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This is Outside Source. Here are some of the main stories.


The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has


ruled out membership of the


EU single market, when Britain leaves the European Union.


She said staying in would mean accepting the


EU's rules without having any say in making them.


China's president, Xi Jinpig, has defended globalisation


and free trade at the World Economic Forum in Davos.


It's the first time a Chinese head of state has visited


Turkey says this is the man who entered a nightclub in


Istanbul on New Year's Eve and shot dead 39 people.


We speak to BBC Uzbek about the claims he's from Uzbekistan.


There have been some criticisms that we've not given enough detail what


have Brexit actually is by Theresa May and her Government. That


criticism is going to be lessened by a speech today in which we got


plenty of detail. It was billed as the most important


speech of her term in office. It was certainly the clearest exposition


yet of what Britain wants from Brexit. Not partial membership of


the European Union, associate membership of the European Union, or


anything that leaves us half in, half out. I want to be clear - what


I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market.


But, she said, Britain would push for the freest possible trade with


European countries and other nations around the world. For the first


time, Mrs May confirmed that the British Parliament would get to vote


on the final deal at the end of the negotiations. Sitting in the


audience were some of the ambassadors to the UK. Mrs May


emphasised she didn't what to undermine the EU, but she also


warned against those who wanted to see the UK punished for voting to


leave. While I am sure a positive agreement can be reached, I am


equally clear that no deal for Britain is better than a bad deal


for Britain. The Opposition Labour Party said Mrs May wanted to leave


the single market, yet still have access to it. That, they said, was


like having your cake and eating it. They warned against her negotiating


position. Throughout the speech, there seemed to be implied threat


that somewhere along the line, if all her optimism of a deal with the


European Union didn't work, we would move into a low-tax, corporate


taxation bargain basement economy on the off shores of Europe. That


implication of a warning was picked up by the European Parliament's


chief negotiator on Brexit. I don't think we're going to make a lot of


progress if this has to happen under threat, because I, so saying, OK, if


our European counterparts don't accept it, we gonna make from


Britain a sort of free zone or tax haven. I don't think that is very


helpful. It creates also an illusion, the illusion that you can


go out of the single market, that you can go out of the customs union


and that you can cherry-pick, that you can have still a number of


advantages and yeah, I think that is, will not happen. The German


Foreign Minister said at least the British position was now much


clearer, a sentiment echoed in the Irish Parliament. I welcome the


statement today in that it brings clarity in a number of areas. This


is the start of the process now. Europe is now going to have to


respond to the statement made by the Prime Minister today. That response


is only just beginning. The tough negotiations will take many years.


Let me bring you breaking news in the US. This is a significant story,


a decision made by President Obama, who according to AP, but this is


being extensively covered, President Obama has commuted the sentence of


Chelsea Manning, who leaked army dock upts and is serving 35 years.


I'm certain you'll know who Chelsea Manning is. She was responsible. She


served as a soldier in Iraq, formerly known as Bradley manning.


In 2010, a huge cache of documents was published by Wikileaks and she


was primarily responsible for that leak. She was given a sentence of 35


years. By far the longest sentence given to someone in the US for a


crime related to leaking. But we're now understanding that she'll be


released in May. So just in a few months' time. There had been


speculation about whether President Obama might do this. Some


commentators thought that this was Chelsea Manning's last Charles


Kennedy to get out of praise -- chance to get out of prison for a


long time. It's impossible to know the thinking of current


president-elect, but we know President Obama has decided to


commute a very long sentence. We understand Chelsea Manning will be


free come May. We speak to our colleagues in Washington being in a


few -- colleagues in Washington being in a


few DC in a few minutes. The Chicago cubs have


visited the White House, just as President Obama


said they would. A few months ago, the Cubs


won their first World They're also the last


sporting team to visit President Obama


while he is in office. They said this day would never come.


LAUGHTER . Here is something none of my


predecessors ever got a chance to say, welcome to the White House the


World Series champion Chicago Cubs. APPLAUSE


now interesting insight into the system of the UK's amazing run of


success at the Olympics. Seven sports have been told they're not


going to be getting any funding ahead of the Rio Games in 2020. All


seven are now appealing. They are: In no particular order, badminton,


fencing, weightlifting, also table tennis, plus archery and goalball


and wheelchair rugby. Let's speak to Olly foster live in the BBC sports


centre. What did they do wrong? Well, UK Sport, who dish out


something like a third of a billion pounds every four years to all these


Olympic sports, it's a brutal business there. What they've done


wrong is that they cannot guarantee more than one medal at the Tokyo


Olympics in 2020 or Paralympics. This from UK Sport, they say, "We


have to prioritise to protect and enhance the medal potential in the


system. If we underinvest, we will underperform at the Games. The rest


of the world will catch us up and medal success will be put at risk."


The argument for those seven sports, para power lifting only has a small


amount and are appealing as well for more. If they don't get the funding


that they require, for seven sports no funding at all, it's their sports


that will be put at risk. Table tennis say this will be a tipping


point. You have to feel for badminton because they exceeded


their expectations in Rio. They got a bronze medal for the men's


doubles. They got no funding whatsoever. Table tennis, they


wanted some funding. They did very well. They've doubled their ranking


in the world over the last four years. But again, UK Sport are


really prioritising where the medals will come. There's no coincidence


that since all these billions of lottery funding was poured into UK


Sport, it's the envy of every other world governing body that the UK


teams, the British teams have gone right to near the top of the medals


table. They'll all have an hour each, these governing bodies in the


next fortnight to put their case to UK Sport and perhaps save their


sport. Let's talk about that again after their appeals have been heard.


Thank you very much. Next, to a sport that would love to


have the problem of whether it gets funding ahead of the Rio Olympics or


not. Squash, it's not an Olympic sport. One of its big


pro-championships, the tournament of champions is taking place in New


York. It's got a great venue in Grand Central station with the court


in the middle of it. Each day this week we're playing the best rally of


the day. Here is the latest rally that I picked out for you.


COMMENTATOR: That's well done. She's absolutely gone for that.


That's America's Amanda Sobie. She lost against the UK's Sarah-Jane


Perry. They are now at the quarter finals in New York. Another rally


for you tomorrow from that tournament. In a few minutes I play


Jon Kay's latest report. He's weaving his way across the US ahead


of Donald Trump's inauguration on Friday. He's been to President


Obama's favourite diner. Now the UK voted to leave the


European Union by 52% to 48. The Leave camp won the majority of votes


in England and Wales. While every council in Scotland saw Remain


majority. So is Theresa May's vision of Britain's future what voters had


in mind when they went to the polls for the referendum? Our Midlands


correspondent has more. It's the 50-50 city, where half the


population voted to leave the EU and the other half voted to remain.


Today in her speech, the Prime Minister said people who had voted


for Brexit had done so with their eyes open. Out. Out of course,


absolutely. Country seems like it's slipping, slipping. We lost


everything, didn't we. Everything to the European. Everything is going


up. We seem to be slipping away. She spells out her vision for Britain


after it leaves the EU. But not everybody's clear about what she


means. Unless it's laid out in Lehman's terms, we don't -- layman's


terms, we don't understand the jargon. Might as well speak Chinese


to us. At the market, locals were digesting the headline announcement.


She's just said that the UK will be leaving the single market. What do


you think about that? I don't think the UK should leave. I think things


are all right the way it is. Because personally, they're rocking the boat


quite a lot. Diversity is a good thing. You bring all kinds of


different ways of life. And the jobs that some of the people in England


don't want to do, other people are happy to come and do, it to keep the


country going. The Leave campaign won by a whisker here. 4,000 votes


made the difference. No matter which way people voted, the question many


want the answer to is what Brexit really means. -- means for them. We


need still even more information. I don't think we will fully understand


until we have made that complete break away. Then we will understand


what it means. You know, at the moment, it's just pie in the sky.


The Prime Minister says she wants a smooth and orderly Brexit. But the


process could take years. And for some of those who voted out,


patience could be wearing thin. This is Outside Source. Hello, I'm


Ros Atkins. Our lead story, as we've been seeing, the British Prime


Minister, Theresa May has ruled out membership of the EU's sing the


market, when Britain leaves the European Union. She's saying staying


in would mean accepting the EU's rules without having any say in


making them. A quick look at what's coming up: If you're outside of the


UK, it's World News America next. It has a great interview with the


outgoing US ambassador to the UN Samantha Power. She's not known for


mincing her words. She says Russia is threatening the rules based


international order. Here in the UK, it's the news at Ten. It will have


extensive coverage of Theresa May's speech on Brexit.


Now Russia has invited Donald Trump's transition team to Syria


Peace Talks that are going to happen next week. They'll take place in


Kazakhstan. Sergey Lavrov is the Russian Foreign Minister. He's been


saying today the new administration, ie Mr Trump's administration,


judging by its statements is prepared to seriously fight terror,


not the way it's been until now. So a compliment for Mr Trump. A dig for


President Obama. These Peace Talks are aimed at consolidating a truce,


a national truce in Syria, that's been in place since the end of the


year. Really you have to see everything that may happen at those


Peace Talks in the context of what happened recently in Aleppo. The


Syrian government recaptured the parts of the City it didn't control.


It drove the rebels out. That was a huge moment for it. Our Middle East


editor is in Aleppo. Here's a report from what remains of the great


mosque of Aleppo, which you can see marked there on the map.


The battle for Aleppo was the most decisive of the war so far. It is


Syria's biggest city. It's the key to the north of the country and both


sides were prepared to destroy it to possess it. The cost has been very


high, in blood and in the ruin of a city that can trace its history back


50 centuries. Now this is the great mosque in Aleppo. It dates back to


the 700s and as you can see, it's been used as a military position.


There's heavy damage here. It's a UN World Heritage Site. But now it's


covered in sandbag, bullet holes. Can you see from the number of


bullet holes how much fighting went on here. Over in that corner stood


the famous minarette that looked out over this mosque. It was built in


1090. It was destroyed in April of 2013. At the time, there were a lot


of reports saying it was done by regime shelling. The people here,


who are representatives of the Syrian government, who are with us,


say it was done by the rebels, who blew it up deliberately. Now this is


one of the sides of the mosque. It was used as an entrance and an exit.


There's a lot of damage around here, a lot of bullet holes. Evidence of


shell fire and the fact that was used as a military position is very


clear. You can see this from this line of oil drums. They were used to


shield the people who were inside here. If you look at the ceiling, it


is absolutely pitted with shrapnel marks. That means there were big


explosions here, right inside the mosque. You can see the damage right


up there now. The damage done to these really important religious,


cultural, historic sites is tragic, way more tragic, though, is the fact


that so many of the people who used to pray in this morphing, who


shopped in these -- in this mosque, who shopped in these streets are now


dead. In terms of the progress of the war, capturing Aleppo was a


vital moment for the regime and its allies, the Russians, Iranians,


Lebanese, Hezbollah. For the first time, I think, President Assad can


now sense victory. The war is in a new phase. It's not over, but from


the point of view of the regime in Damascus, this is the strongest


they've been since it started. Jermey Bowen, BBC News, Aleppo.


Let's return to an important story from Washington. This is a picture


of Chelsea Manning. This is copy telling us that President Obama has


commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning who leaked the Army


documents and is serving 35 years. Chelsea Manning was the person


behind a huge leak to WikiLeaks that gave Wikileaks a global profile,


this caused a huge amount of diplomatic tension between the US


and some of its closest partners. Well, she had been serving or is


serving a 35-year sentence. We understand she'll now be released in


May. Twice last year she tried to commit suicide and there were lots


and lots of question marks about her future incarceration as a


transgender woman currently serving time in a men's prison. We'll bring


you more information as we get that. As we understand it, she'll be


released in May and will not serve the rest of her sentence, which was


going to go on for a very long time. This time yesterday, if you were


watching, you'll know that we started to get information through


from curbingy that police had -- Turkey that police had found the man


they said carried out the attack on New Year's Eve. They did have the


man they were looking for, it's this man. According to the authorities


he's admitted the attack. Here's for details from the Istanbul governor.


TRANSLATION: His name is Abdulkadir Masharipov. He was born in


Uzbekistan in 1983 and trained in Afghanistan. The terrorist spoke


four languages and was well educated. It is clear that this


attack was carried out for Daesh. The Turkish government said this man


is from Uzbekistan. We contacted BBC Uzbek to see if they can confirm


that. He certainly looks Uzbek. His name sounds Uzbek. But we haven't


seen any evidence in terms of for example a passport photo or any


other evidence to show that he is actually national of Uzbekistan. He


may be Uzbeki, from Tajikhistan or any other part of central Asia.


There was another suspect earlier in the year whose name was similar.


Later he was found and it turned out he was innocent. He wasn't linked at


all to the whole thing. Later, we had more reports about people,


suspects, maybe from Tajikhistan or even from China. This time, Istanbul


mayor is saying this man is national of Uzbekistan. Uzbek government is


saying we haven't had any information about this man. Earlier


in the year, this etold us the Turkish -- they told us the Turkish


government hasn't made any requests about this person. If he is Uzbek,


would that be a huge surprise, is there an issue of radicalisation


there? I don't think there is a massive radicalisation going on in


central Asia, because the governments that are staunchly


secular, they are ex-Communist leaders, who actually are accused of


a lot of religious persecution against Muslims. It's tightly


controlled. There are men who go to, for example, Turkey seeking


religious freedoms, but the numbers are quite low. There has been some


cases of Daesh or Isis recruitment in Russia, for example, where there


is they say about seven million Uzbeks working there. They say young


men who've gone to Russia to work there in menial jobs as migrant


workers. So there's been some recruitment amongst those men. But


compared to other parts of the world, the recruitment levels are


not great in central Asia. So there may be a few hundred. Now for the


first time Vladimir Putin has responded to those unverified claims


that Russia has compromising material on Donald Trump. I wanted


to make sure I had time to play you the clip.


TRANSLATION: First of all, he's a grown up man. And secondly, he's a


person who has been organising beauty contests for many years. He


communicated with the most beautiful women in the world. You know, I can


hardly imagine that he went to the hotel to meet with our girls of


reduced social responsibility. Undoubtedly my girls are the best in


the world, of course. But I doubt Mr Trump took this bait. People who


order such fakes, which are now being spread against a new president


of the United States, they fabricate them and use them in the political


race, they are worse than prostitutes. They do not have any


moral limits. I want to finish with the latest report from Jon Kay, in


the US ahead of Donald Trump's inauguration. Today he's in Chicago.


He's been to Barack Obama's favourite diner.


Right through the middle of Donald Trump's America, to get a sense of


the country he's taking over. But our next stop is not Trump


territory. Chicago. This is Barack Obama's favourite diner. He lived


round the corner before he was president and he still comes back.


He is humble. He is strong. Tahisha is a fan. As a nurse, she likes the


changes he made to health care, giving poorer people better access.


She worries Donald Trump will overturn the reforms, hitting the


most vulnerable. Many of them will be very sick, can't get medicine,


some of them will die. Some here do question the Obama legacy and think


change is overdue. Aspiring businesswoman Erica, hopes Donald


Trump will help people like her. I believe that he's going to open up


doors for small business owners, hopefully, that's trying to create


big businesses. That's you? Yeah. Maybe you'll be as rich as Donald


Trump in a few years. We head to the suburbs Elgin, where nearly half the


population is Hispanic. Donald Trump's plans to build a giant wall


along the Mexican border mean many here cannot support him. Never.


Never. Some views here may surprise you. Rosa hopes a wall would stop


illegal immigrants. We have our own problems here in America. You know,


to add more of them coming over here, I think, that I don't think


it's a good thing. It seems this Hispanic community is split just as


America is split. And look where we are - time to get back en route 45.


I'll see you tomorrow at the same time. Bye-bye.


Hello. If you're a fan of cold winter weather, the past few winters


in the UK have left the waiting, waiting and wanting. You may have


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