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Hello, I'm Ros Atkins, this is Outside Source.


Donald Trump has arrived in Washington for events leading up to


his inauguration on Friday. The vice President-elect says this will be a


smooth transfer of power. Our job is to be ready on day one.


American people can be confident that we will be.


Donald Trump's relationship with Russia is already


I'll play you a BBC interview with President Putin's spokesperson,


who denies that the Russian state hacked the US elections.


Senegalese troops have entered the country to support


who's been sworn in, despite the old president


Up to 35 people are missing after an avalanche hit


If you have any questions on the stories we are covering, in


particular about inauguration day. You can contact us on social media.


You can see the contact information on the screen throughout. If I can't


answer the question, I'll try and find someone who can.


This time tomorrow, Doanld Trump will be President of America.


Let's have a look at some of the pictures that have come in in the


last few hours. Here he is, landing


at Andrews Air Force base He spoke to his staff at a lunch


at his Washington hotel earlier. There was a jovial atmosphere, as


you would imagine. Staff, supporters and his family all gathering to,


well, celebrate what he has achieved, which is something quite


extraordinary. I'm not sure many people apart from Donald Trump and


soul thought it would be possible he could get the presidency, but he has


proved all of those doubters wrong. -- Donald Trump himself.


He laid a wreath at Arlington Cemetery less than an hour ago.


That was to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in service to the


US military. This is where the ceremony will take place tomorrow.


You can imagine the amount of preparation involved in putting on


inauguration day in Washington, DC is quite something. And, well mike


would be surprised to hear this - there are lots of extra security and


police around. @davidcommon CBC News: "Always


lots of police in #Washington, but with protest and security


threats, way more In a moment, I will speak to Jane


O'Brien, live from the Washington newsroom. Let's just quickly have a


look at the concert going on at the moment. This is a concert to make


America great again, that is the title of the concert. As you can


see, lots of people turning out right at the other end from where


the inauguration ceremony will take place. We'll keep an eye on that


concert. We can speak to our US


Correspondent, Jane O'Brien. Washington is a city like any other


anyway, almost a city apart from the rest of the country. -- unlike any


other. I guess it changes fundamentally at this particular


moment. We have just seen an abrupt change of tone in the last few


minutes. When Donald Trump laid the wreath at the tomb of the unknown


is, it was a very powerful symbol of the responsibility and the


seriousness that he will assume as the nation's commander-in-chief.


This was the first real official event when we see this transfer of


power, this peaceful transition of power from one president to the


relaxed. As I said, the real weight of responsibility that he will also


assume when he takes the oath of office at noon. It's also a


tradition that is aimed at establishing a real connection with


the military. Of course, Donald Trump has never served in the


military, with the men and women that he may come as


commander-in-chief, may asked to make the ultimate sacrifice. -- may


have to ask. Very different to the mood at the concert at the Lincoln


Memorial that we were just showing. That is more of a celebration. In


the last half hour or so, we have really witnessed that first


transition of power. You mentioned he will take the oath of office at


noon. Does his speech directly follow that? To be perfectly honest,


I'm not sure of the exact sequence of events. What we are expecting


from the speech is first of all it will be quite short. We are told


that he is still preparing it. He is edits. And a few tweaks here and


there. It's being described by Sean Spicer, his press secretary, at his


very first press briefing today, as less of an agenda and more of a full


as the goal document. I don't quite know what that means, -- a


philosophical document. It's going to be a statement of Mr Trump's


thoughts of what it is to be in government. What it is to be a


citizen and his expectations and ambitions for America under his


leadership. Depending on who you are in America, you are either excitable


apprehensive about what Mr Trump is going to do when he assumes this


role. When will the work begin? Can he get on with things tomorrow


afternoon, or should we wait until Monday before the work really gets


going? One minute past name, that is when the work begins. The Corompt


team are up against it, because a lot of the key Cabinet positions


have not yet been filled -- by Trump team. The confirmation process is


still underway. The second tier of jobs of these various agencies are


also unfilled. The team have established what they have called a


beachhead of workers and volunteers who will go into these agencies and


literally one minute past name and they will just keep them running,


keep them functioning and told the management can really be


established. He has also had to ask a number of Obama administration


people in key posts, including several key posts in national


security, to stay on, because he hasn't been able to fill those jobs


yet. Although the work technically can begin immediately, it's going to


take a little longer to establish the real structures and the


formation of these agencies that he's going to be in charge of. Jane,


for the moment, thank you. Good luck tomorrow for you and all my


colleagues in Washington, it will be a very busy day on inauguration day.


You can get full coverage of the inauguration of Donald Trump on BBC


News. One other detail I spotted on Twitter, this from the BBC world


Twitter feed. Trump hints New York Jets


owner Woody Johnson That's not confirmed. Just a comment


that suggests it is made by Mr Trump's thinking. Let's turn to an


interview that came into the BBC news room not long ago.


Stephen Sackur from BBC's HardTalk spoke earlier with the Kremlin


spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, who works closely


Stephen came onto the earlier edition of Outside Source


after that interview to tell me about it.


It was absolutely fascinating. You can imagine here in Moscow, minds


are very much focused on what the Trump presidency will mean for


Russia- US relations. And of course, I asked Dmitry Peskov, chief


spokesman for Mr Bruton, all about that in the course of the interview,


which we recorded just a short time ago -- President Putin. There was


one other big issue I wanted to discuss with Mr Peskov. He


personally has been described in some of the leaks on the information


that has been flying around in recent days as 80 architect of what


some alleged to be a concerted campaign of Russian bloody tricks --


as a key architect. Bastareaud cyber hacking, -- dirty tricks. I had to


ask Mr Peskov about this, about the allegations of cyber hacking. He


responded by trying to turn the tables on me somewhat. He said, you


know, it is in the United States where they suffer from cyber


hacking. We suffer from it here in Russia, too. That might listen to


his answer. Everyday, we have hundreds of thousands of cyber


attacks against our digital systems in the Russian Federation. Some of


them are coming from the territory of the United States. Dozens are


coming from the territory of Germany. Dozens are coming from


Great Britain. Do you think that it means, with a high state of


certainty, that those attacks against our digital systems are


being promoted by the governments in Washington, in London, or in Berlin?


No, you are probably saying no, neither the Russian government nor


the Kremlin, nor President Putin personally, nor military


intelligence stand behind those attacks. If they really exist. Yes,


Mr Peskov look to be in the eye and said, I can tell you, we are not


responsible -- looked me in the eye. The Russian government are not


responsible for the hacking of the DNC, the Democratic party e-mails,


or any of the other that some in the West have accused us of. I said to


him, well, somebody is lying here. It is either by Western intelligence


agencies or it is you in Russia. He said, I agree with you. We will with


interest the investigations and fold in the US, if they have real


evidence, they should present it. In the view of Russia, that real


evidence does not exist. That's Mike move onto the second topic that


dominated our conversation, that of what Russia makes of Donald Trump.


Mr Trump issued certain warm words about Mr Boot Room, saying he is


smart and he believes -- President Putin. He believes President Putin


is Abra ball. Does that mean there will be a warmer relationship


between Donald Trump's Administration and Vladimir Putin's


Russia? Here are the thoughts of Proskow on what comes next for


Russia live in US relations. We want to have good relations with America


-- thoughts of Peskov. We believe that we cannot solve lots of


problems in this world and in our region that are endangering our


country without cooperation with the Americans. That's why we are


desperately needing a good relationship with Washington. But it


takes two to tango. And what will be the approach by President Trump?


This is the question. Stephen, did you pick of frustration by Mr Pasok


Peskov that the narrative has been accepted in the West? Yes, there is


a great deal of frustration about that. I think Mr Peskov believes


that the Western approach to Russia is deeply prejudiced and deeply


unfair. But then he probably would say that, wouldn't he? I'll tell you


something interesting, though, that came out of the interview. He


believes, and it's clear that the Russian government in general belief


that Barack Obama, in the last few days and weeks, has been trying to


in a sense limit Donald Trump's room for manoeuvre. Everything Mr Obama


was saying yesterday for example about the importance of not easing


sanctions on Russia unless Russia gives ground and the Ukraine issue,


that is something the Russians deeply resent. Of course, they are


hoping Donald Trump might well be a trusted in easing those sanctions,


which are hurting the Russian economy -- might well be in trusted.


Mr Trump will broadly expect something in return, and on that, Mr


Peskov was not giving ground at all. I asked Mr Peskov, will there be a


summit meeting between Putin and Trump in the near future? The


Russians clearly wanted. Mr Peskov said, that is something we will work


towards, but it is likely to take months rather than weeks. That is


something we will obviously keep watching.


You can catch Stephen's full interview with Dmitry Peskov


on HardTalk, starting from the 21st of January.


We are not going short of big interviews an Outside Source today.


We have had Dmitry Peskov. We will also play you, Ahmed talking to the


UK Prime Minister Theresa May. And we will talk about what is happening


in the Gambia. That is the new president being sworn in. But he is


not able to do it in his own not able to do it in his own


country. We will explain what is going on, and why Senegalese troops


have come across the border. The former Northern Ireland Deputy


First Minister, Martin McGuinness, has announced he is to retire


from front line politics and will not seek re-election


to the Stormont Assembly in March. He said he had intended


to step down in May, but that plan was overtaken


by health problems and the political My own health problems have come


after that crisis. I've really been dealing with this health situation


for the last couple of months. It's a very serious illness. It has taken


its toll on me. But I'm very determined to overcome it. And I'm


very determined to overcome it to an extent where I can be very much


involved in the whole process of peace and unity and reconciliation.


This is Outside Source, live from the BBC newsroom.


Events have begun in Washington leading up to Donald Trump's


Earlier, Mr Trump laid a wreath at Arlington Cemetery to honour


Let's turn to the main stories from the BBC World Service.


Turkish media is reporting that the man suspected of attacking


a nightclub in Istanbul on New Year's Eve is saying he chose


On BBC Mundo, you'll find these pictures


It's been increasingly active since October.


Lava and ash is being thrown more than 2000m into the air.


Let me show you a bit more of the Make America Great Against concert,


taking place at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. -- great again.


Let's have a listen. That is the first of many bands we


are going to hear both today and tomorrow as the various events tied


in with Donald Trump's inauguration get underway. There is a huge parade


tomorrow, featuring lots of bands like the one we have just seen. We


will keep an eye on that concert and play more of it a little later on. I


want to turn to what has been happening at the annual World


Economic Forum in Davos in Switzerland.


Theresa May has speaking at the annual World


There was particular attention on what she said


after that speech earlier in the week, where she laid out her


Here is the Prime Minister with the BBC's Economics


What I described in my speech when I spoke about Brexit is actually our


ambition as Britain, our ambition for a global Britain, ambition for a


Britain which not only has a good free trade agreement with the EU but


a Britain that is trading around the rest of the world. We have seen a


number of countries that want to do trade agreements with us. Earlier


today the Australians confirmed their commitment for a trade deal


with the United Kingdom. So I want to be ambitious for the UK, and I am


ambitious for the UK in what we can achieve, trading with the EU but


also around the world, a truly global Britain. What have the banks


said to you about why they are moving jobs? I have had a very good,


positive discussion with banks about the benefits of the City of London,


what has brought them there and how we can continue to build on that for


the future. And there are huge benefits for investment in the UK.


We have a fundamentally very strong economy. We have a service sector


that is very important to us, that is valued around the world. I


believe that truly global Britain can bring drops and prosperity to


the UK across the board, including financial services -- can bring


jobs. The white you can find that interview online. You can find that


interview online. You might have heard that the nominations for


Donald Trump's cabinet is continuing.


President-elect Donald Trump's choice for Treasury Secretary


He is a former banker with Goldman Sachs.


He is nominated as Treasury Secretary.


Here's some of what he said during his confirmation hearing.


I want to correct the record about my involvement


Since I was first nominated to serve as Treasury Secretary,


I have been maligned as taking advantage of others,


Nothing could be further from the truth.


That is all to do with when he led a buyout of IndyMac, which collapsed


in 2008. It was connected to the financial crisis, some call it the


second-biggest banking collapse after Lehmann Brothers. There was a


lot of two and fro about the role that he played in picking up of that


business and the transformation of it. You can get more background


online, look at the Washington Post and New York Times if you want


details reporting on what is happening in that Treasury Secretary


hearing. Perhaps a story that is not quite as


important, you may have missed this. You might have missed this,


but it appears that here in the UK we're in the grips


of a courgette crisis. The Manchester Evening News says


shoppers just can't cope. As the Daily Mail explains


here, it's all down There's a bit of bad weather in


Italy thrown in as well. Lots of drama. You wonder if people losing


here. A Twitter user says, what is this waking nightmare?!.


The BBC has been down to a wholesale market in London. Everything out of


Spain, they have had very, very bad weather. Torrential rain, and now


they have got snow in the reasons of the broccoli and the courgette being


grown. -- the regions. It is just everything coming out of there.


Courgette and normally six or sevenlbs, they are now ?20 and


struggling to get them. I've been in this trade in 40 or years, I've


never known it as bad as this. Everything is so dear. It has


affected the up-and-coming sort of fruit from the trees. Things like


that as well. The long-term effect we may still feel. A very serious


story in Teheran today. The collapse of a high-rise building was shown


live on state television. It is because of a big fire. This is what


happened. We know the building had been


evacuated, but unfortunately dozens of firefighters had gone into the


building to try and deal with the fire. The city's mayor has confirmed


that at least 20 by Paul were killed. -- 20 people were killed.


BBC Persia have been covering this story. The building has collapsed


totally. It is the way it collapsed, it is like the 9/11 print our


collapsing in New York, the whole thing falling through. -- Twin Tower


collapsing. The fire started at 7:30am. We presumed there were some


people inside it. The authorities tried to evacuate the area, and the


neighbouring areas. From the British Embassy, the German and the Turkish


embassies. They did manage to put out the fire, or they thought they


had. Then more firefighters went in, even civilians, people who had


businesses there, went into check. And then suddenly the whole thing


collapsed again after the fire restarted. Thanks for that update.


Turning from Iran to West Africa and the ongoing crisis in the Gambia.


Senegalese troops have gone in to support Adama Barrow, who has been


sworn in. He was sworn in in Senegal because he doesn't believe it is


safe to be in the Gambia. Yahya Jammeh is refusing to relinquish


power. Let's bring in a BBC correspondent. Tell us more about


this military operation? Well, West African troops led by Senegal, we


understand, have crossed into the Gambia now. It has been confirmed by


the spokesman of the Senegalese army. We don't exactly know how far,


how deep they've come into the Gambia. It is possible that some of


the troops have to be ferried across the river, so we don't exactly know


the position. Everything is calm here in the capital, the city is


like a ghost town tonight. And that's been the case for the whole


day, actually. The streets are deserted, there's very little


traffic on the main roads and the shops, the gas stations, everything


stayed closed the entire day. And obviously here there is an anxious


wait, to know whether the Senegalese forces are going to come all the way


to the capital the night and whether they will meet any resistance. So


far, the army spokesman of the Senegalese troops were telling us


that they haven't met any resistance on the way. Do we know where the


president is's the president who lost this election? You're talking


about joy Jamala. We understand he is still in the state house, --


Yahya Jammeh. We are not aware of a new whereabouts. But what we are


told is that he's still there. There's very little security


presence around the straight house. A few checkpoints, -- the state


house. Nothing too major. And certainly what will be questionable


tonight is whether the security forces that are still here in the


capital are deployed on the President Jammeh's rule, whether


they will try to resist the advance of the Senegalese troops and the


Nigerian colleagues as well. Thank you, we appreciate the update. We


have just had a message from one viewer saying, when you refer to the


new president, please use his name. It is a he was inaugurated at the


Gambian Embassy in Senegal. He wants to get home, when he will be a bull


to do that, we just don't know. -- his name is Adama Barrow.


Good evening. There is a lot going on with the weather in the world at


the moment. I have to start in Europe. Winter weather has been


causing some big problems close to the


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