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Episode 4

Stephen Nolan probes the issues that matter over lively debate with interesting guests.

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Welcome along to the big show and what a show we have tonight!


Bob Geldof is here with his Boomtown Rats.


And of course we'll be discussing the big issues that you want to talk


There've been massive political developments across these islands


Scotland is calling for another independence referendum,


Sinn Fein want a border poll, and in Dublin, Michael Martin


is looking at a paper on Irish Unification,


and the Taoiseach wants a referendum about Irish people north


of the border being allowed to vote in their presidential elections.


So big, big shifts happening post-Brexit, and then


Ireland is told, get over it, don't worry about it, it is going to be a


frictionless border, whatever the hell that means. Nobody knows. Let


me put the record straight. No border, hard or soft, will be


accepted by the people of Ireland. But British armoured cars and tanks


and guns couldn't do in Ireland, 27 member states will not be able to


do. Theresa May, your notion of the border, hard and soft, stick it


where the sun doesn't shine, you are not getting it in Ireland.


Some of the audience laughing. Is that funny or offensive? I


understand why the laughing. It got quite a lot of feed on social media.


A lot of Unionist people were sharing it and they were having


quite a lot of humorous comments about that performance. I think if


you just roll back three or four weeks, you had an election where


Sinn Fein was constantly talking about respect and I think there was


a severe absence of respect yesterday. Whenever Martina Anderson


was making a speech. Wasn't a joke? It is a clear absence of respect.


The comments from Michelle O'Neill over the last number of weeks as


well, the waffle, waffle, waffle comments and so forth, there has


been a severe lack of respect shown towards our Secretary of State who


is here to do a job and should be shown courtesy. Matt Carthy from


Sinn Fein, what is she at? Is your party trying to wind people up no?


Was that coordinated, premeditated? Anybody who has been listening to


what Martina Anderson are any one of the forged Sinn Fein MPs have been


seen here in Strasbourg and Brussels will be not one bit surprised by the


comments of Martina Anderson. Nobody has done more to protect the


interests of the people of the Northern Ireland since the


referendum last year and Martina Anderson. I have joined her on a


number of occasions with the European Commissioners and


representatives of the council with almost every delegation represented


in the European Parliament making the case as strongly as it needs to


be. The people in the north of Ireland will not suffer. Here is


what I am asking you. How has your party got any moral authority left


to ask the likes of the DUP to treat it with respect? You criticise them


for not taking the population with respect, when your Representative


Martina Anderson tells the British Prime Minister to stick deck for the


sun doesn't shine. Is she really at that base level? The question you


asked was what she at? Does she really have... Making the case as


forcefully as it needs to be made so people right across Europe


understand that the potential implications for the island of


Ireland, north and south, of Brexit are so great we cannot allow it to


become part of some... It is vulgar. That is where your party is that no.


Did throw that type of offence at the British minister is vulgar, is


it not? The point has been made as forcefully as needs to be made and


we continue to make this point. Under no circumstances can we see


any hardening of the Irish border. The reality is that lots of people


in Ireland, north and south, going to suffer as a result of Brexit. The


implications were always great as a result of Brexit. All of the


challenges and problems presented are exacerbated because we are no


fees with the prospect that one part of our country will be taken out of


the EU is remaining. That is not the current discussion in Northern


Ireland. The current discussion is the language that your party has


used while asking other parties to show respect. It is one of your


campaign slogans, for goodness sake. And then you should -- through that


type of abuse at a British payments. White are you smiling? What is funny


about it? If you want to be sensitive, that's your own business.


Sinn Fein have been consistent in saying that we will argue and demand


at every single opportunity in every single for privately and publicly we


need to ensure there are special arrangements put in place so we


don't see any hardening of the Irish border because the complications and


implications of any such move would be so great that the error just


simply an copperhead will to us and we are not going to tolerate any


situation where a British Government behave as we have been doing for the


past number of months, setting out their own strategies Brexit that


doesn't give a single iota of concern for the invitations that


will have for any county in Ireland, whether the six counties in the


north or any of the rest. We see the implications for agriculture,


business, students, the economy and the ever so great we need to make


those points forcefully. When it comes to agriculture, the vast


majority of the farming community voted to leave the European Union.


The reason they voted to leave the European Union is they were sick,


sore and tired of the regulations imposed upon them and the


regulations posed upon business in general. How do you know the


majority of them voted to leave? Doing the doors for the election,


the Assembly election which took place before the European


referendum, farmer after farmer after farmer was telling us that


message, over and over again. A vast majority of Nationalist farmers, I


believe, voted against, voted to leave the European Union as well. I


speak to a lot of people and that committee. I know that community


well and the voted to get out of Europe because they are sick so and


tired of the regulations of people in Brussels telling them how to do


their job and not telling them very well how to do it. They have been


huge constraint on the welfare of agriculture, huge problems for


agriculture and the benefits have come from Brussels are far


outweighed by all of the rest... Go ahead. Picture hand up. With the SNP


asking for a second independence referendum and Sinn Fein gesturing


towards the border poll, it is time the British Government started


taking the devolved institutions more seriously in the negotiations


about Brexit? I think that is right. We need to take the devolved


institutions and the whole of the United Kingdom and the Irish all


talking together to work out how do we make the union work better. Not


how do because to fall apart. Is direct rule free period going to be


better? We want our Government any here and showing respect to each


other. You think that can be done in three weeks? Three weeks of is what


it starts with. We need to sort it was happening with our hospitals,


schools, there is so much that needs to be done here. There is ten days


left. You any closer to getting the deal? Work is taking place, I think


next week will be a very, very busy week for all of us. Considerable


background work is being done. Any compromise between new? You go into


negotiations with a willingness to look at what other people are asking


for, explore that and Testament as to why they're asking for it. To


resolve issues. You don't go in with the hard-nosed attitude. At the same


time, we intend to be tough in the negotiations but pragmatic in terms


of getting the Assembly back in the room again. At any cost? Not at any


cost. We are your red lines? We are not setting red lines. We are in


there to negotiate. You have set red lines. There will never be an Irish


Language Act under Arlene Foster. That is the red line. Is Sinn Fein


would prefer James Brokenshire to be running Northern Ireland, van


working with the DUP we want to actually run Northern Ireland, we


want people in Northern Ireland to be making the decisions on behalf of


the people of Northern Ireland. If Sinn Fein want to bring a British


director Ronald ministered to build Northern Ireland, that'll be up to


them. Go ahead. Does Theresa May's stands towards Nicola Sturgeon's


Brexit concerns come straight out of Arlene Foster's hand-picked and is


it helpful? What do you mean? The way she is just denouncing Nicola


Sturgeon's concerns about Brexit. Theresa May doesn't seem to be


taking anybody's concerns about this Brexit thing seriously apart from


those concerns in her own party. There is a lot of truth in what you


say. Certainly, the response of Theresa May to the mandate that


Nicola Sturgeon has in Scotland was quite derisory and I think she has


made it more difficult for herself to sell any future day with the


devolved administrations. It has been our experience and experience


of Scotland in particular. That is borne out in part by the comments of


Martina Anderson, the lack of knowledge, around Brexit, what a


double meaning, it is not just in terms of the border but the economy


and our relationships. Even within England, it looks as though those


who campaign for Brexit, once they've won, the actually jump ship


and left it there. And now the hour trying to interpret what Brexit will


mean. I actually think Theresa May's comments to Nicola Sturgeon were


most unhelpful. Help me understand how that is not going to be some


type of hard border. Help me understand how someone can walk


effortlessly in and out of Europe. Northern Ireland will be outside of


Europe, Ireland will be within inside Europe I can just walk over


the border and there will be no checks. Is that right? Two choices.


We could have a hard border, there could be checks. What Sinn Fein are


seeing and we are seeing in the north last year, is that that wasn't


something that was acceptable to them. How does your secure its


border? What we have been putting forward is an argument for the north


to receive special starters so it would remain part of the European


Union. So there is no border at all? The border would be maintained on an


island of Ireland basis, people coming in leaving the island of


Ireland, would go through the same immigration controls. Would that


work? Not necessarily. The border we have been told from the evidence


given in the Northern Ireland affairs committee, the European side


had to have checks for goods but as far as the Common travel area,


people can move freely. It is only on the goods. There is a long way to


go on negotiations and a lot to be played out. What happens with the


dudes? What has been proposed by Sinn Fein is fantasy politics. That


won't happen. There is no prospect of that happening. I don't want to


remain in the European Union, I want out. I wouldn't be fighting for it.


It is up to the Europeans what happens with the border. Theresa May


doesn't want a hard border. The political representatives in


Northern Ireland want a hard border. But if Europe insists they are going


to have these tariffs and all of that there, it would be to the


detriment of Europe because Britain imports twice as many goods to


Europe as it exports from it. If the are going to be like this and going


to insist on this, it will certainly be some kind of border. You have no


problem with a hard border? We want the border to remain as it is, but


if it's going to be imposed, is going to be imposed at the behest of


the European Union. Martina Anderson was targeting the wrong person.


Theresa May doesn't want a hard border. It's the Europeans who will


impose it upon us, not Theresa May. It is Britain that will be doing it


if they leave the customs union. You have different trading policies on


either side of the border, you have to have physical checks. You cannot


avoid it. We want is special deal for Northern Ireland, that could be


wearing Northern Ireland stays in the European union, like Norway.


What is the boat? In Northern Ireland the vote was for yes and


quite clearly we have to appreciate a one size fits all Brexit across


the UK is not going to work. It would work for Scotland, Northern


Ireland. We have our peace process, I Good Friday Agreement, we are a


divided society, we are now going down this road of... Why does this


matter in terms of Europe? We need stability. The only way to have it


is if we have some recognition of our special circumstances. If we are


dragged out of the European Union against the well of local people


without some form of special deal that recognises the fact... What


special deal? We single market, European funding, how we protect the


Good Friday Agreement. The whole essence of the agreement is that


people buy into this shared space. People can operate on a north side


bases, east west bases. What Brexit is about is beating downlines.


Do you think we get a special deal? There is no prospect of it. I was


speaking to our leader this week and she was talking about some form of


special arrangement. She is not talking the Sinn Fein version of


staying in the EU budget -- but she has recognising... What special deal


does she want? I am aware of what the DUP has signed up to. It is for


them to answer what they are talking about. You have hinted at it. Last


summer they wrote a joint letter to the Prime Minister which touched on


a number of issues facing Northern Ireland. There was a set of


principles agreed... You said you spoke this week to Arlene Foster. I


can see what they don't want is for Northern Ireland to remain part of


the EU but they're saying it is different from the rest of the UK


and we have to recognise that. She hasn't told you she wants a special


deal. She says she recognises there are a special circumstances. If we


had devilish -- devolution restored... It was a UK wide vote,


special circumstances are not going to work. We knew it was either we


are going as the UK are we are staying. I voted to leave. Northern


Ireland voted to stay but it was a UK wide vote. Sinn Fein and anyone


else should accept it. With respect, really what people thought about was


just leaving the EU and getting extra millions into the health


service. That disappeared quickly. That is the ?350 million a week on


the side of the bus. It wasn't just that, Arlene made a comment during


the week where she said there should be a special deal for Northern


Ireland. America further and say that in terms of Brexit it is


regrettable that the DUP fronted for a research group UK wide further


Brexit campaign. It is very patronising to people. You know what


it means but the public doesn't. Nobody knows what it means. Even


those who campaigned for it. It means we are casting the shackles of


Europe. It means the fifth largest economy in the world will run its


own business. We have been relegated already. Tell that to the firms that


might move back to France. Their economy has risen since the Brexit


decision, employment and business have gone up and the economy is


thriving. Are you saying the economy is thriving? The economy of the UK


is thriving. There is more wealth amongst about 6% of the people and


greater levels of poverty amongst a 90%. I know some other parties like


to talk Northern Ireland down but our unemployment rate is half of


what the average of Europe is. And look what our average salary is and


the level of child poverty. We are talking Northern Ireland town again.


It is about facing the facts. 48 workers this week, told the jobs


were going, you covered that. In the absence of a devolved


administration. That particular course of work was one I had


actually saved. Civil servants in the absence of politicians have


taken it away. All the more reason to sort ourselves out. We covered it


on the show. It was an organisation that helped involvement will -- help


vulnerable families. The civil servants have told them it is over.


The civil service and health and social care board said it was a


pilot project but civil servants have said that is it. 47 people are


going to lose their jobs and there have been some vulnerable people


contacting the shorter safe they are desperate now. Early intervention


that took place with those families will save us hundreds of thousands


of pounds each year because young people will get a chance in life. It


is government. -- it is gone. We are prepared to get to the bottom of the


problems that were around. Sinn Fein decided they would take advantage of


the situation. Might you sacrifice your leader in order for governments


to be restored in Northern Ireland because Sinn Fein are saying they


will not go into government with you while Arlene Foster is being


investigated? We fully support our leader. If anybody wants to dictate


to the DUP as to who we nominate for any position, they will find it is


our choice. We did not tell Sinn Fein that their people were


unacceptable. If we listen carefully to what you have said, you're not


saying that Arlene Foster will definitely be your leader nominated


for the First Minister post. You might give her away. It is for hard


to make that decision herself but we are not offering up Arlene Foster do


-- to anybody. What you are not saying and what Arlene Foster is not


saying is that she will definitely be the nominated candidate. You are


leaving it open as an option. We are not setting red lines. Arlene Foster


as a leader of a political party gained more seats than other


political parties, why are you not saying that she will be the


designated candidate? It is for her to make that decision and we are 100


cent binder and if she nominates herself to be First Minister and


then she will have our full endorsement. Has she talked about an


option of her standing aside? No. So the uniform statement from the DUP


is that it is her decision, you are all coincidentally saying the same


thing. It just makes sense. That was was her decision as to who she would


nominate last time as well. It is the job of the leader of the party.


Do you think the union is under threat? No. Is Dublin circling


around the union? People read into the election results that the unions


are in a minute or two in the Assembly, even in the election were


Sinn Fein worked so hard to get the vote out, still people came out to


vote for Unionist parties. I voted to remain for a number of reasons


but one was because I grew up on the border and I know what it is like


living beside a visible hardboard and nobody from the panel can tell


me what it is going to be like when we leave Europe, what my family will


have to face. -- heart border. I had to cross the border to buy things,


to practice my faith. Nobody understands what a heart border is


to the people that live on it. There are so many people who live on


the border and cross it all the time. We have big populations on


either side so we have to restrict the UK not to leave the customs


union. Europe is the biggest market so why are we throwing that we? If


we can keep everyone in the customs union and think about the single


market for Ireland then there are prospects of surviving and the


region flourishing. The UK Government are being and talking in


platitudes and meaningless phrases. What is most crucial is that we will


get nowhere in terms of fighting for Northern Ireland unless we have an


executive that is functional with a clear plan around Brexit. Therefore,


to flip some of the questions, why doesn't Sinn Fein in the interests


of the people of Northern Ireland, go into this negotiation now without


any red lines? That is the spirit that Sinn Fein are entering the


negotiation. You are dictating to them who their leader will be. We


are stating clearly that we don't have the confidence in Arlene Foster


that would allow us to support her nomination for First Minister while


the cloud is still hanging over her. Does this DUP have confidence in


Michelle O'Neill when she celebrates and engages and aligns himself with


people who tried to put bullets into policemen many years ago? --


herself. There are no clouds hanging over her in relation to cash


scandals. She was found guilty by a judge as to how she administered her


department in the Department of agriculture. I am sitting on an


uncomfortable seat here and I have listened to the whole debate and I


like to be able to complete one sentence without interruption. I


think it is clear we need to say this. An earlier contribution quite


rightly said that Theresa May, the Irish government, EU institutions,


they are happy to say there should be no return to a hard border. But


what do they all mean by marker on? Some cases it is the simple free


movement of people. To us what a hard border is is anything that


makes it more difficult for farmers for example to operate or trade in


an all Ireland basis, for other businesses to operate, for students


to travel across the border, anything that makes it more


difficult for communities on either side of the border. The truth of the


matter is that all of those things are up in there and up for


negotiation as a result of the failure of the British government. I


was going to ask who will man the border and who will pay for the


people on the border? Who is going to man the border? There is a


reality that given what happens during the troubles with the many


soldiers and police officers, it is not realistic to have a customs


borrowers would have been the case many years ago. A lot of it has to


be around technology in terms of people movement. Even on goods it


will have to be around technology. It is in the best interest of


everyone that the EU do not insist that Britain leaves the single


market. And that we all stay in the single market. Consequently we don't


have a heart border. We have to move on.


Well, you all know this show is all about the politics


He's a household name who doesn't mince his words and likes to get


You are on the European Parliament fishing committee and you are


attempted one out of 43 meetings. -- attended. You are a fraud, Nigel.


The gentle, he doesn't shout very much, please welcome Sir Bob Geldof.


Good to see you. Hello. Help me get my head around where you are


rattling your head with Brexit. It is, without question, the greatest


act of national self harm that has ever been perpetrated in history.


APPLAUSE And yet you are a Democrat and you


respect the referendum. Where people stupid? I accepted, I don't respect


it. I rejected argument but accept its result. Over the next two years,


I will do everything in my power to undermine what Theresa May is doing,


everything in my power within the Democratic confines. Why do you


think you lost the referendum? Why do you think people voted for


Brexit? I have got the passport and the kids of all got is, thank God.


But it was an emotional moment and we know that it was the dawn of


alternative facts and features news, we know that now. We knew it then.


If you look at recent studies over the last few weeks, queer people


have a certain sentiment about something and the told something


menial to be false. -- certain people. There is a sense that this


is better for us, it is not working at all. Where I would agree is that


the EU is not functioning. I have been dealing with it with 30 years


with regard to Africa and there is a bureaucratic mess. That's not to say


the UK does not go in to the heart of this thing. The French are afraid


of Germany. My main argument throughout all of this was that one


singular reason I would vote to remain, and it goes to this country


here, one singular reason is I will never, I will never vote for my


children or my grandchildren to go to war. Never. I will never do that.


If we are reduced, if Britain is the loose thread on the EU cardigan and


we have pulled it with Brexit and the whole thing begins to unravel,


stay with me, then we are reduced to economic competing states. When


states compete economically and the small guy says that's my field over


there and if you don't give it to me, I will get my mate rush out to


give it to me. We are back to World War I and we are the most ardent,


the most dangerous, the most tribal and wealthy continent ever for 2000


years, we fought each other, the one great triumph of the EU is we have


had 70 years of peace and look what the belt. You seriously think Brexit


could lead to another war? It could lead to an unravelling of this


desperately complex compact. If it does lead to an unravelling, we are


already in a brutal world war anyway with proxy. Things like Al-Qaeda and


Isis fighting each other. Not so much under the wire any more. You


know me, I know you, I bought the artist of people. Stay where I am


coming from. 1814 was the Battle of Waterloo, one century had to die and


another had to be born because there was new technology. It resulted in


an afternoon, a day of Matt Kuchar. The greater the first day of the


Somme, get rid of old politics because a new economy is coming.


Must we repeat that the 21st-century? No. You are not


seriously suggesting... I am. Within our lifetime, a few years our


European partners fighting with this country in a war? You are not


suggesting that. If you look at Russia and a thug like Vladimir


Putin, already illegally invading Crimea and he is starring in the


Balkans, big-time, where he currently tried to... That is very


First World War. The Balkans are frightened to death. Britain has


sent 800 troops out there, Germany has sent 500, they are scared of


sending their own troops. We are in one here and the people here talking


about the border, please guys, please, please, please let's not go


back to that, please. Let's not go back to that nonsense that we have


had to put up with here, please. What do you mean? The border. There


may be. This is the worst Government. I am serious. You have


an odious unprincipled creep, and unfunny clown as Foreign Secretary,


he really is awful. A very popular man. He lied his way to try and get


into position. He has no principle other than herself. He was a lousy


mayor. He is a clown. This is anti-democratic. You are pumping


your anger into all of these people and denigrating them as characters.


Boris Johnson was one of the most popular politicians. That is what


you do on a nightly basis. You get paid for it, I don't.


APPLAUSE Johnson is useless. He is not up to


the job. He goes off and denigrate leaders to diseases. Hello. You talk


about that moment in Brussels. David Davis who I know and spoke far in


his constituency when he stood down on the 42 days, he asked me if I


would go and he came. I spoke with him, he has never done a negotiation


in his life. What is your sense of what's happening here in Northern


Ireland? Some people are worried. Our Government has fallen. The two


big parties, people would argue, they entrenching now into their core


base and he did have the DUP on easily talking before the election


about a radical Republican agenda, that Sinn Fein have. And you have


Sinn Fein talking about Irish unity and very much appealing to their


base. Are you worried about what's happening in Northern Ireland? We


have no Government. We have no Government and that is really a


shame that it's come down to two views of what this places. -- what


this place is. You see it's a radical Republican agenda, I don't


want to speak about the politics in this place because an city before


the show, it is not pertinent because I don't know enough about


it. I am for staying in Europe. It's a mess but you can change it. I saw


the representative of the DUP about farmers. The farmers will be killed


by this. The young people who voted against it, the future has been


taken from them. This is true, Stephen. You don't know. It's an


unknown. Of course you know, look at the facts. A deal hasn't been done


yet. What you are you talking about? The Theresa May is going to be


negotiated. This is nonsense. It is the Crystal Method Government. The


are saying it's going to be great. Let me tell you, hope is not a plan.


What do people do now? You say you're going to spend every minute


you can under many Theresa May. I will be playing with the The


Boomtown Rats and he is up there and doesn't care what he says. You did


say you're going to try and undermine what Theresa May is doing.


What can you do? I have got no power at all but I can only persuade with


absolute evidence as opposed to the lies that people vote on. I respect


the people who voted for all the reasons they voted but I reject your


argument and it is my democratic right, just like you don't like what


happened in this election, so you must keep the argument going. Where


is the opposition in parliament and Westminster? Where is it? Nicola


Sturgeon is the opposition. What happened to the Labour Party? BIP to


be Her Majesty Buzz 's official opposition, it isn't clear. May keep


seeing the people of Britain, no they didn't. Some couldn't be


bothered. 48 million said no and some are too young to vote. The vast


majority of people said no or didn't vote at all. This must be fought


tooth and nail because it's existential to the future of


Britain. You go out and you argue. You go out and you campaign, you


walk in the streets, I know it's a drag. And who cares what I see? But


it's so important that my kids can have a life. I watched these guys


here in the front row nodding and objecting. I don't know how you


voted, lads, but my life was we would be queueing overnight on


borders with the checked every guitar, every amplifier, sleeping in


seats where we try to cross the border. Then the EU happens and we


breezed through. When I was trying to go around Europe getting any job


I could, I had to go under the wire and get rubbish jobs. Now, you get a


Ryanair over to Berlin for a weekend, you go to the club, you


like it, you find someone, you go to the flat, you hang out. Maybe stay a


week. I'd apply for a job. That's over! The future is closed. Get


stuck in at open it up. Where do you get this energy from? From you.


APPLAUSE Seriously though. It's not for me to


see what you're saying is right or wrong but I love your passion. Do


you never actually... I bore people. I really wish I didn't. I told you


my whizbang plan, you said that will never work. Here is the plan. If


only to a Theresa May, here is the plan. It is the Hibernian


federation. You are not going onto the next ten minutes. You have got


20 seconds. Everything is up for grabs. You on a rock star and


talking about this. We get Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic,


the three capsules, three separate entities but they join up in a


federation, it back to Earth Scotland into the EU, the except the


euro, for the Republic, the keep all the benefits of an additional larger


economy, for Northern Ireland to keep the benefits of the EU while


expanding their pop -- economy and Theresa May starts worrying. Don't


you blame me that we haven't had time to talk about the fact that you


are coming to Belfast. You are playing next Friday. For the first


time in years. Why and coming back? I love it. I love it here. We all


do. We have been here, coming for 40 years. It has always been fantastic


playing here, one of the greatest venues. Belfast was always the best


venue. Belfast, Glasgow, to play. We are a mega- band, probably the


greatest band in the world, as you know. Shut up! And we are coming


back to prove the point. I wish I could get away with wearing a suit


like that. You won't! Bob, thanks very much. You're going to sing for


us later on. Thanks. We will hear from Sir Bob Geldof


later on, he's going to sing for us. Right, it's that time of year again,


St Patrick's Day, and if you're wondering about the Universities'


policy of giving a reading day to students today and tomorrow,


it's because they are trying to encourage students to leave


the area and avoid a repeat of this. Imagine living in


the middle of this. A lot of the students are gathering


already tonight to start the party. We sent a camera up


to the University area to hear We don't do anything except drinking


our own gardens because the union would get involved. -- University.


We are getting a hard time and we are not doing any harm. It is not


fair to brand all the students with that image. It is unrealistic to


what St Patrick's Day is about for all of us. It is about celebrating


your heritage. It is not as if everyone who lives here is actively


bad. It is that once you are there it is easy to be drawn into the


wrong lifestyle. It is a religious day but students think otherwise.


But I am in equilibria, I don't mind getting drunk or sitting chilled, it


will be a good night. Students work hard all year round and then one day


of the year they want to get have a good day. There is letter but it


doesn't cost that much to clean up. We get the impression that


universities are going to be penalties on us and we are going to


get kicked out but it is not as, it is the people who are coming up. I


think we have to have respect for everyone in the area. What residents


live there now, realistically? There are more students than residents so


surely our voice should be louder. What residents realistically live


their? What residents want is a quiet night. St Patrick's Day is


focused on Saint Patrick at the minute but we have practical every


term night of the week there is something going on. People clear off


about half past ten, they front-load beforehand. It gets quiet for about


three hours until about three o'clock and they come back shouting


and running over cars and it isn't fun. We have been talking about


this, since about 20 years ago when I was skinny, you have lost the


argument. This goes on every year. It doesn't mean it is right. It


means you're not going to stop it. The police have offered three times


the number of officers over the period coming up to St Patrick's


Day. The argument is with the wrong people. This problem was created by


property developers funded by the Housing executive. We have created a


ghetto for students. If I was 18 years old on Friday morning I'll be


down there at ten o'clock with my own bottle of cider cos that is what


young people do. But we created a ghetto in which you bring thousands


of young people together. It has been ruined. You think what it was


30 or 20 years ago, it was the best mixed area in Belfast. It was a


beautiful area, I lived there and had friends there, Protestant and


Catholic, people at the University, working-class people, it was


wonderful. It was destroyed by developers and the whole plan to


create an area first and is. It is now a zoo. I don't think it is fair


to call it a zoo but also not fair for us to concentrate on saying it


is the fault of students. Did you live there? Certainly no. He


wouldn't live their? I mean, I moved home from London a few weeks ago.


I'm staying on the Mullen wrote. That doesn't help my case at all,


does it? Why do we focus on students? Because they're getting


drunk. The majority of people who go there on St Patrick's Day are


actually just young people who are not students but they know that is


where you have to go. In fact, students face a lot of consequences


and penalties from universities which is more of a disincentive. You


remember freshers week. If you go on the first week outside Queens,


people are giving out drinks vouchers, the entire bar culture of


self Belfast is constructive and students in the first thing you get


when you arrive in Belfast as a student is not your books or grant,


it is a drinks voucher. And the students bring their friends, their


younger siblings, people come into the area. It is because the students


that they are attracted all. They're coming for a big party. It is not


the way to behave nowadays. There is no respect shown to people who have


lived there. You're not the enemy here but you represent the students.


Do you think they care? I am neither a student nor a representative of


them so I would encourage any students in the audience to speak up


for themselves. I think a great deal of them do care. Think about the


people who do cause upset, and I am not defending them at all, people


who break the law are subject to the law. No, they're not. They ought to


be. The you're not allowed to walk openly with open cans of beer or


whatever, and they do it and get away with it. I would never condone


anti-social behaviour but the problem is more holistic. All year


round you have absentee landlords, rundown areas, housing that needs


investment in regeneration. Rundown housing doesn't prompt them to get


drunk on St Patrick's Day. If they took an interest around the whole


year where there is a lot of reinvestment to be done then maybe


the problem would be solved. Your demonising students yet we are one


of the main economic contributors around that area. What, with buying


drink? We rent out the houses and we're shopping and creating an


economic injection into the economy. I think the mistake was destroying a


beautiful area by putting students there. Property developers made big


money out of it and the Housing executive put money to fund them to


redevelop and you have created... I would break it up. Try to get some


accommodation for students outside of the area. Distribute it so they


are not bundled together in mass numbers. Separate them and restore


it to what it was, a lovely housing area. Is one day of partying that


bad? It is constant. You're talking about people not being prosecuted,


in one year less than ten people were prosecuted for drinking and if


you walk down on St Patrick's Day you'll see about 1000 and the worst


that has happened is able get their bottle taken off them. Should the


PSNI not just do their job and sorted out? Make sure they are there


whenever the students go home, stop the riotous behaviour? It would be


difficult for the police to remove alcohol from hundreds. They could.


We pay hundreds of pounds assistance to live there but the way that Irish


firms act during the Euros, they get rewarded for acting the same way we


act on St Patrick's Day. -- fans. Is it fair enough? The students take up


90% of the place and have fun on one day of the year and yet the Northern


Ireland and Republic of Ireland fans can be celebrated for doing the same


sort of thing but then all the media outlets slate us. You talk about


getting the students out but it is one of the closest places to Queens.


There is housing all over all fast. South Belfast is much bigger, so


spread them about. The concentration and then you bring drinking and big


festivals and you have mayhem. It is not just one day of the year. People


living there are putting up with ghastly noise from neighbours all


the time. That was a good area, lovely area, it could be a lovely


area again. I wish we had more time to talk about this but tonight I'm


afraid we don't. You are a starstruck! I like the man.


Right, I promised you the Boomtown Rats.


Here they are with one of their biggest hits - Rat Trap.


# There was a lot of rocking going on that night.


# Cruising time for the young bright lights.


# Just down past the gasworks, by the meat factory door.


# The five lamp boys were coming on strong.


# The Saturday night city beat had already started.


# The pulse of the corner boys sprang into action.


# And young Billy watched it all under the yellow street light.


# And said, "Tonight of all nights there's gonna be a fight".


# Billy don't like it living here in this town.


# He says the traps have been sprung long before he was born.


# He says hope bites the dust behind all the closed doors.


# And pus and grime ooze from its scab crusted sores.


# There's screaming and crying in the high rise blocks.


# It's a rat trap, Billy, but you're already caught.


# But you can make it if you want to or you need it bad enough.


# You're young and good looking and you're acting kind of tough.


# Anyway it's Saturday night, time to see what's going down.


# Put on the bright suit, Billy, head for the right side of town.


# It's only eight o'clock but you're already bored.


# You don't know what it is but there's got to be more.


# You'd better find a way out, hey, kick down that door.


# It's a rat trap and you've been caught.


# In this town Billy says everybody tries to tell you what to do.


# In this town Billy says everybody says you gotta follow rules.


# You walk up to those traffic lights.


# You push in that button, and when that button comes alight.


# Take a walk with me. take a walk, take a walk.


# Little Judy's trying to watch Top Of The Pops.


# But Mum and Dad are fighting, don't they ever stop?


# She take down her coat and walks down to the street.


# It's cold on that road, but it's got that home beat.


# Deep down in her pocket, she finds 50p.


# Now is that any way for a young girl to be?


# "I'm gonna get out of school, work in some factory.


# "Work all the hours God gave me, get myself a little easy money".


# Her mind's made up, she walks down the road.


# Her hands in her pockets, coat buttoned 'gainst the cold.


# She finally finds Billy down at the Italian cafe.


# When he's drunk it's hard to understand what Billy says.


# But then he mumbles in his coffee and suddenly roars.


# "It's a rat trap, Judy, and we've been caught!"


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