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Hello, I'm Karen generally, this is Outside Source. Hurricane Irma hit


the Caribbean and heads north towards Florida. The category five


storm has already passed over the Leeward Islands and the eye of the


storm is over Puerto Rico. The track hazard forecasted to


directly impact the Florida Keys on Sunday as a devastating major


hurricane. The Florida Keys should be prepared to start feeling the


effects as early as Friday night and early Saturday.


Myanmar's de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi has spoken for the first


time but the exodus of Rohini and Muslims from Myanmar to Bangladesh.


Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, has called for diplomacy


to resolve tensions with North Korea, saying sanctions can do the


job alone. And we will look at the murder of a


prominent Indian journalist, a critic of the BJP party.


Welcome to the programme. In the last couple of hours we have


received confirmation that two people have been killed in Hurricane


Irma, that was given by the French overseas Minister saying we are


talking about two deadened in two seriously injured for now, obviously


the situation can change very quickly. The category five hurricane


has destroyed buildings and caused major flooding as trucks and caused


major flooding is attracts another group of islands in the Caribbean,


packing winds of up to 300 kph. The eye of the storm is sitting close to


Puerto Rico at the moment, with the Dominican Republic and Haiti next in


line. It is passed over the Leeward Islands, which includes Antigua and


Barbuda and St Maarten. It is not known how much destruction has been


there already. This is from the island of St


Maarten, the French interior minister said the island has


sustained Whites read -- widespread flooding and many buildings have


been destroyed. Another scene from the islands, we should be able to


see it. Absolute chaos, yachts in tatters, giving an indication of how


bad the flooding is. We can expect to learn more about the full extent


in the coming hours. Just look at what they are dealing with, this is


the picture from mass of what looks like from the International Space


Station, it was taken as Burma made landfall in the Caribbean, it is


huge -- it was taken as Irma made landfall. The Caribbean expects Irma


to hit at some point on Saturday or Sunday, these lines of vehicles


lining up at petrol stations as the hurricane approaches. Forced


evacuations of people living in Florida have begun.


I have spoken to James fares, a British citizen living in St Kitts.


Things have started to improve. (INAUDIBLE)


Between five and seven a local time this morning.


The wind started off at around midnight and ramped up gradually


until five. And then the sun came up and you could see the full force of


the storm across the bay where I live.


Know you're getting a pretty complete picture of the kind of


damage it has caused? Yes. Luckily the area I live in, the majority of


the houses are hurricane proof. There are trees down, vegetation etc


but there does not seem to be any obvious structural damage in the


area that I live in, thankfully. You are part of the hurricane


preparative steam for the Ross University veterinary clinic where


you work? Are part of the international vet school that I work


at, that is correct, we have been planning for some time. Everything


seems to be going according to plan and to my knowledge everybody is


safe. You could see something you thought was lightning through your


curtains, but it was the live electricity cables snapping and


dancing around in the wind? Yes. It was about 4:30am, five, we thought


there were lightning strikes but when we looked out we could see the


snapped electrical cables in the distance dancing around. We are


looking at the pictures now, James. As you can imagine, it was pretty


scary. Thankfully it was not in an area where a lot of people live. Now


we can see it in daylight, everybody seems to be safe in that area. When


you heard about the magnitude of Irma, what was the reaction, giving


you were in its path? We knew there was a big storm coming since the


beginning of last week, there has been an awful lot of preparation


across the island, people have been storing lots of water, canned food,


biscuits, these sorts of things. We have been well prepared. What are


people able to do now? What sort of state have things been left in? At


the moment the current advisers to stay indoors. We are experiencing


high winds and rain, things are starting to slowly ease off now. We


are all sitting it out and waiting for the all clear.


It has just been there and it is now tracking, it is expected to take


this path in the coming days. It will pass north of Haiti on the


Dominican Republic on Thursday, then continue towards the Bahamas, Cuba


and Florida. Florida Governor Rick Scott has held a news conference,


this is a little of what he said. Hurricane Irma remains a dangerous


life-threatening category five storm with winds of 185 mph. It is a big


storm. I just spoke to President Trump, he offered the full resources


of the federal government. This storm is massive, the storm surges


are predicted to go on for miles. In some instances it can cut the


homes and go very far beyond. It is travelling at about 16 mph, the


track has its forecast to directly impact the Florida Keys on Sunday,


is a devastating major hurricane. The Florida Keys should be prepared


to start feeling the effects of the storm as early as Friday night and


early Saturday. Storm surge and extreme winds are the biggest


concern right now. Lots more on the BBC website. Let's


turn to Myanmar, we have been talking a lot about the mass exodus


of Rohini Muslims from Myanmar to Bangladesh blast the years. No


Myanmar's de facto leader has spoken about for the first time. Her office


posted this on Facebook, it is about if "She had with the Turkish


president and here are some key codes. Aung San Suu Kyi said, quote,


there was a huge iceberg of misinformation about the crisis


which aimed to create a lot of problems between different


communities and with the aim of promoting the interest of


terrorists. She took up the theme of terrorism after meeting the Indian


Prime Minister today. This has flashing images in it, this clip.


I would like to thank India particularly for the strong stand it


has taken with regard to the terrorist threat that came to our


country a couple of weeks ago. We believe that together we can work to


make sure terrorism is not allowed to take root on our soil or the soil


of any further countries. Jonathan Head has written an article


about the spread of fake photographs of the crisis. There is definitely a


problem but are just not change the fact that the grid does not change


the fact that 123,000 Rohingyas have fled in the last two weeks to


Bangladesh and Aung San Suu Kyi did not seem to acknowledge this, it has


provoked criticism. Sanjoy Majumder Census report from the border.


That represents this report. These boats are carrying Rohingya refugees


fleeing persecution in Myanmar. I am told there are several other


boatloads waiting off the coast of Bangladesh. This is one fresh lot of


refugees who have just arrived. They have come off this boat and they are


carrying their household belongings, things they have managed to grab as


they ran. Several have told me their villages were attacked, they were


burned. Some people here have gunshot wounds, others have other


injuries. There are extremely tired and exhausted. It is a dangerous


voyage and it has taken several days to come here. From here they will


move onto one of the many refugee camps that have been set up for


these arrivals. There are more coming in every hour.


Sanjoy Majumder on the border. As you mentioned, many of those he is


talking to say they are fleeing persecution in Rakhane state. The


government tells a different story. Jonathan Head has been to Rakhane


and sends this report. This is the town near the band were


dashed border that has been the epicentre of the violence that has


erupted -- near the Bangladesh border. We are on a long and arduous


journey on a government tour. The government does not normally allowed


journalists or foreigners into this region without special permission


because wants to challenge the narrative that the rest of the world


is hearing that tens of thousands of refugees have lead to Bangladesh.


They have taken is to various sites, showing examples of destruction and


let us talk to people. They all sticking to the same story, which is


the Muslim militants who have infiltrated Rohingya communities,


they do not use the word Rohingya, it is pretty much banned in this


part of the world, they say the Muslim communities where infiltrated


by these militants and the militants burn down the villagers, you can see


the remains of perhaps four or five houses, apparently lived in by


Muslim inhabitants now being looked after in the Buddhist temple.


Everyone we are speaking to, we are doing seen in the company of heavily


armed police and government officials. We have heard some


dissenting views that have spoken quietly to people, but the


Government wants to get across the message that it is not their fault,


the security forces have denied any pieces at all, those allegations of


rape and shooting, they say that the hundreds of villages that have been


burned down, every part of it is the responsibility of the militants are


nothing to do with the Government. I think you will be very hard for


people to believe that, but that is the light we are hearing. The area


feels very fearful, the shops are shut, there is heavy security. There


is a sense that the violence that has run over the Cerri on the border


with Bangladesh is not over yet. This is prominent Indian journalist


Gauri Lankesh. On Tuesday she was murdered on the doorstep of her home


in the southern Indian city of Buddle at all. She was a critic of


the governing BJP party and its ideology of Hindu nationalist


politics. That show you the pictures of press groups and activists in


India are protesting over the killing. They have called it a


brutal assault on the freedom of the press. India has recently seen a


rise in nationalist sentiment, with journalists increasingly targeted


for showing opposing dues. BBC Hindi is following this story from Delhi.


There has been a lot of uproar ever since the news broke. It has been


the top trend on Twitter, on all social media platforms. Gauri


Lankesh was a very prominent journalist who worked in top News


publications in India in the early part of her career and was now


running an independent weekly newspaper in a southern state. She


was a known critic of right-wing radical fundamentalism. She is known


for writing very openly against the establishment and was very, very


vocal in social media and also trawled heavily on social media in


the past, and this is what has caused a lot of outrage. Senior


journalists have staged protests, not only in Bangla door and Delhi


but in many prominent Indian cities people have taken note marchers


Daesh not only in Bangalore and Delhi. Candlelight vigils are


planned. Still to come, thousands are taking


to the streets in the West African nation of Togo, calling for the


president to step down. Theresa May has said her Government


is committed to controlling immigration because of the impact it


can have on public services in the poorer sections of society. She did


not comment directly on the draft document which appeared in the


Guardian newspaper today which suggested ministers could impose a


limit on the number of low skilled migrants coming from the EU.


Overall, immigration has been good for the UK, but what people want to


see is control of that immigration. That is, I think, what people wanted


to see as a result of coming out of the European Union. I think we are


already able to exercise controls in relation to those who come into this


country from outside the countries within the European Union, and we


continue to believe is a Government that it is important to have net


migration at sustainable levels, we believe that to be tens of


thousands, because of the impact it has particularly on those that the


lower end of the income scale into pressing their wages.


-- in depressing their wages. You're watching outside source, live


from the BBC Newsroom. Our top story, Hurricane Irma heads the


Caribbean, the category five storm is currently over Puerto Rico and


heading north towards Florida. Other stories being reported on


around the BBC right now, UN human rights investigators have concluded


that the Syrian air force carried out a chemical weapons attack on a


rebel held town in April. At least 83 people died when a bomb filled


with nerve agent sarin was dropped on a town. That is on BBC Arabic.


Tests have shown that a woman in Spain who claim to be the daughter


of the surrealist artist Salvador Dali is not related to him.


Salvador Dali's body was exhumed in July for forensic testing to settle


the case. Tkachev! Tkachev! This is the rather


dramatic attempt by an Irishman to catch a bat which has flown into his


kitchen. It was filmed in County Kerry by this man's son. You can see


him chasing the bat around with a bath towel. It is rather


unsuccessful at first, but you might be pleased to know that the bat was


eventually captured, it was released back into the wild unharmed. An


interesting night in that kitchen! These pictures show the height of


the migrant crisis in Europe. Since 2014 around 1.7 million migrants


have tried to make new homes in the EU. The numbers peaked in 2015, in


September that year, EU leaders agreed to spread a total of 160,000


migrants in clear need of international protection among


member states over two years, but some countries were against the


plan. Hungary and Slovakia took the fight to the European Court of


Justice, today the court rejected the challenge. The Hungarians are


furious. Here is Nick Thorpe in Budapest.


The Hungarian Government's reaction to the court verdict was angry and


immediate. The Foreign Minister described the EU verdict is


appalling, irresponsible and politically motivated. European law


and values had been raped, he said. The European Commissioner for


migration replied that the only political element lay not in the


verdict but in the stance of certain governments, as he put it. What the


Hungarian government is now clearly expects to happen is that the


European Commission will sue Hungary, Poland and the Czech


Republic for refusing to accept a single asylum seeker under the


mandatory quotas. Such a court case could take between six months and


two years. Having lost the legal argument, Hungary hopes it can still


influence the political argument over the future of European asylum


policy. Nick Thorpe, BBC News, Budapest.


Business news and lawmakers in the US have approved a bill that would


allow the likes of Ford, Google at Uber to test thousands more self


driving vehicles on the roads. It gives car-makers and tech giant


certain exemptions from federal rules.


Let's go to the US and speak to Michelle Fleury in New York. Will


this mean you will suddenly be seeing a lot more autonomous


vehicles on American roads? That is certainly the hope for the


likes of General Motors, Ford, another company owned by Google and


others developing self driving cars. The situation at the moment, it is


very hard, in some states it is forbidden to test these cars on


public roads, in other areas you are very least needy human being, a real


person, sitting in the car ready to take over the controls in case there


are any problems. The argument the car-makers have put forward to


lawmakers is that to develop this technology they need to be able to


test it more and more without having to jump through quite so many hoops.


There will still be plenty of measures that they argue they need


to be given more freedom to try and develop this and spur innovation,


that is the word the lawmakers used as they passed this in one body of


Congress today. How big a boost is this for the car-makers making these


vehicles, this endorsement of what they are doing? Endorsement as


bubbly too strong, it is the idea of innovation, that this is the future,


so it is how do you make sure it is American companies developing this


technology rather than, for example, other firms in other parts of the


world? That is partly the arguments being made. On the other hand,


consumer groups say we had to worry about safety. The opportunities are


clearly that, when I have spoken in the past two or two executives the


future that they point to me is one with a mix of people, in other words


there will always be some who like to drive their own car, they like


the feel of getting behind the wheel. Others may not want to. If


you look at accidents, most are caused by human error so they hope


this will lead to safer roads in the future. Thank you, Michelle Fleury.


EU authorities are investigating claims that the Italian Mafia has


been driving at farmers from subsidised land. It is alleged that


organised crime has been pocketing funds and know some 500 million


euros worth of payments are under investigation. In Sicily that have


long been claims the Mafia is preying on EU subsidies, but locals


are also fighting back. This report from Sicily. Land and property under


attack. Fighting Sicily 's Mafia is a risky business. This car belonged


to Giuseppe. Last year the Mafia try to kill him along this road. He now


lives under permanent armed guards after he tried to stop the Mafia


from illegally claiming public land as their own in order to get at EU


from funds. TRANSLATION: A new law ensures that anybody applying for EU


funds for agriculture has to have anti-Mafia certification. For many


years now the Mafia has used these funds to finance itself. We have


taken that toy away from them, we have not let them play with this any


more, we have broken it. It is not just public land that has been


targeted by the Mafia. Private landowners are not immune to these


problems either. We are in the shadow of Mount Etna, these six


hectares of land belonged to Sebastiano. I have come to meeting


to find at what happened to his house when he refused to hand his


land to the local Mafia groups. Sebastiano's house was burned down


last November. TRANSLATION: The message is clear, they wanted me off


my land and I am sorry to say that many people just give in. Sometimes


it is even what the public authorities recommend we do. His


T-shirt says it all, rural Mafia, a protected species. The owner of this


vineyard has taken matters into his own hands. He has installed security


cameras along his lamp's perimeter. He says he has spent the last few


years stopping local Mafia groups from trespassing and damaging his


find some property. TRANSLATION: We were under physical but also


psychological attack. They said they make the laws around here. They


threatened to kill us. They also beat us up. Stakes like these are a


common sight in the Sicilian countryside. Many say they mark the


lab at the Mafia wants to claim as its own -- land that the Mafia wants


to claim as its own, and a sign of the dark shadow that the Mafia wants


to cast across the island. Let's go to Togo, and anti-government


protests have been taking place across the country. Demonstrators


are calling for the president to resign. Unprecedented scenes in


Togo, especially in recent times. Protesters in cities and towns


across the country take to the streets demanding constitutional


change. Amnesty International says more than 100,000 people marched in


the capital. Many wearing the red, orange and pink colours of


opposition parties. They chanted the word soffritto go. They want the


president to resign and to limit the number of terms a president can


serve to two. TRANSLATION: We suffer too much, we can't even find food.


What country are we? We don't want the president any more, he must go.


TRANSLATION: We're here to demand reforms and the return of the


diaspora vote, and especially to demand the end of a system that has


lasted for 50 years. We must begin to see the end of it.


On Tuesday evening Togo's cabinet approved plans for a bill that would


modify the Constitution, reintroducing presidential term


limits and changing the voting system. But opposition members say


the president is merely buying more time about them. There appear to be


restrictions on Internet communications throughout Togo.


The president has ruled the West African country since his father


died in 2005 after 38 years in power.


His father passed a law in 1992 limiting the president to two


mandates, but then scrap that ten years later.


In total, this family has been in charge of Togo for 50 years.


They have a strong grip on the military and still enjoy support


from broad sections of the Togolese community. When the protest started


last month, crowds of government supporters also took to the streets


in support of the president. But it is yet to be seen if the


Cabinet plasma draft bill modifying the constitution will pacify these


opposition protesters. More from Outside Source in a few


minutes. Thanks for joining me. No great


surprises if I tell you that I will bring you the very latest on


Hurricane Irma, which we have watched with interest over the past


few days as it formed in the heart of the equatorial Atlantic and then