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Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.

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Hello, I'm Ros Atkins, this is Outside Source.


The trumpet meditation has done as it said it would. It's announced


plans to stop a scheme that allowed young immigrants not to be to go to.


The open-ended circumvention of immigration laws was an


unconstitutional exercise of authority by the executive branch.


Russia warns the world that a military stand off


with North Korea threatens a global catastrophe.


We will explain Vladimir Putin's position.


Hurricane Irma strengthens to a category five storm as it heads


We are alive in the BBC newsroom, so we have questions on any stories we


are covering. #BBCOS is the hashtag. The day started with this


tweet @realDonaldTrump... Congress, get ready


to do your job - DACA! That's a reference to Mr Trump's


desire to scrap the Deferred Action Doing so could impact almost


a million young immigrants. This system was brought in under


President Obama in 2012 and it allows people brought to the US


illegally as children the temporary right to live,


study and work legally in America. The plan is to wind the programme


down over six months and to draw up Here's Attorney General Jeff


Sessions making the announcement. I'm here today to announce that


the programme known as Daca that was effectuated under the Obama


administration is being rescinded. To have a lawful system of


immigration that serves the national interest, we cannot admit everyone


who would like to come here. That would be an open borders


policy and the American Therefore, the nation must set


and enforce a limit on how many immigrants we admit each


year and that means This does not mean


they are bad people or that our nation disrespects


or demeans them in any way. It means we are properly


enforcing laws as Barack Obama has posted it, and on


Facebook on this issue. He says... To give you the precise figure on


this story, 790,000 have permanent. Most of them come from four


countries, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico. Was live in


California, Texas, Florida and New York. This is the Senator of New


York... Similar sentiment from one of California balls senators. Let's


go to Anthony Zurcher, covering this in Washington. Although they may


want to stop it, can these people stop it? Congress can certainly stop


it, they can pass legislation that effectively codifies the Daca


protections. They've been trying to do so for about 15 years. The


courses they have come was 2010, when Democrats controlled Congress,


Daca protections passed through the House of Representatives and were


stymied in the Senate, they couldn't get the 60 votes necessary to break


every Republican filibuster. This is something that American political


establishment has seen as a problem for quite some time. These -- things


were moving towards reform but then Donald Trump came in, running


against immigration, condemning what he calls Barack Obama's unilateral


action. He has the voters and done so. Congress is controlled by


Republicans. This is about whether the Republican Party will line up


behind Donald Trump. That's a good question. Since Barack Obama


instituted Daca and what a lot of these people out of a 2 million


immigrants out of the shadows and they have jobs and have gone to


school, served in the US military, rescinding it is going to be a


challenge and the reality is that there are more Republican supporters


for the Daca protections than there were six years ago, when they tried


to pass it before. There is still a lot of support for... We might not


be able to get 60 votes in Senate. There are valid reasons why the


Republicans object to this. They see it as Donald Trump and Jeff


Sessions, as giving an amnesty to people who came into this country


illegally, even if they did so as children. Tell me if I've understood


this correctly. You bought a phrase from health care stories. Is this a


valid repealing and replacing. -- is this about repealing and replacing.


Do they have to come up with a new system? They could pass a straight


up Daca all that would say that people who have come under the age


of 16, who have served in the nation for ten years, gone to college,


served in the military, they could have normalised immigration staters,


effectively given green card. That would be within the law. --


immigration status. We heard today about combat of immigration reform,


where there is potentially Daca in order to make Democrats happy but


also the wall. Perhaps a merit based system would be an idea. It's going


to be hard to find consensus. As we've seen, it's hard to find


consensus within Republican ranks let alone within Democrats and


Republicans together. We can hear from Florida on the practical


consequences later on in the show. President Putin has blasted the idea


of using tougher sanctions TRANSLATION: The use of sanctions


of any kind in this case is already As I told my colleagues


yesterday, they will eat grass but they will not give up


this programme if they do That's the US ambassador -


this is the US president. The rethink my Sanchez will work on


North Korea? Not necessarily but it cuts off the revenue that allows


them to build ballistic missile. That's the US ambassador -


this is the US president. I am allowing Japan


and South Korea to buy a substantially increased amount


of highly sophisticated military This came in the around this time


yesterday. That may be what President Putin was referring to


when he criticised military hysteria.


The North Koreans certainly aren't toning anything down.


This ambassador to the UN in Geneva said this earlier.


The recent self-defence images by my country, DPRK,


are gift packages addressed to none other than the US.


The US will receive more gift packages from my country as long


as it relies on reckless provocations and futile attempts


Let's talk to Barbara, live from Washington. The Americans want these


tougher sanctions. How will they get those through given the reservations


of the Chinese and Russians? It looks as if they will have a battle


doing that, especially after President Putin's remarks today they


wanted to spend the next week discussing a resolution with the UN.


Aside from Mr Putin's comments, the Russian ambassador has said it is


unrealistic to get it done so quickly. You see a different view of


how things should proceed. The Americans would agree that sanctions


haven't worked but they say this is because they'd been incremental and


have targeted the military infrastructure. Now they should


target the economy and could become intense so we need to have time to


work. They need to be applied more intensely and there is the bloody


pressure on that. They want to move forward on that. -- there is a bit


more pressure. The ultimate call is to get North Korea to the table to


discuss. China is worried about the North Koreans but they will only go


so far with sanctions. I think these divisions have always been there but


they are becoming more pronounced as the stakes get higher and as


military rhetoric escalates and as North Koreans show increasing


sophistication with weapons and continue to save a woman for


denuclearise. -- continue to say they will never denuclearise. I


spoke to somebody that was with Vikki Childs with the State


Department in the 90s. -- was with the State Department. Is there a


sense that there is little they can do now? I think it's always been


that the options are not authentic. It has now come to a degree where we


are focusing minds. This is because the North Koreans are correctly


setting the US with credible threats. They now have missiles that


could reach the US, they have nuclear warheads that, it seems, are


assumed going to be able to be applied to those missiles, so that


when the focus is much stronger. The question is if it's coming to a


crisis point, it will either call... Its containment still an option?


Will it go to military action? That is no more appealing than when he


spoke to this man in the 1990s. If it goes to negotiations, will there


be a pod for its agreed that the general assumption of those


negotiations will not be demilitarisation? Will there be


acceptance of a freeze in the programme? That is the point where a


decision will need to be made. What a moment that would be where we got


a forgot that point. -- if we got to that point.


That's the US side - for more on the Russian reaction,


The Russian position hasn't changed for a while. They have always


favoured a diplomatic solution. Mr Putin wants to underline that


sanctions don't work and it echoes sanctions introduced against Russia.


He mentioned that these sanctions didn't work as well. Today he said


that probably North Koreans would eat grass but they won't give up


their nuclear programme. He wants to underline that the diplomatic


solution is preferable and that the influence that Russia might have


with the North Korean leader. Is also enjoying disagreeing with the


Americans again. Absolutely. There was the recent row over the weekend.


consulate in San Francisco and two other premises.


There was a huge row, Russians are very angry, they


say that it's a violation of diplomatic rules and, of course, Mr


Putin uses this attempt to play on those contradictions and wants to


show that he is important in the international arena


and there are certain questions which he can


influence and he tries to tie up those questions.


For instance, North Korea, with others. Such as Syria and Ukraine.


Although be attempts to close the gap? It depends. Russia will try to


close hold its ground and will try to tie those topics, which are


important to the US at the moment, with the topics that Russia wants to


solve. Two stories dominate our attention in the recent days. That's


one, this is the other, the plight of the Rohingya Muslims.


in the last 24 was, the UN has said that 35,000 people across the border


from me and more into Bangladesh. That takes the total for the last 11


days well over 100,000. That places a huge strain on Bangladesh. He is


the latest report from one of the refugee camps.


These are the latest batch of refugees that have come in. Lots of


woman and Georgia as you can see. They are exhausted. Whatever food


they had to eat along the way has run out. Some are dehydrated. The


biggest thing is they have made it to relative safety. On that side is


Myanmay's Rakhine State. -- Myanmar. These people are fleeing for their


lives. They will now head to any kind of temporary soldier they can


find. By the side of a hill, inside a building. It's starting to rain.


-- temporary shelter. What will happen to them next? They have to be


fed and will eventually need to find some place to live, some place to


build the lives again. More background on Rohingya on the BBC


News website. In a few seconds, we will update you on hurricane Irma.


It's in the Atlantic but heading towards the Caribbean and Florida.


Publisher and social services have accepted the findings of... She was


murdered by her mother Catherine, now serving a 19 year jail sentence.


It was... Health professionals say they didn't look into the


circumstances enough, they didn't have that professional curiosity


level they should have done. There is also a line saying that the


professional system look at this and have enough focus on the period of


the truck. For me, that's there to defend children and ensure that


children get the help they need. That's absolutely Britain. At the


end of the day, this is a very fundable trials in a difficult


situation with parents exhibiting high risk habits. It should be


something which everyone should be on high alert for. -- this is a very


fundable Mac child. We are like in the BBC newsroom. The


trumpet initiation has announced that a scheme to protect young


undocumented... The Trump administration announces


that a scheme to protected young undocumented immigrants


in the United States Russia warns the world that


a military stand off with North Korea threatens


a global catastrophe. We will explain Vladimir


Putin's position. Hurricane Irma strengthens


to a category five storm as it heads Saving Government troops have been


assisted by Russian air strikes. The Danish inventor and accused of


killing a Swedish Traverse last month has told a court that she died


when she got hit on behalf of by a heavy hatch cover.


Peter Madsen says he accidentally lost his footing, while holding


Many of you are reading this story on the news app. Nasa are helping to


create the world's deepest colophon in an effort to tackle the decline


of coral reefs. -- coral farm. Another hurricane is heading


across the Caribbean towards the US. Its name is Irma -


and it's potentially catastrophic. The BBC's James Cook is covering


this. It's been called potentially catastrophic. The strongest ever


recorded in the Atlantic basin outside of the Caribbean Sea and


gulf of Mexico. You can understand by people are worried, looking at


the pictures. -- why people. The screen is giving up the ghost


slightly. Some of the pictures are frightening and we know already that


in Florida people are stocking up on supplies, making preparations for


the arrival. I've been speaking to BBC weather, just behind the outside


source screen, getting the help of them.


This is the latest satellite picture we have of Irma. Before it -- we've


heard that the wind inside the storm are 135 miles per, gusting over 200


miles an. There was one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes


recorded. -- Rob Taylor with. It is middling Westerleigh. It looks as


though it is going to make landfall in Antigua, early wickets to. After


that, a westward journey, potentially towards the Dominican


Republic and Haiti. It will continue westward, always remaining


overwater, continuing to fuel itself. When the systems which find


they often we can because they lose their source of hot air from the


sea. This is calling on the northern coastal line of these islands, it


will remain category five. Torrential flooding rain and


significant storm surge. Florida is on your map. Can we be certain it


will reach this far? Models are agreeing it will reach towards the


Florida Keys. Some uncertainty as to where it will go, the Gulf of Mexico


or eastwards. It doesn't venture. In the Atlantic, there is another


tropical storm, Jose, expected to become a hurricane again in the next


24 overs. It might not follow the same path as Minack, cut curving


east. -- as Irma, curving east. We've fixed the screen, let's talk


about Kenyan politics. Yesterday we heard that the presidential election


will be run in October. Today, this man, regulating gun scratch, said


that he wouldn't take part without guarantees. He claimed the initial


election result had been tampered with. The supreme court agreed, and


not the result the original winner had been incompetent, Uhuru


Kenyatta, he must now fight another election. He is the latest report.


The National Alliance or Nasa has submitted a list of demands to be


met before they participate in elections. They include the removal


of top election official, including the CEO and an audit of the


technology. Greater openness when it comes to organising the next


election. He also ran for president, he is heading for court to contest


the decision to only have two people on the ballot paper. All the other


people are not be on the ballot. It's unconstitutional. It seems that


they have learned from this problem. Although they have been told they


must have the next election in line with the law. A full report promised


in 21 days. Following the report, it was said that possible changes would


be made as we prepare for the elections. It is not clear whether


these changes will be affected before or after the elections. The


Electoral Commission maybe ready to hold a new election but the question


remains whether the process will be credible, free and fair this time.


Back to the US, President Trump's tax reform plans along with debt


ceiling are among items on the agenda as Congress returns. --


sealing. Can you describe exactly what debt sealing is and why it on


the agenda. Congress has to approved any increase to the debt ceiling. It


allows the Government to continue function. It's running on a deficit


and they have to say, yes, you can borrow more money in order to keep


funding of debt. That closely relates to the second piece of


business that is certainly going to be on the legislative agenda for


Congress, approving the Government budget. There allow the Government


to continue functioning. These two end up being somewhat related,


although they are at two separate bills. They are coming to a head in


about 25 days. It's after Congress to try to make list to get an


agreement. This should pass with no problems when it comes to


Government. They will probably use the stopgap measure to fund the


Government for the next six months. The debt ceiling issue is more


complicated. There is a contingency in Government that doesn't believe


there the Government should take on what it. With regards to tax cuts.


We know what Mr Trump wants to do but where does Congress fit into


this? No doubt that tax reform is to happen in this country but come into


some sort of consensus in Congress is the big difficulty. The last time


there was a real overhaul of the US tax code was in 1986, since then


there has been no real coming together in terms of what needs to


be done. That is going to be really difficult, despite the fact that we


have seen that the Republicans own both horses. There are some real


stark differences in terms of what lawmakers want. -- holeable pulses.


We have just had a tweet from The Hill. Debt ceiling may cause GOP to


struggle to pass tax reform. We will keep you up-to-date on all of that.


I'll be back with another half hour in a moment.


Thank you very much for joining me. Welcome to the latest update on a


number weather stories we are tracking. Let's go to the heart of


the Atlantic to bring you up-to-date with the progress of Irma. Whilst in


the mid-Atlantic, no great problem but it's going westward and is ever


closer to all of these countries in the eastern end of the Caribbean.


This is a powerful storm indeed. They don't get much stronger than


that. The central pressure has plummeted 200 magic name millibars.


Wednesday, it will be close to Puerto Rico, by Thursday it will be


further west and will be very close to both Haiti and the Dominican


Republic. Thereafter, as a parrot., we suspect Chris Froome live close


to Cuba and the banners. -- we suspect it will mirror. I assure you


not an expanding storm is just that the uncertainty is greater. What is


certain is that this is a powerful storm and will deliver


extraordinarily amount of rain. The storm surge could amount to three


meters. That storm structured life back in the heart of Africa. It's


these thunderstorms that have caused not only hurricanes in the Atlantic


but extraordinary consequences in the rainy season in Africa. MS


mudslides and over 1000 casualties recorded. -- Amendment applies. The


disruption to normal life has been extensive. On Britain's debt, a


quiet a quiet affair on the Atlas matters. These west African states


would we might see the potential for some heavy downpours. All that we


could drag some of that when further south, then you're off the southern


states in Africa are experiencing crushing doubt. Egypt, temperature


in Cairo pushing towards 35 degrees. Across the Mediterranean into


Europe, things are on the warm and pleasant sight across many of the


southern states. For the north, as we have seen in the British Isles,


fronts are moving in from the Atlantic, splitting a combination of


wet and windy fear. Further east, low-pressure giving unsubtle weather


in Russia. We'll just have to wait a human rights for the forecast. --


wakey few minutes for the forecast. Hello, this is Outside Source. The


lead story, the Trump administration told it was good to scrap the scheme


to protect young undocumented immigrant in the US from


deportation. An open-ended circumvention of immigration law


that was an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the


executive branch. Vladimir Putin is warning the world that a military


stand-off with North Korea threatened a global catastrophe. The


Australian High Court is hearing a legal challenge to a proposed postal


vote on the legalisation of same-sex marriage. A report coming up. As


Russia continues to battle the Islamic State group in Syria, we


will have the extraordinary story of the mountainous province of Dagestan


which has become a key recruiting ground for I!. And in the sport we


will have the latest on the World Cup qualifiers. -- recruiting ground


for Isis. And we have the story of two kite surfers who are trying to


set a world record by travelling 1500 kilometres nonstop.


President Trump cut straight to it on Twitter this morning, telling


Congress to get ready to do its job. He wrote Daca, a reference to the


deferred action for childhood arrivals which he wants to scrap. It


could affect hundreds of thousands of immigrants. It was a system which


President Obama introduced which allowed people who were brought to


the US illegally as children do have a temporary right to live, study and


work legally in the US. President Trump wants it gone and his Attorney


General explained why. I am here to announce that the programme known as


Daca is being rescinded. Do have a lawful system of immigration that


serves the national interest we cannot admit everyone who would like


to come here. It is just that simple. That would be an open


borders policy and the American people have rightly rejected that.


Therefore the nation must set and enforce a limit on how many


immigrants we admit each year and that means all cannot be accepted.


This does not mean they are bad people ought that our nation this


respect or demeaned them in any way also it means we are properly


enforcing our laws as Congress has passed them. Let's look at the


practicalities. We have been live to New York and Washington but now to


Miami. Luiz, does this mean thousands of people in Florida will


need to leave? The details are not completely clear right now. There


are about 800,000 so-called dreamers, a lot in California and


Texas and also in Florida. The government says there will be a


six-month period the people currently in the system and they


could find a more permanent solution and legislation which is what the


Trump administration says is needed if this programme is to continue.


They say they will not accept any more Daca applications into the


system but this creates a very large degree of uncertainty for the


800,000 people, mostly Mexican Americans. There are 600,000 people


of Mexican origin who are part of this programme and they are not sure


what will happen in six months if Congress does not act to create a


more stable legislative framework. Explain to viewers who have not


heard about the scheme, getting a Daca permit can be a transformative


moment for these young people? Definitely. There are many stories


that have been covered in the media here about how these people in many


cases overcame very substantial odds to arrive to university, perhaps the


first in their family to do that. Some of them served in the Armed


Forces, but they were not part of the legal system in the US and Daca


created an expectation of a regular means of staying in the country. It


also incorporated them into legality, into the formal labour


market in the US soap all kinds of benefits. The other thing that a lot


of them say is important for them they have lived in many cases many


years, spending their entire lives here, and they faced the prospect of


deportation to a country they barely know having left when they were two


or three years old in some cases. For many practical purposes they


have grown up as Americans and they do not see themselves as anything


other than that and that is what it has created so much uncertainty and


distress in particular in the Hispanic community but in many


others as well. Thank you very much. BBC News is not just producing


stories in English, we are working in well over 25 languages. Switching


from Miami to Australia and a postal vote on same-sex marriage is planned


there but it could be stopped. Campaigners have taken the issue to


the High Court with the argument that the cost of the vote, $100


million, was not allocated through the correct processes. They want the


matter to be dealt with by Parliament and not in a national


vote. Here is our Sydney correspondent.


It's a battle which Australia's politicians have


Now it is up to the courts to decide if a vote on same-sex


Opinion polls suggest most Australians support marriage


equality but at the moment only gay couples with a British passport


Some fear the eight-week-long national postal vote will stoke


We have already seen an intense amount of hatred and vitriol come


out through that campaigns as well as ludicrous


accusations like, you know, children of gay parents have


all these problems in school, and that's very problematic for us.


The two-day court hearing has drawn intense scrutiny,


becoming a test of the government's authority is and its determination


Given the undoubted powers under the Constitution and given


the relevant legislation, the government is confident


we have the constitutional and legal authority to conduct the Australian


marital postal survey in the form as proposed.


Those challenging the vote say the $100 million survey


We hope finally our federal parliament will stop delaying,


stop dragging this out and finally deliver on the settled


will of the Australian people to allow all Australians to be able


to marry the person they love in the country that they love.


With ballot papers due to be sent out in a week,


the court's decision is expected to be swift.


But it is unlikely to bring an end to one of the most divisive


Now the sport and we begin with the World Cup qualifiers and a number of


teams are certain to go to Russia for the tournament next year but


they are all being overshadowed by these guys, the Syrian team. They


are not quite there but still very much in it thanks to quite a match.


We can go to be BBC sport Centre. Stories don't get much better than


this? This is a terrific story, Syria keep the dream alive and they


are playing Australia over tee legs with the winners playing someone


from North and Central America and that could still be the United


States -- over tee legs. The biggest story in the last hour is Saudi


Arabia going through to the World Cup. They are the first Arabic


nation at the showpiece event since 2006 and they will join Iran, Japan,


South Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium and hosts Russia in the 32 team


tournament. A second-half winner helped them beat Japan 1-0. It takes


them to their fifth World Cup and sends Australia to the play-offs.


Australia needed a big win over Thailand in order to confirm their


place. Tomi Juric put them ahead but with eight minutes to go Thailand


equalised. Poor defence but a pretty good goal. Mathew Leckie of Hertha


Berlin got the winner for the Socceroos but Saudi Arabia's


superior goal difference meant Australia were pushed into third


place and they will face Syria in the play-offs. If we had got one a


bit earlier, and open them up a bit, but... Like I said, it is


heartbreaking for the players. I thought they did not get their


rewards tonight for a brilliant performance. That was Ange


Postecoglou, the Australian coach. Syria drew 2-2 to finish third in


the group. They broke through the Iranian defence for the first in the


13th minute with a close range header. And Iran then went ahead 2-1


but Syria pushed for an equaliser and it came three minutes into


stoppage time. This secured the fairy tale comeback and a play-off


for them. You and everyone else in Australia were rooting for your team


and everybody else for the other's?! I don't know! I am being impartial


for the BBC! But the 31 qualifiers taking place across the globe on


Tuesday, there is a full list on the website. A lot is happening across


Europe as you can appreciate. We don't have time to go through them


all but if your country is playing you can get it on the BBC sport


website and the app. One more quick line, online ticket sales for the


Winter Olympics next year open in South Korea on Tuesday and


organisers admit far fewer places have been sold up the growing


concerns over North Korea's nuclear plans. The games take place in the


country arguably with a limited Winter sports tradition, far from


the core markets of Europe and North America so local attendance is


crucial to ensure those grandstands are full. Thank you. Good to speak


to you as always. One more thing, check these guys out, two kite


servers are attempting a world record, trying to travel further


than any team has done in one go. They are attempting to travel 1500


kilometres nonstop, which would break their own record. It is


expected to take five days and in that time there will not be any land


in sight but they will have support. The motivation to overcome


such a long distance a goal that sometimes can look


impossible but then with good preparation, a good team


and training you can reach it. The biggest danger


during this challenge will be hitting a container


during the night or even during the Nowadays, big ships,


when there is a storm they can easily lose those containers


and if we get one, either me or the support boat,


it will cause severe damage to us. Nervous, for sure,


but in a very good way. It's nice to actually have a team


partner at this time, were you know someone is in the exact


same mindset and you just want to If you just trust your strengths,


you kind of, how do we say in yoga, breathe over


the pain and continue to go. Take note of that, everything will


be fine! This was a story from last year, a lot of Wales in northern


Europe were beaching -- a lot of whales. Scientists think it is to do


with how they navigate and the Northern lights are also involved.


Four serving members of the Army have been arrested under anti-terror


laws on suspicion of being a member of a band neo-Nazi group. A fifth


person, a civilian, has also been arrested on the same charge. The BBC


understands one of the soldiers was detained in Cyprus, the army


confirmed the arrests and said it supported the operation. Four the


men are being held at a West Midlands Police station. Police say


there were a 22-year-old from Birmingham, a 32-year-old from


Powers, a 24-year-old from Ipswich and a 24-year-old from Northampton.


Tom Symons has more. The BBC's been told three


of the men are members of the Royal Anglian Regiment,


which recruits in Norfolk, Suffolk, Four were arrested in


the UK, one in Cyprus. That group is National Action,


which described itself last year in the language of Hitler's fascism,


as a national socialist The focus was as much on spreading


neo-Nazi ideas online. But experts say the far right


is not well supported. I think extreme right groups


in Britain and others like Britain First are very good


these days at creating a sense of greater scale using social media


than is actually the case. Probably with National Action,


we're looking at people in the tens to perhaps the low hundreds


at very best. But when the Labour MP Jo Cox


was murdered by a loner influenced by similar far right propaganda,


the Government acted, proscribing Despite their name,


National Action seeks to divide They are entirely contrary


to the interests of our nation. Proscribing this neo-Nazi group


will prevent its membership growing, prevent them spreading propaganda


which allows a culture of hatred Legally, the group should not now


exist but police in Birmingham are questioning five suspected


members under counterterrorism laws, while searches


of properties are carried out. This is Outside Source, our lead


story is from Washington where the Trump and demonstration has


announced plans to scrap a scheme which protect young, undocumented


immigrant in the US from deportation. Next on the programme,


we want to talk about Dagestan. This is a Russian republic in the


volatile North Caucasus region. If you ask Vladimir Putin how many


Russian citizens fight for Islamic State in Syria, the last time he


talked about it he estimated it to be 4000. Many of those come from


Dagestan. The BBC's Steve Rosenberg has been there and this was his


report. They used to believe


that this was where the gods In Dagestan today,


the battle cry is jihad. For people have been leaving these


mountains for a holy war. Artur says his wife


was drawn to radical Islam. One day, without telling him,


she took their two daughters and left for Syria to join so-called


Islamic State. Desperate to rescue his children,


Artur smuggled himself into a Isis To escape from the caliphate,


they headed for the Turkish border. TRANSLATION: I picked


up my little girl and told my My youngest started crying


and I tripped, I fell three times. The Turkish border guards


were just 50 metres away We dived into an irrigation


ditch and hid there with Then we escaped through some


long grass and I saw My youngest daughter asked me later,


"how come everyone else has But I know the girls


are still in touch with their It is not only from this house,


this village, that people Dagestan has become a key recruiting


ground for Islamic State. The authorities here say


1200 Dagestanis have That means that relative


to its population, this part of Russia has produced ten times


more jihadists than Belgium, which is Europe's top source


of fighters for the caliphate. What has been drawing


Dagestanis to Syria? Marat says he was brainwashed


by radical preachers online also He had abandoned his pregnant wife


in Dagestan for jihad in Syria. TRANSLATION: I felt my sole


duty was to wage holy It was not a holy war


at all, it was just Some claim the authorities have made


the situation worse. In this town I am shown the mosque


of a fundamentalist branch of Islam. He admits that up to six members


of the congregation have left for Syria but closing the mosque,


he says, is no solution. When the young people


are here with us, he says, But shut the mosque


and the young people leave. Who knows where they go


and what they are doing? Islam is part of the fabric


of life in these mountains. But the kind of Islam


the authorities want people here to embrace is an Islam that


preaches tolerance and So that Dagestanis will not feel


the need to go and fight a holy war. If you are a regular viewer you know


we have an hour of international news and we have had reports from


Dagestan, Portugal, Bangladesh, the US and the UK and next we turn to


Brazil because police have been searching the country's Olympic


Association headquarters and also it chief and his home, Carlos Nuzman,


who headed the successful bid for Rio to host the 2016 Olympics. The


police are saying they have strong evidence of vote buying. Earlier I


spoke to Camilla Costa in Sao Paulo for the latest.


What happens at this point is that the police had been


investigating this massive corruption scheme in


Now, in collaboration with the French authorities and American


authorities, they have reached a new layer that might involve


the bidding of Rio to be the Olympic Games host


What they have found out, what they say is that one of Rio's


top executives had been in a sort of cash for


top executives had been in a sort of cash for votes scheme involving


And this executive had paid African members of the International Olympic


committee for their votes in the bidding for Rio.


Presumably those being investigated deny doing


Yes, obviously they do deny and actually the president


of the Brazilian Olympic Committee has been taken in for questioning


and his lawyer denies any kind of allegations and says that Rio's


election happened without any kind of corruption scheme and the


executive in question, Arthur Suarez, actually has not been


They did look for him today but he is


considered to be running away from them and


they say is probably in the


Let's go back to early 2016. 29 pilot whales washed up on different


beaches in northern Europe. In the UK and France and the Netherlands


and also in Germany and scientists were puzzled. They did autopsies but


they found they were well fed, young and disease free but they have come


up with a theory. They believe this could have been connected to solar


storms and how they disrupted the way the animals navigated. Mat


McBriar explains more. -- Matt McGrath.


Crowds gathered at Hunstanton, on the coast of Norfolk,


in February 2016, to see this ocean giant washed up on a


All around the North Sea, more than two dozen other sperm


whales were found stranded in the first two


Scientists were extremely puzzled - the creatures were young,


Now it's thought the Northern Lights may have played


The Aurora are the visible evidence of large solar storms, which distort


This can cause species that rely on that field


for navigation, like sperm whales, to lose their way.


After big solar storms in December 2015, scientists say the confused


creatures swam into the shallow North Sea and beached themselves,


Researchers at London Zoo autopsied a number of the whales


We know that sperm whales are stranded around the North Sea


for many, many years historically and it's certainly a possible factor


in this instance that we have these whales that got into the North Sea


for an unknown reason and then once they are in there,


they cannot find their way out and they become so disorientated,


So that's what happened in last year's events.


Why did they end up there in the first place?


To be honest, I think we will never know.


There is too much uncertainty around the events in this


instance in terms of where they were,


where they came from, and so on.


And so I think we will really never know what really


Proving the impact of geomagnetic storms on the strandings of sperm


whales may well be impossible, however researchers here


at London Zoo and a team at Nasa are actively investigating


the impact of solar activities on the strandings


The results in that study are due in the next month or so.


That might shed some definitive light on the role


Tomorrow I am travelling to Germany and on Thursday I will be live with


you from Cologne as we bring you the latest on the German election


campaign. I will see you then and we will be back with Outside Source


tomorrow. Good night. Hello. The weather headlines for the


next few days are likely to be dominated by