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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Outside Source, these are some of the main story is here in the BBC


Newsroom Live. Donald Trump is planning to appoint his son-in-law


Jarrod Kushner as a senior adviser at the White House. In Turkey,


President Erdogan says he wants greatly expanded powers. Parliament


look set to agree. Opposition figures said Turkey's democracy is


under threat. TRANSLATION: Will it bring freedoms, strengthen


democracy, or will it bring in an authoritarian regime? Here's Meryl


Streep accepting a lifetime achievement award at the Golden


Globes. She was pretty rude about Donald Trump. Donald Trump return


the favour on Twitter. We will get into that and quickly look at the


Golden Globes as well. Fifa has named Ronaldo its Player of the


Year. We will be live at the BBC Sport Centre to discuss that and


also look ahead to a big announcement tomorrow about the


future of the World Cup. As I was just mentioning, President


Berdych man of Turkey once extensive new -- President Erdogan once


extensive new powers, the Turkish parliament looks to agree, if it


does the matter will go to a referendum. The president is saying


these powers will bring stability and develop into Turkey but not


everyone is convinced. TRANSLATION: Will these changes to the


constitution bring in price cuts? Will there be free water, will it


end terrorism, will it decrease taxes, will it strengthened pussy or


will it bring in an authoritarian regime? Do the people need this, you


ever ask them? There had been some small protests. These were pictures


from earlier outside parliament in Ankara. If you hundreds people and


they love the police as well. The crowd was eventually dispersed by


the police, which used water cannon among various other tactics. This


whole new push for new powers for the president needs to be seen in


the context of the failed coup of last summer. Since then in Turkey


there has been a state of emergency. More than 50,000 people have been


sacked or suspended from state jobs, media outlets have been shut,


journalists have been arrested. We have been covering this on Outside


Source and have also covered how Turkey has a penal code which states


that anybody who insults the president can face up to four years


in prison. So the president is already a seriously powerful figure,


but Mr Erdogan would like more powers. BBC Turkish now on exactly


what these new powers are. Right now, the party who is in power right


now is making an offer of changes to the constitution. So with these


changes if they will be approved in the parliament and then in the


referendum, they will be offering, the system will be changed from a


Parliamentary one to a presidential one, so the president will be on top


of the execution, so he or she will have more powers than the


parliament. For example right now in Turkey, Parliament has more powers


than the president. The president has been normally very symbolic role


in Turkish Republic, but with this constitutional change, he or she


will be having more powers, and also for example checks and balances, and


the separation of powers, will be in danger. And it looks like the


majority of parliament will agree with the president, but what about


public opinion? Do they like this shift in system? Pro-government


newspapers for example, they are saying it will be approved by the


public, but some companies are making some public calls, so we can


see that the margin is very small. Some public opinion are saying it


will be a no to the constitution in the public polls and some are saying


yes, but it will be very close, so the public opinion polls are showing


the margins are very small. Is there a direct connection between the


failed coup of last year and the suggestion of new powers now?


Actually yes, they are saying there will be more stability. So as the


president will be gaining more powers, the stability will be


constructive. Those kind of event will be less in the future of


Turkey. We have had stories from Turkey, from the US, and now one of


the main ones in the UK. Martin McGuinness is resigning as Northern


Ireland's to be the First Minister. This matters not only because it


shows the depth of Northern Ireland's political crisis but


because of the man himself. Martin McGuinness was crucial to the IRA


ending its armed campaign to Northern Ireland to join the


Republic of Ireland. This resignation is over the handling of


the controversial energy scheme. More of that in a minute. Mr


McGuinness gave a statement, he says an election is needed, that seems


likely by the way. This is more of what he said. We in Sinn Fein will


not tolerate the arrogance. Sinn Fein wants equality and respect for


everyone, and that's what this process must be about. So today I


have told Arlene Foster that I have tendered my resignation, effective


from 5pm today. So I believe today is the right time to call a halt to


the DUP's arrogance. The BBC's Stephen Walker in our Belfast


newsroom has been helping me describe the controversy at the


centre of this story. What is at the heart of this dispute is a story


that has been going on in Northern Ireland for a number of months. This


renewable heating scheme was set up, the idea was it would move one form


of energy to renewable forms of energy but the tariffs were set too


high. It ended up potentially costing the executive ?400 million,


so a big mistake was made. Then there was lots of criticism over the


way that that scheme was handled. Here in Northern Ireland we have


this power sharing executive, we have the DUP as the lead unionist


parties sharing power with Sinn Fein, so we have Arlene Foster as


First Minister and Martin McGuinness as Deputy First Minister. That is


the way the government has to work, and if you haven't got a First


Minister or a Deputy First Minister, then the power-sharing can't work,


and what we have seen today is Martin McGuinness standing down as


Deputy First Minister, because he wanted the First Minister to step


aside whilst an investigation took place. She refused to step aside, so


he has now decided to step aside himself, which effectively means the


end of power-sharing in Northern Ireland. And as such, Stephen, is


this sufficiently serious that it is a threat to the longer-term


political process in Northern Ireland? It certainly means that


power-sharing will end, unless there is a replacement for Martin


McGuinness. Under the legislation there has to be a replacement within


seven days, but Sinn Fein has made it clear there won't be a


replacement. Then it. The British government, the Secretary of State


then would have to call elections. He has said today he will look at


this in terms of a reasonable time period. People are potentially


guessing that there could be elections to the Northern Ireland


assembly potentially in March, so basically unless there is the


Romantic movement in the next few days, we are witnessing the end of


this current arrangement between the DUP and Sinn Fein, and then we would


see those fresh elections to a new assembly. Much more background on


the situation in Northern Ireland available from BBC news online


whenever you wanted. Time for Outside Source sport. Let's talk


about Cristiano Ronaldo, who has won Fifa's inaugural best Player of the


Year award. Will Perry is live with us from the BBC Sport Centre. No


great surprise here, I think the thing of more interest as this is a


brand-new award when we already have one that does much the same thing.


Yes, we should explain that, because for the past six years the world's


best player has received what was called the Fifa cosmic Ballon d'Or


award. A version of that prize has been awarded from France football's


magazine since 1956. Fifa end of the Association of that, instead --


ended their association with that. 2016, what a year for Cristiano


Ronaldo, as well as scoring that decisive penalty in the shoot out to


win the Champions League, he captained Portugal to Euro 2016


glory and was recognised with his fourth Ballon d'Or in December. In


has something Messi doesn't, which he will enjoy, the honour of being


named Best Fifa men's player. The former Manchester United forward had


been the favourite in the weeks building up to this. 44 games, 42


goals, 14 assists, the top scorer in the Champions League last coracle


moustache macro classes and, and he's still only 31. The best men's


coach today, Claudio Ranieri, the Leicester City manager. What a yet


it has been, recognised -- what a year it has been, taking Leicester


City to that and precedent it Premier League title last season. I


also want to talk about something else Fifa is up to. We reported


before about its plans to expand the World Cup. This is a reporter with


the Wall Street Journal. This is what Diego Maradona thinks


about the idea. TRANSLATION: I am delighted by Gianni's initiative,


because it gives chances to teams that otherwise would start the


qualifiers knowing they had no chance of getting to the World Cup.


It gives each country the dream, and it renews the passion for football.


As far as I'm concerned, it's a fantastic idea. Diego Maradona's


keen. There are quite a few other people who aren't so keen. It is


hugely controversial, this, but we have some fresh news from Richard


Conway out in Zurich for us tonight. Fifa's council are expected as we


understand to approve that expansion of the World Cup to 48 teams


tomorrow. They have considered five different options. This is the big


new idea of the Fifa president, Gianni Infantino, making his


statement as president. Europe's big clubs, which provide around 80% of


the players at the World Cup have objected to the reforms, believing


that there are already too many games being played throughout the


course of the season. But a confidential Fifa report that has


been seen by the BBC, it proposes that an enlarged competition could


be staged in 32 days, a finalist taking part in seven games, and that


is the same number as under that current format. That analysis also


contends that the quality of football, and this is something that


has been questioned, that the quality of football on display would


not be watered down with the 16 extra teams. Fifa would expect a 1


billion US dollar increase in revenue, the huge, and interestingly


it lists how Fifa are looking to make all games including qualifying


B1 by winning or losing, now draws, so penalty shoot outs. This is a


tweet from ESPN, telling us it is Clemson against Alabama, the


rematch, a year in the making, the national championship is up for the


grabs. I know this is American college football, it is a big deal.


When we asked Anthony circa about US politics, he said he had spent his


whole life gathering enough expertise to help us out on this.


Hello, let's leave Donald Trump to one side for a moment. For people


watching who know nothing about college football, tekkers from the


start of this game. All right, as you said, this is a rematch from


last year, where Alabama defeated Clemson in a high-scoring shoot out.


Both teams are a year wider and Clemson has a quarterback who is a


junior, a runner-up for the highest level Trophy in college athletics.


Alabama are still considered the favourite, they have won four


National Championships in the past eight years, but a lot of wags are


picking Clemson to pick an upset. This is only the third year that


there has been a play-off in college football, so you are talking about


the World Cup going to 48 teams. Well, three years ago there were no


teams, just two teams playing in a quasi national championship. Now it


is a four team two-game play-off, so I am going to be watching tonight,


I'm looking forward to it. Where does college football fit into


America's sporting pecking order? Everyone knows the National Football


League is the most popular, most watched sport in the US, but number


two isn't baseball or NBA basketball, it actually is college


football. Last year, the National championship game, 35mm Americans


watched the year before when Ohio state won their national


championship. -- 35mm Americans. It is very popular, the stadiums across


the country regularly draw upwards of 90,000, 100,000 fans. My of box


-- -- my hometown, they sell it out regularly in Texas. Across the south


it is a very big sport where professional sports are not quite as


prominent, at least in Austin, the University of Texas longhorns where


the game in town. It is the longhorns, I have been there once


and everyone is wearing the T-shirt. Enjoy the game, we have asked quite


enough view on this programme. Anthony live in Washington, DC. In a


feud minutes, actually we will be hearing from someone else based in


the newsroom, because Jon Sopel, the BBC's North America editor has made


two special reports on President Obama's legacy. I will play you the


first of those in a minute. Here in the UK, the girlfriend of a missing


RAF serviceman Corey McKeag says he is due to become a father. He


disappeared after a night out with friends in Bury St Edmunds. April


Oliver, his mother, had been speaking to the BBC. We started off


seeing each other, and it was quite casual. We were both seeing other


people at the time, and then we sort of lead on to have, stations whereby


we thought it was getting serious, and what we going to do, and what


plans we had. We know he disappeared at the end of September, how


recently had you seen him before then? I had seen him near enough the


same week that he had gone missing. Apart from the RAF boys, I think I


was one of the last people to see him. Which is quite hard. When he


went missing you happen to be away abroad with your family, so when did


you here had gone missing? I had only been there literally a few days


when I got a call from the RAF boys, asking if I had seen him or heard


from him, on the Monday, I think it was. And then that's when I knew


that he was obviously missing, and then I very quickly got a plane


home. And then how long after that did you then discover that you were


pregnant? I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks after I came back,


obviously after going through police interviews. Unfortunately I have had


to make a massive decision by myself. I mean I was hoping and


praying that we would find out some information that he would come home


so we could make the decision together. We have had, stations


about children and what we wanted in the past, and it was something that


I hope that he would be here to help me make the decision, but


unfortunately he isn't. And this will be first grandchild? It will,


yeah. Should be a occasion for you. Can you feel any joy about it at the


moment? I was at the scan with April the other day, and I don't think


anybody could see that and not be affected by it. But it is incredibly


difficult to bounce my head, as it is for April as well, from the


excitement of a new baby, to what we're actually trying to focus on


just now, and that is Cory. Our lead story comes from


Washington, DC. The US president elect Donald Trump intends to


appoint his son-in-law Jared Cook Schmid as a senior adviser to the


White House. This is what you have got coming up after Outside Source.


If you're watching outside the UK, World News America next with a


report on Brazil's government's plan to build dozens of huge


hydroelectric dams in the Amazon. If you are watching here in the UK, the


news at ten with Huw Edwards, who will have more on Northern Ireland


was Mac deepening political crisis. Barrett Obama's presidency ends on


January 20. Our North America editor Jon Sobel has made two special


reports to look at his legacy. Tomorrow's will consider foreign


policy. Today's is about what the president has achieved at home.


It wasn't just the hope when Barack Obama came to office, it was the


wild expectation too. That the country's problems would be solved


at a stroke. That the first African-American president would


usher in a post-racial era. No more black America or white America, just


the United States of America. But the lingering vestiges of that dream


disappeared in the summer of 2014, in clouds of tear gas in a


nondescript suburb of St Louis Mazzarri called Ferguson. An unarmed


black man had been shot by a white police officer. It was a pattern


that would become all-too-familiar. In Charleston, South Carolina,


Walter Scott had been pulled over for a minor motoring offence.


Footage captures the white police officer who stopped shooting him in


the back several times before he dies. The policeman claimed self


defence. At his trial, which ended last month, the jury was unable to


reach a verdict. The court therefore must declare a mistrial. Another


symbol for the black community that things haven't changed. I think his


legacy to him is more important right now to paint a picture that he


did a real good job in America. But most black folks are very


disappointed, because they feel otherwise. The issue of race and


another of America must migrate intractable social problems, gun


violence, came together to horrific effect inside this famous


African-American church in Charleston. A white supremacist who,


with his string of drug convictions, should have never been able to


purchase a gun, walked inside a Bible study group and killed eight


worshippers and the pastor in cold blood. Barrett Obama had always


seemed reluctant to define himself as a black president, preoccupied by


racial issues, but after these shootings, that changed, as he came


to Charleston and showed how he felt the community's pain.


# Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me.


Obama's two terms in office perpetuated by the crack of


gunshots. I think there are some of a shooting in here. An endless


series of random mass killings that started with the slaying of 20


children and six of their teachers at Sandy Hook elementary school. The


President's famously cool demeanour was gone after this. Every time I


think about those kids, it gets me mad. And, by the way, it happens on


the streets of Chicago every day. I refuse to act as if this is the new


normal. This is not something I can do by myself. Such violence, such


evil, is senseless. Again and again, you wanted tougher legislation on


gun control. But he failed to his evident consternation when we sat


down and spoke. If you ask me where has been the one area where I feel


that I've been most frustrated and most stymied, it is the fact that


the United States of America is the one advanced nation on earth in


which we do not have sufficient common sense gun safety laws. That


there have been some legislative successes. Millions more Americans


now have health insurance than was previously the case, although


Obamacare has created many losers too, and the economy, which was flat


on its back eight years ago, is starting to bloom, and people are


spending their money again. We have not just come back stronger from the


great recession, we have actually built an economy that is the envy of


the world, and that is an important part of President Obama's legacy.


Happy New Year! But it proved to be a fruitless recovery when it


mattered, there will be no Democrat succeeding him in the White House,


so one of his final acts was to make a last journey to Capitol Hill to


urge his party's lawmakers to fight off Republican attempts to dismantle


Obamacare and the rest of his domestic legacy. Lookout for the


American people. Jon Sopel, BBC News, Washington.


We will finish Outside Source by talking about what Meryl Streep had


to say about President Obama's successor, Donald Trump. This was a


speech he gave at the Golden Globes. She didn't mention Donald Trump by


name but then she didn't really need to. Disrespect invites the suspect,


violence insides violence. When the powerful use their position to bully


others, we all lose. So Hollywood is crawling with outsiders and


foreigners, and if we kick them all out you will have nothing to watch


but football and mixed martial arts, which are not the arts. She might


not have mentioned him by name but Donald Trump knew who she was


talking about and was not going to let it pass of course. He took to


twitter saying that this. Queue a huge media storm and a


stand-off between a very well-known actress and the President-elect.


Some say this is all a distraction from far more important issues. We


spotted this from a law professor in Minnesota.


We have reported it, so we haven't ignored it, but we will leave it


there. Thank you very much indeed for watching. Remember our lead


story that Donald Trump intends to appoint his son-in-law, Jared


Kushner, as a senior adviser in the White House. That is it for the


first Outside Source of the week. See you tomorrow at the same time.


Hello, not a great start the week from any part of