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Hello, there's only one place to begin this half-hour, Washington,


DC. A concert is underway, as you can see. These are live pictures


from the Lincoln Memorial. This is the Make America Great Again concert


on the eve of Donald Trump's inauguration. This time tomorrow, he


will be president. Senegalese troops have entered the


Gambia after the new president was sworn in in a ceremony in Senegal.


The man who lost the election, the current president, is refusing to


stand down. The vendee Globe has finished after


a thrilling race. We will have a full report from the coast of


France. And as you are watching, if you have


questions, some of you have been getting in touch. I will do my best


to answer you as we go along. I think the actor Jon Voight is


currently on stage during the Make America Great Again concert in


Washington. 'S have a look at the pictures and see what's happening.


To a barrage of propaganda that left us all breathless with anticipation,


not knowing if God could reverse all the negative lies against Mr Trump,


whose only desire... CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


Whose only desire was to make America great again.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE He certainly didn't need this job.


And, yes, yes, God answered all our prayers. Because here it is. We will


be part of history. All of us. And President Lincoln, who sits here


with us, I'm sure is smiling, knowing America will be saved by an


honest and good man who will work for all the people, no matter their


creed or colour. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE


So, my friends, let us rejoice in knowing that from this time on, we


will see a renewed America. The spirit of America is perhaps best


captured by one of our country's most beloved patriotic songs,


written over a century ago. America The Beautiful. And here to perform


his own version of this truly American classic is a Grammy


award-winning rock and roll hall of fame member and a soul music legend,


and it gives me great honour to introduce the legendary Sam Moore.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE That's Jon Voight, the actor, who


said Donald Trump is an honest man and didn't need the job of president


and only sort it for one reason, not for himself, but to make America


great again. We will come away from those pictures just for a moment. We


might go back again before the end of the programme. And it is


striking, isn't it? The formalities before the inauguration begins. Many


separate events happen on the day is self building up to the oath of


office. You can't help but, once again, reflect on the enormity and


improbability of what Donald Trump has achieved. We've been speaking


about this with the BBC North America editor, John Sobel. If we


had been talking a year ago, two years ago, we would have said, you


know what? On January 20, 2017, we would be witnessing the election of


President-elect Trump, our viewers would have thought we had taken


leave of all of our senses. It is an extraordinary moment, and if you


look back at the process, from George Washington onwards, there's


been a sense of continuity, Democrat to do much -- Democrat Republican,


Republican and Democrat, I think the 45th president of the United States


represents a break from some of that, because what he has done, he


has upended political normality in the way he has campaigned and in the


way he has been since he won that election last November, and I think


we are in for a very unpredictable time. He talks about draining the


swamp of Washington, changing the way everything works, and it's like


a disruptor is going to take over the keys of the White House and no


one is quite sure what that means in terms of policy, whether


domestically or internationally. And I guess all incoming presidents have


to go from talking the talk to walking the walk, and listening to


Mike Pence this afternoon, he was emphasising how much they want to


get done quickly. Do you think the transition team is in good nick to


do that? Well, I mean, if you listen to Mike Pence, an awful lot of


people have taken up key positions and they say the transition is on


schedule and under budget, and they were obviously making the rhetorical


point, as you would expect, that's what we're going to do for the


country. Deliver things on time that we promised that might be costing an


awful lot less than had been the case before that. And also questions


about what the tone will be of the inaugural address. We are being


expected not to expect a big policy document but much more of a


philosophical argument from Donald Trump about what it means to be an


American, the role of citizen, the role of the state, we're told it


will be personal, we are told it will be sincere, and that I think


will be the tone he tries to set. He needs to unify America after what


was the most fractious and bitter election campaign and he's going to


have his work cut to do that. And we will have extensive coverage of the


Inauguration Day on the BBC News Channel or elsewhere on BBC world


News. Time for some sport, and let's go


back to a story we've been covering all week. A Frenchman has won this


year's vendee Globe yacht race, around the world, and it took him 74


days. He was run in very close. After ten unpredictable weeks in the


world's most inhospitable seas, a Frenchman celebrating victory was a


well told story. What wasn't was the plucky yachtsmen who gave him a run


for his money. The three-month Alex Thompson has battled everything the


ocean has thrown at him, eaten only freeze dried noodles and jelly and


survived on as little as 20 minutes sleep every few hours. At stake, his


life's obsession. To win the around the world race. He set off from here


on the 6th of November, heading out of the Bay of Biscay and into the


south Atlantic. He headed around Antarctica under the Cape of good


hope and passed around Australasia, across the South Pacific, where he


passed point Nemo, the furthest point from civilisation on Earth,


and then back up the Atlantic around Cape Horn, and when he arrives back


home, you will have notched up something between 20000 and 30,000


nautical miles. For Alex, there have been good moments... Bad moments...


I do wonder why I do it sometimes! And moments over Christmas where his


family worried he was going slightly mad.


# Jingle Bells, Alex Sayles, round the world he goes!


His wife is desperate to get him home. I have spoken to him and been


in contact but seeing him is totally different. I can't wait. Just two


weeks into the race, his boat got so badly damaged it hugely affected his


speed, but he still smashed the world record for the greatest


distance sailed solo in 24 hours. But what perhaps is better than a


record after three months at sea, his team promised to have on hand a


hot burger and a cold beer! You might have seen this already.


Novak Djokovic is out of the Australian Open. He lost in the


second round. That doesn't happen often. He lost to the world number


117, Dennis is stunning. This is the assessment of the two-time Wimbledon


Schenkel -- two-time Wimbledon champion from Pat Cash. It is


incredible to think he couldn't get through. Normally this time last


year, we would have said, straight sets, wouldn't take much more than


an hour and a half. It just shows Novak has lost his edge. No doubt


about that. If we were doubting that before, we are certainly confirmed


that he is not the same player he was six months ago.


Deloitte has released its annual report into the world's richest


football clubs. Ollie Foster at BBC Sport has read it so you don't have


to! Let me find you. There you are. Got you at last! Manchester United


top, aren't they? I saw the headline. They are indeed. After 11


years, Real Madrid have been knocked off the top spot. Manchester United


are really going to worry the rest of the Premier League this season


but at least their accountants and their money men can take some pride


in the fact that they are top of this mini league table. Delight,


they reveal this, they've done over the last 20 years or so. --


Deloitte. Man United were top on ?88 million a few years ago. ?515


million! The first time the club went over the ?500 million mark.


Real Madrid have moved down to third, with Barcelona just above


them with .1 of ?1 million between them. Manchester City on the up.


This was last season, when they were in the Champions League. Deloitte to


say they have phenomenal commercial revenue growth, and they say that


they secured commercial partnerships in excess of that achievable by


their peers. But don't expect Manchester United to stay there,


because when they look at this season, Man United haven't been in


the Champions League, there's Brexit, sterling has fallen against


the euro and all those other big clubs as well, they will be saying,


look at those kit deals and the commercial deals Manchester United


have achieved. In that last season. We want a deal as big a fact as


well. So United back to the top but you can imagine Real Madrid


returning there next year. Thank you. Thanks for putting that in


context Ross. All week we've been following the


squash tournament of champions that takes place in New York's Grand


Central Station. I've been picking up a rally each day of the week.


Here's another one for you featuring two giants of the game. Some of


these rallies went on for so long, you can really put the kettle on,


talk to your friends, and the rally will go on till it gets to the sharp


end of things. This was actually a five set thriller. Gauthier won.


Very injured at one stage in the match. Another match featuring Laura


Massaro. She is in the final later today. Unfortunately, technical


details in New York, not the BBC, but in New York, the organisers,


mean I cannot show you how game, which is a shame because it was a


great performance. You can get clips on our Facebook page. I've talked


all this way and still I can show you the end of the rally! Can't


believe how tight they are hitting it! Brilliant! He's made the error!


There it is. Fist pumps! Very impressive from both of them.


Gauthier is in the final later on. Let me pick up the feed of the


concert going on by the Washington Memorial. This is the Make America


Great Again concert. Let's have a listen. BAND MUSIC PLAYS.


CHEERING AND APPLAUSE That's what is happening in


Washington at the moment. I've just had a message from Christina saying


can you update us on what is happening in Italy? A terrible


avalanche by the hotel. We will cover this in just a few minutes.


A British local authority is to hold a referendum on whether to increase


council tax by 15% to pay for essential services which it says are


at risk due to a funding shortfall. Surrey County Council, which is


controlled by the Conservative Party, says it has a huge gap in its


budget and needs the extra money to fund improved social care for the


elderly, services for those with disabilities and for children.


You don't get a choice about getting old, but how to pay the huge bills


for care? Councils pay most of it and now one authority has had enough


of government cuts and paying for more and more with less and less.


Surrey is asking council tax payers, yes or no, to a 15% increase for


social care. I think it's important that politicians stand up and tell


the truth and be honest with the residents and tell them what it


costs to run these services. We have to pay for these services! Is not


easy finding people here who are pay what will be nearly ?2000 more than


on an average home, though nobody could call Surrey hard up. I heard


it on the one o'clock news today. They want more of the money for


social care. Certainly not. That's totally obscene. There's lots of


money in Surrey but it doesn't mean we are going to accept a 15%


increase. It's not on. I think it's a very bad idea. I can't afford to


pay because my pension is frozen. More council tax to pay for social


care. Do you fancy that? I'm up for it. I think we live in a very


affluent area and I think we can all afford it. I know lots of people


around who need it more than we do. I agree. I think that's right. Is


the side of a civilised society, one that looks after and cares for its


older people responsibly, and I think it's a problem that will


escalate over the years. It's not going to go away and we have to


address it. The Labour Leader also agrees we should bear the rising


costs of social care. It is not right which cross the social care


crisis on local authorities, all of whom have different levels of income


over the country. Its central government responsibility and the


central government should face up to its responsibility. -- it is a


central government responsibility. In several votes over the last few


years on whether to raise council tax, the answer was no.


We live in the BBC newsroom in Outside Source. Events have begun in


Washington leading up to the inauguration of Donald Trump on


Friday. Earlier he appeared at Arlington Cemetery to honour those


who lost their lives serving in the American military.


This is what is coming up after Outside Source. If you are watching


outside of the UK, it is World News America. As you can imagine, they


have plenty on Donald Trump, looking at his relations, including with


Vladimir Putin. Next in the UK, we have the News at


Ten with Hugh Edwards. Local officials in Italy are saying


between 30 and 35 people are still missing after an avalanche hit a


hotel. We know there were four earthquakes in quick succession in


and around the region and they are thought to be the cause of what


happened. Rescuers worked through the night to reach the hotel to see


if they could find survivors. It was incredibly hard to get there because


all the roads were blocked. As you will see in this report.


At night, the quickest way through the wall of snow was on skis. These


rescuers are amongst the most experienced in Europe. Even they


struggled to move forward. Step-by-step, they shovelled their


way up towards the Rigopiano hotel. They went further in,


and came to where the avalanche hit. A six-foot-high wall


of snow and rock broke Several miles away,


a father waited for news Straight after yesterday's


earthquakes, they texted each other. "I think the worst has already


happened," he reassured her. His daughter, and many other


people, may be trapped These pictures, filmed


after daybreak, show the Rigopiano Do you think it's possible


to find more people alive? In the past, we found


people after three days And especially in this case,


there could be some Rescuers are helped by the fact that


conditions here have improved. We haven't felt any more


earthquakes or tremors. Relief workers a few miles up


the hill, will hope the snow holds Relief workers a few miles up


the hill will hope the snow holds And those rescuers continue


on their path to and from the destroyed hotel,


searching for survivors or bodies. James Reynolds, BBC News,


Penne, central Italy. Of course people all over the world


will be watching Donald Trump's inauguration as president of the US,


but perhaps people in Mexico will be paying more attention than most.


He's been very critical of the trading relationship between Mexico


and the US and of the immigration setup. He wants to build that wall,


which he's talked about a lot. You may have recently seen Ford withdrew


a significant investment in Mexico. We've been looking at that issue.


This places a world away from the spectacle on Capitol Hill. The dry


valleys and desert landscape could and contrast more sharply with the


glitz of the presidential inauguration ceremony in Washington,


DC. And yet since Donald Trump was elected, the two places are now


inexorably linked. This dusty corner of central Mexico felt perhaps the


first blow of Mr Tron's aggressive brand of economic protectionism.


Faced with threats of higher border taxes, the car giant Ford decided to


pull out of $1.6 billion car assembly plant it was building here


and invest at least part of the money in Michigan instead. -- Mr


Tron 's aggressive brand. The suggestion was that the next four


years would be tougher than he had hoped. He had worked on the site for


the six months when the entire workforce was told out of the blue


they were fired. He now harvests cactuses to make a living.


TRANSLATION: I would ask him to play fair with us and lend us a hand. We


need jobs here, too. We need work. I think that's where delinquency and


crime come from. No work. The authorities here admit Ford's


decision has hurt their economic forecast. It is a worry and I can


tell you that the worst thing that is happening is that we don't have


the rules yet. We don't know how he's going to play the rules in the


economy or the platform he's going to plan for the next months.


Automobiles and agriculture are the mainstay of the local economy here,


but as more US car firms choose Michigan over this town, desert


towns and villages are finding themselves on the of Donald Trump's


economic conflict with Mexico. These people are some of its first


casualties. And it comes at a particularly volatile time for the


Mexican economy, too. Many furious at a government imposed


fuel price hike, with some protest bubbling over into looting and


clashes with riot police. Most people, though, are simply worried


about the rising cost of living in Mexico and the overall direction of


the economy. Especially the community of around 500 families


that lies behind Ford's abandoned construction. The community leader,


known locally as Don Corleone, fears that in the absence of stable work,


young people will head north, exacerbating the very problem Donald


Trump has vowed to tackle - illegal immigration.


As the factory sits gathering dust in the desert, the Ford name has


already been taken off the billboard. What began as a shining


example of cross-border free trade is now an eerie monument to US


protectionism. I was going to bring in the feed of


this concert taking place in Washington, DC anyway, but I think


my timing might be good here, because... Lets see you has come on


the stage. I think President-elect Donald Trump has done. -- let's see




You'll never break this heart of stone, sings Mick Jagger in that


trap, as the President-elect of America greets his supporters in


Washington. Tomorrow he will become the president. Goodbye.


Hello. If you were watching yesterday evening, I was telling you


about how quiet the weather picture is at the moment. This will stay


with us certainly for


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