of rather than America? With respect,


that is the point and have a bit of a dispute with. If you look at the


coverage on the news channel, you will find we are not obsessed by


celebrities or entertainment. The agenda is incredibly wide. We had


done a lot out of Syria. In terms of the BBC just, I would recommend


that people look at the BBC Trust website. There was a report in


terms of news channel and what we're doing and what audiences


thing. You will find that our agenda there could be a pretty


the viewer, do you think the BBC is to celebrity obsessed? Yes. It is


the same when the award season comes around. The BBC seems


obsessed about telling us all about the parties. The oldest argument,


it is not really news. The time is really pressures and there are a


lot of stories going on. People are affected by certain events would be


delighted to see a couple of minutes's coverage for their


courses. Things that never get talked about at will. It is a place


for news about celebrities but it is not on the news channel. Thank


you both for coming into the studio. Over the course of the week, Syria


featured prominently particularly which the death of the Sunday Times


journalist married Col von. She had spoken earlier tours. Just today,


shelling started. I counted 14 shells in the civilian area. Within


30 seconds. There was at a clinic, if you could call it a clinic - it


is an apartment, I watched a little baby died today. Absolutely


horrific. The pictures that followed, though partly pixelated,


upset several viewers. Have you wrote: I was sickened to watch a


fatally injured child in its fatal moments. Surely the description


given was realistic enough. This apparently voyeuristic scene should


have been a private moment. Also causing concern was a newspaper


review on the last Sunday's broke first. Losing weight. An


astonishing story. She has lost eight stones in a year on a lighter


life died. She just has great Umar. -- light and life diet. Credit with


helping the woman with losing We asked breakfast for a response


We featured last week the on screen star of two presenters. On Tuesday,


viewers were divided. Tracey, I am going to bring the floor manager on.


My favourite chocolate. They chocolate cake. Send you so much.


- thank you so much. It looks tasty but on a series of news and


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