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BBC News app. I will be back in a couple of minutes. Goodbye.


It is that time of day one we take a look at some interesting weather


events around the world. There is plenty going on. First we had to


south-east Asia and the north-east monsoon is going through an active


phase. So we've seen some heavy rain over recent days and weeks across


parts of Indonesia, Malaysia, the southern Philippines. More in the


way of heavy rain over the next few days especially along the Malay


Peninsula, Vietnam and Sumatra. Further north some snow showers in


Japan especially around the west coast. On the other side of the


Pacific, areas of low pressure, both drifting in allegedly north-east.


Snow showers moving out of California for instance towards the


midwest. And also this low pressure bringing freezing rain and snow as


it moves to the north of New York, combined with a strong destructive


win. For the likes of Montreal seeing destructive weather through


Tuesday but to the south of that, things looking much quieter. The


satellite image of Africa shows Becky Ayres about buildings from


central Africa, we had heavy rain and flooding across Rwanda for


instance. Those heavy showers will drift slowly affecting Congo and


Gabon over the next few days and also heavy downpours for South


Africa and gusty wind along the north coast of Africa. Further north


for Europe, temperatures on Tuesday morning widely below freezing, and


ongoing problems with widespread winter fog and passed round. That


could be slowed to clear where we have high pressure across central


and northern parts but further south low pressure still lingering in the


Mediterranean. Looking pretty unsettled on Tuesday for Italy,


Greece and Turkey. Here we expect further heavy rain showers, snow


over the hills and blustery wind but further north, high-pressure holding


on and quite a lot of settled weather on the cards. For the UK,


looking still quite cold and murky but with high-pressure sticking


around, relatively dry over the next few days. We could see some dense


fog on Tuesday across much of England and Wales, so reduced


visibility during the morning. Further north west last fog but some


drizzly rain for Northern Ireland and Scotland. Across England and


Wales the fog gradually lifts and clears away by the afternoon


allowing some sunnier spells to break through. Around 10 degrees in


Belfast. And through the middle part of the week, the dry thing


continues, things brighter with less in the way fog by Thursday. More


details on the weather for the week ahead right here in half an hour.


Is an Ros Atkins with Outside Source, these are some of the main


news stories in the BBC newsroom, President Trump has marked his first


Monday in office by signing an executive order to pull the US out


of a giant free-trade deal with Pacific Rim countries including


China, is also reinstated a ban on providing US federal groups that


discuss abortion as a family planning option, we will be talking


about that in a moment. The second appearance of Sean Spicer the White


House press secretary, this time he took questions and promises good


relations with journalists after what was perhaps a rocky start. We


are going to do our best every time, I will come out and tell you the


facts as we know them and if we make a mistake we will do our best to


correct it. And the UK's best known woman boxer Nicola Adams is turning


professional. We will fill you in on that.


President Trump told us a few weeks back when this Monday would be the


day that he was able to get on with business and so it has proved, he


took a big swipe at global free trade and has put a curb on


government hiring and reinstated a ban on funding for abortion related


services overseas. We can speak to Barbara live from the State


Department. Can you explain more about which organisations were


funded and what work they were doing and where? This is a global order.


It is about US funded groups that are not allowed under the


circumstances now to perform abortions or to have any referrals


or counselling. So no abortion services whatsoever. It has to do


with women's international non-governmental organisations that


receive money from the US government. This is something that


changes with administrations so when Republican administrations come in


they tend to issue this restriction on funds to organisations that offer


restrictions and whether Democrats come in they revoke this. So Mr


Trump was right with tradition in this case, it is often the first


thing that a president does, to mark down how he or she will approach the


issue of abortion and how it relates to development aid. I saw one US


journalist, a well known feminist, no doubt opposed to Mr Trump, saying


that it will cost women their lives. Can we be that explicit about the


impact of a withdrawal of funding? I don't know in terms of detail at


this point but people who offer these services argue that if you


don't give women this option especially in developing countries


where abortions are not safe and easy, they'll try to do it alone


they will die in childbirth. It is the argument of why abortion has


been made legal in Western countries. So probably you could


trace some effect that we, it really is an issue that changes from


administration to administration and it is particularly poignant for


people like the woman you quoted because just two days ago there was


a massive rally here and around the country in support of women's rights


come including abortion, so although it is not unusual for a Republic


administration to put these restrictions on for development aid


with regard to women's health it is something that resonates quite


strongly at this point in the Trump administration transition. As you


are with us from the State Department, who is in charge there


at the moment? There is someone in charge. The number three, Tom


Shannon. He's from the previous bet in the station, he is a career


diplomat. He is holding the fort until a new Secretary of State is


confirmed. We expect a vote shortly in the Senate foreign relations


committee about a nominee, Rex Tillerson. It is almost certain he


will be approved despite some senators had misgivings, they seem


to have come around and said they will support him at least on the


Republican side which is enough to get him through, and as the


committee confirms, there will be a vote on the full Senate floor we


expect sometime this week. Barbara Plett-Usher, live from the State


Department, thank you. Barbara will be filling us in from there over the


next weeks and months. More about Donald Trump.


The White House has reiterated that immigration will be a top priority


In the United States, there are hundreds of thousands


of young people who were brought into the country illegally


The now FORMER President Obama gave them the right to work


and study there legally, but Mr Trump has vowed


19-year-old Reuben is dreaming big. Taking the subway to his job in the


office of a New York lawmaker, he plans a future as a politician.


Smuggled here from Honduras by his mother when he was five, he came out


of the shadows in the last administration granted him temporary


legal status. I felt happy, I felt comfortable, I felt I am finally


being accepted in this nation for who I am and what I am doing. This


honours student and star of high school debate classes seized the


chance to work and go to college. He doesn't know what the future holds


now under President Trump. What would it mean for you personally if


your work permit was taken away? I would say my voice would be taken


away, and my dreams shattered. Marie came to the USA from Guinea as a


child and Boston legal status as a teenager. She is worried that the


new president might abolish or work permit which enables to be a


barrister in Brooklyn and audition for acting roles. What is it like


being in limbo not knowing what President Trump will do? For me


personally it is a little scary but I'm not a person who believes in


giving in to fear. What to do about Reuben and Marie and the hundreds of


thousands of people across America is one of the first big test is for


President Trump. He was elected to take a tough stance on immigration,


he said there would be a solution that makes people happy and proud.


What does that mean in practice? Reuben hopes that President Trump


will see how invested he and others are in this country. I asked them


not to deport people. I asked them to see the good in this programme. I


asked them to see that we are the future of this country, that we are


the leaders of tomorrow. While Marie who has auditioned for a part in a


movie longs to be a US citizen. If there is a path to get there I think


a lot of us are willing to do the work, just give us the chance and we


will show you. All they can do now is wait to lose their dashed to


learn their fate, dreaming of making it in Manhattan, hoping not to be


sent back to the undocumented worker of -- the twilight world of the


undocumented immigrant. Some big news about Formula 1 to open the


sport coverage, the UK number one will play Serena Williams, that


sounds good. Very tasty indeed, how great to see a British player in the


quarterfinals of the Australian Open. Johanna Konta has been in


scintillating form in this tournament, has not dropped one set,


she beat Ekaterina Makarova of Russia to make the quarterfinals


where she will play Serena Williams, a 22 grand slam champion and the


number two seed. But you know what, she has a secret weapon. And this


would be in the form of her coach, Wim Fissette. He is a new coach for


Jo but the last four people he coached beat Serena in important


competitions, Kim clusters, Sabine Lisicki in Wimbledon, Simona Halep


in 2014 and Victoria Azarenka last year in Indian Wells. He hopes that


he can coach Johanna Konta and she can beat Serena as well. Johanna


Konta has been open about this and says it will be a tough match but


says Serena Williams is not unbeatable. So a mouthwatering one.


The men's draw is equally exciting because without Andy Murray or


Djokovic this one has opened up. Romantic tennis fans are hoping for


a potential final between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. It could


still happen. Nadal booked his place in the last eight. He is a 14 time


grand slam champion. He beat Gael Monfils three sets to one in a


hard-fought match but ease in the last eight when he faces Milos


Raonic of Canada now. He is the top right seed still in the competition.


Of course he has been blighted by injury in recent years and so has


Roger Federer. This is his first competitive tournament since


Wimbledon six months ago, he's been struggling with a knee injury, he


the 17th seed in this competition, a 17 time grand slam champion, the


next player he faces is Michelle Zverev of Germany who beat Murray a


couple of nights ago. We will see if these two men can reach the final.


They will be helping to make a statement in Melbourne and prove


that they are not posted yet! That should be quite something. Now a


quote from Bernie Ecclestone coming he says he's proud of the business


that he built in the last 40 years and all he has achieved with Formula


1. He says he is sure that Chase will execute his role in a way that


will benefit the sport. Can you translate? Bernie has been in charge


of motorsport for 40 years. He was a team owner before he became the


supremo, the de facto chief executive, in charge of the


commercial rights of the sport, hugely successful at that. His


position was under threat as soon as the new owners were linked with


Formula 1, they asked him to step down today, he's been such an


integral part of the paddock figures and left his mark on the sport. He


says he's been asked to step down by the new CEO and they have confirmed


that today. Good to talk to you. That was live from the BBC sports


Centre. Another great sports story. Nicola Adams is the UK's


best known woman boxer - she's a two time Olympic boxing


champion - and today she announced She's signed with


promoter Frank Warren. That's worthy of note


because as Katie Gornall notes - Frank Warren admits he's not been


an advocate of women's boxing in the past and he's now


"eating humble pie." It is interesting because you have


you ever see and mixed martial arts long putting women and men on a


relatively equal footing and boxing is behind on that. Let's see if this


goes some way towards fixing it. Nicola Adams explains the decision.


It was a very difficult decision, the thought of making history again,


becoming triple Olympic champion, we have never had one before in Britain


so it was tough but there are also goals in the professional ranks to


achieve, becoming a world champion and European champion, there are so


many goals to achieve in the professional ranks, raising the game


again and just hopefully trying to make women's boxing on a par with


the men's. I'm sure she will go far, that is Nicola Adams.


The New England Patriots will play the Atlanta Falcons


It's the ninth Superbowl for the Patriots -


They beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 36-17.


Here's quarterback Tom Brady talking after the game.


I would say we should enjoy this, you never know if you will get these


opportunities in life, and fortunately, this team has the


opportunity and now we have to try to take advantage. It takes a lot of


people and a lot of hard work over the course of many months. This did


not start at 640 tonight, it started in April. In a few minutes time will


turn to a story we've been covering every day for weeks, the situation


in the Gambia, former President Yahya Jammeh finally accepting


defeat and leaving the country. There is confusion over whether


millions of dollars are missing or not. Our correspondent was at the


airport to see that plane take off. UK Government scientists are warning


that overcooked potatoes, toast and crisps could increase


the risk of developing cancer. The Food Standards Agency says


a potentially harmful compound called acrylamide is produced


when starchy foods are roasted, fried or grilled for too long


at high temperatures. However, cancer research charities


have questioned the evidence. Our Health Correspondent Dominic


Hughes has the details. This story has been one of the most


read on the BBC website all day long.


A nice slice of toast or a crisp roast potato.


But do they really carry a risk of causing cancer?


Concerns lie with the chemical acrylamide, caused by cooking


starchy foods like potatoes, bread, cakes and biscuits.


Now, a major public health campaign by the Food Standards Agency,


building on years of research, says studies in mice suggest


The FSA says while the risk in humans is hard to judge,


it makes sense to think about how much we are exposed to.


To be precautionary and to enable people to help make decisions


for themselves, it would be good reason for them to reduce the amount


So what exactly is the danger posed by acrylamide and how does it


compare to other factors that might cause cancer?


4% of all cancers in the UK are thought to be linked


to drinking too much alcohol, 5% are associated with being


overweight or obese, and an estimated 19% of all cancers


are caused by exposure to tobacco smoke.


When it comes to acrylamide, the chemical that's produced


in burnt toast, well, there is no proven link


to cancer in humans, and that has led some experts


to suggest there is no real danger to public health.


I think there is a risk that public health advice like this which can't


put a number on either the current harms or the benefits of people


changing their behaviour is, could be damaging to people's trust


in that public health advice because it is important what we eat.


Obesity is linked to 18,000 cancers a year in this country.


And it would be a shame if people became sceptical


And scepticism, too, from some cafe customers today


A prudent precaution or an overreaction?


The advice, if you want to take it, is to bin the burnt toast.


Ros Atkins with Outside Source from the BBC newsroom. Our lead story


involves President jump at the beginning of his first full week in


the White House, he has already signed an executive order to


withdraw the USA from an international trade deal from


several countries including China. If you are watching outside the UK


it is world News America next with analysis from Jon Sobel on the


opening days of the tramp administration. In the UK next is


the News at ten with doctors pioneering the use of a small MRI


brain scanner to be used on premature babies, they have been


speaking to Fergus Walsh of the BBC. Let's do as we've done every day for


the last couple of weeks, turn to the Gambia in West Africa.


Its long-term leader Yahya Jammeh finally gave up


Now, new President Adama Barrow's team is claiming eleven million


These claims, however, have not been verified.


Within the period of two weeks alone, nearly 500 million Dalasis


were withdrawn by the former president, the government


That's a lot of money, considering that we spend


about 200 million Dalasis on required expenditure


relating to payment of civil service and so forth.


I needed some help sifting through this story.


Earlier I spoke to Alastair Leithead in the capital Banjul -


he worked through these claims with me.


We just had a statement in the last hour from the President's


And he said that they had charged the Inspector General of Police


with going round to all the different heads of the civil


service and requesting information, anything missing, anything wrong.


And he said he was told by the Central bank that there


was nothing missing, that everything is open


as normal and they are working as they would normally do,


waiting the arrival and the guidance of the new president.


That seems a direct contradiction to what the new President's aide


was saying, over in Dakar, that clip that you just played.


I think what is interesting, in what he said is that


until we actually get into power and start looking through what is


going on, we cannot establish whether or not money is missing


unless someone will forward that it is and in which case it goes


The police launch a criminal investigation, and then those


responsible are accused and tried and if found guilty


Until that point, he was clear to state they cannot make those


kinds of allegations as an executive.


And given that the former president has left and given their foreign


troops in the capital, supportive troops, why


His spokesman would not give us an answer to that apart from to say


he wants to make sure the security in place to ensure that


when he arrives that he has somewhere to live, that is secure,


and I think really the military, the police that were loyal


to the former president for so long, I think they're making sure


that they are now loyal to the new president.


Perhaps he is a bit nervous about that.


But the welcome the Senegalese troops got as they drove


into State House was a welcome fit for a president.


People were just very happy to see these troops arriving,


to see really an opportunity that they could actually celebrate


the fact that their will, as shown in the election, had come to be


after so much waiting and uncertainty.


And the fear that there was going to be fighting


if the former President did not leave the country, I think


they will be extremely happy if the president arrived.


But the timings for that, we do not know as yet,


whether it is going to be tomorrow, the day after, or at a later date.


I think people here would like to see him sooner rather than later.


We have heard stories from Kazakhstan and the UK. Next,


Hungary. It's been holding a day of mourning.


killed in a bus crash on their way home from a school


There's been particular focus on the efforts of a teacher


who saved many people on board but who lost his own


A country in mourning. Both Hungary's president and Prime


Minister paid tribute on Monday following Friday's tragic bus crash.


56 people had been on the bus when it crashed and burst into flames in


northern Italy. The group were on their way home from a ski holiday,


the victims mostly students aged between 14 and 18. On Sunday


Hungary's Foreign Minister said it could take days to identify the


bodies because of severe burns. TRANSLATION: Once the shock is gone


the losses become even more tormenting. Based on the reports


from the scene, the situation has become harder as we begin the most


painful process, identifying the body. Over the weekend hundreds of


people attended a candlelit vigil outside the school building, praying


for the victims, stand by what happened. The first of those injured


in the tragedy were transferred from Verona hospitals to Budapest to


continue their treatment. Amongst the survivors a teacher and his wife


credited with rescuing many pupils lost their own children. It is not


clear why the bus left the road. In a day of national mourning schools


and official buildings across Hungary are flying back to egg black


flags to mark the nation's grief. This is the website of the Dutch


premier list's party. If you went on it, this is what you would read.


Let's start with the letter, printed in black for maximum impact, an


uncompromising message from a man famous for his consensus politics.


Yahya Jammeh says Dutch people are fed up with those who come and abuse


the freedoms they sought. While it's addressed to all Dutch people there


is a clear intended target. And in those accompanying interview he


talks about the case of a man who applied to be a bus driver but


refused to shake women's hands. Mr Rutte says that is simply not


acceptable, to not accept this culture even when it goes against


someone's religion. The leader of the Freedom Party has tweeted his


response accusing Yahya Jammeh of trying to deceive the voters before


March elections. Budget he has accused Mr Rutte. He says the Prime


Minister is precisely over an asylum tsunami of mass immigration and was


caught in the manner of open borders. This has given a clear


indication of two of the major issues expected to dominate these


elections in less than two months, immigration and the EU. They are


also being seen as a test of the populist ability to translate poll


figures into actual votes. And ends this edition of Outside Source. See


you tomorrow. Bye bye.


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